The Best Episodes Directed by Kevin Carlin

Under Siege (2)

#1 - Under Siege (2)

Wentworth Season 7 - Episode 10

The siege continues, and not everyone will make it out alive.

star 8.70
300 votes
Under Siege (1)

#2 - Under Siege (1)

Wentworth Season 7 - Episode 9

Marie enacts her plan to bust out of Wentworth, while Liz spirals into a psychotic meltdown.

star 8.47
311 votes
The Enemy Within

#3 - The Enemy Within

Wentworth Season 8 - Episode 10

Lou discovers her phone is missing and all the money for Reb's transition surgery has been stolen.

star 8.28
185 votes
The Governor's Pleasure

#4 - The Governor's Pleasure

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 1

When Bea is sentenced to life without parole for the killing of Brayden Holt, Ferguson makes it very clear - she owns Bea now. So when Bea uses her standing as Top Dog to hit back, Ferguson takes revenge - she slots Bea and releases Liz from Protection, exposing Liz to a brutal bashing from Boomer. But Ferguson has underestimated Bea, who starts a riot amongst the prisoners. With the prison in lock-down Ferguson has to turn to Bea to quell the riot. Wentworth isn't Ferguson's prison - it's Bea's. Battle lines are drawn.

star 8.18
530 votes
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#5 - Checkmate

Wentworth Season 1 - Episode 10

Vera and Matt sleep together but when Vera finds out the shocking truth - Matt and Meg were having an affair, she fell pregnant and had an abortion - Matt tells her to get out of his life. Determined to find out who killed Meg, Will makes a deal with Jacs, however he later discovers Meg's bracelet in Jacs' cell. After threatening to kill her, Will has Jacs charged with Meg's murder. Liz and Franky talk about what really happened the day of Meg's murder: Franky went to find Jacs, and grabbed a knife. When Meg grabbed her arm, Franky thought it was Jacs and stabbed her. Liz took her bracelet and put it in Jacs' cell. Bea discovers the truth behind Debbie's murder and confronts Jacs. After Jacs tries to condone it, Bea takes a pen and shoves it into Jacs' neck and pulls it out, killing her almost instantaneously. She then presses the duress button after Liz had told her to never touch it.

star 8.17
545 votes
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#6 - Resurrection

Wentworth Season 8 - Episode 1

After the siege many of the prisoners and officers struggle to rebuild their lives and cope with memories, as the new General Manager deals with the fallout from the siege and Will's mismanagement of the Prison.

star 8.14
228 votes
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First Blood

#7 - First Blood

Wentworth Season 4 - Episode 1

The women of H Block return to Wentworth after the rebuild to find a new dynamic in play - Vera is Governor, Will is deputy and Kaz Proctor has established a power base. Bea questions whether she has the stamina or desire to be Top Dog for the next forty years of her sentence.

star 8.14
1034 votes
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Ends And Means

#8 - Ends And Means

Wentworth Season 8 - Episode 2

Marie makes a desperate, last-ditch attempt to avenge her son.

star 8.13
196 votes
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#9 - Payback

Wentworth Season 7 - Episode 2

Kaz and Rita form an alliance. Jake is jealous of the bond forming between Vera and a new colleague.

star 8.08
311 votes
Blood Wedding

#10 - Blood Wedding

Wentworth Season 7 - Episode 1

With her hopes of release fading, Rita is forced to take drastic measures to prevent Ray from wasting his life on her.

star 8.06
323 votes
Poking Spiders

#11 - Poking Spiders

Wentworth Season 4 - Episode 2

Feeling betrayed, Vera takes steps to have Bridget dismissed and expose her relationship with Franky, but is forced to backtrack and enlist Bridget s help instead, when Ferguson makes a bid to be released into the general prison population. The three unlikely allies devise a plan in which Bridget attempts to entrap Ferguson into exposing her psychopathy. Kaz stages a protest with the women in the yard in an attempt to force Vera s hand on the conjugal visits program.

star 8.04
949 votes

#12 - Fallout

A Place To Call Home Season 5 - Episode 2

Sarah and George continue their difficult conversation about religion. Anna is sabotaging her writing career yet again while dealing with the attentions of her publisher.

star 8.03
137 votes
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#13 - Monster

Wentworth Season 8 - Episode 9

Vera and Allie conspire against Ferguson.

star 8.03
184 votes
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#14 - Goldfish

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 8

When Ferguson's pet goldfish dies, she identifies her lack of emotion at the death as a potential weakness, rather than strength. But in seeking a renewed connection with Doreen, Ferguson unwittingly makes herself vulnerable when she calls Doreen - Jianna. Bea sees this as a possible chink in her armour and tasks Doreen with uncovering the truth behind the name.

star 8.02
493 votes
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The Long Game

#15 - The Long Game

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 7

Bea struggles to accept that she had a psychotic episode, despite the CCTV evidence. When her blood is found to have traces of LSD, she realises that her attacker caused the meltdown. She smuggles evidence out of the psych unit, understanding she'll need to play the long game if she's going to defeat Ferguson. Meanwhile Bridget struggles to force Franky to accept that she has an emotional block. But when she challenges Franky to talk about her mother, she elicits a confession she wasn't expecting.

star 7.99
478 votes
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Flight Risk

#16 - Flight Risk

City Homicide Season 4 - Episode 3

A young business woman is brutally raped and murdered in her own home. The prime suspect has a rock solid alibi and will leave the country in 48 hours never to return. Will DSS Claudia Leigh's psychological approach force him to come clean? Or will her mind games backfire in a way she never imagined?

star 7.98
62 votes
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House of Horrors

#17 - House of Horrors

City Homicide Season 2 - Episode 19

A university lecturer and his student lover skip town to start a new life. No one hears from them again, until the lecturer's body is found in a suburban cellar.

star 7.97
94 votes
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Failing Upwards

#18 - Failing Upwards

Wentworth Season 3 - Episode 2

Following the riot, Bea must balance an uneasy peace with Ferguson with the needs and expectations of the women. Ferguson wants to stamp out drugs inside the prison and for obvious reasons Bea finds herself on common ground with the Governor. But when it becomes clear that Ferguson wants Franky's head for it, Bea must wonder if, rather than help her cement her position as Top Dog, it may indeed be a ruse to undermine it. Meanwhile, Liz has a difficult reunion with her daughter Sophie and is unsure when Doreen proposes she be the alternate carer when the baby comes. Will is in a happy place and seems to finally be able to put the past behind him is shocked when he is the focus of a murder investigation.

star 7.95
492 votes
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Own Worst Enemy

#19 - Own Worst Enemy

A Place To Call Home Season 5 - Episode 1

Four years later and we pick up the lives of the Bligh family's Anzac Day, 1958. Sarah comes into conflict with the hierarchy at the hospital over the misdiagnosis of an indigenous man, and challenges George over what religion David should be raised in.

star 7.90
156 votes
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Never To  Be  Released

#20 - Never To Be Released

City Homicide Season 2 - Episode 9

1978. A young couple road-tripping to Byron Bay. But the highway leads them somewhere quiet, evil. 2008. When this cold case resurfaces a top cop commits suicide. A serial killer invites Duncan and Simon to play his sick game… who will win? A dried up dam reveals the key to a 30 year old mystery: the hacked and bound bones of two missing young lovers. A hippy couple who never reached their destination, families who never knew what happened to their loved ones. When Homicide investigates they discover holes in the case files and clues that were covered up.

star 7.89
36 votes
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To The Moon

#21 - To The Moon

Wentworth Season 1 - Episode 9

Fletch reacts badly to Bea's grief triggering his memories of a horrific experience in East Timor. Bea is dealt another devastating blow but is buoyed by the inmate's support, while Jacs's power further diminishes.

star 7.85
517 votes
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Tomato Can

#22 - Tomato Can

City Homicide Season 4 - Episode 12

A K.O. turns into a D.O.A when up-and-coming boxer Curtis 'The Kid' Conlon suffers a blow in the ring that sends him to his death. Everyone wanted a chunk of The Kid's potential, so who would kill the golden goose? The team will have to adjust as a new Sergeant walks into Homicide. But this superior officer is no stranger to them. Matt Ryan has just gone up a step on the police ladder. His appointment is set to change the relationship between long-standing colleagues and mates.

star 7.82
33 votes
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Whatever It Takes

#23 - Whatever It Takes

Wentworth Season 2 - Episode 2

Bea attempts to get revenge on Brayden by goading Harry into an act of violence, whilst Franky’s determination to maintain power pushes her to extreme lengths.

star 7.78
565 votes
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Thai Take Away

#24 - Thai Take Away

City Homicide Season 3 - Episode 5

Derek Hislop. A harmless, lonely guy willing to do anything for the right girl. So why would someone go to the extremes of torturing him to death… with a branding iron? What did he do for love and why did it cost him his life? Homicide is drawn into the dark world of sex-slave trading, where intimidation guarantees silence. When Derek's girlfriend is found beaten, bound and gagged, the team must break through the circle of fear to uncover the cruel hand behind the scenes. The return of journalist Kim Charlton causes tension between new guy DSC Nick Buchanan and Matt. Journos and cops have different motives when seeking the truth, and certainly different methods. Nick sides with Kim when she proposes a risky plan, but will her strategy put more lives in danger?

star 7.71
94 votes
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Born Again

#25 - Born Again

Wentworth Season 2 - Episode 1

Three months after Jacs Holt’s death, new arrival Governor Joan Ferguson instantly makes an enemy of Franky, while Bea finds a new purpose.

star 7.71
573 votes
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Dead Beat

#26 - Dead Beat

Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Season 1 - Episode 2

When a pop star singer and his back-up singer are electrocuted during their surf-inspired spot on a TV music show, Peregrine's ex-boyfriend Eric is under suspicion for their deaths.

star 7.69
143 votes
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The Cutting Edge

#27 - The Cutting Edge

City Homicide Season 2 - Episode 20

A credential investigator is viciously strangled, but by the time his body is found, all his paperwork has disappeared. What did he uncover at the hospital he was investigating?

star 7.69
93 votes
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Death by Design

#28 - Death by Design

Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Season 2 - Episode 1

An architect and his lover are found dead after a party; Peregrine and James retrace the partygoers' movements, but it's proving difficult.

star 7.62
34 votes
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No Place Like Home

#29 - No Place Like Home

Wentworth Season 1 - Episode 1

Bea Smith is taken to gaol after attempting to murder her violent, rapist husband and is immediately taken in by the lesbian, drug-dealer, Franky Doyle. Liz Birdsworth and Doreen Anderson also befriend Bea, however a slip of the tongue turns Doreen against her. Governor Meg Jackson is becoming increasingly suspicious about the ladies and their ways of bringing crystal meth into the gaol. Deputy Governor Vera Bennett makes Meg look incompetent towards lawyer, Erica Davidson. Jacs Holt is released from solitary and reignites her rivalry with Franky. After making up, Doreen leaves her daughter Kaiya with Bea during a riot caused by Jacs and Franky. When Kaiya runs off, Bea follows after her. After Matt Fletcher and Will Jackson - Meg's husband - break up the riot, they find a lifeless Meg lying in the hallway, stabbed with a blood-soaked Bea standing over her.

star 7.61
984 votes
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Fly Me Away

#30 - Fly Me Away

Wentworth Season 1 - Episode 2

In the aftermath of the riot, Will blackmails Doreen into helping him and Bea is given no choice but to continue to lie.

star 7.58
730 votes
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A Killer Unleashed

#31 - A Killer Unleashed

Ms Fisher's Modern Murder Mysteries Season 2 - Episode 4

At the Melbourne Kennel Club's dog show, a competitor dies and her prized collie is framed for the murder; Peregrine considers a canine companion.

star 7.54
26 votes
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Examination Day

#32 - Examination Day

City Homicide Season 2 - Episode 10

When a foreign student dies in the middle of an exam, Homicide delves into a world where speaking up can cost someone their life. Greedy universities milking the international cash cow. Opportunistic businessmen exploiting the hopes and dreams of young students. Rumours spreading like wildfire across campus. Competition for a shot at an Undercover training course creates tension within the team, particularly for Simon who wasn\'t nominated. And a feisty Federal Cop flying solo connects with Duncan, much to the intrigue of the rest of the team.

star 7.52
63 votes
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#33 - Pirates

City Homicide Season 4 - Episode 11

Pirating DVDs isn't hurting anyone, right? Try telling that to the private detective murdered to stop him investigating a piracy ring. Using teenagers to sell the product keeps the kingpins of the trade well sheltered from the cops. Pulling the wool over their parents' eyes is one thing, but will these kids run into trouble trying to protect their bosses in the face of a murder investigation? Jennifer becomes close to two boys who've been making some extra cash by selling the latest releases. Can she keep them safe long enough to catch a killer?

star 7.52
63 votes
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The Confession

#34 - The Confession

City Homicide Season 3 - Episode 6

Has Stanley Wolfe always been a good cop? Somehow this by the book Senior Sergeant is connected to the deaths of three people. The team want to stand by their Sarge but what isn’t he telling them? A double homicide. A husband shot dead. A wife using her last breath to relay an important clue. As the team work fast for a break, DSS Wolfe comes to realise he isn't entirely impartial. He knows the victims and the accused. Needing time to figure out his next move, Stanley enlists newest members Nick and Allie to do an under-the-table investigation, causing friction amongst the team. What information is Stanley covering up? What has he spent seventeen years trying to forget?

star 7.32
92 votes
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#35 - Protection

City Homicide Season 4 - Episode 4

When two bodyguards fail to protect their charge the consequences are fatal. A double homicide, bringing down both the target and one of his protectors. The team must work fast before the remaining bodyguard takes the law into his own hands. Double-crossing criminals, South American coffee, the Witness Protection Program... and Superintendent Gary Beck. What's the connection? Finding the link is the only chance Homicide will have to solve this crime. But do they have enough information or is the killer's misdirection sending them on the wrong track?

star 7.14
36 votes
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Out of Left Field

#36 - Out of Left Field

Packed to the Rafters Season 2 - Episode 12

Carbo’s mother Rita arrives from Lesbos to stay for six weeks with Artemis, the 18 year old daughter of her best friend. Despite Ben and Melissa’s insinuations that this may be a romantic set-up, Carbo sees Artie like a little sister. However she’s hardly the innocent young girl Rita seems to think she is. At a trip to the beach, she hooks up with Dane, a guy she has met on Facebook. With Rita breathing down his neck, Carbo alienates the rebellious Artemis with his attempts to curb her wild behaviour. But despite acting like a big brother, a quick, innocent kiss between them leaves Carbo floored by a rush of romantic feelings. Was this Rita’s plan all along? Meanwhile, Sammy has to interview two young professionals for her first feature writing assignment. To her surprise, Nathan, eager to play the supportive husband, suggests she contact her former flame Owen. Is Nathan hiding his guilt over a cocaine-fuelled kiss with Layla? And when Sammy interviews Layla too, will the truth slip out?

star 7.08
38 votes