The Best Episodes of The Penguins of Madagascar

While the main characters Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman are still relaxing in Africa (after the events of Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa), the four penguins: Skipper (the leader of the group), Kowalski (the smartest of the group), Private (the youngest) and Rico (the craziest), have returned to New York City in Central Park Zoo. The Penguins will rule the roost at their Central Park Zoo home, doing secret missions in the heart of New York City. At times their secret missions beckon them to venture out of the zoo. Just as the team thinks it has its urban acreage under control, a new neighbor moves in next door: Julien, King of the Lemurs (who has come to New York in some way). Now the penguins must compete against him for the supreme leader of Central Park Zoo.

Skipper Makes Perfect

#1 - Skipper Makes Perfect

Season 3 - Episode 24

Skipper has been having an absolutely perfect day, so he decides to try and get a hold of his file from the New York Danish embassy.

star 8.59
27 votes
Rock-a-Bye Birdie

#2 - Rock-a-Bye Birdie

Season 2 - Episode 47

An accidental zap from the Fresherizer ray turns Skipper into a baby.

star 8.57
37 votes
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Time Out

#3 - Time Out

Season 2 - Episode 56

Kowalski finds a way to stop time, unfortunately King Julian gets a hold of his device.

star 8.46
28 votes
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Field Tripped

#4 - Field Tripped

Season 2 - Episode 13

When a boy on a school trip sees the Penguins in action, the team scrambles into action to steal his notebook; meanwhile, Julien attempts to form his own team to claim his old backscratcher from the museum (Mort=Skipper, Fred=Kowalski, Maurice=Rico, and Julien=Private). This episode was released only on the Nickelodeon website.

star 8.38
37 votes
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Little Zoo Coupe

#5 - Little Zoo Coupe

Season 1 - Episode 15

Skipper, Kowalski, Private, and Rico are all having fun today driving around the zoo in their small pink car, but trouble starts when King Julien wants to drive a car too, he gets jealous which results in a race to see who's better.

star 8.37
62 votes
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Mr. Tux

#6 - Mr. Tux

Season 2 - Episode 10

Bent on an agenda to defeat "Mr. Tux" in a round of mini golf, an armadillo comes to the zoo believing that one of the penguins is him.

star 8.30
38 votes
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Best Laid Plantains

#7 - Best Laid Plantains

Season 3 - Episode 23

King Julien sneaks into the gorilla habitat when Bada and Bing receive a shipment of plantains.

star 8.29
21 votes
Night and Dazed

#8 - Night and Dazed

Season 2 - Episode 18

Private attempts to convince Leonard the Koala that the penguins are harmless.

star 8.28
39 votes
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A Visit From Uncle Nigel

#9 - A Visit From Uncle Nigel

Season 2 - Episode 49

Private's uncle visits and reveals that he is a secret agent.

star 8.25
33 votes
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Showdown on Fairway 18

#10 - Showdown on Fairway 18

Season 3 - Episode 12

The Amarillo Kid returns, this time begging for the penguins' help because a pair of gophers are after his shell.

star 8.24
33 votes
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Right Hand Man

#11 - Right Hand Man

Season 2 - Episode 37

Julien has fun barking orders at new zoo occupant Clemson, whom Mort is suspicious of.

star 8.24
30 votes
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Danger Wears A Cape

#12 - Danger Wears A Cape

Season 2 - Episode 38

Skipper warns the team about the dangers of reading flashy comic books, but they don't seem to care.

star 8.22
31 votes
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Night Of The Vesuviuses

#13 - Night Of The Vesuviuses

Season 3 - Episode 28

When the Vesuvius Twins buy all the tickets to the annual zoo sleepover, the penguins try to plant a seed of good inside the troublemakers.

star 8.21
33 votes
Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan

#14 - Our Man in Grrfurjiclestan

Season 2 - Episode 57

The penguins receive a warning that the notorious Red Squirrel has planted a brainwashed sleeper agent in their presence.

star 8.20
30 votes
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#15 - Arch-Enemy

Season 2 - Episode 60

Private is blamed for hurting Dale the Snail.

star 8.18
22 votes
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April Fools

#16 - April Fools

Season 2 - Episode 20

King Julien finds out about April Fool's Day and makes up for all of the lost years by pranking the zoo animals.

star 8.18
40 votes
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When the Chips Are Down

#17 - When the Chips Are Down

Season 2 - Episode 55

Private and Mort are trapped in a vending machine. While they attempt to escape, King Julian believes they have been kidnapped by TV personality Professor Quimby.

star 8.18
22 votes
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Love Hurts

#18 - Love Hurts

Season 2 - Episode 34

Private keeps injuring himself so he can see the new zoo nurse he has a crush on.

star 8.18
35 votes
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Mort Unbound

#19 - Mort Unbound

Season 1 - Episode 21

Mort quadruples in size after an accident with one of Kowalski's inventions, a super-ray designed to enhance fish. After finally realizing that Mort is super strong, Julien uses him to steal food and supplies from the other animals, like stealing an elephant's peanuts, Joey's (from Assault and Batteries) hay for Julien art work.

star 8.17
57 votes
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Thumb Drive

#20 - Thumb Drive

Season 3 - Episode 5

After realizing that Maurice's thumbs could prove to be very useful, the penguins recruit him into their team.

star 8.17
42 votes
Needle Point

#21 - Needle Point

Season 1 - Episode 20

Skipper runs from the zoo veterinarian in order to avoid getting a shot. The penguins try to force him to do it, but Skipper seems to escape and avoid all they throw at him. Skipper even tries to distract the penguins, as in dancing, trying to attract them.

star 8.16
58 votes
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Popcorn Panic

#22 - Popcorn Panic

Season 1 - Episode 16

In this Episode, the animals get a liking for popcorn, until a kid is caught feeding them, and Alice the zookeeper hates the idea.

star 8.14
63 votes
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Otter Gone Wild

#23 - Otter Gone Wild

Season 1 - Episode 27

When the penguins bring Marlene with them on a sno-cone mission in the park, she can't handle the freedom of being outside the zoo walls. Skipper and his team must capture the crazed Marlene before she goes permanently wild.

star 8.14
44 votes
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Endangerous Species

#24 - Endangerous Species

Season 2 - Episode 64

An extinct dodo is brought back to life, but his reckless behavior puts him in constant jeopardy.

star 8.14
22 votes
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The Otter Woman

#25 - The Otter Woman

Season 3 - Episode 3

Marlene's fur is bleached when Alice over-chlorinates the otter habitat.

star 8.13
30 votes