The Best Episodes of The Familiar of Zero

Wings of Freedom

#1 - Wings of Freedom 8.71

Season 3 - Episode 12

Louise has a nightmare where she loses the ability to cast magic. Awakened, she goes into the forest to attempt to cast explosion. Saito finds Tabitha reading a book, and she began to teach him the words, but Louise interrupts, telling Saito that she can no longer use magic. Tabitha saids that she will protect Saito since Louise is unable to do so. In Tristan, Henrietta dispatches the Ostland and Colbert to rendezvous with Saito, carrying a type of cannon (which seems to be a German Flak88 from WW2), and Agnes offers the assistance of the Musketeer Force. Silently, Colbert hopes the weapon will not be needed. Saito, under Tabitha's guidance, learns to read quickly, while Louise broods over her inability to cast magic. Overhearing Tabitha telling Saito that under the influence of Gandalfr, the heart will experience changes, Louise wonders if Saito loves her because of Gandalfr's influence. Just before crossing the border, a Square-class golem, with Sheffield on its shoulder, lands in front of the carriage and blocking off the route into Tristan. Slyphid and Tabitha take to the air, in order to lead Sheffield away. Guiche, Kirche and Tabitha's attacks prove ineffective against the golem, which is protected by Counter, but they manage to halt the golem's advance with their spells. Saito realises her objective is Louise, and tells her to stay back, but she jumps out of the carriage as Malicorn pulls it back. She is grabbed by the golem, who began to crush her unless she uses her magic. Saito's attacks are easily stopped by Counter, and Louise decides to sacrifice herself for her friends. Saito leaps to attack the golem again, and this time, his attack damages the golem, which releases Louise, and Slyphid saves them in time. Colbert has unloaded the cannon, which Saito examines using his Gandalfr powers, and quickly fires at the golem, but the round is stopped by Counter. Colbert, Kirche and Maricom unleash their most powerful spells, and manage to stop it's advance. Derflinger tells Saito that Dispell needs to be cast on the shells, and Louise refuses, saying she can't do it. Tabitha then kisses Saito, eliciting feelings of intense jealousy in Louise, causing her void powers to be activated again. Louise casts Dispel on the ammunition, which successfully pierces the Counter and destroys the golem. On the Ostland, Louise awakens to see Saito, and asks him if she's okay like this. Saito hugs her, and again declares his love for her, saying he does not love her just because he is Gandalfr. Then Louise kisses Saito while claiming that she has to because he's her familiar. Back in Tristan, Louise kneels before the queen, awaiting punishment for defying her. Henrietta punishes her by awarding her the royal mantle, declaring that Louise is now her sister and second successor to the throne, as well as returning Saito his Chevalier cloak. She then welcomes Tabitha as Princess Charlotte back to Tristan. The ending credits also show Maricom and Guiche wearing their mantles with their school uniforms, signifying that Henrietta has reinstated their noble status. When Louise tries to explode Saito when she sees Tabitha holding onto Saito, Sylphid grabs Saito and escapes with Tabitha.

The Elf of the Desert

#2 - The Elf of the Desert 8.67

Season 4 - Episode 7

The Gensou Siblings (Jack, Bleu, and Janette) attack Ornières to kill Saito, so a battle between them and Saito and co. breaks out. As the battle goes on, a trio of elves sneaks in to capture Tifa, but Saito confronts them. The fourth sibling, Damian, appears and uses alchemy to cease the fighting, and one of the elves uses that magic with his own to capture both Tifa and Saito. The two awaken in a desert oasis and meet their captor, a female elf named Luctiana. At Tristain, Henrietta tells Louise they cannot send a rescue party since Romalia is handling the situation, but Louise resolves to save Saito anyway. Luctiana tells Saito and Tifa she is holding them to study human culture, and also reveals the reason why they were kidnapped was because Tifa is a void mage, a power which elves fear, and because Saito is Gandlafr. As Louise prepares to leave she is joined by Siesta and Tabitha, who are then joined by the rest of their friends on the Ostland. Saito and Tifa try to escape, but are unable to since a magic binds them to the area. Saito assure Tifa that they will escape, and the two decide to go for a swim in the oasis, where Saito discovers a submerged fighter jet.

Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero

#3 - Her Majesty, the Queen's Zero 8.64

Season 2 - Episode 1

Louise tries to prevent Saito from looking at other girls, but her plan fails. The newly crowned Queen Henrietta assigns the code name 'Zero' to Louise for a mission. When they get home Louise insists she tell him about the misunderstanding that Agnes said. When he tried to explain she beat him until morning causing bruises all over his body. The next morning, Saito and Louise are informed that Henrietta has been kidnapped.

Louise of the Holy Kingdom

#4 - Louise of the Holy Kingdom 8.60

Season 4 - Episode 1

Saito is on Louise's bed with Siesta and he starts making perveted comments in his sleep when Louise wakes up and explores the door and Tabitha appears to "protect him" then Mr.Colbert takes them to Romalia to see the queen Henrietta and the king appears and he invited them a feast, Louise gets mad with Saito and he walk out to Siesta room and Siesta talked how she fights like love rival's and then he went to find Louise when he heard her screaming. After Tiffania asked Colbert-sensei to teach her how to summon a Familiar. Saito ran and he fought 2 people that were thieves and Tiffania is learning how to summon a familiar when Saito is fighting he falls and comes through Tiffania's Familiar "portal" nothing really happened, and then they got back and Saito kissed Louise and then Tiffania comes in and Louise started to say that Saito forced her.

Louise`s Choice

#5 - Louise`s Choice 8.60

Season 4 - Episode 11

Julio and Saito continue their battle with the Ancient Dragon, but Saito won’t talk about the loss of his partner. Louise can see the pain on his face and has faced with her toughest decision to date.

The Zero Secret Treasure

#6 - The Zero Secret Treasure 8.59

Season 1 - Episode 12

The gang has located a rare dragon, which Siesta's family has kept a map. It turns out to be a Mitsubishi Zero-sen, a Japanese aircraft use in World War II. They bring it back to the school. Colbert said someone earlier used another aircraft to fly during the solar eclipse and disappeared. Saito concluded that the person returned home and this is his chance for him to return home also.

The Familiar of Zero

#7 - The Familiar of Zero 8.57

Season 4 - Episode 12

The students of the Magic Academy set a barrier to hold off the Ancient Dragon and its minions while waiting for reinforcements. Meanwhile Saito returns home, but instead of getting in, he decides to find a way to get back to Hakelginia and help Louise and the others instead, and has an idea upon looking on a newspaper. Despite the combined efforts of the students and the forces of Tristain, Gallia, Romaila and an Elven fleet led by Vitartial, the dragons break into the academy and Louise decides to escape with Tiffania on Sylphid to protect the others, as the Ancient Dragon's target is only the two of them. Back on Earth, Saito manages to hijack a Mitsubishi F-2A Jet Fighter and makes it through a solar eclipse to return to Hakelginia and help the others just when Louise was about to be eaten by the dragon. Derflinger appears before Saito, much to his surprise and it is revealed that Derf was actually still alive inside Saito's Gandalfr rune. Saito fires all of the Fighter's missiles into the Ancient Dragon, but it only weakens its defenses. Louise contacts Saito through the world door and he pulls her through it into the cockpit to have her cast the Explosion spell combined with Lifdrasir's power on the dragon, but she refuses out of fear for his safety. Saito tells her he will not die no matter what and reassures Louise with a kiss, finally convincing her. After closing in on the dragon, Saito and Louise eject from the jet as it crashes into the dragon, further weakening it, and then Louise casts the enhanced Explosion spell and the Ancient Dragon is finally destroyed. Saito and Louise land safely but she gets desperate wondering if his life was estinguished by Lifdrasir's side effect but it is reveled that despite Lifdrasir's power was exhausted, Saito's other rune kept him alive. They are soon joined by all their friends, which prompts Saito to propose to Louise, which she happily accepts. Some time later, Saito and Louise get married and they make use of the 'World door' to pay a visit to Japan for Saito to introduce Louise to his family.

Louise of the Void

#8 - Louise of the Void 8.56

Season 1 - Episode 13

The enemy is starting attack villages and another solar eclipse is about to happen. The empire has formed an army with Louise and Guiche to avert the attack. Saito finds out and uses the plane to come to their aid, but he has to give up his chance to return home. He was able to use the machine gun to eliminate most of the enemy, but ran out of ammo and couldn't take down Wardes. Louise unlocks her magic, destroying the entire enemy force. After the battle, the solar eclipse is over and the plane is nearly destroyed. Saito ends up staying.

The Underground Secret Document

#9 - The Underground Secret Document 8.54

Season 2 - Episode 7

Henrietta is convinced to sign a declaration of war against Albion. News of a victorious battle for the Tristain and Germania allied forces reaches a town that Louise and Saito are currently in. Saito discovers a sailor uniform on sale at a clothes merchants shop, and buys it, opting to give it to Siesta rather than to Louise. Upon returning to the academy, the two join Agnes and Julio on exploring a secret archive hidden beneath the school, which Agnes was denied permission. Agnes wishes to obtain the information there regarding her home town of D'Angleterre's burning to help carry out her revenge against those involved. Eleonore is picked to open to lock to the entrance. As the group heads farther down, they are joined by Siesta, who is wearing the sailor uniform Saito gave her earlier. After discovering that Saito gave the sailor uniform to Siesta because Louise lacked the chest size to make it look good, Louise blows a part of the cave in the way they came. With little to do but move further, the group finds the archives and are sent to look for the records regarding the town of D'Angleterre's burning 20 years ago. When Siesta trips and makes a mess of the books, Eléonore returns them to their proper place with magic, which triggers the archives' security system and begins to bring the bookshelves to a close. Agnes finally finds the information regarding D'Angleterre's burning, but a part of the page that lists the person who led the attack is missing. The group narrowly escapes the collapsing of the bridge that led them to the archives. Upon realizing that Louise had blocked their way out from before, Julio grants Saito permission to have intimate moments with Siesta. Siesta is happy to oblige and Saito also thinks it to be a good idea, however, Louise is watching and is preparing to blow something else up. When Saito points out that the cave in she made earlier is in the opposite direction, Louise tells him to shut up and blows them up anyway.

The Thief's True Identity

#10 - The Thief's True Identity 8.52

Season 1 - Episode 6

Worried that the princess may be blamed for Fouquet's theft, Louise volunteers to go out and catch her. With Kirche, Tabitha, and Saito tagging along, they travel to the last sighting of Fouquet with Longueville. There, they discover the hiding place of the Staff of Destruction only to have Fouquet's golem appear. Wishing to show her worth, Louise tries to take it head on with a spell, nearly being crushed in the process. Only by Saito's quick reflexes is she saved. Her confidence broken, Louise breaks into tears. Saito is moved by this and begins attacking the golem in her name. After discarding Kirche's sword and drawing Derflinger, the runes on his hands glow once again and his ability greatly increases. Louise tries to help by taking out the Staff of Destruction, which turns out to be a "M72 Light Anti-tank Weapon system(LAWs)" rocket launcher from Vietnam War. Immediately recognizing it, Saito grabs it and quickly uses it, blowing up the golem. Longueville claims the rocket launcher afterwards, revealing herself to be Fouquet. Yet she is unable to use it as it only had one shot, giving the gang a chance to capture her.

Awakening of the Disaster

#11 - Awakening of the Disaster 8.50

Season 4 - Episode 10

Saito, Louise, and Tiffania have been summoned to Romalia by his Holiness. They were to meet Julio near the Aquaria’s border, but once there they witness a scene that will affect everyone’s future.

De Ornielle`s Maidens

#12 - De Ornielle`s Maidens 8.46

Season 4 - Episode 5

At Ornières, Tabitha still hasn't decided if she wishes to be queen of Galia yet, since she has to be married and have a baby before she becomes queen. Louise and Saito spend time with each other on a hill and they share a kiss. Eleanor soon comes over and tells Louise that she can't live with a commoner like Saito and demands her to return home. Louise then convinces her sister to let her stay by promising to have Saito act like a noble. Louise starts training Saito for the whole day and the two inevitably argue, leaving Saito sleeping on a busted lounge chair in the basement. Later that night, as Louise is worried in bed, Saito discovers a hidden passage that leads to a secret room with a mystical mirror. He touches the mirror and discovers that it's portal that leads to Henrietta's mirror. Henrietta goes through the mirror and meets with Saito. As Louise explores the mansion to search for Saito, she finds Saito in the room where she sees him and Henrietta kissing. Her tears fall as she quietly leaves the passage unnoticed. Saito tells Henrietta that he truly loves Louise and cannot accept Henrietta's feelings. Saito soon leaves to hear Del tell him that Louise was here, crying, and Saito ran off to find Louise leaving on a horse. Louise just smiled and apologized for not realizing his feelings towards the princess. At the Magic Academy, Tabitha then told Louise that she would have Saito as her husband. Kirche explained to Louise that queens (i.e. nobility) can't freely fall in love since they are often betrothed so she must honest with Saito and tells her true feelings as to not put him in a struggle. Saito is afterward seen on the hill again, thinking about going back to his world since Louise is not there with him. Louise comes back to Saito where and confesses that she wants to be with him. Saito happily tells Louise that she is the one who he is in love with and they lovingly embrace each other.

The Queen's Vacation

#13 - The Queen's Vacation 8.46

Season 2 - Episode 6

Saito and Louise are ordered to be at Scarron's inn to receive further instructions. They take their previous positions and costumes back, and are surprised by Gulio's appearance. Saito runs into Henrietta who asks him to protect her as she poses as a commoner in order to lure out one of her enemies. Saito and Henrietta evade detection from the soldiers searching for the Queen by behaving like sweethearts, while Louise learns of the details of the Queen's mission from Agnes. In a theater in town, while Scarron and his girls are in the middle of performing a play, Henrietta confronts her enemy.

Louise's Marriage

#14 - Louise's Marriage 8.44

Season 1 - Episode 11

With the arrival of Wardes and Louise alone, they meet up with Prince Wales in a seemingly deserted church. After finishing up business, Wardes suggests to Louise that they should just get married right then. Confused and repulsed by the idea, Louise tries to refuse his offer, but one of Wardes' allies comes out with a mind-control ring, forcing her into agreeing. With the Prince as the minister, the marriage proceeds and is nearly completed until Saito bursts into the church. Snapping Louise out of her trance, Saito rushes to rescue her. In response, Wardes kills Prince Wales, revealing that he is in fact involved with the rebels fighting the government Albion called Reconquista.

The Cleric's Sword

#15 - The Cleric's Sword 8.43

Season 2 - Episode 3

Julio Cesare transfers to Louise's school and shows an interest in her. He challenges Saito to a fight in which the winner gets to kiss Louise. Saito receives special training from Agnès but Louise shows up and attacks Saito in a jealous rage yet again. He fights against Julio the next day, but Julio loses on purpose.

The Farewell Wedding Ceremony

#16 - The Farewell Wedding Ceremony 8.42

Season 2 - Episode 12

Louise is secretly approached by one of Henrietta's advisors and is asked to hold the enemy off while the Queen escapes. Knowing that it is a suicide mission, Louise plans to send Saito to safety, but not before marrying him. Catching wind of her plan, Saito uses a sleeping potion on Louise after they wed and asks Julio to take care of her and sets out to meet Albion's advancing troops. Louise faints before she can tell him she has always and still loves him. Despite his valiant efforts, Saito falls in the battlefield. Back at the academy, Louise collapses in grief at Saito's death, however, suddenly the magical flower that is connected to Saito unexpectedly comes back to life. Louise runs out and meets Saito who is very alive. When Saito fell, the Fairy, who resembles an Elf, saved him, revived him from death and healed him back health. While explaining, Saito mentions the fairy's large breasts which then Louise uses as an excuse, flies into a jealous rage, forgets about being sad about him and starts trying to explode Saito yet again.

The Maidens of Aquileia

#17 - The Maidens of Aquileia 8.42

Season 4 - Episode 2

Louise and Saito enjoy some time alone as they explore the city of Aquileia. Henrietta asks Vittorio to keep Louise and Tifa safe but despite both his and Julio’s assurances Agnes and Henrietta still suspect trouble. Tifa wonders if she really did summon Saito and notes that now seeing him makes her feel flustered. Louise shows off her priestess outfit to Saito and they begin to get intimate but Malicorne ruins their moment. In Galia, Bidalsha creates fire stones for Joseph who reveals he will use them as weapons while Sheffield confirms that she will enact her plan tomorrow. The next day, Tifa tries to confirm if Saito is her familiar by kissing him, but the two are interrupted by Malicorne and Montmorency. Louise is taken aside by a peasant girl and when Saito goes to look for her he is ambushed by Bleu. The peasant girl reveals herself as Janette, Bleu’s sister, and subdues Louise and hands her over to Sheffield. Janette retrieves Bleu and informs Saito of Louise’s kidnapping, so he frantically searches for her to no avail. Saito and the others regroup and Tabitha reveals the kidnappers are from Galia, meaning Joseph is behind the kidnapping. Before they can act, they are informed that Galia’s airships are heading towards Romalia. Onboard one of the ships, Joseph introduces himself to Louise and tells her he will use her as part of his plan.

The Eastern Pursuit!

#18 - The Eastern Pursuit! 8.42

Season 3 - Episode 8

Colbert is alive. He was saved by Tabitha before death. Using knowledge from the dragons plumage he constructed an air ship with an advanced engine. Louise is still suspicious about what she witnessed between Henrietta and Saito and enlists the help of Siesta and Tiffania to capture Saito and force him (by using magic) to reveal what happened the previous night. Pursed across the ship (under the mistaken impression the magic will remove his clothes) by the increasingly desperate trio he is finally cornered and it is revealed to all about Tabitha's involvement in the previous nights escapade. Saito and Henrietta have difficulty meeting each others eyes throughout the episode but the episode concludes with Louise's resolution to trust Saito while Siesta is still concerned.

The Princess' Request

#19 - The Princess' Request 8.41

Season 1 - Episode 10

Having taken care of the love potion, a new problem arises again. This time, Princess Henrietta is to be wed to the Emperor of Germania for the sake of backing up the smaller country with a stronger power. In order to do so, a certain letter the princess sent to Prince Wales of Albion. If it is ever publicly revealed then the marriage would be impossible. At the moment, Albion is in a state of civil war, so Henrietta herself cannot see the prince. Therefore, Louise is sent with a message to Prince Wales requesting that the letter be retrieved. Guiche then enters, revealing that he had "accidentally" heard it all and would be willing to aid the princess. Much to both Louise and Saito's ire, Henrietta accepts Guiche's offer. On the day of departure, the escort arrives and is revealed to be Wardes, Louise's fiancé. A growing jealousy develops in Saito on the way to the port city of La Rochelle.

The Vow of Wind and Water

#20 - The Vow of Wind and Water 8.40

Season 2 - Episode 2

The supposedly dead Wales appears and takes Henrietta to Albion. He uses his vow from their earlier days to convince her into following him. Saito and Louise goes to rescue Henrietta. Wales, later revealed to be revived and controlled by Cromwell's ring, is defeated by Louise with a dispel spell. Wales is released from the control of the ring and asks Henrietta to make a new vow with him before dying again.

The Rumored Accepted Student

#21 - The Rumored Accepted Student 8.40

Season 3 - Episode 4

Saito begins training daily with the Knights of Ordine. This leads to him not having as much time to spend with Louise, arousing her jealousy once again. Matters only become worse when Tiffania shows up as a transfer student at the academy. A student named Beatrice, whom is revealed as royalty, becomes suspicious of Tiffania when she refuses to remove her hat. After telling her that she will remove the hat eventually, Tiffania decides to reveal her true identity as a half elf. Upon the revelation, Beatrice proclaims that she has the authority of the Pope and insist that Tiffania be put through a heretical interrogation. She proclaims that if Tiffania believes in the true god, she will be able to step into a pot of boiling water she has had prepared. Saito shows to stop her, but upon hearing from Guiche that Louise would be in trouble he interferes, he bows a begs Beatrice to stop. Upon her refusal, Saito draws his sword against her and the dragon knights in her command. The rest of Knights of Ordine join and a battle ensues. Louise is roused from her sleep by the noise from the battle. She then proceeds to end the battle by exploding everyone, including Saito. Later, Tiffania shows up at Saito's bed and ask him to check her breasts to see if he believes they are real. Louise and Siesta show up in time to witness this, and as a result, Louise proceeds to beat Saito with Siesta's approval.

The Spy's Seal

#22 - The Spy's Seal 8.38

Season 2 - Episode 5

Louise's sisters move in and make Saito do the work. Siesta makes a pass at Saito when Louise shows up. Just when Louise was about to strike him with a newer whip an explosion happens. A thief stole something from the principal's office and the principal marked the woman with a magic seal on her chest. Saito tries to do it secretly but Louise finds him and tries to hurt him again. Then a commotion in her eldest sister room gets their attention. The thief is found out and when everything is done and over with because Saito didn't tell her what he was ordered to do along with other things that was justifiable she beats him with her new whip out of spite.

Slepnir Dance Party

#23 - Slepnir Dance Party 8.38

Season 3 - Episode 7

Siesta, in an effort to win Saito, challenges Louise to a contest. If he can locate Louise at the Seipnir ball, she will relinquish her advances towards him. Louise accepts, telling Saito that if he succeeds, she will allow him to “continue what he started before”. The ball arrives, and each participant takes a turn at the mirror of truth, which transforms him or her into their ideal self. Saito, on the way to the ball, notices a dark shape flying over the academy. Believing Louise to be in danger, he rushes in and begins to search for her. Locating her on the balcony, he has a brief conversation with her before the two kiss. Sheffield then arrives and disrupts the ball, destroying the mirror and reverting everyone to their former selves. Saito then discovers that the girl he kissed is not Louise, but is in fact Princess Henrietta, who had taken Louise's form. She explains that she has always envied Louise, considering her to be much more courageous than herself. She embraces Saito when he attempts to comfort her, and the two almost kiss again. Louise discovers them in this act and runs away crying, ignoring Saito’s attempts to explain. She is confronted and hypnotized by Sheffield who then takes her captive. While going after her, Saito is confronted by Tabitha, who is now in league with Sheffield. After a brief skirmish, Saito defeats Tabitha, but spares her life. He then manages to free Louise from her hypnosis, whereupon the two are surrounded by enemies. They are saved by a sudden wave of fire magic, originating from Colbert and Kirche, riding the dark shape from earlier, which is revealed to be an enormous flying machine.

The Return of the Hero

#24 - The Return of the Hero 8.36

Season 3 - Episode 3

Tiffania travels back to Tristain with the group. While introducing herself to the Queen, she forced to remove her hat revealing a pair of long, pointed elf ears. Elves are shunned by civilized society, and she explains that she is in fact a half-elf. Her mother was an elf that passed away years earlier, and her father was the archduke of Albion and Henrietta's uncle. As the Queen, Saito, Louise, Agnes, and Tiffania discuss the whereabouts of the other void user(s), Henrietta offers to knight Saito again and he accepts. Henrietta also appoints Siesta as Saito's servant, much to Louise's frustration. Saito, Louise, and Siesta arrive back at the academy by dragon to a huge celebration in Saito's honor lead by the self-proclaimed Knights of Ondine, a group of students at the academy captained by Guiche.

The Silver Pentecost

#25 - The Silver Pentecost 8.33

Season 2 - Episode 11

Henrietta's forces enter South Gotha and claim it. Scarron's traveling tavern sets up shop, and Saito and Louise are reunited with Siesta, Jessica, and Guiche. Guiche shows off a medal and relates a story of coming back from the dead, which no one believes. Using the Ring of Andavari, Sheffield causes some of Henrietta's troops to attack the city from within.