The BEST episodes written by Chinatsu Houjou

The Schemes of Flowers
28 votes

#1 - The Schemes of Flowers

The Good Witch of the West - Season 1 - Episode 5

Rune (Runet) is asked by Sister Rain to join the Student Organization. Her purpose is Rune's Brain and Ephemeris. Philiel, who got into the scene, intuitively understood that Rain was the Queen candidate Leandra. So she decides to put up a rune in a duel with the Student Organization.

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The Farewell Wedding Ceremony
141 votes

#2 - The Farewell Wedding Ceremony

The Familiar of Zero - Season 2 - Episode 12

Louise is secretly approached by one of Henrietta's advisors and is asked to hold the enemy off while the Queen escapes. Knowing that it is a suicide mission, Louise plans to send Saito to safety, but not before marrying him. Catching wind of her plan, Saito uses a sleeping potion on Louise after they wed and asks Julio to take care of her and sets out to meet Albion's advancing troops. Louise faints before she can tell him she has always and still loves him. Despite his valiant efforts, Saito falls in the battlefield. Back at the academy, Louise collapses in grief at Saito's death, however, suddenly the magical flower that is connected to Saito unexpectedly comes back to life. Louise runs out and meets Saito who is very alive. When Saito fell, the Fairy, who resembles an Elf, saved him, revived him from death and healed him back health. While explaining, Saito mentions the fairy's large breasts which then Louise uses as an excuse, flies into a jealous rage, forgets about being sad about him and starts trying to explode Saito yet again.

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The Queen's Holiday
107 votes

#3 - The Queen's Holiday

The Familiar of Zero - Season 2 - Episode 6

Saito and Louise are ordered to be at Scarron's inn to receive further instructions. They take their previous positions and costumes back, and are surprised by Gulio's appearance. Saito runs into Henrietta who asks him to protect her as she poses as a commoner in order to lure out one of her enemies. Saito and Henrietta evade detection from the soldiers searching for the Queen by behaving like sweethearts, while Louise learns of the details of the Queen's mission from Agnes. In a theater in town, while Scarron and his girls are in the middle of performing a play, Henrietta confronts her enemy.

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The Vow of Wind and Water
111 votes

#4 - The Vow of Wind and Water

The Familiar of Zero - Season 2 - Episode 2

The supposedly dead Wales appears and takes Henrietta to Albion. He uses his vow from their earlier days to convince her into following him. Saito and Louise goes to rescue Henrietta. Wales, later revealed to be revived and controlled by Cromwell's ring, is defeated by Louise with a dispel spell. Wales is released from the control of the ring and asks Henrietta to make a new vow with him before dying again.

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The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 2)
2 votes

#5 - The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 2)

Jing: King of Bandits - Season 1 - Episode 7

Welcome to the Eternal City of Revaiva!! Jing, Kir, and Vermouth have finally made it. Unfortunately, they brought Pernod and China Lilet along. Through some rather hilarious antics, we meet the king of Revaiva, King Cointreau. He's been living here for who knows how long,....and he believes that it is Jing's destiny to become Revaiva's next eternal king. Again through some rather odd circumstances, we discover that Vermouth is actually a perpetual motion devise that the king had been perfecting. He'd sent her out seeking the new king and when she'd seen Jing,....well, could he not be the king? After defeating Pernod and China Lilet, (like we didn't know that would happen,....-_-) King Cointreau gives Jing the water of the fountain of youth, said to being forth immortality. As the odd king dies, feeling as if his kingdom was in good hands, Jing knows he can't drink the potion. If he did,....he'd never be able to find his beloved mother again,...for it is said that the k

Blue Days ~ Red Switch
189 votes

#6 - Blue Days ~ Red Switch

IS: Infinite Stratos - Season 1 - Episode 7

The third Generation IS makes its debut as Laura gets set to battle both Lin and Cecilia at once! Is this 2 on 1 battle too much to handle?

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Thin Red Line
216 votes

#7 - Thin Red Line

IS: Infinite Stratos - Season 1 - Episode 10

Houki's eccentric older sister, and the creator of the Infinite Stratos battle suit, finally makes an appearance and brings with her a new toy.

The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 1)
2 votes

#8 - The Eternal City of Revaiva (Part 1)

Jing: King of Bandits - Season 1 - Episode 6

These next two episodes are fun! Jing and Kir meet yet another young girl. She's called Vermouth and she's trying to find her way to the legendary Eternal City of Revaiva. Unbeknownst to the group, Pernod and China Lilet are on their tails, also wanting to discover the Eternal City and to live forever, as the rumors say. This entire episode spans their journey to The Eternal City,....when they get there in the next episode is where the real action starts!

The Lullaby of the Por Vora
2 votes

#9 - The Lullaby of the Por Vora

Jing: King of Bandits - Season 1 - Episode 10

Jing finds the secret Por Vora city Bluwari and is invited to stay there forever but he declines. A trio of criminals infiltrate the building and hack into a room 'that should not be opened' and thus the self-destruct mechanism was turned on to ensure that the Por Vora secret never leaked out.

The Invisible Wall
28 votes

#10 - The Invisible Wall

The Good Witch of the West - Season 1 - Episode 10

The dragon extermination also endangered the visiting Philiels. It was the missing rune who helped Philiel at that time. He tried to disappear after confirming Philiel's safety, but Philiel did not allow it. In exchange for the rune's knowledge, make a proposal in Eusis.

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Recipe for Turnabout - Last Trial
10 votes

#11 - Recipe for Turnabout - Last Trial

Ace Attorney - Season 2 - Episode 9

Following a hole-filled testimony by Armstrong, Phoenix suspects that the murder Kudo witnessed was actually a reenactment which took place after the actual murder. After Armstrong explains he was forced to hide Elg's body and participate in the reenactment, Tigre is brought in to testify. Phoenix deduces that Tigre wanted Elg's virus to pay off Viola's medical bills, but when Elg won the lottery, eliminating the need to sell it to him, Tigre killed him and stole the virus before having Viola help him reenact the scene to frame Maggey. Lacking the evidence needed to seal a victory, Phoenix bluffs about some evidence brought in by Gumshoe to trick Tigre into correcting him and revealing his own guilt, resulting in Maggey being declared innocent.

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A Waltz at Court
28 votes

#12 - A Waltz at Court

The Good Witch of the West - Season 1 - Episode 6

Another incident before Fiail and Rune returned to the Rowland family. Leandra has begun to move in the royal palace. Therefore, Adair and Philiel decide to go up to the royal palace in a hurry. Philiel is confused about living in a noble family. It was Eusis who reached out to her.

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The Ghost Ship of Blue Hawaii
5 votes

#13 - The Ghost Ship of Blue Hawaii

Jing: King of Bandits - Season 1 - Episode 2

This is a strange episode but what episode of Jing isn't? We start by seeing an older man fishing and waiting for a ghost ship. It comes and puts him into a shock/coma or something. We find Jing entering Blue Hawaii and meeting Rose, (Rose has an ay ending sound to it so its Rosay!) She's the stand in sheriff and Kir takes and immediate liking to her seeing as how she's beautiful,... her father was the sheriff but he's also the old man from earlier. She thinks Jing looks suspicious so she starts to write up and report on him,...He tells her his name and the fact that he's a bandit very bluntly. He wants to know about the ghost ship,...and she tells him and shows what happened to her father. They go off together so she can keep an eye on Jing for suspicious behavior. They have a short couple of battles, one with an impossibly large monster made of coins, and the other with a living anchor (don't ask). They get in and Jing's acting weird,...(he's seems like a jerk to me, what do

Alleys, Cellars and a Lavish Banquet!
0 votes

#14 - Alleys, Cellars and a Lavish Banquet!

Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman - Season 1 - Episode 6

Roman's one true love has been kidnapped by a pervert. He has been asked by Orin to find her, and so has Magoichi, who has received some bad information.