The BEST episodes of Resident Evil

Every episode of Resident Evil ever, ranked from best to worst by thousands of votes from fans of the show. The best episodes of Resident Evil!

Nearly three decades after the discovery of the T-virus, an outbreak reveals the Umbrella Corporation's dark secrets. Based on the horror franchise.

Last Updated: 11/29/2023Network: NetflixStatus: Ended
620 votes

#1 - Parasite

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired 7/14/2022

Reeling from a devastating loss, Jade calculates her next move. Years earlier, Jade and Billie learn there's more to their father than ever imagined.

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Home Movies
640 votes

#2 - Home Movies

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired 7/14/2022

With Simon offering tech advice, Jade and Billie break into their father's laptop, where a chilling message leads them to a nightmarish discovery.

Directors: Rachel Goldberg
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The Turn
660 votes

#3 - The Turn

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired 7/14/2022

Jade and Baxter find themselves at the mercy of the Brotherhood's demented leader. Teenage Jade and Billie receive distressing news about their father.

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The Light
697 votes

#4 - The Light

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired 7/14/2022

Jade helps guide a small group of survivors into the Chunnel, but terror awaits. Albert warns Umbrella about Joy's horrific side effects.

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Someone's Little Girl
628 votes

#5 - Someone's Little Girl

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired 7/14/2022

Following a shocking reunion, Jade finds her way back to her family. Later, she and Amrita make a potentially life-altering discovery.

Directors: Batan Silva
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620 votes

#6 - Revelations

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired 7/14/2022

With Umbrella forces closing in, Jade encourages the use of a monstrous weapon. Teenage Jade enlists Simon on a fateful mission into Umbrella's HQ.

Directors: Rachel Goldberg
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The Devil You Know
796 votes

#7 - The Devil You Know

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired 7/14/2022

To elude Umbrella, Jade seeks help from an unlikely source. As Albert tries to cover for his daughters, Billie begins to exhibit troubling symptoms.

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Welcome to New Raccoon City
983 votes

#8 - Welcome to New Raccoon City

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired 7/14/2022

While on a research mission, Jade crosses paths with a gang of scavengers. Years earlier, Jade and Billie try to make a fresh start in New Raccoon City.

Directors: Bronwen Hughes
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