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Last Updated: Nov 26, 2019

Network: BBC One

Outnumbered is about a family living in South London, where the parents are "Outnumbered" by their three children. The parents constantly try to keep their children under control, but completely fail to do so. The father, Pete, works at an inner city school as a history teacher, whereas mother, Sue, is a part-time PA. The three children are eleven-year-old Jake who worries about everything, from worrying about starting at his new school to the world being sucked into a black hole, seven-year-old Ben who constantly lies to his parents and always wants to watch Little Britain, and five-year-old Karen who constantly asks too many questions.

The Cold Caller (1)

#1 - The Cold Caller (1)

Season 4 - Episode 5

Mum is still convinced Jake has a secret. Ben is determined to enter a school talent competition with an unusual double act. Then a couple of surprise callers make life more difficult than usual for the family.

star 8.45
33 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Night Out

#2 - The Night Out

Season 2 - Episode 5

A Croatian babysitter has a night to remember when Mum and Dad manage to escape for a meal together. Meanwhile, Ben gets thrown out of his sister's pretend restaurant, and Jake gets advice from Grandad on why he should not invade Russia. And a big decision is looming about Grandad's future, but who is going to tell him?

star 8.20
44 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Exchange Student (2)

#3 - The Exchange Student (2)

Season 4 - Episode 6

As the family tries to get rid of Auntie Angela, another guest arrives to stay. Mum has to decide what to do about Jake's girlfriend. Ben and Karen discuss dreams, the Mafia and trampolining bears.

star 8.20
30 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Dinner Party

#4 - The Dinner Party

Season 1 - Episode 6

Five-year-old Karen decides she's had enough of mum's nagging and announces that she's leaving home to go to Spain, or possibly Greenland. Meanwhile, preparations are in full swing for a dinner party, and dad agrees to let Ben crack some eggs – which is a huge mistake. As the guests arrive, Ben gets his first taste of gin and mum gets some unwelcome news from Angela. The drink soon loosens some tongues, and things are said that can never be taken back. The dinner party becomes a disaster zone, and, this time, the parents can't blame any of it on the kids.

star 8.18
50 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Airport

#5 - The Airport

Season 2 - Episode 4

Pete and Sue find themselves in every parent's ultimate nightmare - trapped in a foreign airport with three bored young children (and an increasingly bewildered Grandad). Six-year-old Karen grills her Dad about al-Qaeda, and security staff grill eight-year-old Ben about the worrying objects in his bag. How many hours will it take them all to run the gauntlet of delays, security checks and endless games of I-Spy? How many times will they lose Grandad? Will they end up in Guantanamo Bay? Will Ben find the Spanish for "Can I play with your machine gun?" and what idiot let the kids drink double espressos?

star 8.17
42 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Tennis Match

#6 - The Tennis Match

Season 3 - Episode 3

Karen recreates Britain's Got Talent, Ben takes a close interest in Dad's medical tests, Mum thinks Jake's healthy interest in girls is becoming unhealthy, and the ghost of John McEnroe hovers over Dad's Saturday morning game of tennis. Karen decides to sort things out.

star 8.15
40 votes
The Funeral

#7 - The Funeral

Season 4 - Episode 1

The Brockman family have some tough decisions to make about work, video games and who to take to a family funeral. The vicar probably wishes none of them had ever come.

star 8.12
34 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Parents Evening

#8 - The Parents Evening

Season 4 - Episode 4

There is a lot to discuss at Ben's parents' evening including muggers, dangerous chemicals and re-enactments of the Great Plague. Mum is still suspicious Jake is hiding something and Karen decides which of the world's great religions to lead.

star 8.09
33 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Chinese Horde

#9 - The Chinese Horde

Season 5 - Episode 5

Mum struggles to maintain a work life balance (mainly because her children keep going missing) while Dad battles with a mobile phone that has a mind of its own. Meanwhile, Jake is attempting to get home without money or transport, Ben encounters a Chinese horde and Karen has a life-changing conversation with her headmistress.

star 8.06
48 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Dead Mouse

#10 - The Dead Mouse

Season 2 - Episode 2

Karen mourns the death of a mouse killed by her parents while also getting into the habit of swearing, Ben uses some devious tactics when he stands for election as class rep and Jake causes Sue to worry when he brings home a girl for tea. Meanwhile, Pete and Sue have to worry about money, chest pains, a friend is using them as a glorified babysitting service and the the superior mother next door.

star 8.06
51 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Gap Year

#11 - The Gap Year

Season 5 - Episode 4

Dad and Ben go on a winter camping trip, where Ben shows off his survival skills. Jake has to decide about a gap year, and Mum has had enough of Australian god-daughter Stacey staying.

star 8.04
45 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Labrador

#12 - The Labrador

Season 4 - Episode 3

Karen is on a sleep-over and Ben is away at adventure camp. Mum and Dad are left with a Labrador to look after and a glimpse of what life will be like once the children have left home.

star 8.03
33 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Football Match

#13 - The Football Match

Season 2 - Episode 6

Yet more chaos for the Brockman family as six-year-old Karen denounces Satan and Ben gets on the wrong side of a no-nonsense referee. Meanwhile, Dad is asked to 'sex up' an official document and Mum's competition with her impossibly perfect neighbour reaches a sticky conclusion. But most worrying of all, there is Grandad's fate to be decided.

star 8.03
39 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Musical

#14 - The Musical

Season 5 - Episode 6

Stacey is back, Ben has a crisis of confidence over his starring role in Spartacus The Musical and Karen still hopes her escaped hamster will be found. Auntie Angela returns.

star 8.02
44 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Long Night

#15 - The Long Night

Season 2 - Episode 7

The semi-improvised sitcom continues as a thunderstorm brings night-time chaos to the Brockman family. Ben wants to go out and dodge the lightning, while Karen is writing to the Prime Minister, asking him to fire her teacher. Jake is being manipulated by his girlfriend, the couple next door are hurling abuse at each other, and Mum has received some shocking news. None shall sleep. And morning brings a policeman to their door.

star 8.00
42 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Pigeon

#16 - The Pigeon

Season 3 - Episode 4

Dad is suffering from a terrible hangover, and it seems worse as he struggles against a rising tide of superstition, astrology and conspiracy theories that seem to be taking over the family. Ben takes time off from re-enacting the crusades to show a couple of prospective buyers around the house.

star 8.00
33 votes
The Family Outing

#17 - The Family Outing

Season 3 - Episode 1

Gran takes the Brockman family for a day's sightseeing in London. Karen is unimpressed with modern art, Jake suffers serious trauma when he is unable to text, and one of the family uses a visit to HMS Belfast for a brief re-enactment of World War II.

star 7.95
41 votes
The Girls' Day Out

#18 - The Girls' Day Out

Season 4 - Episode 2

Mum has enough of the boys' attitude to housework so sets out on a campaign to civilise them. Karen battles with chuggers and buying shoes, while Dad goes to war with a domestic appliance.

star 7.88
42 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Old Fashioned Sunday

#19 - The Old Fashioned Sunday

Season 2 - Episode 3

Sue and Pete ban TV as they attempt to have a traditonal family Sunday playing games like hide-and-seek, Pelmanism and scissors, paper, velociraptor, but matters are complicated when Grandad comes to stay after he suffers an accident involving a tin of baked beans. Later, Pete worries about teaching sex education, Karen plays the recorder, and Ben's headmaster suggests that he should take a few days off school.

star 7.86
43 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Hospital

#20 - The Hospital

Season 3 - Episode 6

Mum and Dad struggle to put things right between them, but Karen is unimpressed by their behaviour. She is worried by her vital role in the school concert, while Ben is busy recreating the assault on Everest on the stairs. But then there is a major panic about one of the children...

star 7.85
33 votes
The Swimming Competition

#21 - The Swimming Competition

Season 5 - Episode 2

Karen indulges her competitive instincts, Ben delves into the mysteries of human psychology and Jake appoints himself as a parenting expert. Meanwhile, Mum falls victim to a dysfunctional printer and Dad is hounded by a vigilant Daily Mail reader.

star 7.82
56 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Quiet Night In

#22 - The Quiet Night In

Season 1 - Episode 4

Ben's fibbing goes to a whole new level as parents at a school football match begin to compliment dad on his friendship with Gordon Brown and his SAS training. Later, a romantic night in for mum and dad doesn't quite go to plan, as Karen has a friend round whose mum is over an hour late picking her up. When she does finally arrive, she insists on pouring her heart out over a very long cup of tea. As their romantic evening recedes into the distance, Jake raises fears about his friend's parents' divorce, and calls from his form teacher bring more alarming news.

star 7.81
62 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The City Farm

#23 - The City Farm

Season 1 - Episode 3

Stuck on the A3, mum tries to keep the peace in a car containing a new-age auntie, a bewildered grandfather, three fractious kids and several full bladders. Meanwhile, dad waits outside the headmaster's office, following an ill-judged joke involving obesity and Ramadan. Later at the urban farm, discussions about death, heaven, racism, bird flu and granddad lead to raised tempers, which boil over in the living hell that is a gift shop. As a hectic day draws to an end, mum and dad look fondly at their sleeping kids in the back of the car and have a brief moment of contentment – until they notice that Ben's acquired a new friend.

star 7.78
67 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin
The Restaurant

#24 - The Restaurant

Season 3 - Episode 5

The last time Mum's sister Auntie Angela came to visit, it all ended in disaster. Now she is back to show off the American therapist she has married. Dad is determined to avoid a major incident as they all go out to dinner. Ben tells everyone about his sex education class, Karen puts Auntie Angela's husband straight on therapy, but then there is a bigger problem between Mum and Dad.

star 7.74
34 votes
The Goddaughter

#25 - The Goddaughter

Season 5 - Episode 3

The arrival of Dad's god-daughter from Australia has an unfortunate effect on the Brockman household.

star 7.72
47 votes
Writers: Andy Hamilton, Guy Jenkin