The BEST Episodes of Mike Tyson Mysteries

Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes!

Last Updated: Jul 20, 2019

A new series by Warner Bros Animation that places the ex-boxer in a problem solving premise alongside a talking pigeon and a magical face tattoo.

Unholy Matrimony

#1 - Unholy Matrimony

Season 2 - Episode 15

Mike helps a wealthy family who don't trust the man their youngest daughter is going to marry.

star 9.00
1 votes
Last Night on Charlie Rose

#2 - Last Night on Charlie Rose

Season 2 - Episode 4

A guest goes missing on the set of a late night talk show.

star 8.50
2 votes
Old Man of the Mountain

#3 - Old Man of the Mountain

Season 2 - Episode 5

Mike helps a brother and sister who struggle to care for their elderly father.

star 8.50
2 votes
Tent Revival

#4 - Tent Revival

Season 2 - Episode 8

Mike's house gets termites.

star 8.50
2 votes
At the Car Wash

#5 - At the Car Wash

Season 3 - Episode 12

The team gets the Mystery Mobile a regular car wash for $9.99.

star 8.16
63 votes
My Favorite Mystery

#6 - My Favorite Mystery

Season 3 - Episode 14

The team reminisce about their favorite mysteries.

star 8.07
58 votes
What's That Gnoise?

#7 - What's That Gnoise?

Season 2 - Episode 1

In the season premiere, the gang help a soccer mom who is disturbed by a noise inside her minivan.

star 8.00
2 votes
Jason B. Sucks

#8 - Jason B. Sucks

Season 2 - Episode 6

The team get a negative review online.

star 7.99
109 votes
Mite Tyson

#9 - Mite Tyson

Season 1 - Episode 5

When Mike learns that the itchy bites all over his body are likely from "bird mites," he reluctantly tells Pigeon he has to move out. Pigeon doesn't take it well.

star 7.85
162 votes
Tyson of Arabia

#10 - Tyson of Arabia

Season 3 - Episode 15

The team go to Dubai, at the behest of an old Saudi Prince.

star 7.83
46 votes
The Pigeon Has Come Home to Roost

#11 - The Pigeon Has Come Home to Roost

Season 3 - Episode 20

Pigeon's past finally catches up with him.

star 7.82
44 votes
A Plaintive Wail

#12 - A Plaintive Wail

Season 2 - Episode 7

A new restaurant is cursed.

star 7.81
116 votes
A Dog's Life

#13 - A Dog's Life

Season 3 - Episode 10

Has a woman's late husband been reincarnated as her sweet little dog?

star 7.79
95 votes
Mystery For Hire

#14 - Mystery For Hire

Season 2 - Episode 16

The team is hired by a savings and loans company.

star 7.77
110 votes

#15 - Ty-Stunned

Season 1 - Episode 10

The gang takes on a murder mystery! But this is no "Who killed Dr. Ensler in the study?" kind of mystery (although it does concern a Dr. Ensler who was killed in the study).

star 7.76
119 votes
Help a Brother Out

#16 - Help a Brother Out

Season 3 - Episode 1

When you have nowhere to go, maybe still don't go to Deezy's.

star 7.72
140 votes
Ultimate Judgment Day

#17 - Ultimate Judgment Day

Season 1 - Episode 2

Someone at a well known computer company needs Mike Tyson’s help, but whom? And when the team arrives at the company headquarters, a highly publicized chess match between one of their supercomputers and Garry Kasparov complicates matters. So does Mike Tyson’s savage beating of Garry Kasparov.

star 7.70
223 votes
The Gift

#18 - The Gift

Season 3 - Episode 18

The team helps a man find an anniversary gift for his wife.

star 7.65
52 votes
Mike Tysonland

#19 - Mike Tysonland

Season 3 - Episode 17

Mike Tyson visits some land he owns in New Mexico.

star 7.62
53 votes
Heavyweight Champion of the Moon

#20 - Heavyweight Champion of the Moon

Season 1 - Episode 3

Mike is a terrible driver and although they’ve all been accidents, he’s killed a lot of people. But when he discovers almost all of them were astronauts, Mike decides there’s only one logical explanation: He must be part of a secret government plot to kill astronauts, because of something they saw on the moon, something the government doesn’t want us to know! Literally before giving this theory a second thought, Mike steals a rocket and blasts off for the moon. In the end Mike learns from his auto insurer that he hasn’t been killing astronauts after all. It was a clerical error and most of the deaths were astronomers. And there can’t be a secret government plot to kill astronomers, right?

star 7.50
2 votes
She's a Bayniac

#21 - She's a Bayniac

Season 2 - Episode 3

The team are hired by a suspicious husband who thinks his wife is having an affair.

star 7.50
2 votes
The Bucket List

#22 - The Bucket List

Season 4 - Episode 3

Mike has a No. 1 item on his bucket list.

star 7.40
20 votes
Pits and Peaks

#23 - Pits and Peaks

Season 4 - Episode 5

The team shares its highs and lows of the day around the dinner table, and it also goes to Scotland.

star 7.40
10 votes
The End

#24 - The End

Season 1 - Episode 1

Cormac McCarthy’s latest novel is unfinished and for some reason he turns to Mike Tyson to help him find the ending. But just as Mike settles in to tackle some of that dense, unflinching McCarthy prose, a Chupacabra attacks! Mike puts down the book and puts up his fists. Buenas noches, Senor Chupacabra.

star 7.39
333 votes
Directors: Ethan Spaulding
Writers: Hugh Davidson
Greece is the Word

#25 - Greece is the Word

Season 2 - Episode 9

The L.A. City Council contracts the team to investigate why goods are moving so slowly through the Port of Los Angeles.

star 7.39
127 votes