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Mastram, is a story of a writer by the name of Rajaram. The story revolves around the writer Rajaram who is considered as boring and a failure by the publishing house. His story takes a turn when he discovers that inspiration is hidden in everyday life and he starts spinning yarns and turning them into books that become an instant hit. With newfound success and money, how will Rajaram’s personal life be affected?

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Season 1
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#1 - Season 1

First Aired 4/29/2020

Rajaram is a struggling writer who is branded as boring and is humiliated by the publishers when they tell him that he will never find any readers. A disheartened Rajaram talks to his best friend and decides to write about fantasies people have and his first hit character is born. With this first character and book, another person takes birth in the form of Mastram, the author who brings sultry characters to entertain the common people. Catch Mastram web series first episode online in full HD on MX Player for free and enjoy the erotica mixed with comedy.