The WORST Episodes of Lupin III

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Last Updated: Jun 23, 2019

Grandson of the famous French thief Arsene Lupin, Lupin the 3rd is the world's most accomplished thief, traveling all over the globe to steal the most exotic treasures. A master of disguise and of intricate planning, he is assisted by surly gunman Jigen and silent samurai Goemon. He triumphs easily over Interpol Inspector Zenigata's attempts to trap him, but is continually challenged by Fujiko, his sexy and mysterious rival, but sometimes ally.

A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game

#1 - A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game

Season 3 - Episode 33

The Macintosh Jewelry building is Lupin's next target, but he quickly finds himself having to rescue a kidnapped boy. This is no ordinary boy though; his is the keeper of revolutionary scientific research. He also happens to be a huge fan of Lupin and as much of a lecher as Lupin. How can Lupin stop Macintosh from stealing the boy's secrets, steal Macintosh's inventory, and keep himself from getting slapped for the boy's penchant for peeking up women's skirts?

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1 votes
We Are not Angels

#2 - We Are not Angels

Season 3 - Episode 25

Lupin has set his eyes on the "Heart's Eggs", but the woman who possesses them has them locked behind an impregnable safe. Can Lupin penetrate the safe and steal the eggs? Are his motives selfish, or does he have a benevolent streak?

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4 votes
Let's Play the Abduction

#3 - Let's Play the Abduction

Season 3 - Episode 14

In Central Park, Zenigata waits outside an armored car to ambush Lupin. Not to protect the money, but because Lupin is the prime suspect in the kidnapping of Madam Fiona. Lupin steals the money, eludes Zenigata, and delivers it to another party. It would seem he had been hypnotized by Fujiko to perform the task and is quickly knocked out with a monkey wrench. Zenigata arrests Lupin; and shortly afterward, Madam Fiona is set free claiming Lupin to be her kidnapper. Fujiko arrives at Madam Fiona's mansion expecting her cut of the profits only to find that Madam Fiona insists that she marry her bratty son, Roger. With the help of Goemon and Jigen, Lupin escapes prison.

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3 votes
The Fire Is Not Suitable for a Diamond

#4 - The Fire Is Not Suitable for a Diamond

Season 3 - Episode 22

Lupin and company are sneaking inside a room with a vault in it. After breaking into the vault, they all begin to steal thousands of wonderful diamonds. But a fire breaks loose in the room, and they narrowly escape with only one diamond but without Fujiko. Lupin immediately investigates the incident and soon finds that the diamonds are all fakes and part of a plan to make the cost of the diamonds rise. What Lupin doesn't know is that the owner is telling Zenigata that Lupin burned the diamonds to increase their value. Lupin will not let this go unanswered. What will Lupin do? Where did Fujiko run off to?

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2 votes
10 million Dollar Key

#5 - 10 million Dollar Key

Season 3 - Episode 32

Stopping for some fast food proves to be a fast way to prison for Lupin courtesy of Zenigata. A mysterious man breaks Lupin out of prison and takes him to his boss. They have an interesting proposal for Lupin -- steal the ten million dollar US presidential limo for us. Lupin is game for the challenge and knocks over the Chase Manhattan bank to find the spare key. Lupin's clients have a more sinister plot behind the theft and want Lupin to take the fall. Is Lupin destined to save the US government?

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2 votes
Manhattan Crisis

#6 - Manhattan Crisis

Season 3 - Episode 34

Lupin is in Manhattan to score the mafia's largest cash deposit, but the mafia has caught wind of his plans. To thwart Lupin, they have placed a hefty bounty on his head, and all of New York aims to collect! Can Lupin take a bite out of the Big Apple for himself, or is he going to be worm food?

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2 votes
Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field

#7 - Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field

Season 3 - Episode 35

When a heist of gold bullion goes awry, Lupin suspects a pair of adept disguise artists beat them to the score. He finds them tucked away in a mountain cabin but also finds himself Zenigata's prisoner! How will Lupin get his plan rolling and steal the gold for himself?

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2 votes
Tears Stood in Hades' Eyes

#8 - Tears Stood in Hades' Eyes

Season 3 - Episode 48

The Tears of Hades is an exquisitely large diamond embedded in a statue; Lupin plucks it from Hade's eye but soon finds more than meets the eye. The diamond holds secret plans, and a group of mercenaries want Lupin to exchange it for the life of a girl named Maria. Does Hades weep for joy or sorrow?

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2 votes
Pops Was Adopted into the Family

#9 - Pops Was Adopted into the Family

Season 3 - Episode 49

Lupin wants to steal the valuable jewel of a famous female shot putter, but Zenigata is putting up a valiant defense. His efforts impress the lady so much that she wants to adopt him! Whose tenacity will win the day?

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2 votes
Play a Joke on the Variation

#10 - Play a Joke on the Variation

Season 3 - Episode 13

After narrowly escaping Zenigata, Lupin is both physically and mentally exhausted. However, he jumps at the chance to help Fujiko. Together, they attend a party of rich women located in an old castle, intent on stealing all their jewelry. Things take a turn for the worse when the castle tower they are in turns out to be a rocket ship that carries them all to an island nation at war. Zenigata is then called in to collect funds for the ransom of all the women as well as capture Lupin. When he gets there, he finds Lupin hanging from a cross, seconds away from being shot to death by Fujiko. It is all part of the plot designed by the mysterious Madam Razor.

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5 votes
The Killer Comes Along Quietly

#11 - The Killer Comes Along Quietly

Season 3 - Episode 15

In an abandoned baseball stadium, Jigen and a mysterious woman are shooting it out. She soon bests Jigen and proceeds to take on Goemon in a sword fight. She manages to strike him down as well. Lupin shows up and congratulates her on the success of her training with him. The woman's name is Glory, and Lupin needs her in order to access an ancient treasure. Only a girl who is pure of heart can ride atop a camel that will lead them to the treasure. Lupin and Glory head off to Jordan leaving Jigen and Goemon behind. They find out quickly that Lupin is in danger. Bruce the Robot-Man, one of the world's greatest assassins, is after Lupin and his $100,000 reward. Will Glory's training save her when the Robot-Man strikes? And is she all that she seems to be?

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3 votes
The Ghost of New York

#12 - The Ghost of New York

Season 3 - Episode 26

The gang is in New York to steal a solid gold pinball machine, but Goemon finds himself haunted by an attractive specter. Will the gang be pinball wizards, or will Goemon's friendly ghost spook the treasure away?

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3 votes
The Alaska Star Is a Ticket to Hell

#13 - The Alaska Star Is a Ticket to Hell

Season 3 - Episode 28

A showdown for the Alaska Star is brewing, but Jigen has a personal score to settle with Georgy. As the Star sparkles in the twilight, is Jigen doomed to repeat the past?

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3 votes
Farewell, Cinderella

#14 - Farewell, Cinderella

Season 3 - Episode 43

A king concocts a scheme to find a new Cinderella to fit his diamond slipper. However, Lupin has a different ending in mind for this fairy tale. Who will win the happy ending?

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3 votes
Farewell, Golden Legend

#15 - Farewell, Golden Legend

Season 3 - Episode 21

An ancient japanese piece of art is being excavated when Lupin and Jigen pop onto the scene. Apparently, the "Golden Legend" has a dazzling pearl where its eye is, and Lupin wants it. After learning more about the "Golden Legend", they kidnap one of the archeologists, and Lupin and company find themselves on a wild adventure with Zenigata on their tail... and maybe someone else too.

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4 votes
The Old Woman and Lupin Thievery Contest

#16 - The Old Woman and Lupin Thievery Contest

Season 2 - Episode 128

There is a reward of $1,000,000 for Lupin's arrest. This in itself is not unusual, but when a newspaper reports of Lupin's crimes before they happen, something is definitely not right. The way Old Lady Dokonjo, who publishes a small newspaper all by herself, figures it, scoops are the only way to increase sales. Lupin and company fall for her tearful pleas, but her son, Benson, is a sinister character. It's a motorcycle showdown!

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1 votes
Lupin Vs. the Mystery Man with Two Faces

#17 - Lupin Vs. the Mystery Man with Two Faces

Season 2 - Episode 130

A strange meeting is taking place at the atelier of surrealist artist Darac. Inspector Magrey is saying that he will recover what Lupin has stolen. Having no idea what awaits him, Lupin nonchalantly shows up, only to be put to sleep, and then locked in a smokehouse by Inspector Magrey, who is actually Darac. He says that Lupin is indeed the ultimate in source material for a work of art.

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Two Goemons - the Mystery of Zantetsuken

#18 - Two Goemons - the Mystery of Zantetsuken

Season 2 - Episode 131

A nationwide warrant is out for Goemon, who not only robbed a bank but also stabbed a security guard to death. The Zantetsuken in Goemon's hand has none of the blood-clouding on the blade that would indicate stabbing a person. This is the work of Goemon's archenemy, Nidaemon. There are two Zantetsukens, a male and a female variety. According to tradition, unless the two blades lay together once every 300 years, the larger, male blade will lose its potency. This time is Midnight straight up. Will the disgrace be cleared up?

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The Himalayan Holy Mountain Thieves' Cult

#19 - The Himalayan Holy Mountain Thieves' Cult

Season 2 - Episode 132

The holy ground is in the middle of the roof of the world. Discarding the fat that is the common world's wealth, believers who appeal to Guru Fandar can disappear from this world, and be given an new life in Utopia. "Don't be ridiculous." As it turns out that amongst the believers is a man who stole Lupin's 30,000 bills of Napoleon currency, Lupin goes out to expose the scam. But when the disguise at which he is so good is uncovered, things get bad!

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Keep Your Hands Off the Hot Treasure

#20 - Keep Your Hands Off the Hot Treasure

Season 2 - Episode 133

Lupin's date while Fujiko is away is Claudia. Lupin's objective is the gold and silver fortune placed in the mouth of the 100-year Volcano, on Cleo Island. Once every 100 years, the volcano stops erupting, for only 30 minutes. Jigen and Goemon, accepting Claudia's pleas not to steal that which supports the spirit of the natives, attempt to stop Lupin. With the girl and the Mafia also mixed in, who will get the hot fortune?

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1 votes
Poison and Magic and Lupin III

#21 - Poison and Magic and Lupin III

Season 2 - Episode 135

The spinster Lucrezia, last of the notorious Borgia clan, who used poison as a favorite means of murder, is in prison. Lupin and company, asked by her nephew Caldan to spring her, get themselves arrested and thrown in jail, and free her, bed and all. But Galdan was actually after Lucrezia's life, and getting her out was so that he could make her confess where the clan's jewels have been hidden. With the Old Man strangely mixed in, what will be the resolution?

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1 votes
Steal Everything of Lupin's

#22 - Steal Everything of Lupin's

Season 2 - Episode 139

Even for truly wealthy men, the greatest wish in life is to once again acquire a youthful body. Mister Steel has chosen Lupin III as the destination body for his brain transplant. The procurer is, of course, Fujiko. After a faked traffic accident, Lupin is borne to Steel's mansion, where the brain transplant takes place successfully. The old man has only a little time left, but the brain is Lupin's. How will the brain shuffle resolve itself?

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2 votes
The Big Favorite Disappeared at the Grand Race

#23 - The Big Favorite Disappeared at the Grand Race

Season 2 - Episode 142

Enraged at the hypocritical courtesy of English Lord Weather, Lupin accepts a bet over whether he can steal the Lord's horse, Red Arrow. Though he makes attempts while the horse is in transit, and during the hunt, the Lord's counterstrategies are scrupulous, leaving no opening. Lupin makes an impossible announcement: "I will take the horse in the middle of the Grand National Race, before a full crowd in the stands!" In a jumping accident, only the horse disappears.

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2 votes
Fujiko's Close Call Rescue Operation

#24 - Fujiko's Close Call Rescue Operation

Season 2 - Episode 144

Lupin is attacked by the brothers Nanja-Monja while waiting for Fujiko to come over so they can celebrate her birthday party, which he has made all the preparations for. They have kidnapped Fujiko, and made her the prize inside the Lucky Safe on display at the stadium of the tourist country of Karchina. The only way to release her is for Lupin himself to be the key, accepting certain death by electrocution in exchange for Fujiko's freedom. Brushing aside Jigen and Goemon's hands, Lupin charges forth: "I love you..."

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2 votes
The Treasure of Mecca Wore a Veil

#25 - The Treasure of Mecca Wore a Veil

Season 2 - Episode 149

The treasure of the prophet Mahomet is held in the Islam holy city of Mecca. Patra Lawrence, daughter of Lawrence of Arabia, is guarding it as head of mosque security, because if she does, she will be accepted as a Moslem. It's secured in a vault operated by crude oil pressure. So long as the crude oil pressure does not drop, the vault cannot be opened. Fujiko is nowhere to be seen, but when Lupin concludes from the arrangement of the Earth's tectonic plates that drilling a new well at the South Pole should do the trick, he finds a trap awaiting his swift attack.

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