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Last Updated: Jan 2, 2021

Network: HGTV

When a house no longer feels like home, homeowners are left with a big financial and emotional question: renovate or sell it? Love It or List It helps fed-up homeowners decide. In each hour-long episode Realtor David Visentin and designer Hilary Farr compete for the homeowners' final decision to stay or go.

Praying for a Peaceful Escape

#1 - Praying for a Peaceful Escape

Season 8 - Episode 11 - Aired Jan 27, 2014

Dave and Wendy thought they lucked out when they purchased this 2300 square foot bungalow because of the state of the market. But several years and two daughters later, Wendy's feelings about the home have completely changed in large part due to a medical condition affecting her eldest daughter. Lacey was diagnosed with epilepsy as a toddler and though the family has managed to keep the condition under control, Wendy still feels anxious being far away from her daughter at night. Dave thinks they can rearrange to make things work in their own home but Wendy thinks there is an easier solution--a new home. Diving into the debate are competitors Hilary and David. Designer Hilary and her team will renovate the home to try to convince Wendy to stay. David will show them houses that will hopefully convince Dave to leave. Desperate for a home that delivers some much-needed peace of mind, Wendy and Dave will have to decide... will they love their home again or will they list it?

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Nanny Nook

#2 - Nanny Nook

Season 9 - Episode 10 - Aired Apr 21, 2014

When Sarah and Andrew became parents of two girls, they knew it was finally time to buy a house and opted for a quaint home in a central neighborhood. With enough bedrooms for everybody and a newly renovated basement to appease Andrew's tennis obsession, it seemed this house was perfect- until mother nature intervened with an unexpected third child. This growing family now needs another bedroom upstairs, a functional space for a nanny, and an open concept main floor. Hopefully competitors Designer Hilary and Realtor David can solve this puzzle for a rapidly expanding family. Designer Hilary and her team plan to create new spaces in their old place, while Realtor David attempts to find the family a new house to accommodate all the family needs. Desperate for a home that can equally accommodate a family of five and their nanny, Sarah and Andrew will have to decide if they can love their home again or will they list it?

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Urban Versus Suburban

#3 - Urban Versus Suburban

Season 7 - Episode 13 - Aired Oct 28, 2013

This old city residence once fit Niru and Alok's lifestyle to a tee. But life has changed, and so has their opinion of the house. After 8 years and 2 children, they are getting overwhelmed with the issues that come with living in a nearly 100 year old home. Aside from the problems inside the house, the couple also can't agree on where they want to live. Niru wants to stay close to the city, but Alok wants to move into the suburbs. Ready to take on the challenge are compeitors Hilary and David, each with their own plan on what to do with Niru and Alok's old home. Designer Hilary and her team will conduct renovations aimed at getting the family to love their home again, while realtor David will show them other homes that could better suit their needs. Whether it's sticking with urban living versus moving to the burbs, or the issues around their shrinking space, Niru and Alok are divided--will they love their home again or will they list it?

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Emotional Investment

#4 - Emotional Investment

Season 11 - Episode 1 - Aired Jan 5, 2015

Kelly and Eric spent the last two years fixing up their once derelict 2,300 square foot home. Now that some of the minor work is done and the value has increased significantly, the homeowners are divided over its future. With still much to do, Eric wants to list it and profit from their investment where as Kelly sees it as an investment for their family. Will David find them a family ready home at a financially freeing price or will Hilary increase this family's emotional investment by reinventing many of the home's hotly debated spaces?

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Ever-Expanding Family Affair

#5 - Ever-Expanding Family Affair

Season 8 - Episode 12 - Aired Feb 3, 2014

When Stephanie and Peter first purchased their 2200 square foot suburban house, it was perfect for these first time homeowners. But now they have a child and Stephanie's father has moved in with them. On top of the four people living in the home, their house has been designated as the family gathering place for their large, mixed Italian and Greek families. Needless to say, they've quickly realized they are running into issues with space. Stephanie hates the tiny kitchen but Peter thinks there's a way to use the space more efficiently. The house that brought them happiness as a couple is now causing tension for this ever-expanding family. Looking to ease the stress, competitors designer Hilary and realtor David arrive to sort through this home's mountain of issues. Desperate for a home that can fully accommodate what their family has become, Stephanie and Peter will have to decide... can they love their home or will the list it?

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Handyman Husband

#6 - Handyman Husband

Season 8 - Episode 13 - Aired Feb 10, 2014

When Siobhan and Duncan bought this 1200 square foot suburban starter home eleven years ago, it was just what they needed. But one decade and two growing kids later, Siobhan and Duncan no longer see eye-to-eye on their tiny home. Duncan promised Siobhan renovations that never seem to get taken care of and after years of waiting for his miraculous fixes, this house is only getting less functional for the family of four. Siobhan's list of imperfections starts in the basement, carries up through the house, and ends in the main floor bathroom. And handyman Duncan's solutions haven't done anything to ease her pain. Hoping to be the one to release this family from the confines of their home, competitors designer Hilary and realtor David arrive to assess the situation. Desperate for a house that functions for this growing family of four, Siobhan and Duncan will have to decide... can they love their home again or will they list it?

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2 votes
Function and Flow

#7 - Function and Flow

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Feb 6, 2012

Andrew and Nancy have to fight for functionality in their home.

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3 votes
A Case of Buyer's Remorse

#8 - A Case of Buyer's Remorse

Season 7 - Episode 11 - Aired Oct 14, 2013

This 2000 square foot house was Greg and Heidi's first home and already it's become a huge source of stress after only a year. While their 100 year old home may come with a lot of character, it also comes with a lot of problems that have pitted Heidi and Greg against one another. Despite Heidi's love for their home, Greg is fed up with trying to tackle the never ending list of problems. The solution to Heidi and Greg's problems has arrived in the form of experts Hilary and David, each with their own plan to win over these troubled homeowners. Designer Hilary and her team will attempt to convince Greg to stay with a series of renovations, while realtor David will show Heidi they can find peace in a different house. With money already spent on fixing their home and no end to the list of growing problems, Greg and Heidi will have to decide... will they love their home again or will they list it?

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1 votes
Work-Life Unbalance

#9 - Work-Life Unbalance

Season 17 - Episode 11 - Aired Oct 26, 2020

Hosts David and Hilary help a couple, who feels their work-from-home lifestyle is no longer working for them, decide between revamping their current home with a spacious design and staying there or selling the property and moving to a new home.

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6 votes
Mature Move

#10 - Mature Move

Season 7 - Episode 6 - Aired Sep 9, 2013

This small home has a big history for mother Roxy and her daughter Dee. Purchased 10 years ago after working as a nurse, Roxy took pride in the space she provided her daughter with. Dee, now grown and a co-owner of the home, is in need of a more practical and private space to share with her mother and wants to buy them a better home. Realtor David uses his expertise to find the perfect match for both women, while Designer Hillary brainstorm's a bungalow renovation. Will sentimental value outweigh a new beginning or will Roxy be convinced to move? Will the pair Love It or List It?

star 8.75
4 votes
Make Room for Two More

#11 - Make Room for Two More

Season 8 - Episode 10 - Aired Jan 20, 2014

When Rachel and Calum moved into this 1800 square foot centrally located home, they had a very specific plan for their family: have one more baby to fill the third bedroom. But when this family found out they were going to have twins, their plan became a bit more complicated. But the addition of twins is only the latest complication for a house which is almost maxed for a family of three. From a crowded kitchen, to an unfinished basement, to a nonfunctional bathroom, the house just isn't quite making the cut. Facing a laundry list of issues that's only getting longer, Rachel feels a change in location is what their growing family needs. Stepping into the mix are Realtor David and designer Hilary, each with their own plans to solve this family's problem. Desperate for a home that can accommodate their quickly growing family, Rachel and Calum will have to decide... can they love their home again or will they list it?

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3 votes
1970s Drab to Fab

#12 - 1970s Drab to Fab

Season 17 - Episode 4 - Aired Aug 31, 2020

A busy family life has taken priority over updating a 1970s home; Mom is ready to find a newer, open concept home, but Dad is not ready to give up on their original one.

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10 votes
Good Cop Bad Cop

#13 - Good Cop Bad Cop

Season 9 - Episode 9 - Aired Apr 14, 2014

Eleven years ago, Danny bought a small home in the city which was the perfect bachelor pad for a then single cop. Seven years of bachelorhood later, fellow police officer Mike moved in. But after three married years, Mike still feels that he's living in Danny's space and thinks it would be better if they bought a place together. Danny wants to stay where they are and update their current home. Hoping to be the one to give Danny and Mike a place they can both love, Designer Hilary and Realtor David hit the scene. Hilary and her team plan to completely re-imagine Danny and Mike's cramped corners, while David searches for a house in their current neighborhood that they can both love. Desperate for a more spacious, functional home, Danny and Mike will have to decide, can they love their home together or will they list it?

star 8.38
8 votes
Boy Overload

#14 - Boy Overload

Season 7 - Episode 1 - Aired Jun 3, 2013

The time for having kids was perfect for Dan and Krista but, their 1400 square foot home isn't cutting it anymore. With five growing boys and a dysfunctional layout, the house is bursting at the seams. While Krista wishes to stay because of the large backyard and school district, Dan already has one foot out the door. After Designer Hilary attempts to create a larger, more functional space and Realtor David finds a perfect replacement home, the couple will have to decide. Can David or Hilary convince this opposing couple to either Love it or List it?

star 8.29
7 votes
Design in the Dog House

#15 - Design in the Dog House

Season 17 - Episode 8 - Aired Sep 28, 2020

A couple is divided over their 1980s ranch home when one loves the neighborhood but the other wants to ditch their cramped quarters. Hilary must find space to create an entertaining area and a dedicated office, all while keeping their dogs in mind.

star 8.29
7 votes
Community Calling

#16 - Community Calling

Season 14 - Episode 3 - Aired May 21, 2018

A couple debates the benefits of getting a home with more space for entertaining vs. making changes to their existing house so they can preserve memories with their kids. After a decade of DIY renovations, the couple brings in Hilary and David to help them either fix up their current home or find something newer, bigger and closer to their friends. Will Hilary create enough space for the family's needs or will David find them the perfect spot closer to their community?

star 8.23
13 votes
House of Heirlooms

#17 - House of Heirlooms

Season 16 - Episode 7 - Aired Dec 30, 2019

A couple jumped at the chance to buy the quaint house next door, loving its large lot and three-car garage. They thought they could handle updating the interior, but they're overwhelmed by the amount of work it requires. She wants Hilary to help create the perfect layout for the family and their heirlooms while he hopes David can find them a new, larger forever home.

star 8.14
14 votes
Home Working Woes

#18 - Home Working Woes

Season 14 - Episode 6 - Aired Jun 11, 2018

New parents and ambitious entrepreneurs Whitney and Taylor need more space for their family and business ventures.

star 8.08
12 votes
Choosy Couple Makes a Decision

#19 - Choosy Couple Makes a Decision

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired Nov 28, 2011

Steven and Rita's once-functional home is cramped now that they have kids.

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2 votes
Ever-Growing Family

#20 - Ever-Growing Family

Season 9 - Episode 6 - Aired Mar 24, 2014

By the time Bevin landed with Jacqueline in her 3-story home in the city, it had long held a special place in Jacqueline's heart, since she inherited it from her beloved grandmother. Shortly after having two kids of their own, Bevin's three children moved in too, quickly making this house of two become a house of seven in a matter of a few years. Turning this into a party of nine, Designer Hilary and Realtor David arrive. Hilary and her team plan to create an open concept main living area and to add more space and storage to encourage the family to stay. But David sets out to find a home to accommodate this ever-growing family of seven to show them what they could be living in. Desperate for a home that can comfortably accommodate their expanding bunch, Jacqueline and Bevin will have to decide- can they love their home again?or will they list it?

star 8.00
7 votes
Character Flaws

#21 - Character Flaws

Season 7 - Episode 3 - Aired Jun 10, 2013

The Dan and Marissa's hundred year old house is full of character... and flaws. Its floor plan, outdated lighting, and old heating source prevent the modern family from living comfortably. Marissa is holding on to the nostalgia of the home, while Dan is ready to run. Lucky for them, Hilary and her deisgn team are ready to transform the outdated space. And real estate agent David's already on the search for a new home. With tempers flaring, will the Dan and Marissa love thier home once again? Or will they list it?

star 8.00
9 votes
Collapsing Victorian

#22 - Collapsing Victorian

Season 7 - Episode 5 - Aired Sep 2, 2013

This controversial space was once a gold mine to Matt and Kelly. Being 150 years old, Victorian, and in midst of urban city life, the home was a perfect mix of the old and new. A growing family and 1,000 headaches later, Kelly is ready to get out, but Matt is still holding on. Kelly's frustration isn't eye to eye with Matt's optimistic attitude on restoring this once shining gem. Fortunately, designer Hilary is bursting with ideas while Realtor David is already on the prowl for a replacement home. Will Kelly change her mind and love their home once more? Or will Matt discover a new dream home and decide to list it?

star 8.00
3 votes
A New Arrival

#23 - A New Arrival

Season 7 - Episode 9 - Aired Sep 30, 2013

The Kelly and Phil's home is proving to be too small for them and their 3 kids as the due date for another baby approaches. Eight months pregnant and unwilling to leave the neighborhood, Kelly believes some rearranging and work on the unfinished basement by Designer Hilary will fix the space. However, husband Phil is set on a move into a more functional and larger home with the help of realtor David. Will this stubborn couple see eye to eye after Hilary attempts to remodel the home or will David find the perfect solution with a new house? Will the family of five Love It or List It?

star 8.00
2 votes
Missing the Condo Convenience

#24 - Missing the Condo Convenience

Season 7 - Episode 10 - Aired Oct 7, 2013

For BJ and Joe, parenthood prompted them to swap condo living for home ownership in a 1300 square foot fixer upper, a decision that has them split down the middle. Joe misses the ease of condo living and is daunted by the work that home ownership can bring, while BJ thinks he needs to give their new home a chance. But the fix-it list in their house, which includes a dysfunctional kitchen, a narrow staircase, and way too many walls, has Joe stressed to the max and begging for some form of help. Enter competitors Hilary and David, each determined to mend the divide between these homeowners. Designer Hilary and her team will revamp and modernize their house to convince Joe to stay, while realtor David will find a home that proves to BJ that there is a future for her family beyond these walls. Divided over a long to-do list, Joe and BJ are wondering--can we love this home again or should we list it?

star 8.00
1 votes
Space for Six

#25 - Space for Six

Season 7 - Episode 12 - Aired Oct 21, 2013

Large and spacious, this home has served Brigitta and Angelo perfectly for the last 20 years. But like all good Italian families, this one continues to grow larger and their first family home may have finally reached critical mass. With two adults, two teenagers, and now two seniors, the house is starting to show signs of strain. This three-generation arrangement has created a tight squeeze and a rift between Brigitta and Angelo. Here to help are competitors Hilary and David, each with their own solution for this troubled household. Designer Hilary and her team will complete renovations aimed at getting the family to love their home again, while realtor David hopes to show them homes that will suit their growing family much better. With growing teenagers and mama and papa ready to move in, can Angelo and Brigitta learn to love their home again? Or will they list it?

star 8.00
1 votes