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Last Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Network: HGTV

Tarek is a self-proclaimed real estate genius with determination and drive. Christina is Tarek's picture-perfect wife, who Tarek's friends still can't believe he landed. In each episode of "Flip or Flop", Tarek and Christina flip a new property. From the nail-biting purchase at auction, to the frustrating renovations and maddening showings, to the giddy acceptance of an offer, we'll follow along as these two relatively novice flippers try their hand at the toughest game in town. From purchase to resale, weaving their personal lives within the story of the flip. From paying cash, sight unseen, for a property at auction, through the hapless remodeling process, to the frantic sale, this young couple is putting everything they have into this venture.

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Big House, Big Budget

#1 - Big House, Big Budget

Season 9 - Episode 15 - Aired Nov 14, 2019

Tarek and Christina take a risk on a huge home in pricey Anaheim Hills, CA, in hopes of making more money after sharing the profits. From water damage and invasive tree roots to a $30,000 roof, they're forced to break the bank on the massive project.

star 9.50
4 votes
Turf Wars

#2 - Turf Wars

Season 9 - Episode 11 - Aired Oct 10, 2019

Tarek and Christina team up with their friend Pete De Best on a house in Yorba Linda, CA. They've flipped houses with Pete and have had success, but he's a major penny pincher, and they must convince him that you have to spend money to make money.

star 9.29
7 votes
Money Mirage

#3 - Money Mirage

Season 9 - Episode 8 - Aired Sep 19, 2019

Tarek and Christina take a gamble on a tri-level house in Irvine, CA, buying it sight unseen. The neighborhood is hot, but the house needs a lot of work. After opening up the tiny kitchen and updating the master bedroom, there's still a lot to do with a shrinking budget.

star 9.25
4 votes
Cliff Makeover

#4 - Cliff Makeover

Season 9 - Episode 10 - Aired Oct 3, 2019

Tarek and Christina take on a house in Anaheim, CA, designed by architect Cliff May. Having flipped a Cliff May house before, they're prepared to spend big for a midcentury makeover. But bad news from the city inspector and unexpected big-ticket expenses threaten to dig into their profits.

star 9.00
6 votes
Hoarding Potential

#5 - Hoarding Potential

Season 9 - Episode 12 - Aired Oct 17, 2019

Tarek's friend, Robert, wants to get into flipping and they buy a home sight unseen in Lakewood, CA. When they discover it's a major hoarder house filled to the brim with junk, Robert worries they made a mistake.

star 9.00
4 votes
Smelly Time Capsule

#6 - Smelly Time Capsule

Season 11 - Episode 3 - Aired May 13, 2021

star 9.00
1 votes
Fish Out of Water

#7 - Fish Out of Water

Season 9 - Episode 2 - Aired Aug 8, 2019

Tarek and Christina take on a flip in West Covina, CA, which is a new area for them. They have to expand into new cities in order to grow their business, but the distance and their uncertainty of what buyers expect in the area lead to disagreements on the scope and design of the house.

star 8.80
5 votes
Midcentury Money Pit

#8 - Midcentury Money Pit

Season 9 - Episode 6 - Aired Sep 5, 2019

Tarek and Christina flip a house in Fullerton, CA, right across the street from Tarek's first flip. Before renovating, they have to deal with crumbling concrete, and they need to figure out the market for the house. A lot has changed since Tarek's first flip, and changes bring new challenges.

star 8.60
5 votes
Flea Bag Flip

#9 - Flea Bag Flip

Season 9 - Episode 3 - Aired Aug 15, 2019

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a house in Rowland Height, CA. This 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom house should be a quick flip but once they open the door they see this is a bigger project then they anticipated. Can they turn this run down house into a profit or will this flea bag flip be a flop?

star 8.50
4 votes
Covered Costs

#10 - Covered Costs

Season 10 - Episode 7 - Aired Dec 10, 2020

Tarek and Christina take a risk on an unseen house in Orange, California, but they soon discover it's been vandalized and the owners covered a gross pool in the backyard. As more issues pop up, Tarek and Christina worry they won't recoup their costs.

star 8.50
2 votes
Small House, Big Problems

#11 - Small House, Big Problems

Season 9 - Episode 14 - Aired Nov 7, 2019

Tarek and contractor Izzy Battres take on a small house in Fullerton, CA. The seemingly easy flip becomes difficult when removing a wall creates a nightmare with the city and an unpermitted laundry room must be moved inside.

star 8.33
6 votes
Cut And Run

#12 - Cut And Run

Season 10 - Episode 5 - Aired Nov 12, 2020

Tarek and Christina tackle a home with torn-up drywall and missing siding.

star 8.33
3 votes
Unpermitted Flip

#13 - Unpermitted Flip

Season 9 - Episode 1 - Aired Aug 1, 2019

Tarek and Christina flip a home in Rowland Heights, CA, that's jam-packed with issues. There's a large pool in a small backyard, and unexpected additions create problems they've never seen before. As their budgets grow and profits shrink, Tarek and Christina need to figure out creative ways to get top dollar on this project.

star 8.29
14 votes
Bankrupt Flip

#14 - Bankrupt Flip

Season 9 - Episode 4 - Aired Aug 22, 2019

Tarek and Christina find a good deal in a familiar neighborhood in Anaheim, CA. They need to act fast if they want to lock it in, but they have to make an offer without seeing the inside.

star 8.29
7 votes
Buyer's Remorse

#15 - Buyer's Remorse

Season 9 - Episode 13 - Aired Oct 24, 2019

Tarek and Christina get a smoking deal on a Yorba Linda, CA, home with a closed-off floor plan. They spend big money to remove a fireplace and open up the space, but when Tarek goes behind Christina's back and changes a tile design, she tackles the new fireplace herself.

star 8.29
7 votes
Alarming Flip

#16 - Alarming Flip

Season 9 - Episode 5 - Aired Aug 29, 2019

Tarek and Christina return to the street of a previous flip in Cypress, Calif; when they can't agree on a design for the kitchen, they decide to settle matters with a quick game of hoops.

star 8.17
6 votes
New Normal in Arcadia

#17 - New Normal in Arcadia

Season 7 - Episode 11 - Aired Jul 5, 2018

Tarek and Christina flip a large home in the unfamiliar neighborhood of Arcadia, CA, but their differing opinions threaten their profit margin in an area with a high market standard.

star 8.09
23 votes
Tri-Level Flip

#18 - Tri-Level Flip

Season 7 - Episode 14 - Aired Jul 26, 2018

Tarek and Christina flip a four-bedroom, tri-level home in Orange, Calif. with a pool full of problems and a dated interior floor plan.

star 8.00
6 votes
It's a Dump

#19 - It's a Dump

Season 9 - Episode 7 - Aired Sep 12, 2019

Tarek and Christina flip a house in Lakewood, CA, near one of their previous flips. They hope to repeat their past success, but modernizing an old house comes with a high price tag. A good flip will set the bar for the neighborhood, and a bad flip will leave them with minimal profits.

star 8.00
6 votes
Better Be Quick

#20 - Better Be Quick

Season 10 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 22, 2020

Tarek and Christina take out an expensive loan to flip a house.

star 8.00
3 votes
Filthy Flip

#21 - Filthy Flip

Season 11 - Episode 2 - Aired May 6, 2021

Tarek and Christina have seen some nasty houses during their years of flipping, but this house in Garden Grove, California, might take the cake.

star 8.00
1 votes
Enamored By The View

#22 - Enamored By The View

Season 11 - Episode 4 - Aired May 20, 2021

Tarek and Christina get a chance to flip a house in San Clemente, Calif.; when the cost to fix the foundation catches them by surprise, they realize they may have been too enamored by the panoramic views of the ocean to see the potential problems.

star 8.00
1 votes
Shattered Flip

#23 - Shattered Flip

Season 7 - Episode 12 - Aired Jul 12, 2018

Tarek and Christina get a lead on a four-bedroom, two-bathroom home in Lakewood, Calif.; their hopes and dreams of a great deal in a good neighborhood shatter when they discover that the dilapidated house has been vandalized.

star 7.89
9 votes
Hot Market, Fast Flip

#24 - Hot Market, Fast Flip

Season 6 - Episode 11 - Aired Feb 16, 2017

Tarek and Christina get a smoking deal on a house in an up-and-coming neighborhood of Garden Grove, CA. With not too much work to be done, this house should be quick flip for them. Can they keep this flip on schedule or will unpredictable problems douse this hot market flip?

star 7.88
8 votes
Busy Flip

#25 - Busy Flip

Season 10 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 29, 2020

Between busy schedules, Tarek and Christina find time to check out a home in La Mirada, California, when a good deal pops up. What looks to be a quick flip turns out to be more difficult when problems arise as they try to modernize the layout.

star 7.75
4 votes