The Best Episodes of Hot in Cleveland

It's Alive

#1 - It's Alive 8.39

Season 4 - Episode 13

When Elka and Mamie's illegal business activities put them all in danger, Joy, Melanie, and Victoria step in to save the day and wind up getting help from a local mobster and his mother.

Directors: Andy Cadiff
I Hate Goodbyes

#2 - I Hate Goodbyes 8.34

Season 6 - Episode 24

Joy and Bob's wedding plans are derailed when they learn there is a baby available for adoption.

Hot & Heavy

#3 - Hot & Heavy 8.34

Season 3 - Episode 14

Eyeing an opportunity to win a Newsie Award, Victoria dons a fat suit at Overeaters Anonymous, and Elka comes along to claim she lost 600 pounds. Meanwhile, Joy dates a man who's not exactly her type; and Melanie meets a new guy in an unusual place.

Directors: Andy Cadiff
The Fixer

#4 - The Fixer 8.34

Season 4 - Episode 18

Melanie, reeling from her break-up, finds a rebound in alcohol and the unsavory Danny. Victoria hires a shady lawyer to help her jailed fiance while Joy and Elka get competitive in film class. A conflict of interest causes Melanie to juggle two men, including blast from the past: Dr. Everett.

The Proposal

#5 - The Proposal 8.27

Season 4 - Episode 15

Emmet, who's been married four times, asks the women to help make his wedding proposal to Victoria a special one, since it would be her sixth walk down the aisle.

Directors: Andy Cadiff
Canoga Falls

#6 - Canoga Falls 8.23

Season 4 - Episode 14

Victoria goes home for a visit after being tricked by her sister, but is surprised to find their mother in a disturbing state. Meanwhile, Joy and Melanie get nostalgic for the 1970s; and Elka has advice for Victoria's mother.

Directors: Andy Cadiff
Hot in Cleveland: Hot Damn!

#7 - Hot in Cleveland: Hot Damn! 8.18

Season 6 - Episode 22

The cast and crew discuss their favorite episodes, bloopers and behind-the-scenes moments.


#8 - Playmates 8.16

Season 5 - Episode 15

The ladies are surprised by how they are portrayed in a play that was written and directed by Elka.

Love Is All Around

#9 - Love Is All Around 8.14

Season 4 - Episode 23

Elka and Mamie's bowling team gets back together. Meanwhile, Joy dates a professor; Victoria goes out with a director; and Melanie has a fling with a surgeon.

The Man That Got Away

#10 - The Man That Got Away 8.14

Season 4 - Episode 24

It's the big day of Victoria's wedding to incarcerated movie star Emmet Lawson. Elka helps Joy reunite with her baby daddy, who she hasn't seen in thirty two years.

Vegas Baby

#11 - Vegas Baby 8.14

Season 6 - Episode 23

Joy and Bob's wedding plans are derailed when they learn there is a baby available for adoption.

Corpse Bride

#12 - Corpse Bride 8.13

Season 4 - Episode 21

Melanie gets her dream engagement ring, but not the way she expected, Joy deals with mysterious family issues, and Victoria tests a new product from the Mrs. Ladypants line. Elka and Mamie test jokes for a Senior Center roast.

Love is Blind

#13 - Love is Blind 8.12

Season 3 - Episode 9

Victoria's daughter, Emmy, arrives for a visit with the news that she and Melanie's son, Will, are engaged. Meanwhile, Joy's blind boyfriend thinks she's 26; and Elka has a ball prank calling the New York Yankee's third baseman.

Directors: David Trainer
The Bachelors

#14 - The Bachelors 8.11

Season 5 - Episode 24

Every year, on their collective birthday, the women set each other up on blind dates.

Claus, Tails & High Pitched Males: Birthdates 3

#15 - Claus, Tails & High Pitched Males: Birthdates 3 8.10

Season 3 - Episode 17

On another round of "birthdates," Elka thinks her date is Santa Claus; Victoria is reunited with Capt. Lebeau; Melanie goes out with a guy with a high-pitched voice; and Joy is a man's first date since leaving the priesthood.

Directors: Andy Cadiff
Rubber Ball

#16 - Rubber Ball 8.09

Season 3 - Episode 15

When Melanie, Joy, and Victoria try to join a prestigious Cleveland country club, they discover that Elka has a long history with the clubs president and he's bent on revenge.

Directors: Andy Cadiff
Life with Lucci

#17 - Life with Lucci 8.07

Season 3 - Episode 10

Victoria's enemy Susan Lucci comes looking for support after the cancellation of "All My Children," but Victoria warns her friends that the soap star is not to be trusted. Meanwhile, Elka talks hoops with Baron Davis of the NBA's Cleveland Cavaliers.

Directors: Andy Cadiff
God and Football

#18 - God and Football 8.05

Season 3 - Episode 8

On Elka's (and Betty White's) 90th birthday, Melanie takes her to the Browns' locker room and ends up dating the kicker. Joy and Elka get some surprising medical news. And after a near-death experience Victoria's convinced that Elka is God.

Directors: Andy Cadiff

#19 - Tornado 8.04

Season 1 - Episode 10

In the season finale, a tornado hits Cleveland and the women find something shocking in the storm cellar. At the end of the episode Elka goes to jail and is to be continued until season two.

Directors: Gil Junger
Cruel Shoes

#20 - Cruel Shoes 8.03

Season 3 - Episode 18

Victoria tries designing shoes and uses Melanie and Joy as runway models, but Elka is more anxious to see the latest in tracksuits. Meanwhile, Joy dates a man who lives life to the fullest.

Directors: Andy Cadiff
Blow Outs

#21 - Blow Outs 8.03

Season 3 - Episode 24

When Melanie's hair blow out lasts unusually long, Joy and Victoria demand to know who's blowing her. When Melanie tries to keep it a secret from them, tensions arise amongst our ladies and the two rival hairdressers at Elka's favorite salon.

Directors: Andy Cadiff
Cleveland Indians

#22 - Cleveland Indians 8.03

Season 4 - Episode 20

Lying to Cleveland's top pediatrician leads Joy to host a traditional Indian dinner party. When Victoria's wedding planner arrives, the stage is set for a classic farce--appropriate as Elka auditions for a play.

Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles

#23 - Fear and Loathing in Los Angeles 8.02

Season 6 - Episode 2

The women travel to Los Angeles to meet the creator of Victoria's new show.

Win Win

#24 - Win Win 8.00

Season 5 - Episode 22

Victoria is up for an Academy Award; Elka faces a City Council election; Melanie gets a visit from her mother.

Mystery Date: Oscar Edition

#25 - Mystery Date: Oscar Edition 8.00

Season 5 - Episode 21

While deciding on who will be her "plus one" for the Oscars, Victoria must choose between Melanie and Joy, forcing the two to compete.