Henry Danger

The WORST episodes of Henry Danger

Every episode ever - ranked by fan votes!

Henry Hart’s afterschool job? Kid Danger: Captain Man’s superhero sidekick. Fighting crime AND finishing homework? Villains, beware!

Last Updated: 4/24/2022Network: Nickelodeon
Escape Room
24 votes

#1 - Escape Room

Season 5 - Episode 33 - Aired 2/8/2020

Kid Danger and Captain Man are tricked into entering an escape room by a factory owner with a "chip" on his shoulder. They are trapped inside with two new kids, Mika and Miles, who are oddly good at solving the puzzles they need to answer to get out.

Visible Brad
18 votes

#2 - Visible Brad

Season 5 - Episode 26 - Aired 11/9/2019

Captain Man and Kid Danger are going to need a little bit of magic and some help from an old friend if they want to catch a thief.

Diamonds Are for Heather
48 votes

#3 - Diamonds Are for Heather

Season 4 - Episode 12 - Aired 4/14/2018

Kid Danger and Captain Man are called to the Swellview Museum of Stools and Jewels to protect the rare Neal Diamond from being stolen.

Brawl in the Hall
72 votes

#4 - Brawl in the Hall

Season 4 - Episode 2 - Aired 11/4/2017

When Charlotte is challenged to a fight at school, Captain Man and Kid Danger step in to try and help Charlotte defend herself.

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Game of Phones
20 votes

#5 - Game of Phones

Season 5 - Episode 34 - Aired 2/15/2020

When a young girl chains herself outside of Junk-N-Stuff, Kid Danger and Captain Man are forced to help find her beloved phone. While on a stakeout, they unexpectedly run across some familiar faces with a devious plan they weren't prepared for.

Charlotte Gets Ghosted
31 votes

#6 - Charlotte Gets Ghosted

Season 5 - Episode 14 - Aired 3/16/2019

Schwoz invents a vacuum to help Henry clean his house, but it accidentally sucks Charlotte inside; when Henry's family hears Charlotte and thinks the vacuum is haunted, Ray must distract them while Henry finds a way to get her out.

Directors: Mike Caron
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Love Bytes
24 votes

#7 - Love Bytes

Season 5 - Episode 17 - Aired 6/22/2019

Things get a little buggy when Schwoz installs a new operating system on the Man Cave Computer designed to detect and eliminate threats all over Swellview.

Captain Man-kini
41 votes

#8 - Captain Man-kini

Season 4 - Episode 15 - Aired 5/12/2018

When a new internet celebrity causes havoc in Swellview, Captain Man has to swap bodies with Frankini to infiltrate his secret lair.

Directors: Steve Hoefer
Meet Cute Crush
53 votes

#9 - Meet Cute Crush

Season 4 - Episode 8 - Aired 2/10/2018

Captain Man and Henry try to help Henry's sister, Piper, organize a sudden romantic introduction with a new boy at school that she likes.

Knight & Danger
47 votes

#10 - Knight & Danger

Season 5 - Episode 9 - Aired 2/2/2019

When the Knight Squad's archenemy, Ryker, is unleashed on Swellview, Kid Danger and Captain Man take Ryker down to Burger Castle only to be tricked into joining forces with the villain.

Directors: Harry Matheu
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Budget Cuts
45 votes

#11 - Budget Cuts

Season 4 - Episode 11 - Aired 4/7/2018

When the Vice Mayor cuts Captain Man and Kid Danger's budget to build a high speed railway in Swellview, Captain Man and Kid Danger must figure out creative ways to save money.

Directors: Nathan Kress
Kid Grounded
100 votes

#12 - Kid Grounded

Season 1 - Episode 21 - Aired 4/4/2015

After getting caught sneaking out by Piper late at night, Henry is grounded by his parents. He gets upset when Charlotte fills in as the acting Kid Danger.

Toddler Invasion
38 votes

#13 - Toddler Invasion

Season 4 - Episode 14 - Aired 5/5/2018

When The Toddler takes control of the Man Cave, Charlotte and Jasper have to find a way to sneak into the Man Cave and free Kid Danger and Captain Man.

Directors: Mike Caron
Whistlin' Susie
42 votes

#14 - Whistlin' Susie

Season 5 - Episode 2 - Aired 11/10/2018

After accidentally activating an atomic bomb in the Man Cave, Ray and Henry decide to drive it out into the Swellview desert in order to save their city.

Directors: Nathan Kress
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The Rock Box Dump
72 votes

#15 - The Rock Box Dump

Season 4 - Episode 3 - Aired 11/11/2017

When a report comes out that declares Kid Danger's super power an illness, Kid Danger has to convince Swellview that it is a huge misunderstanding.

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Secret Room
29 votes

#16 - Secret Room

Season 5 - Episode 12 - Aired 3/2/2019

After Schwoz’s family reunion causes chaos in the Man Cave, Captain Man reveals a “Superheroes Only” room in the Man Cave for peace and quiet. Jealous, Charlotte, Jasper and Schwoz make a cooler room to show them up. As the gang fights over who gets the better room, things get blown out of proportion.

Directors: Steve Hoefer
My Dinner with Bigfoot
33 votes

#17 - My Dinner with Bigfoot

Season 5 - Episode 13 - Aired 3/9/2019

When the gang befriends Bigfoot in the woods, Kid Danger and Captain Man try to help get rid of a pesky hunter that's been trying to capture him.

Directors: Russ Reinsel
Part 2: A New Darkness
45 votes

#18 - Part 2: A New Darkness

Season 5 - Episode 6 - Aired 1/12/2019

After a criminal steals Kid Danger's superpower and learns his secret identity, goons are sent to Henry's house to attack; while Henry and Ray fight to protect Henry's family, Jasper, Charlotte, and Schwoz work to get his power back.

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Thumb War
37 votes

#19 - Thumb War

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired 11/17/2018

Captain Man and Kid Danger are upset when a new crime-fighting team emerges in town. However, they discover that the new-duo are their biggest fans. After an unfortunate incident, the Thumb Buddies seek revenge on our heroes.

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The Whole Bilsky Family
33 votes

#20 - The Whole Bilsky Family

Season 5 - Episode 11 - Aired 2/23/2019

Henry's nerves are tested when Piper invites her new boyfriend and his family over for dinner.

The Fate of Danger: Part 1
24 votes

#21 - The Fate of Danger: Part 1

Season 5 - Episode 38 - Aired 3/14/2020

Kid Danger and his friends try to figure out how to get Captain Man back from the past, while Drex furthers his scheme to erase Swellview's memory of Captain Man forever.

Car Trek
35 votes

#22 - Car Trek

Season 4 - Episode 13 - Aired 4/28/2018

Charlotte's birthday road trip to see the Boo Man Group perform gets sidetracked by a Captain Man and Kid Danger emergency.

Directors: Nathan Kress
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Back To The Danger (2)
40 votes

#23 - Back To The Danger (2)

Season 4 - Episode 10 - Aired 3/31/2018

When Drex prevents Young Ray from ever being densitized in the past, Henry and a now destructible Ray must take on Drex and help Ray get back his indestructibility.

Stuck in Two Holes
136 votes

#24 - Stuck in Two Holes

Season 3 - Episode 16 - Aired 4/29/2017

Charlotte and Jasper must come to the rescue when Captain Man and Kid Danger are each stuck in a hole.

Toon in for Danger
44 votes

#25 - Toon in for Danger

Season 4 - Episode 7 - Aired 1/15/2018

Henry and Ray get a copy of the new Kid Danger and Captain Man cartoon and see that it's horrible; they must hurry to fix the cartoon before its big premiere party.