The BEST episodes directed by Russ Reinsel

75 votes

#1 - #Lumpatious

Sam & Cat - Season 1 - Episode 22

Sam and Cat try to get the word "lumpatious" into the dictionary after making a bet that it is a real word.

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Danger & Thunder: Part 2
95 votes

#2 - Danger & Thunder: Part 2

Henry Danger - Season 2 - Episode 18

In a special crossover with "The Thundermans", Captain Man, Kid Danger, and Phoebe Thunderman, disguised as Mexican wrestlers, infiltrate a secret villain meeting in an underwater lair in Swellview where the villains plan to destroy Swellview's heroes. When they get there however, Phoebe is shocked to see Max as an attendee. The trio needs to defeat the villains while Phoebe tries to convince Max from making a mistake.

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129 votes

#3 - #TextingCompetition

Sam & Cat - Season 1 - Episode 5

Cat persuades Sam to enter a texting competition where she faces off against a sweet boy with domineering mother. Dice attempts to dodge his annoying old pal.

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166 votes

#4 - iSpaceout

iCarly - Season 3 - Episode 13

An eccentric billionaire asks the iCarly gang to perform a web show from outer space; Spencer is visited by a mysterious little girl.

72 votes

#5 - #KnockOut

Sam & Cat - Season 1 - Episode 34

While helping Goomer with a bully at his gym, Sam knocks out an MMA champion

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The Space Rock
143 votes

#6 - The Space Rock

Henry Danger - Season 1 - Episode 8

Gooch gets a space rock which turns out to be more than it first appeared.

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66 votes

#7 - #SalmonCat

Sam & Cat - Season 1 - Episode 17

Sam and Cat are ordered to rename their babysitting business.

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I Know Your Secret
50 votes

#8 - I Know Your Secret

Henry Danger - Season 2 - Episode 19

When Henry receives a series of mysterious notes from someone, he begins to worry that the sender may know his secret identity.

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Substitute Teacher
154 votes

#9 - Substitute Teacher

Henry Danger - Season 1 - Episode 6

When a suspicious new student shows up at school, Charlotte and Henry think he may be up to something. Captain Man goes undercover as a substitute teacher to learn more.

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iSpeed Date
164 votes

#10 - iSpeed Date

iCarly - Season 3 - Episode 3

When Carly has trouble finding a date to a dance, Sam asks for Seattle-area boys to apply to be her date. When the gang is overwhelmed by the amount of boys who show up, they hold a speed-dating session. Meanwhile, Carly convinces Sam to ask Gibby to the dance since no one else did, but Sam becomes enraged when Gibby turns her down. Carly finally finds a boy, whom after the dance, she dumps for being so talkative. In the end, Carly and Freddie share a dance together at the Groovy Smoothie, which Sam walks in on. Upon seeing them, she silently leaves.

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iSell Penny Tees
178 votes

#11 - iSell Penny Tees

iCarly - Season 4 - Episode 4

When the gang goes into business selling penny T-shirts, Sam recruits children in fourth grade to help make them.

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88 votes

#12 - #OscarTheOuch

Sam & Cat - Season 1 - Episode 14

Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine babysit a very accident-prone boy named Oscar. They then try their best to make Oscar have fun while keeping him safe.

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Spelling Bee Hard
32 votes

#13 - Spelling Bee Hard

Henry Danger - Season 4 - Episode 18

Dr. Minyak challenges Captain Man to a Spelling Bee.

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iPity the Nevel
157 votes

#14 - iPity the Nevel

iCarly - Season 4 - Episode 9

Nevel's image is ruined after a video of him berating a child goes viral, so he asks Carly and the gang for help in restoring his reputation.

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Twin Henrys
137 votes

#15 - Twin Henrys

Henry Danger - Season 2 - Episode 16

Henry has a shape-shifting android fill in at a family dinner so that he can watch an MMA fight with Charlotte and Ray.

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123 votes

#16 - iBalls

iCarly - Season 5 - Episode 9

Freddie decides he'd like to go in front of the camera, while at the same time creates some new 3-D effects for Carly's web-show. The trouble is, those special effects have some unforeseen side effects.

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76 votes

#17 - #DroneBabyDrone

Sam & Cat - Season 1 - Episode 32

Sam and Cat encounter problems when they try a new drone delivery service online.

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My Dinner with Bigfoot
27 votes

#18 - My Dinner with Bigfoot

Henry Danger - Season 5 - Episode 13

When the gang befriends Bigfoot in the woods, Kid Danger and Captain Man try to help get rid of a pesky hunter that's been trying to capture him.

Mime Games
12 votes

#19 - Mime Games

Danger Force - Season 1 - Episode 5

When Danger Force and Captain Man are called to Paris to protect France’s national treasures, Bose is accidentally left alone to try and stop The Toddler from breaking into The Man’s Nest.

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The Hambone King
196 votes

#20 - The Hambone King

Victorious - Season 4 - Episode 2

Robbie posts a video online spotlighting his rhythmic talent of hamboning, but Gerald, who claims to be the real hambone king, challenges Robbie to see who is better. Cat practices nonstop for her tap-dancing class.

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0 votes

#21 - #GettinWiggy

Sam & Cat - Season 1 - Episode 36

When Cat takes Dice to Arizona for a hair modeling gig, Sam is stuck at home with an unexpected new roommate for the weekend... Nona.

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