The BEST Episodes of Hammer House of Horror

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Last Updated: Sep 18, 2021

Network: ITV1

This series represents the television stage in the long and curious career of Hammer Films, which has its origins in the early years of the twentieth century. Each episode of the series stands alone and has its own cast. All achieve a high standard of psychological tension, in the best traditions of British horror. Look out for British stars of the later 1980s appearing in some of their earliest on-screen roles, including Simon MacCorkindale, Rosalyn Landor, Caroline Langrishe, and Pierce Brosnan.

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Children of the Full Moon

#1 - Children of the Full Moon

Season 1 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 1, 1980

A friend lends Tom Martin a country cottage for a holiday with his wife, Sarah. On the way there, Tom's car runs out of control and he can't stop it. The car ends up at a house in the woods, where Tom and Sarah meet eight beautiful Hungarian children and their Nanny, Mrs Ardoy. That night, they have an experience which will change their lives. Tom wakes up in hospital believing it was all a nightmare... but then his problems with werewolves begin.

star 8.20
51 votes
Directors: Tom Clegg
Writers: Murray Smith
The House that Bled to Death

#2 - The House that Bled to Death

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 11, 1980

Emma and William Peters and their young daughter, Sophie, move into an old house which has been empty for many years. Unknown to them, Number 42, Colman Road, has not been lived-in since an old man (Albert Clemens) murdered his wife there. As severed hands and kukris materialize, while the house rains blood and the family cat is killed in a freak accident, the new occupants are terrorized. There is a shocking and unexpected climax, when Sophie makes use of one of her birthday presents to... well, we had better not give the ending away!

star 7.82
61 votes
Directors: Tom Clegg
Writers: David Lloyd
Rude Awakening

#3 - Rude Awakening

Season 1 - Episode 3 - Aired Sep 27, 1980

Norman Shenley, an estate agent, has a dream about murdering his plain, bad-tempered wife, which leaves him free to chase his secretary, Lolly. Later that day, at a scary old house called Lower Moat Manor, Norman hears a voice say ""You shouldn't have done it, Mr Shenley... You shouldn't have killed your wife"". That evening Norman kills his wife for real - but then he wakes up and finds it was all a dream again. Somehow, real life and fantasy are becoming intertwined...

star 7.23
60 votes
Directors: Peter Sasdy
Writers: Gerald Savory
The Silent Scream

#4 - The Silent Scream

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Oct 25, 1980

A young convict, Chuck Spillers, strikes up a friendship with Martin Brueck, an elderly prison visitor who owns a pet shop. When Chuck is released, he is glad to take a job working in the shop. The old man confides that he was in a Nazi concentration camp, during the war. Chuck finds that Martin keeps a number of large cats in cages and is experimenting in controlling animals by electrical force fields and bells. When he opens Martin's safe, he learns that Martin was not exactly a concentration camp inmate. Chuck is again held captive, this time by a mad former Nazi who will stop at nothing - and when his wife, Annie, comes looking for him, she is captured, too. At the end, they seem to have turned the tables on Martin and escaped from his clutches - but have they?

star 7.19
52 votes
Directors: Alan Gibson
Writers: Francis Essex
The Two Faces of Evil

#5 - The Two Faces of Evil

Season 1 - Episode 12 - Aired Nov 29, 1980

The Lewis family, Martin and Janet and their son David, is driving off on holiday. As they go through a severe rainstorm, they almost fail to see a man in the road, missing him by inches. Martin stops and offers the sober-looking stranger a lift. Back on the road again, the stranger suddenly attacks Martin, causing a terrible crash. Janet and David wake up in hospital and find that Martin has also survived, badly scarred and changed... As time goes by, Janet starts to wonder whether the man who is now her husband is Martin at all. Could it be the stranger?

star 7.04
45 votes
Directors: Alan Gibson
Witching Time

#6 - Witching Time

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Apr 12, 1980

The beautiful Lucinda Jessop turns up in David Winter's barn, claiming to be a witch from the seventeenth century who has escaped from being burnt at the stake by travelling forward in time. Lucinda's own house is now an old farmhouse, and its present owner, David, a composer of music for horror films, is soon under her spell. A battle for supremacy follows between Lucinda and Mary Winter, David's wife.

star 7.04
108 votes
Directors: Don Leaver
Writers: Anthony Read
Carpathian Eagle

#7 - Carpathian Eagle

Season 1 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 8, 1980

A man picks up a woman hitch-hiker and takes her to a little place he keeps for the occasional sex attack - but he gets a surprise of his own when his heart is cut out with a sharp hook. The murder looks very like another recent killing. Police Inspector Clifford hears on the radio about a book by local writer Natalie, which is about a seventeenth-century countess with many lovers who all ended up dead. The countess kept an eagle which tore out her husband's heart, after he locked her up. Clifford contacts Natalie and his suspicion soon falls on Mrs Henska, an elderly european who is descended from the count. The police start watching Mrs Henska's nephew, Tadek Kuchinsky, a female impersonator. Then another man dies. Clifford is falling for Natalie, but he is also beginning to suspect her...

star 6.84
50 votes
Directors: Francis Megahy
Writers: Bernie Cooper, Francis Megahy
Visitor from the Grave

#8 - Visitor from the Grave

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Aired Nov 22, 1980

Charlie Willoughby tries to rape Penny, an unstable young American living in England, and in defending herself she shoots and kills him. Her boy friend, Harry, helps Penny to cover things up and buries Charlie's body in the woods. Then, however, Penny thinks she hears and sees Charlie, still alive - but a trickster is up to no good, and he wants something from Penny.

star 6.77
48 votes
Directors: Peter Sasdy
Writers: John Elder
The Thirteenth Reunion

#9 - The Thirteenth Reunion

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Sep 20, 1980

A woman journalist, Ruth Cairns, is given the job of writing about a weight loss programme at the Chesterton Clinic, a place with a strange reputation. After checking into the Clinic, Ruth investigates rumours of limbless torsos and body snatching, and while there she makes friends with Ben, another slimmer... but Ben soon dies, and his body vanishes. Ruth gatecrashes a reunion of the survivors of a passenger airliner which crashed in the Atlas Mountains on its way to Marrakesh, and the episode reaches a horrifying climax after Ruth realizes that what it all adds up to is cannibalism.

star 6.71
97 votes
Directors: Peter Sasdy
Writers: Jeremy Burnham
The Mark of Satan

#10 - The Mark of Satan

Season 1 - Episode 13 - Aired Dec 6, 1980

Edwyn Rord, a young man working in a hospital morgue, pricks himself with a needle while working on the body of a man who thought he was possessed by the Devil. As a result, the Devil chooses Edwyn as his next disciple - or is it all in Edwyn's mind? In any event, Edwyn becomes obsesses by numerology and kills his mother, and the local Vicar takes a strong line on it all.

star 6.63
49 votes
Directors: Don Leaver
Writers: Don Shaw
Growing Pains

#11 - Growing Pains

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 4, 1980

A scientist's ten-year-old son dies, killed by eating food intended for his father's research rabbits. The man and his wife, Terence and Laurie Morton, then adopt another boy, James. But James is a weird, aloof child from the beginning, and shocking things happen around him. Dr Morton is a busy research botanist, and his wife works for charities, neglecting their new son - which is just as it was with William, the boy who died. James finds William's diary and reads a poem he wrote in it about his lonely life, and this calls up the dead boy. William's ghost invades the household, looking for revenge on his father and causing terrible events to unfold.

star 6.17
52 votes
Directors: Francis Megahy
Writers: Nicholas Palmer
Guardian of the Abyss

#12 - Guardian of the Abyss

Season 1 - Episode 10 - Aired Nov 15, 1980

A satanic ritual is taking place in an old house, including a strange old mirror. One of the girls present, Alison, runs away. Meanwhile, Australian antique dealer Laura Stephens buys a similar old mirror in a job lot at an auction. While she and fellow dealer Mike Roberts are looking at it, the sinister Simon Andrews makes a high offer for the mirror, but Laura turns him down. On the way home, Mike Roberts picks up Alison on the road, who says she has escaped from the sinister Choronzan Society... Alison sees the mirror and says it is the 'scrying glass' of the Elizabethan alchemist and magician Dr John Dee, used to raise the demon Choronza. And then she steals it...Mike is determined to recover the glass, and the hunt leads him into a satanic cult and a world of human sacrifice and devil worship. The Choronzan Society's leader, Charles Randolph, needs both Alison and the mirror.

star 5.69
51 votes
Directors: Don Sharp
Writers: David Fisher
Charlie Boy

#13 - Charlie Boy

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 18, 1980

A young man, Graham, inherits his uncle's collection of native art, including an African black magic doll which he and his girl friend, Sarah, call 'Charlie Boy'. In ignorance of its power, Graham uses 'Charlie Boy' to kill a dangerous driver and to place a curse on a cousin who has cheated him - but he inadvertently directs the curse at all the people in a photograph, including Sarah and himself. Graham's brother, Mark, his uncle's housekeeper, Gwen, and his friend Phil all die, and Graham tries frantically to undo his curse. On the advice of Heinz, an antique dealer, he plans to destroy 'Charlie Boy' - but the doll has its eye on him.

star 5.26
54 votes
Directors: Robert Young
Writers: Bernie Cooper, Francis Megahy