The BEST episodes directed by Alan Gibson

The Stinker
15 votes

#1 - The Stinker

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 3 - Episode 7

Jack Cutler is an arrogant millionaire, and in middle age he runs into the meek Harold Tinker, a fellow he was at school with - Tinker remembers being bullied by Cutler, who called him ""Stinker Tinker"". Cutler offers Tinker a job, and, to please his beautiful wife, Tinker accepts. But his old resentment and loathing for Cutler have not gone away, and when he suspects his wife is having an affair with his new boss, something explodes...

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Vengeance Is Mine Inc.
11 votes

#2 - Vengeance Is Mine Inc.

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 3 - Episode 4

Tom and George, two young college graduates who are out of work in New York, offer satisfaction to the victims of Lionel Brewster, the city's most scurrilous gossip columnist - for a price. Mrs Wilbur has a job for 'Vengeance is Mine Inc', but she gets rather more for her money than she asked for.

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Operation Safecrack
11 votes

#3 - Operation Safecrack

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 5 - Episode 3

Retired safe-cracker Sam Morrissey is approached by Jack Harrison, an advertising man representing the Holdwell Safe Company, with a proposition. Jack wants Sam to try to break into a Holdwell safe on television - and, of course, he firmly believes it can't be done. However, inside the safe there will be twenty-five thousand dollars, and the money is Sam's to keep if he can crack the safe within three hours.Sam accepts the challenge - but he is not a man who likes to leave things to chance.

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The Way to Do It
10 votes

#4 - The Way to Do It

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 4 - Episode 16

Young Roger Carson has a dreary life and suffers from the domineering ways of his rich Aunt May. By way of escape, he takes up gambling - and swiftly falls for Suzie, a beautiful casino hostess. The boss of the casino sees Roger as a chicken ripe for plucking, and gets Suzie to encourage him. Soon, Roger is losing more than his income...

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The Silent Scream
57 votes

#5 - The Silent Scream

Hammer House of Horror - Season 1 - Episode 7

A young convict, Chuck Spillers, strikes up a friendship with Martin Brueck, an elderly prison visitor who owns a pet shop. When Chuck is released, he is glad to take a job working in the shop. The old man confides that he was in a Nazi concentration camp, during the war. Chuck finds that Martin keeps a number of large cats in cages and is experimenting in controlling animals by electrical force fields and bells. When he opens Martin's safe, he learns that Martin was not exactly a concentration camp inmate. Chuck is again held captive, this time by a mad former Nazi who will stop at nothing - and when his wife, Annie, comes looking for him, she is captured, too. At the end, they seem to have turned the tables on Martin and escaped from his clutches - but have they?

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The Two Faces of Evil
47 votes

#6 - The Two Faces of Evil

Hammer House of Horror - Season 1 - Episode 12

The Lewis family, Martin and Janet and their son David, is driving off on holiday. As they go through a severe rainstorm, they almost fail to see a man in the road, missing him by inches. Martin stops and offers the sober-looking stranger a lift. Back on the road again, the stranger suddenly attacks Martin, causing a terrible crash. Janet and David wake up in hospital and find that Martin has also survived, badly scarred and changed... As time goes by, Janet starts to wonder whether the man who is now her husband is Martin at all. Could it be the stranger?

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The Skeleton Key
7 votes

#7 - The Skeleton Key

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 5 - Episode 18

An arrogant young man called Max has to have an emergency operation just before he is due to go away on a holiday with his girlfriend, Emma - a holiday he hoped to turn into a honeymoon. Max panics and gets bad-tempered, and Emma tries to calm him down. Meanwhile, Andy, who is a radiologist at the hospital and a much more pleasant character than Max, is also keen on Emma. So she has to choose between them...

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The Absence of Emily
9 votes

#8 - The Absence of Emily

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 5 - Episode 14

The rich, bossy Norma owns a big house and allows her sister Emily and lazy brother-in-law Bob to live at the lodge. One day, Emily vanishes without explanation, and Norma suspects Bob of killing her for a life insurance pay-out. Norma unwisely makes a noise about her suspicions - but while Bob has a sinister side to him, he is rather more subtle than that...

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Kindly Dig Your Grave
11 votes

#9 - Kindly Dig Your Grave

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 4 - Episode 11

Madame Lagrue runs a smart but commercial art gallery in Montmartre, Paris, getting rich at the expense of struggling artists. Then one of her victims falls in love with Fatima, an artist's model, and Madame Lagrue is up against someone even more cunning than she is.

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Depart in Peace
14 votes

#10 - Depart in Peace

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 2 - Episode 10

An art collector finds himself drawn into an unusual struggle with two beautiful women.

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The Boy Who Talked with Animals
8 votes

#11 - The Boy Who Talked with Animals

Tales of the Unexpected - Season 4 - Episode 3

David, a nine-year-old boy, talks his father into getting him a giant turtle. And there is more to David's desire for this unusual pet than meets the eye. Then Sam Jenner, a rugged American, gets drawn into David's holiday adventure in Jamaica.