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Full House is an American sitcom created by Jeff Franklin for ABC. The show chronicles a widowed father, who enlists his best friend and his brother-in-law to help raise his three daughters. It aired from September 22, 1987, to May 23, 1995, broadcasting eight seasons and 192 episodes.

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Michelle Rides Again (2)

#1 - Michelle Rides Again (2)

Season 8 - Episode 24 - Aired May 23, 1995

Teaser: in syndication, there would be a recap of part 1. Main Synopsis: Michelle is rushed to the hospital, where Danny realizes that the reason why Michelle was on the horse trail with Elizabeth was because Michelle didn't want to compete because Danny put too much pressure on her to beat Elizabeth. Everyone is relieved when a doctor tells them that Michelle is out of Danger, but Michelle did take a hard hit on the head, so the doctor has decided to keep Michelle in the hospital overnight for observation. The doctor takes Danny, Jesse, and Joey to the room Michelle is in, and Michelle doesn't know who they are. The doctor explains that memory loss is common with head injuries, and it's usually temporary. At home, on the day Michelle is scheduled to be released from the hospital, Andrew comes back over, and explains that the reason why he's been reluctant to kiss Stephanie is because he didn't know how Stephanie would feel about it, but after what Michelle said a few days ago, Andre

star 8.59
169 votes
The Last Dance

#2 - The Last Dance

Season 7 - Episode 17 - Aired Feb 8, 1994

Teaser: John Stamos, who plays as Jesse, gives an advisory about the episode. Main Synopsis: In a special episode: Jesse's grandfather Iorgos "Papouli" Katsopolis is back from Greece for another visit. The family finds it pleasant to have Papouli around. One morning during Papouli's visit, everyone goes to wake him up after Michelle has gone to school -- only to discover that Papouli has died in his sleep. His death was caused by heart failure. When Michelle arrives home from school later that day, Danny tells her that Papouli has died. Michelle is devastated, and it turns out that only one person can comfort Michelle, and that person is Jesse, who is taking it just as hard. Kimmy and D.J. argue over a pair of sunglasses, but Papouli's death helps them realize that friendship is too important for them to argue over a pair of sunglasses.

star 8.36
179 votes
All Stood Up

#3 - All Stood Up

Season 8 - Episode 22 - Aired Apr 4, 1995

Teaser: Michelle is tired of always losing to D.J., no matter what game they play against each other. Main Synopsis: Stephanie is heartbroken after she makes a date to go to a school dance with her classmate Ryan, and Ryan stands her up. Danny has a talk with Ryan, who later apologizes to Stephanie for standing her up. Meanwhile, a doctor from an insurance company tells Jesse that his blood pressure needs to be lowered and Jesse needs to relax, but it's not long before Jesse is interrupted by Kimmy's bagpipe practice. One sound leads to another, and there is soon a war of music going on in the backyard while Jesse is also being terrorized by an ostrich that Kimmy is taking care of. Michelle tries to find a game that will give her a chance to win against D.J. for once.

star 8.34
152 votes
The House Meets the Mouse (2)

#4 - The House Meets the Mouse (2)

Season 6 - Episode 24 - Aired May 18, 1993

As everyone else is searching for Michelle, those who don't know she's missing are doing their own thing. Jesse and Joey do their radio show, and it turns out that Joey is deathly afraid of sharks, so he's reluctant to swim out of the pod, because of this, he is 45mins late meeting up with Becky.

star 8.29
259 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Dennis Rinsler, Marc Warren
But Seriously, Folks

#5 - But Seriously, Folks

Season 1 - Episode 16 - Aired Feb 5, 1988

Joey gets a chance to perform in front of an HBO comedy scout at a comedy club, but when Phyllis Diller jinxes Joey's chance by taking over Joey's spot in the lineup and performing for an hour, Joey feels like a failure, so he decides to leave the comedy business and become a dull businessman. The feeling of failure spreads to D.J., who has been taking guitar lessons from Jesse. A talk with Joey proves to D.J. that she and Joey both were frustrated and looking for the easiest way out of that frustration.

star 8.29
211 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Russell Marcus
Up on the Roof

#6 - Up on the Roof

Season 8 - Episode 20 - Aired Mar 14, 1995

Teaser: Waking up Joey, who fell asleep in the kitchen where he was inventing all through the night. Main Synopsis: D.J. wants to pull an elaborate senior prank on Principal Robolard so she can leave behind a lasting legacy, and she would like for her prank to surpass the legendary prank that Jesse pulled on Robolard back when Jesse was in high school -- Jesse used a fishing pole and chewing gum to grab the toupee off of Robolard's head while Robolard drove his classic red 1957 Chevy convertible under a freeway overpass, then Jesse ran the toupee up the school's flag pole, and on the next morning, the students said "I pledge allegiance to the rug" instead of "I pledge allegiance to the flag". In order to pull a more elaborate prank on Robolard, D.J. gets Kimmy's boyfriend Duane to use a crane to lift Robolard's 1957 Chevy convertible onto the roof of the school. The trick may backfire when an incoming thunderstorm becomes a threat to destroy the car's interior, but Jesse, D.J., and K

star 8.21
149 votes
Stephanie's Wild Ride

#7 - Stephanie's Wild Ride

Season 8 - Episode 9 - Aired Nov 29, 1994

Teaser: The return of Mr. Woodchuck, as Joey shows the Mr. Woodchuck puppet to Nicky and Alex. Main Synopsis: Stephanie takes a wild car ride with Gia and two 16-year-old boys named Jason and Barry, and D.J. is the only one who knows that Stephanie went on this dangerous car ride. Stephanie wants to do it again, but D.J. stops her. Stephanie accuses D.J. of not wanting her to have any fun. Stephanie changes her attitude when Danny tells Stephanie that Gia and the two 16-year-old boys have been in a traffic accident, and Gia will be spending the night under observation in the hospital. Danny also explains that the two boys are alive, but one of them suffered a broken leg and some severe cuts. Meanwhile, Michelle is dismayed by the fact that the adults have become obsessed with her video game system.

star 8.19
172 votes
D.J.'s Choice

#8 - D.J.'s Choice

Season 8 - Episode 12 - Aired Jan 3, 1995

Teaser: Michelle and the twins try swinging without pushing. Main Synopsis: Viper breaks up with D.J., and Nelson is there to console her. Later, Viper shows up and says that breaking up with D.J. was a mistake, and he now wants D.J. back. Nelson jumps in on the situation, and he and Viper compete for D.J., who decides that she doesn't want to be with either one of them. Meanwhile, the family helps rebuild a vandalized playground. Tag: Jesse, who is angry that Joey broke one of Jesse's tools at the playground, literally nails Joey to a wooden fence by nailing Joey's clothes to the fence while Joey is still wearing the clothes.

star 8.18
174 votes
Fuller House

#9 - Fuller House

Season 4 - Episode 20 - Aired Feb 22, 1991

Jesse and Becky return from their honeymoon, which took place in Bora Bora, an island near Tahiti. Becky reminds Jesse that he needs to start packing if he's going to move to Becky's home. Michelle doesn't take this very well.

star 8.12
250 votes
Luck Be a Lady (1)

#10 - Luck Be a Lady (1)

Season 2 - Episode 21 - Aired Apr 28, 1989

Teaser: Doggies! (teaser features Michelle and Danny) Main Synopsis:The family goes to Lake Tahoe, where Danny and Becky will be doing a special episode of "Wake Up, San Francisco". Joey gets lucky on a slot machine, but doesn't get the money because a videotape shows DJ pulling the machine's lever then ducking back to the other side of a barrier dividing the slot machines from the table where Stephanie and DJ were while an unsuspecting Joey's back is turned. Joey didn't know it was DJ or Stephanie who pulled the lever, so of course he's surprised. Jesse is jealous because Becky can't get her mind off of movie star Todd Masters (Steve Bond), who is scheduled to be a guest on the special episode of "Wake Up, San Francisco". Jesse makes it his mission to make Becky just as jealous so Becky will know how she's making Jesse feel, and then they have an argument in their hotel room. When they calm down, Jesse asks Becky to marry him, and Becky accepts the proposal.

star 8.11
282 votes
Directors: Bill Foster
Writers: Bob Fraser, Dennis Rinsler, Marc Warren, Rob Dames
13 Candles

#11 - 13 Candles

Season 3 - Episode 17 - Aired Feb 9, 1990

Teaser: D.J. jumps for joy the second she turns 13! Main Synopsis: It's D.J.'s 13th birthday. A lot of friends are coming to D.J.'s birthday party, including Kevin, a boy D.J. has a crush on. While the party's music is playing, Kimmy tries to get D.J. and Kevin to dance with each other, but they're too nervous, so Kimmy and the rest of D.J.'s friends try to get D.J. and Kevin to kiss by setting them up during a game of "spin the bottle". After a spin, just as D.J. and Kevin are about to kiss, Danny, Jesse, and Joey -- who overheard the whole situation -- get overprotective and barge in and stop it from happening. D.J. becomes furious and feels embarassed by what the guys did, and she feels that they have ruined her 13th birthday. Becky talks to D.J. and the guys, and the guys remember that they themselves played "spin the bottle" when they were D.J.'s age, so after D.J. talks to Becky about the situation, the guys apologize to D.J. for overreacting, and D.J. apologizes for being angr

star 8.10
255 votes
Directors: Bill Foster
Writers: Kim Weiskopf
The Wedding (2)

#12 - The Wedding (2)

Season 4 - Episode 19 - Aired Feb 15, 1991

It's 10:25am, and Jesse is 25 minutes late for the wedding. The phone at the church rings, and it's Jesse, who tells Becky that he's in jail in Tomato Country, Becky heads there to get Jesse released.

star 8.06
217 votes
Terror in Tanner Town

#13 - Terror in Tanner Town

Season 4 - Episode 10 - Aired Nov 23, 1990

Danny introduces the family to his new girlfriend Cindy, who is divorced and has a son named Rusty. When Cindy is called to the laundromat she owns, Rusty stays behind at the Tanner house and terrorizes the family in hopes of breaking Danny and Cindy up.

star 8.06
180 votes
Kissing Cousins

#14 - Kissing Cousins

Season 7 - Episode 18 - Aired Feb 15, 1994

Main Synopsis: Teaser: "Cowboys" Nicky and Alex use a pile of cushions as a fort. Main Synopsis: Jesse has returned home from Greece, where he attended Papouli's funeral, and he has brought his cousin Stavros home with him. What Jesse doesn't know is that Stavros is a womanizing con artist. Stavros swindles Joey out of a watch and $20, makes a pass at Becky, gets Danny a $65 parking ticket, and Stavros also makes D.J. pay for an awful-smelling goat pizza that Stavros had the money for all along. When everyone tries to tell Jesse what kind of man Stavros is, Jesse refuses to believe them. The Smash Club is the setting for Stavros's latest scam, in which he says that a severe mudslide has occured in his hometown in Greece and he is raising money at the Smash Club for his hometown's recovery from the mudslide. Becky and the girls discover that there was no mudslide, and that Stavros plans to take the money -- and Becky -- on an airplane flight to Florida with him. Becky comes up with a

star 8.06
140 votes
A Pox in Our House

#15 - A Pox in Our House

Season 1 - Episode 15 - Aired Jan 29, 1988

Stephanie has the chicken pox, and it spreads to Jesse and Joey. As part of his TV sportscasting job, Danny is scheduled to be on the bench at a Golden State Warriors basketball game in 40 minutes, and with D.J. going to her first slumber party, Danny is having a hard time finding a babysitter for Michelle, who has never had the chicken pox. With only 40 minutes to find a babysitter, Danny becomes frantic, then he begins to believe that he'll miss his assignment at the basketball game...until someone makes a surprise sacrifice so Danny can go to the game -- D.J. has willingly decided to stay home and not go to the slumber party, so she can take care of Michelle so Michelle won't have to be near Jesse and Joey while they still have the chicken pox. Chicken pox also means that Stephanie will have to miss an appearance at school by a real ballerina, something Stephanie never wanted to miss.

star 8.05
283 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Lenny Ripps
The Test

#16 - The Test

Season 7 - Episode 15 - Aired Jan 11, 1994

Teaser: Stealing Joey's snack. Main Synopsis: It's the day before D.J.'s SAT, and she's so nervous about it that when she goes to sleep that night, she has a nightmare about it in which everything possible goes wrong: D.J. oversleeps on the day of the test and is late, and Ms. Twitchel, a neighbor D.J. yelled at, is the teacher, Danny and Becky come by to broadcast the test live, and with too many last-minute changes to the test, D.J. fails the test with not even her name written correctly. When D.J. wakes up from this nightmare, Danny convinces her that she doesn't have to be so nervous about the SAT, and her teacher turns out to be a much friendlier teacher named Mrs. Moffatt.

star 8.05
148 votes
Secret Admirer

#17 - Secret Admirer

Season 4 - Episode 11 - Aired Dec 7, 1990

D.J. has fallen for Ricky, the paperboy. This gives Rusty the idea for his latest prank. Rusty writes a love letter and plans to make D.J. think the letter is from Ricky, this starts a chain reaction where everyone else in the house intercepts the letter and falls for it.

star 8.03
240 votes
Under the Influence

#18 - Under the Influence

Season 8 - Episode 10 - Aired Dec 6, 1994

Teaser: Today, it's meat muffins instead of meatloaf, while the twins bug Michelle. Main Synopsis: At a fraternity party that she and D.J. were invited to, Kimmy gets drunk and acts crazy and demands that D.J. let her drive home, but D.J. refuses to let Kimmy get behind the wheel, so D.J. is the one who drives them home. Kimmy spends the night in D.J.'s bedroom, and she's sober when she wakes up. That's when she accuses D.J. of ruining her night last night. Kimmy's attitude changes and she apologizes to D.J. when D.J. explains that years ago, it was a drunk driver who caused the death of D.J.'s mother Pam Tanner. Meanwhile, Nicky and Alex are bugging Michelle so much that she ends up snapping at them. Nicky and Alex say they don't like Michelle anymore. The reason why Nicky and Alex can't forgive Michelle for snapping at them is because Nicky and Alex don't know the definition the word "forgive", so Michelle decides to teach them the definition of the word "forgive".

star 8.02
162 votes
Our Very First Christmas Show

#19 - Our Very First Christmas Show

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Dec 16, 1988

Teaser: Having a family photo taken for a Christmas card. Main Synopsis: The family is on a flight to Colorado to spend Christmas with some relatives, and this is a trip that Danny has spent months planning -- but on the way to Colorado, a blizzard forces an emergency landing at an unfamiliar airport. The family is forced to spend Christmas in the baggage claim room, where everyone thinks Christmas is ruined this time around. Among the things that happen here are: Jesse's father Nick tries to get Jesse to kiss Becky under a mistletoe, D.J. is upset that the gifts that the family brought along on the flight with them are missing, and Michelle is afraid of Lionel, a man who made her cry on the airplane. Jesse, becoming ever so frustrated by everyone's sour attitudes, speaks to the people in the baggage claim room about the real meaning of Christmas, then Santa Claus shows up and shows the family where the missing gifts are, and it turns out that Lionel is Santa Claus.

star 8.01
270 votes
Directors: John Bowab
Writers: Kim Weiskopf
Rock the Cradle

#20 - Rock the Cradle

Season 4 - Episode 26 - Aired May 3, 1991

A pregnancy test indicates that Becky is pregnant. She can't get Jesse to listen to her because Jesse is obsessed with the fact the he and the Rippers will be going on tour for four months. Meanwhile, Michelle makes up an invisible friend named Glen, because she misses her friends from preschool.

star 8.01
207 votes
We Got the Beat

#21 - We Got the Beat

Season 8 - Episode 18 - Aired Feb 21, 1995

Teaser: Michelle tries to get the twins to answer a riddle. Main Synopsis: Stephanie and her two friends Gia and Melissa have formed a band with Kimmy, and they plan to compete in the "Wake Up, San Francisco" young talent search at the Smash Club. Stephanie and her band mates decide that they don't need Jesse's help because they think looking good is more important than sounding good. Stephanie feels absolutely humiliated when she and her band mess up onstage because they paid too much attention to how they look instead of how they sound. Michelle's friends Derek Boyd and Lisa Leeper, who sang a duet, win the talent contest. Stephanie admits to Jesse that he was right when he suggested that Stephanie and the band should practice to improve their sound before performing, and Jesse hopes that the humiliation hasn't turned Stephanie off to music. For an economics project, D.J. invests fictional money, but her success impresses Danny and Joey so much that they start investing real money.

star 8.01
151 votes
Claire and Present Danger

#22 - Claire and Present Danger

Season 8 - Episode 8 - Aired Nov 22, 1994

Teaser: Joey, Becky, and the twins shake, rattle, and roll. Main Synopsis: When Danny goes out on a date with Gia's mother Claire, Gia and Stephanie start fantasizing about how cool it would be if they became stepsisters. Michelle doesn't think that's a cool idea at all, because Stephanie has been ignoring Michelle in favor of Gia, making Michelle feel left out in the cold. Meanwhile, Jesse's new band, "Hot Daddy And The Monkey Puppets", is scheduled to perform at the Smash Club, but after an argument with D.J., Viper is too depressed to play his guitar, so Jesse helps Viper and D.J. work things out.

star 7.99
151 votes
It's Not My Job

#23 - It's Not My Job

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Oct 28, 1988

Teaser: Preparing for a Halloween party, the guys are dressed as the Three Stooges -- Jesse as Moe, Joey as Curly, and Danny as Larry. Main Synopsis: Jesse has made his first sale of an advertising jingle. As a result, Jesse tells his father, Nick Katsopolis, that he wants to leave the pest exterminator business that is run by Nick, and Nick is severely disappointed by this -- so disappointed, that Nick loses his temper with Jesse and says "If you're out of the family business, then you're out of the family". Jesse and his mother Irene manage to talk some sense into Nick, who realizes that Jesse has a dream about making it in the music business, and Nick and Jesse work things out. Meanwhile, Stephanie is afraid to go to the dentist to get a tooth filled, and she's even more nervous when she's actually sitting on the chair that's in the examination room. Joey, who took her to the dentist, helps her beat her fear.

star 7.99
332 votes
Directors: Joel Zwick
Writers: Jeff Franklin
A Very Tanner Christmas

#24 - A Very Tanner Christmas

Season 6 - Episode 12 - Aired Dec 15, 1992

A very Tanner Christmas indeed! Christmas day is getting close. Becky tells Jesse that she misses the times when it snowed during the holidays every year in Nebraska when she was a kid. Steve tells D.J. that Steve has been accepted to Daytona Beach University in Florida.

star 7.99
213 votes
A House Divided

#25 - A House Divided

Season 7 - Episode 24 - Aired May 17, 1994

Teaser: Inside the house, Jesse and Becky give Nicky and Alex a playset that was manufactured to be used outside. Main Synopsis: When the family starts complaining that there is not enough room in the house for 9 people, they consider finding other places to live. Millionaire industrialist Lou Bond shows up wanting to buy the house from Danny, because Mr. Bond used to live in the house before the Tanners moved in years ago, and it's the house that Mr. Bond grew up in. Michelle is the only one who is against the idea of selling the house and moving out of it, so she tries everything to stop the sale from happening. With the help of her friends, Michelle succeeds. Everyone realizes that this house has been a part of the family for years. It's more than just walls and a roof -- it's their lives, where they have had so many good times together. With this to think about, Danny decides to not sell the house.

star 7.99
181 votes
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