The BEST episodes directed by Tom Rickard

The Ring
1 votes

#1 - The Ring

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper - Season 5 - Episode 1

After Vanessa accepts Mark's marriage proposal, Mark looks for a deal on a ring he can afford. But there's a misunderstanding about the price—after he gives it to Vanessa.

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Blast from the Past
240 votes

#2 - Blast from the Past

Full House - Season 2 - Episode 19

Teaser: Michelle insists on dressing herself up, even though Jesse offered to help her. Main Synopsis: In college, Joey had a girlfriend named Patty Fogerty, who ended up leaving Joey for a guy named Michael Winchester. This left Joey devastated, because he wanted to marry Patty and spend the rest of his life with her. Now, Years later, Patty tracks down Joey's bedroom phone number and calls him. Joey invites Patty over to the house, and Danny doesn't like this one bit, because he doesn't want to see Joey once again get hurt by Patty, who explains that she left Joey for Michael Winchester because she wanted more romance in her life and while she thought Joey was funny, she didn't think Joey was romantic enough. Meanwhile, Kimmy uses Stephanie and D.J. as guinea pigs for a magic trick involving a pair of magician's handcuffs that belong to Kimmy's brother, who is in Las Vegas. Kimmy does the trick too well -- D.J. and Stephanie are now cuffed to each other, and Kimmy realizes she doesn'

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Room for One More
202 votes

#3 - Room for One More

Full House - Season 6 - Episode 21

While Stephanie and Michelle are babysitting a neighbor's pet pig, Jesse tries to prove to Becky that he can handle having another baby around the house, because he misses having babies in the house, but there are complications in Jesse's mission -- one of the twins is sick, and chaos is on the air on KFLH when Jesse and Joey do an episode of their radio show at home downstairs in the recording studio.

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Lust in the Dust
247 votes

#4 - Lust in the Dust

Full House - Season 3 - Episode 15

Teaser: Stephanie and D.J. teach Michelle how to skip. Main Synopsis: For what seems like the millionth time, Danny has broken a date, and this time it's because her earlobes were not the right size. D.J. and Stephanie set Danny up with Stephanie's dance teacher Karen Penner, and when Danny and Karen go to her apartment, Danny sees what a mess it is, and breaks yet another date. It seems that Danny has been deliberately nitpicking and finding mostly trivial things wrong with his dates, so he can have a reason to cancel them, because almost three years after Pam's death, Danny is still extremely nervous about dating again. Jesse and Joey convince Danny to give Karen another chance.

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do
1 votes

#5 - Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper - Season 4 - Episode 21

Mark and Vanessa announce that they are dating. But after their first fight, they decide that it would be better if they were just friends.

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Please Don't Go
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#6 - Please Don't Go

Hangin' with Mr. Cooper - Season 5 - Episode 2

When Geneva feels she's in the way of the newlyweds-to-be and makes plans to move out, Mark enlists the help of Tyler's rambunctious young relatives to convince her to stay.

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