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Scottish “beer evangelists” James Watt and Martin Dickie travel across America with a vital mission: to prove that the drink of the masses doesn’t need to taste mass-produced. In each episode of the hour-long series, James and Martin, who own the UK’s fastest-growing brewery, visit a different American beer town, celebrate distinctive craft beers and create their own locally-inspired draft.

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#1 - Alaska

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Aug 13, 2014

Andy Klein of the Alaskan Brewing Co. helps the guys concoct a survivalist beer; James and Martin create their beverage in an ice cave, using glacier water and spruce tips as ingredients.

star 9.45
44 votes
Los Angeles

#2 - Los Angeles

Season 2 - Episode 10 - Aired Aug 27, 2014

James and Martin split up in Los Angeles for the season finale, captaining two teams at Golden Road Brewing in a head-to-head competition judged by three local celebrities: craft brewer Meg Gill, chef Sang Yoon and beer journalist Sarah Bennett. Wednesday

star 9.30
54 votes
New Orleans

#3 - New Orleans

Season 2 - Episode 9 - Aired Aug 20, 2014

James and Martin create a revival beer in New Orleans; building a mobile brewery on the back of a fan boat.

star 9.27
48 votes
Nor Cal

#4 - Nor Cal

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired Jul 30, 2014

James and Martin use ingredients from Northern California brewers to concoct a collaborative beer; University of California professor Charlie Bamforth studies the science of brewing.

star 9.20
49 votes

#5 - Delaware

Season 2 - Episode 4 - Aired Jul 16, 2014

James and Martin visit Dover Speedway in Delaware, and attempt to brew an all-new beer in the back of a truck racing around the famous Monster Mile track.

star 9.20
74 votes
Las Vegas

#6 - Las Vegas

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Jul 9, 2014

James and Martin visit Las Vegas and brew the world's most expensive beer.

star 9.19
77 votes

#7 - Hawaii

Season 2 - Episode 7 - Aired Aug 6, 2014

James and Martin craft a beer inspired by the rich history and island lifestyle of Maui; a tasting party is held at the Maui Brewing Co.

star 9.14
50 votes

#8 - Louisville

Season 3 - Episode 3 - Aired Apr 15, 2015

A night of drinking in Louisville with Sean Patton and Jay Larson of "Best Bars in America" inspires James and Martin to brew a beer that tastes like the signature drink of the Kentucky Derby, a mint julep.

star 9.10
77 votes

#9 - Berlin

Season 3 - Episode 4 - Aired Apr 22, 2015

James and Martin are in Germany, where they’re teaming up with old friend Greg Koch, who is poised to open Stone Berlin, the first ever American craft brewery to land in Europe. The three craft beer pioneers join together again to celebrate one of the world’s most renown beer cultures while rocking the establishment by brewing a beer that flies in the face of one of the country’s most archaic laws.

star 9.10
83 votes

#10 - Denver

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Oct 22, 2013

The guys brew the ultimate Western beer -- a solar-powered, cactus-infused, meat pale ale -- at 14,000 feet, using only the sun’s rays to boil the brew.

star 9.00
60 votes

#11 - Brooklyn

Season 3 - Episode 2 - Aired Apr 8, 2015

James and Martin head to Brooklyn, the craft beer epicenter of the East Coast, and team up with entrepreneurial home brewers Stephen Valand and Erica Shea of the Brooklyn Brew Shop as well as modernist chef Wylie Dufresne to create the ultimate Big Apple Beer.

star 8.99
80 votes

#12 - Aberdeen

Season 3 - Episode 1 - Aired Apr 1, 2015

James and Martin return home to their very own Brew Dog Brewery in Aberdeen, Scotland to revive the ghost of a dead Scottish beer.

star 8.82
67 votes

#13 - Nashville

Season 3 - Episode 9 - Aired May 27, 2015

James and Martin head to Music City to brew a beer inspired by Nashville's legendary music scene. The guys team up with Tennessee Brew Works and use music to power their brew system.

star 8.58
50 votes

#14 - Brussels

Season 3 - Episode 7 - Aired May 13, 2015

When James and Martin head to the land of beer legend, Belgium, it's with a very special goal in mind: to become honorary Belgian brewers and assemble the greatest six pack on the planet. Armed with a mission and two tiny European vehicles, James and Martin split up to discover the best of Belgium's craft beer scene while helping to create some of the world's most distinctive beers.

star 8.57
53 votes
Grand Rapids, MI

#15 - Grand Rapids, MI

Season 3 - Episode 6 - Aired May 6, 2015

James and Martin head to Grand Rapids, Michigan and take advantage of the icy, sub-zero temperatures to brew a potent, ice-concentrated Eisbock with craft beer giants Founders Brewing Company. And what better place to brew an Eisbock than 15 feet under a frozen lake.

star 8.55
51 votes

#16 - Portland

Season 1 - Episode 6 - Aired Oct 29, 2013

The BREW DOGS create a uniquely Oregonian beer -- a fresh-hopped, blackberry-infused Berlinerweisse -- while floating on a beer-keg raft down the Willamette River.

star 8.45
64 votes

#17 - Chicago

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Jul 2, 2014

James and Martin visit Revolution Brewing in Chicago, where they team up with the craft brewery's managing partner Josh Deth to create the "greenest" beer ever for Saint Patrick's Day.

star 8.40
84 votes

#18 - Durango

Season 2 - Episode 5 - Aired Jul 23, 2014

Ska Brewing co-founder Dave Thibodeau works with James and Martin to craft an "ancient beer" that hasn't been made in centuries.

star 8.27
77 votes

#19 - Seattle

Season 1 - Episode 4 - Aired Oct 15, 2013

James and Martin brew the world’s most-caffeinated beer -- a big, bold, chocolate-coffee imperial stout -- on the top deck of the Bainbridge Island Ferry.

star 8.27
89 votes
San Diego

#20 - San Diego

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Sep 24, 2013

James and Martin set out to make a quintessential Southern California brew by using ingredients they harvest themselves, including kelp and the world’s hottest chili -- brewed while traveling 70mph on a train up the Pacific coast.

star 8.27
119 votes

#21 - Boston

Season 1 - Episode 7 - Aired Nov 5, 2013

Along with Sam Adams’ proprietor and legendary craft beer entrepreneur Jim Koch, Martin and James brew a Boston Clambake beer, infused with lobsters and clams and brewed on a tall ship sailing through Boston Harbor.

star 8.03
34 votes
Vancouver, BC

#22 - Vancouver, BC

Season 3 - Episode 5 - Aired Apr 29, 2015

James and Martin head to Vancouver, British Columbia to craft the perfect apre`s-ski beer, a piping hot- chocolate beer brewed in Whistler. Partnering with Vancouver's Main Street Brewing Company, the guys take advantage of Whistler's many high-adrenaline activities, and take their brew on the ultimate winter sports adventure.

star 7.95
80 votes

#23 - Miami

Season 3 - Episode 8 - Aired May 20, 2015

The heat is on in Miami, where James and Martin pay tribute to the city's infamous rum running history and brew a rum barrel aged beer while traversing the waterways outside of Miami Harbor.

star 7.88
25 votes
San Francisco

#24 - San Francisco

Season 1 - Episode 2 - Aired Oct 1, 2013

The BREW DOGS get “foggy” in San Fran by making the world’s first vaporized beer. You don’t drink this beer, you inhale it!

star 7.88
105 votes

#25 - Baja

Season 3 - Episode 10 - Aired Jun 3, 2015

James and Martin head south of the border to experience the adventurous side of the Baja Peninsula. In the spirit of the Baja 1000, the wildest, most outrageous off-road race on the planet, the guys brew an equally outrageous beer, using sea urchin and peyote skins and serving it up Michelada style.

star 7.83
23 votes
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