The Best Episodes of A Haunting

Between the world we see and the things we fear...there are doors. When they are opened....Nightmares become reality. These are the true stories of the innocent and the unimaginable. Based on true events, A Haunting dramatises some of the scariest stories, revealing a world in which tragedy, suicide and murder have left psychic impressions so powerful that innocent people become forced to deal with them decades later. Through mesmerising first-person accounts, the mystery and origin of each haunting is powerfully revealed and leaves a lingering sense that life - and death - are much stronger then anyone could have possibly imagined.

Death's Door

#1 - Death's Door

Season 5 - Episode 10

Victoria Dane tries to get her life back together again after accidentally having an overdose. She starts to notice unusual events going on in her home she feels has something to do with the medication she's taking. After moving to New Mexico to close to her relatives, the strange events follow her and begin to strike out at her physically. Aided by a local investigation company, Victoria comes to realize that the supernatural activity she is experiencing conjured up from her near-death experience after overdosing. The questions remains of how she will be able to close the door to the paranormal word that has came to her attention.

star 7.74
54 votes
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Nightmare in Bridgeport

#2 - Nightmare in Bridgeport

Season 5 - Episode 3

Connecticut child safety specialist Bob Baker has devoted his life to protecting children from natural and supernatural harm. After years of battling supernatural forces, he thinks he’s seen it all. But when his mother starts hearing voices in his childhood home, Bob is faced with a demon that evolves from his own nightmares. After colleagues, priests, and a world-renowned exorcist fail to cleanse the property, Bob resorts to literally "smoking out" the demon to reclaim his mother’s home and his own life.

star 7.67
55 votes
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Dream House aka Nightmare Upstairs

#3 - Dream House aka Nightmare Upstairs

Season 5 - Episode 6

The VanLandingham Family of six decides it’s finally time to move to a larger house in the small town of Wynne, Arkansas. The home is beautiful, spacious, and even has a private floor above the garage for teenagers Brianna and Heather. What the family first considers "house-settling" noise and behavior quickly turns into a full-scale supernatural physical attack on both daughters. The family desperately reaches out to their pastor and a local paranormal investigator, but the entity is too strong. The family is forced to abandon their "dream house" forever.

star 7.67
67 votes
Conjuring Evil

#4 - Conjuring Evil

Season 7 - Episode 15

After a teenager experiments with the occult, darkness is attracted to her Alaskan home. It targets the family, driving them apart before attacking. As it grows stronger the family realizes their lives are at risk, and turn to experts for help.

star 7.66
47 votes
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Gateway to Hell

#5 - Gateway to Hell

Season 2 - Episode 1

Bobby Mackey owns a country music nightclub in the small town of Wilder, Kentucky. The building was once home to a slaughterhouse. The Licking River, which runs next door, is said to have attracted Satanists and murderers over the years. Bobby initially pays no attention to the legends, even though his pregnant wife Jackie and an employee had been attacked by spirits. With the eerie violence escalating, an ancient well in the basement is discovered; it seems to be the source of the dark force. It seems intent on harming Jackie's unborn child and taking someone's soul.

star 7.66
73 votes
Directors: Joe Wiecha
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 Echoes of the Past

#6 - Echoes of the Past

Season 4 - Episode 8

In March 2005, Libby and Sean Johnson renovate an old, rundown home in Chester, Vermont. But shortly after moving in, strange noises fill the night. They realize that recent renovation caused the disturbances and turn to Wiccans for help. This story was also used as a setting for an episode of the Sci-Fi Channel's Ghost Hunters.

star 7.64
45 votes
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Nightmare in the Attic

#7 - Nightmare in the Attic

Season 7 - Episode 9

When a family moves into a home with a dark, hidden history, they soon begin to realize they are not alone. Dark rituals and death have attracted evil to the home and it has the children in its sight.

star 7.63
49 votes
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Dangerous Games

#8 - Dangerous Games

Season 9 - Episode 8

Communicating with a ghost is a pleasant experience for three siblings until it opens a door for all spirits—good and evil.

star 7.62
99 votes
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Marked by Evil

#9 - Marked by Evil

Season 6 - Episode 1

Season 6 begins with the story of a woman who rejected the advances of a friend, who then stole a piece of her hair and supposedly put a spell on her.

star 7.61
76 votes
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Trapped in Terror

#10 - Trapped in Terror

Season 7 - Episode 11

When Taylor Jones’ estranged mother comes to visit, she opens their home up to the world of the undead. Taylor turns to a team of paranormal investigators who uncover the brutal truth of what happened in her attic years ago.

star 7.60
48 votes
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The Diabolical

#11 - The Diabolical

Season 2 - Episode 2

Marie's daughter suffers from a mental condition that keeps her from speaking. During the three years they've lived in their home, Marie has witnessed her communicating with someone she could not see. Marie was unworried, having decided it was positive angels. But upon his first visit, Marie's boyfriend, Chris, feels a dark presence in the house. Using a Ouija board, the two unintentionally open up the home to a diabolical that is using Julie as a portal. A team of paranormal investigators soon decide the case is more serious than they can handle and arrange with the Church for an exorcism.

star 7.59
70 votes
Directors: Stuart Taylor
Angels and Demons

#12 - Angels and Demons

Season 5 - Episode 2

Maryland single Mom Kathie Sheats hopes life will change for the better when she marries her boyfriend Brian. But "something" inside her house has other ideas. Spiritual warfare literally breaks out…taking over Kathie’s mind, body and soul. After a priest, psychic and paranormal investigator fail to rid her and her home of the evil presence, it’s up to Kathie alone to "exorcise" the demon. In a classic battle between good and evil, Kathie desperately calls on an angel for help…and her message is heard.

star 7.55
64 votes
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Demon's Lair

#13 - Demon's Lair

Season 9 - Episode 1

A new season begins with with a family who believe the ghost in their home is harmless until the children feel threatened, which prompts a plea to the Catholic Church to rid them of this demon.

star 7.53
138 votes
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The Haunting of Summerwind

#14 - The Haunting of Summerwind

Season 1 - Episode 2

Ginger is immediately drawn to Summerwind, a 50-year-old home by the shores in West Bay Lake, Wisconsin. The house's history of hauntings do nothing to discourage her or her husband from moving in with their family. A malevolent force soon overtakes the home, turning her husband into a deranged and violent madman who quits working and sits at the organ pounding out chilling music. With the family now broke and her children living in constant terror, Ginger must find a way to free them from the evil of Summerwind.

star 7.52
113 votes
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Shape of Evil

#15 - Shape of Evil

Season 7 - Episode 10

After a series of unexplained events, a young family discovers a long history of death connected to their new home and wonders if it’s haunted. But when the family is attacked, they turn to investigators before a shape-shifting demon turns vicious.

star 7.51
53 votes
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Evil Never Dies

#16 - Evil Never Dies

Season 7 - Episode 4

A family’s dream home quickly turns to their nightmare when they become the focus of an abusive ghost. When the haunting turns violent, they seek out an empathy and discover the dark history of the property.

star 7.49
68 votes
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Immortal Love

#17 - Immortal Love

Season 9 - Episode 3

A tormented teen's ghost disrupts a young family's life in their new home.

star 7.48
100 votes
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Where Evil Lurks

#18 - Where Evil Lurks

Season 4 - Episode 6

Eerie noises and ghostly voices echo through the Shea family's Arkansas home. Over time, the paranormal activity escalates from harmless childlike pranks to the chilling terror of a darker threat caused by a demon named Seth.

star 7.45
60 votes
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Mother's Terror

#19 - Mother's Terror

Season 9 - Episode 7

A woman buys a fixer-upper on Long Island after her firefighter husband dies in the line of duty, but the renovations uncover evidence of a dark history on the property.

star 7.44
99 votes
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The Allen House aka House of Horrors

#20 - The Allen House aka House of Horrors

Season 5 - Episode 4

With great pride and excitement, Professor Mark Spencer and his wife Rebecca have just purchased the historic Allen House in Arkansas. The house has a unique character, but they begin to experience unexplained events shortly after moving in. After exhaustive research, Mark learns that the house may be haunted by the spirit of a woman named LaDell, who mysteriously died in the master bedroom. But Mark and Rebecca do not believe in ghosts. They remain skeptical until Rebecca comes face to face with a faceless spirit. Determined to get answers, Mark calls investigators to determine if the spirit means them harm. What he uncovers is the dark and troubling truth…about LaDell’s suicide.

star 7.44
66 votes
Ghost Protector

#21 - Ghost Protector

Season 9 - Episode 5

A mother and daughter agree that their house is definitely haunted, though the former thinks it's the spirit of her murdered boyfriend, while the latter believes it's something much more sinister.

star 7.43
88 votes
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Portal of Doom

#22 - Portal of Doom

Season 7 - Episode 12

A mother and son match wits against a vicious demon who uses an ancient artifact to open portals in their home.

star 7.43
51 votes
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Living Nightmare

#23 - Living Nightmare

Season 9 - Episode 9

A woman who was tormented as a child has to deal with an old spirit that resurfaces to haunt her family.

star 7.43
100 votes
Directors: David Haycox
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Dark Dreams

#24 - Dark Dreams

Season 5 - Episode 5

Michigan attorney Chris Gibbons and his family think they’ve finally found their dream house. But when Chris starts renovating, he discovers it’s the start of a nightmare. A ghost, visible to Chris’s children, haunts the home and drives Chris to the point of insanity by also infiltrating his dreams. Only with the help of paranormal investigators, priests, psychics, and shamans does Chris figure out a way to protect his family and "evict" the evil spirit. At least for now…

star 7.43
49 votes
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Dark Wrath

#25 - Dark Wrath

Season 4 - Episode 1

After moving to Caseyville, IL, the recurring nightmares that have plagued Cindy suddenly mirror reality. Cindy and her husband Jake move into a new house in Caseyville, IL, however their daughters sense a dark presence in the closet in their room and Jake becomes possessed and tries to kill her. After Jake has been taken into custody, Cindy begins crying in the bathroom but is shocked to see the image of a dead woman staring at her from a mirror. She goes to a priest who does a cleansing of the house but this only seems to make the spirit stronger and Cindy with her two daughters leave to her mother's house. A month after Cindy moved out another family came to live in the house but the youngest child felt a demonic presence and the family moved out immediately.

star 7.40
78 votes
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