The BEST episodes directed by Dave Haycox

The Unleashed
63 votes

#1 - The Unleashed

A Haunting - Season 3 - Episode 4

Standish, Michigan is riddled with burial sites of the Native Americans who once lived there. That's why it's not surprising to find a skeleton buried beneath the century-old fixer upper that Randy Irvin moved into in 1974. After reburying the remains, Randy becomes facinated with the idea of contacting the dead. Chanting an incantation from a book of witchcraft, he unleashes a scratching, clawing, growling spirit that attacks him nightly before turning on his mother and sister. Desperate to send the demon back from where he'd summoned it, he turns to a Wiccan white witch who is overpowered by its force. At the edge of insanity, Randy meets Nora Rainer, a healer who is experienced in dealing with demonic spirits.

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The Possessed
81 votes

#2 - The Possessed

A Haunting - Season 3 - Episode 8

Mary Vogel's investigation of a Virginia farm uncovers evidience of satanic rituals. It also unleases a malevolent spirit that attaches itself to her, filling her days with nightmarish visions and nights with physical attacks. As the demon overtakes her life, her son Josh becomes frightened of her and the relationship with her fiance falls apart. With her formerly deep faith in the Church under assault, it's up to her family and mentor John Zaphus to arrange an exorcism.

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