The BEST episodes directed by Yoriyasu Kogawa

Prayers to Heaven & Peace on Earth
37 votes

#1 - Prayers to Heaven & Peace on Earth

Gun X Sword - Season 1 - Episode 21

Van summons the Dann of Thursday after Fasalina calls forth the Dahlia of Wednesday, shown as the fourth armor of the Original Seven, and the two begin to fight. Meanwhile, Michael is preparing to launch himself to the moon using the Saudade of Sunday. Wendy, Carmen 99 and Priscilla decide to scout out in the forest. When Priscilla mentions for feelings for Van, Wendy and Carmen 99 startlingly react. Soon after, Priscilla attacked by a knight armor, though she easily defeats it. When Van finds himself subdued by Fasalina, The El Dorado Five intervene, but Fasalina manages to escape. Ray prepares to snipe Michael during the launching sequence, but Fasalina prevents that from happening, allowing Michael to orbit the atmosphere. To avoid collision, Michael destroys the satellite base of the Dann of Thursday, shutting down its functions.

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Where Might My Brother Have Disappeared to?
99 votes

#2 - Where Might My Brother Have Disappeared to?

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 43

Lamia asks Fruichi to find Baby Beel's brother but when they went to the game center, they find Kanzaki,Himekawa, and Yuko. Furuichi asks them for help. Meanwhile Aoi and Oga went for training to be strong.

Who are the Six Holy Knights?
107 votes

#3 - Who are the Six Holy Knights?

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 30

Furuichi and Oga survey the school from the roof searching for emblems on people's shirts, and Azusa ends up tagging along in their search. Two students from St. Ishiyama are seen hassling two of Aoi's gang, causing Shiroyama to interject, telling them to leave. The two disgruntled students are offered a free punch by Shiroyama as compensation for breaking off their advance on the girls. They roll a large weight onto Shiroyama, hospitalizing him. Kanzaki bursts into the classroom the two boys are in later that day to get vengeance, only to be knocked out by Miki in one blow. Miki the invites the students of Ishiyama High to meet him on the roof after school. Himekawa, Natsume, Furuichi, Oga and Aoi all go to the roof after school, though Furuichi stays in hiding. Another member of the 6 Holy Knights is revealed, Go, from the Amateur Radio Club. The four known members of the 6 Holy Knights are all waiting on the roof when the Ishiyama High students arrive. Natsume fights Go, while Himekawa faces Sasaki, and Oga stands against Alex. Oga attacks Alex, knocking him out in one punch. Miki steps in to challenge him, claiming to know Oga from a long time ago, and to have surpassed him. Oga claims to not recognize him, but takes him seriously, passing Baby Beel onto Aoi in order to fight properly.

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You're Not a Bad Specimen of a Man
108 votes

#4 - You're Not a Bad Specimen of a Man

Beelzebub - Season 1 - Episode 16

Takayuki is dragged away from his tropical summer vacation against his will to join Oga and Beelzebub to a public pool, though Oga is soon shocked by the fact he could've gone to the tropical resort himself. Whilst chatting with the Red Tails, Takayuki is approached by some delinquents from his old middle school and ends up going against their leader, Takashima, when they start hitting on the girls. Takayuki tries to hide in the pool, but Takashima calls more of his men and tricks the lifeguard into evacuating the pool, leaving Takayuki and a stunned Oga. As Takayuki becomes surrounded, he forces Beelzebub to cry in order to shock all the delinquents before facing Oga's wrath.

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Behind the Curtain
111 votes

#5 - Behind the Curtain

91 Days - Season 1 - Episode 8

A hard-nosed prohibition agent, Delphy, is installed in Lawless. He claims he will cut out the mafia's power in the city, and begins clamping down on bars that sell bootleg liquor. Naturally, the Vanetti family considers him an unwelcome presence. While keeping one eye on Fango, Nero comes down hard against Delphy, and Avilio stands with him. But another man watches them with complicated feelings about the situation...

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Let's Go Hunting!
127 votes

#6 - Let's Go Hunting!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure (2012) - Season 3 - Episode 16

Josuke suddenly gets invited to go hunting by Jotaro. The purpose of this hunting trip was to hunt down the rat that gained Stand abilities after Akira Otoishi shot it with the bow and arrow. As they trace the rat to a drainage canal, they see a clump of fourteen rat corpses fused together. They realize it's probably the work of the rat that they're after and follow it to a farm, and...

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Lead with Your Plays!
25 votes

#7 - Lead with Your Plays!

Ace of Diamond - Season 1 - Episode 15

As day two of training camp begins, Sawamura is in the batting circle. However all the balls are at his feet. Sawamura is sent out to do fielding practice without having made a single hit, but he blames it all on being tired. As the training camp continues Sawamura finds himself slowly improving, though he is removed from outfield practice due to his horrible plays. Chris lets him pitch, though only into the net. Unknown to everyone, the Coach arranges three practice games for the weekend to see how everyone will do at maximum fatigue. Sawamura and Furuya are scheduled to do Saturday's one game while Tanba and Kawakami are scheduled to do Sunday's double header. One day he finds himself called into Miyuki's room. Upon entering he sees all the upper classman waiting for him. At first he thinks they are going to beat him for taking Chris's roster spot, but he secretly wants them to get to know the upper classmen who will be fielding behind them. As Day 5 hits Sawamura and Furuya are sent into the bullpen to pitch and told they will pitch both batting practice and in the bullpen on Day 6 to get ready for their game on Day 7. Meanwhile the coach starts to punish the upper classman in fielding practice by taking over the batting practice.

More Important Than Yourself
31 votes

#8 - More Important Than Yourself

Divine Gate - Season 1 - Episode 6

Arthur finally decides to go find the Divine Gate. He asks the members of the Knights of Rounds as well as the select few from the Academy to join him on this expedition. However, Loki and Oz set out on their own mission as well in response.

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5 votes

#9 - Nightmare

Jyu-Oh-Sei - Season 1 - Episode 10

As the new Beast King, Thor is granted access to the Dagger Pagoda, the orbital elevator and is finally able to leaving the planet. The last words of Zagi is tormenting Thor with inexpressible anxiety. Arriving at the space port, Thor is greeted by none other than Odin, the one who murdered his parents. He tells him the real reason for exiling Thor on Chimera.

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