The Best Episodes Directed by Wil Shriner

Papa Said Knock You Out

#1 - Papa Said Knock You Out

My Wife and Kids Season 2 - Episode 20

Michael freaks out when he spots a gray hair, but not on his head. He feels he's getting too old, and decides to practice boxing again to get in shape. He even teaches Jr. some tricks and some punches, until Jr. knocks Michael out, giving him a black eye. Meanwhile, Claire is ready to go on her first date with Tony, and Jr. mishears their conversation and thinks they're having sex. He decides to defend his sister and confronts Tony, who gives him a black eye. But it all turns out fine after the situation is cleared.

star 8.18
89 votes
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Barter Sauce

#2 - Barter Sauce

Becker Season 4 - Episode 13

John agrees to give free medical care to Bob, Reggie and Jake in exchange for repairs, food and magazines.

star 7.91
46 votes
A Few Good Firemen

#3 - A Few Good Firemen

Two Guys and a Girl Season 4 - Episode 16

Johhny wants to become a fireman.

star 7.89
28 votes
Robert's Divorce

#4 - Robert's Divorce

Everybody Loves Raymond Season 4 - Episode 24

While out for a family dinner, the Barones spot Robert's ex-wife, which prompts them to reminisce about the demise of his marriage. The family tells Amy the truth about Robert's failed marriage to Joanne, whom Frank not-so-affectionately refers to as "a nutcracker." The surprise sighting also brings back some personally harrowing memories for Robert – although, when Joanne suggests the ex-spouses get together, Robert seems intrigued.

star 7.73
388 votes
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The Ex-Files

#5 - The Ex-Files

Becker Season 4 - Episode 12

Reggie starts dating one of John's recently divorced friends, but can't stop obsessing about the guy's former wife.

star 7.71
47 votes
Adventures of Captain Karma

#6 - Adventures of Captain Karma

Two Guys and a Girl Season 4 - Episode 17

Berg tells Irene that he loves her and she doesn't say it back. Berg takes this to mean that she is no longer intrested in him and ends up going to a comic book convention, where he meets a girl from his high school who was fat and ugly and was also obsessed with him. She believes that it was their destiny to meet, especialy after they meet again at the hospital. Berg starts to think that this girl is better for him than Irene. Pete and Ashley go to the movies, both pretending that they are waiting for dates, but end up having a great time with each other

star 7.70
30 votes
Get Me Out of Here

#7 - Get Me Out of Here

Becker Season 4 - Episode 6

John hurts his shoulder and is afraid to have an MRI, so Reggie goes with him for support; Linda dates identical twins.

star 7.66
47 votes
Bad to the Bone

#8 - Bad to the Bone

Becker Season 5 - Episode 12

Jake and Bob misinterpret one of Chris's phone conversations and assume that she and John are sleeping together. At the office, John tries to persuade a promiscuous teen to use condoms.

star 7.66
50 votes
Nocturnal Omissions

#9 - Nocturnal Omissions

Becker Season 3 - Episode 20

John is crankier than normal when he suffers a bout of insomnia, which he believes can be cured by watching mindless TV shows. Unfortunately, his TV set is broken and he refuses to buy a new one.

star 7.57
45 votes
Give Mommy a Kiss

#10 - Give Mommy a Kiss

Two Guys and a Girl Season 4 - Episode 12

Berg's mother falls for Pete but they keep it from Berg.

star 7.57
34 votes
The Proposal

#11 - The Proposal

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 15

Niles plans on proposing to Daphne, so he prepares his speech; buys a ring; and hires a choir, a string quartet, a trumpet player and Wolfgang Puck. But Daphne's mother is still staying with them, and on the night Niles plans to propose, Daphne begins to feel ill.

star 7.56
626 votes
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Go, Bulldogs!

#12 - Go, Bulldogs!

Gilmore Girls Season 7 - Episode 6

Lorelai and Chris attend Yale Parents' Weekend where they find Emily and Richard. Chris takes Rory and all her friends out for dinner after feeling guilty that he wasn't around when Rory was growing up. At the end, she shows her commitment to her duties as editor of the newspaper by gathering the troops to report on a story.

star 7.53
392 votes
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The Trouble with Harry

#13 - The Trouble with Harry

Becker Season 3 - Episode 12

John has his hands full when a former patient dies and leaves him his ashes, and a current patient suffers a puzzling rapid heartbeat. Elsewhere, Reggie turns a blind eye to her handsome new boyfriend's glaring flaws.

star 7.46
50 votes
Jake's Jaunt

#14 - Jake's Jaunt

Becker Season 4 - Episode 3

Everyone's shocked when Jake announces that he got married over the weekend to a woman he met at a friend's wedding. After realising he may have rushed things, Jake gets an annulment.

star 7.44
53 votes
The Guilt Trippers

#15 - The Guilt Trippers

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 23

As a birthday present, Niles surprises Daphne with a trip to Hawaii for two. However, Mrs. Moon falls into a state of total despair about her failed marriage, and Daphne feels bad about leaving her alone for the weekend. Niles hatches a plan to reunite Daphne's parents and get Mrs. Moon out of the apartment. He convinces a reluctant Daphne to take her mother on the trip, and secretly heads to England to track down Daphne's father. Niles hopes to at least convince Mr. Moon to come to the U.S. and give Daphne away at the wedding. He finds him at a bar, but Mr. Moon doesn't take too kindly to the idea of reconciling with his wife. Roz, depressed about her break-up with Roger, stays at the apartment to hang out with Frasier after Daphne's party. They end up sleeping together. Roz leaves in a panic the next morning, but promises that they will get together for dinner to talk things over. She promptly skips town and nixes plans for Frasier to join her at her family reunion in Wisconsin.

star 7.41
674 votes
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Frasier Has Spokane

#16 - Frasier Has Spokane

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 22

When Frasier radio show becomes syndicated in Spokane and replaces the local radio icon's show, his callers are angry.

star 7.29
618 votes
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The Devil and Dr. Phil

#17 - The Devil and Dr. Phil

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 21

Frasier learns that Dr. Phil McGraw is in town for a special. The two are old friends, but Frasier is angry at Phil for supposedly swindling him out of $200 in a poker game.

star 7.24
583 votes
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Something About Dr. Mary

#18 - Something About Dr. Mary

Frasier Season 7 - Episode 16

Frasier hires a young, enthusiastic, black woman to fill in for a week while Roz is on vacation. However, he later comes to regret it when she takes over the show and starts dispensing her own advice.

star 7.23
619 votes
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Some Assembly Required

#19 - Some Assembly Required

Frasier Season 10 - Episode 19

Frasier's co-workers cajole him into helping them build a house for Habitat for Humanity. Frasier mostly seems to get in the way, and his participation is limited to stirring paint and a little bit of sanding. However, he somehow views himself as having played some huge role in the process. He becomes very attached to the house, and keeps showing up to offer the inhabitants unwanted decorating advice. Roz tries to convince him that they should be allowed to furnish and decorate the house in whatever way they see fit. Martin and Eddie give a presentation about safety to an elementary school class. They are a big hit, and the school asks them to return for an assembly. However, Martin comes down with a fever and is unable to go through with the speech. A reluctant Niles is forced to take his place. He blames the children for making Martin ill, and winds up impressing the kids with a lecture about germs. Daphne and Mrs. Moon get into a huge argument about her mother's increasingly difficult behavior. After Daphne suggests that she help around the house, Mrs. Moon responds by getting a job at Cafe Nervosa. She hopes to publicly embarrass Daphne and shame her into apologizing. Daphne, however, is nonplussed by her mother's behavior and gladly accepts her paycheck.

star 7.10
551 votes
It Takes Two to Tangle

#20 - It Takes Two to Tangle

Frasier Season 8 - Episode 17

Frasier and Niles look for a wealthy person to donate money to their closing prep school. Martin starts to date a very wealthy woman and the Crane brothers want to ask her for a donation. However, Martin finds ways to screw up the arrangement by dating multiple women at the same time.

star 7.07
560 votes
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Room Full of Heroes

#21 - Room Full of Heroes

Frasier Season 9 - Episode 6

Frasier holds a "Dress as Your Hero" Halloween party, but nobody can tell who he is. Meanwhile, Niles dresses as Martin, Daphne as Elton John, Martin as Joe DiMaggio and Roz as Wonder Woman for the party.

star 7.00
636 votes
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