The Best Episodes Directed by Tomoko Hiramuki

The Atonement Chapter - Part 2 - Place to Return

#1 - The Atonement Chapter - Part 2 - Place to Return

When They Cry - Higurashi Season 1 - Episode 23

Rena learns of Rina's plot, and a confrontation at the deserted garbage dump triggers another disastrous chain of events.

star 9.27
80 votes
The Hero Enters the Fray

#2 - The Hero Enters the Fray

The Devil Is a Part-Timer! Season 1 - Episode 8

Chiho and Emi visit Sadao's apartment and are surprised to find Suzuno still helping Sadao and co. with their domestic chores, much to Chiho's shock. Later, as Sadao walks Chiho home, she confesses her feelings for him while depreciating the fact that he is a demon, since she already fell for him. Just then, Suzuno overhears Chiho's confession, causing Chiho to run away in embarrassment. Suzuno follows up by asking Sadao about his own response to being loved by people and is visibly surprised by his sincere response. Afterwards Suzuno meets Emi at the Sasazuka Station and they both inadvertently reveal their misunderstood intentions towards Sadao over the events of the past few days. Afterwards Suzuno introduces herself as a resident of Ente Isla, Crestia Bell and informs Emi that she was sent under orders by the Church of Ente Isla to investigate any leads on the missing Olba Meiyā. Suzuno further asks that Emi return to Ente Isla to confront the Church about the cover-up regarding Olba's traitorous actions, after defeating Satan. Although Emi remains hesitant in trusting Suzuno since the actions of her superior put the lives of everyone in the underground mall in danger just to kill her and Sadao. Before she leaves, Emi advises Suzuno to be leery of Sadao and co. finding out her true agenda. Meanwhile, a new fast food restaurant, Sentucky Fried Chicken boldly opens up across the street from MgRonald and its manager, Mitsuki Sarue pops into MgRonald to apparently check out the competition, although Sadao counters by having Shirō do some spying of their own. Finally, Suzuno waits for Emi after work and expresses a desire to visit Sadao's workplace at MgRonald, while Rika misunderstands the interaction between Suzuno and Emi as a lover's quarrel over Sadao, much to Emi's irritation.

star 8.67
221 votes
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All for Nothing

#3 - All for Nothing

91 Days Season 1 - Episode 11

Vincent has flashbacks and regrets of killing Testa, his best friend. The Vanetti playhouse, is now complete. With the playhouse is complete, Don Galassia and his nephew Strega, have been invited to form new ties between the families. The playhouse's opening the next day is wreathed in tension. And at last, the day Avilio's been waiting for has arrived...

star 8.34
98 votes
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Kill the Empty Dream

#4 - Kill the Empty Dream

Akame ga Kill! Season 1 - Episode 5

Tatsumi is jolted awake by a dream of Sayo and Ieyasu, and is surprised to find Sheele at his side. He then learns that she is going to be mentoring him for the day. After a strenuous training session, Tatsumi learns of Sheele's history, her perceived inability to be useful, and her reason for joining Night Raid, causing him to sympathize with her. During a meeting, he tries on Zank's Spectator, recovered after the events of the previous episode, but it rejects him. After learning more about the assumed strongest Imperial Arm in existence, and that collecting Imperial Arms was a top priority of Night Raid, Tatsumi declares his intention to find an Imperial Arm that could resurrect the dead, only to be upset upon learning that such an Imperial Arm could never exist. Sheele later comforts Tatsumi at Sayo and Ieyasu's grave. The next day, Tatsumi and Leone go out patrolling in a marketplace and become separated. Tatsumi is aided by a member of the Imperial Guard, Seryu, who possesses a biological, dog-like Imperial Arm that she names Coro; she guides him back to the marketplace before running off. It is then revealed that Seryu's mentor was Captain Ogre, and she intends to seek vengeance for his death.

star 7.83
314 votes
The School's Goddess

#5 - The School's Goddess

Kannagi: Crazy Shrine Maidens Season 1 - Episode 3

When Nagi secretly infiltrates Jin's school to search for an impurity, she stumbles upon a mysterious girl.

star 7.78
114 votes
The Troll's Son

#6 - The Troll's Son

Vinland Saga Season 1 - Episode 5

After Askeladd kills Thorfinn’s father Thors, Thorfinn hides inside Thor’s ship and bides his time until the opportunity to take revenge. However, life on the ship is harsh without any food or water, and Thorfinn grows weaker day by day. One day, Thorfinn, armed with his sword, attempt to attack Askeladd in his sleep

star 7.75
180 votes
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A New Star Shines in the Dawn Sky... (2)

#7 - A New Star Shines in the Dawn Sky... (2)

Darker Than Black Season 1 - Episode 4

Things have taken a turn for the worse, with Tahara's daughter being a contractor, but not being able to control her powers. Now Mai has been kidnapped and the group responsible wants Tahara's research or they keep Mai. Things may not go as they plan when Hei gets involved. Will he be able to get Mai back?

star 7.69
319 votes
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Old Story

#8 - Old Story

Attack on Titan Season 3 - Episode 3

Historia and Erwin look back on their past, revealing a shady government with a hidden agenda and inspiration for an uprising.

star 7.63
643 votes
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Where the Footfalls Lead

#9 - Where the Footfalls Lead

91 Days Season 1 - Episode 3

Tensions reach a boiling point once the Vanetti family begin to enact their "retaliation"; Nero is given an ultimatum.

star 7.39
145 votes
Two Mirrors: Indigo Dye

#10 - Two Mirrors: Indigo Dye

Hell Girl Season 2 - Episode 26

After the death of her brother, a grief-stricken Hotaru sends Takuma to Hell, promising to follow him so he won't be alone. She insists to Ai that everything will stop when Takuma dies. Ai begins to ferry Takuma to Hell, but stops when he asks her to take him back. They both return to the mortal world, with Ai reverting to her human self. She has no memory of her time as Hell Girl and doesn't remember her assistants at all. Kikuri reveals herself to be a host body for the Lord of Hell, who is punishing Ai for failing to perform her duty. Ai is now mortal. Takuma finds Hotaru's body washed up on the shore of a lake, tells Ai he no longer has any patience, and runs to his house to burn it down. He is confronted by the mob as he does so and is almost killed until Ai intervines, calming the mob and leading Takuma away from the burning house. The man who send Hotaru's brother to Hell snaps and begins beating Ai over the head so he won't go to Hell. The rest of the mob joins in. Ai's assistants are unable to prevent her death, but see Ai smiling calmly at them. Takuma tells the mob to stop hurting Ai and she dies holding his hand saying "It's over." Her body turns into sakura petals and floats away. The Lord of Hell releases the souls of her parents (presumably to Heaven). A narration reveals that Takuma's pursuers have fled Lovely Hills and that the town itself has become dilapidated. All charges against Takuma have been dropped, Takuma's father is shown to have woken up, and his friend, Hotaru Meshiai, is miraculously alive and in the hospital. At the end of the episode, a young girl is seen receiving a text message from Hell Girl (which is probably Kikuri) saying that her request has been accepted.

star 6.35
63 votes