The Best Episodes Directed by Robbie Countryman

Haunted Surprise

#1 - Haunted Surprise

The Haunted Hathaways Season 2 - Episode 19

Taylor wants to give Meadow a surprise party, but it accidentally gets complicated when Miles throws a wrench into the plan.

star 8.48
21 votes
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Save The Past Dance

#2 - Save The Past Dance

The Thundermans Season 4 - Episode 17

Tired of hearing tales of Hiddenville's legendary mayor, the kids use a time machine to travel back 60 years to disprove the myths; but when they inadvertently alter the past, the effect spells disaster for their hometown.

star 8.44
54 votes
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Daddy's Little Girl

#3 - Daddy's Little Girl

Wizards of Waverly Place Season 4 - Episode 6

With Max still a little girl, their parents pay more attention to Max (Maxine), and Alex becomes jealous. Justin takes Maxine to her (Max's) karate class and Maxine kicks Justin's butt. After the class, Alex decides to make Jerry's favorite sandwich in order to win his love back, but Maxine comes along with Justin, announcing that she beat Justin in karate, and Jerry immediately falls for her cuteness again. More jealous than ever, Alex comes back with Justin to Maxine's karate class with their parents, having a slight idea of knowing how to change Maxine back to Max. They cast spells on Maxine, Justin using the spell he used on Max that turned him into Maxine, and Alex using the reverse spell. Unfortunately, it only makes Maxine cuter, which makes her furious. Instead of going against the person she was supposed to, she demands that she kicks either Alex or Justin's butt. Justin goes against her, but seeing that he would lose, Alex casts a spell on Justin to make him a karate master. Too fast for Maxine, Justin beats her, and Maxine is hurt (physically). Jerry and Theresa rush to her side, caring for Maxine more than they care that Justin beat Maxine in karate. Justin leaves, and Alex leaves after him, heartbroken. Back at home, Jerry tells Alex that he fell for Maxine because she reminded him of Alex when she was little and they bond again. Meanwhile, Zeke thinks the Russos hate him, but really it was just Harper's alibi in order to keep him away from the Sub Station so as not to make him suspicious about Max's disappearance and Maxine's appearance.

star 8.30
171 votes
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Rebel With a Cuz

#4 - Rebel With a Cuz

K.C. Undercover Season 2 - Episode 3

When Kira forbids K.C. from spending time with her newfound cousin Abby, the teenage spy finds a way around her mom's orders.

star 8.16
133 votes
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Haunted Ghost Tour

#5 - Haunted Ghost Tour

The Haunted Hathaways Season 2 - Episode 18

Michelle gets the bakery included on a tour of haunted restaurants, and Louie has to pull off the haunt.

star 8.14
14 votes
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Exit Stage Theft

#6 - Exit Stage Theft

The Thundermans Season 3 - Episode 4

Max tries to reestablish his evil reputation by committing crimes; Max must choose between his friends and his reputation.

star 8.12
162 votes
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Are You Afraid of the Park?

#7 - Are You Afraid of the Park?

The Thundermans Season 3 - Episode 5

Max and Phoebe start a fight between Billy and Nora so they can avoid riding a scary roller coaster, but their scheme backfires when the feud escalates.

star 8.11
160 votes
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Welcome to the Jungle

#8 - Welcome to the Jungle

K.C. Undercover Season 3 - Episode 3

K.C., Ernie, and Marisa are on the run from Zane and eccentric enemy agent Sheena in the heart of the Brazilian jungle.

star 8.05
79 votes
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The Storm Maker

#9 - The Storm Maker

K.C. Undercover Season 3 - Episode 8

K.C. is tasked with tracking down a dangerous weather-controlling device on the same night as her homecoming dance.

star 8.03
75 votes
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Tightrope of Doom

#10 - Tightrope of Doom

K.C. Undercover Season 2 - Episode 14

In this one-hour special, K.C. and her family of spies assume a myriad of disguises to catch an art thief, including going undercover as performers in a traveling circus.

star 8.00
111 votes
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Back to School

#11 - Back to School

The Thundermans Season 3 - Episode 24

Phoebe and Max return to their elementary school to complete a hero assessment exam and discover that the instructor is a former classmate that Max tormented.

star 7.99
138 votes
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I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

#12 - I'm Gonna Forget You, Sucka

The Thundermans Season 3 - Episode 18

After Cherry accidentally posts a photo revealing the Thundermans' secret, the Hero League forces Phoebe to end the relationship with her best friend.

star 7.98
131 votes
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May Z-Force Be With You

#13 - May Z-Force Be With You

The Thundermans Season 4 - Episode 11

Max and Phoebe ask Cherry to secretly fill-in after Phoebe injures herself the night before a meeting with the Z-Force.

star 7.95
138 votes
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Trust No One

#14 - Trust No One

K.C. Undercover Season 2 - Episode 21

When K.C.'s latest mission is compromised, she is tasked to find the mole in The Organization.

star 7.93
82 votes
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Accidents Will Happen

#15 - Accidents Will Happen

Melissa & Joey Season 3 - Episode 31

Mel finds out some unexpected news from her doctor and has to choose the right time when to tell Joe. Ryder forms a study group with a huge mix of people. Lennox and Xander get their wires crossed.

star 7.91
269 votes
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Ballet and the Beasts

#16 - Ballet and the Beasts

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Season 2 - Episode 13

Dawn is tired of always being on a team with her brothers, so she joins a ballet class with Mae. However, the boys believe that she needs them (and vice versa for Dawn) so they join the class too.

star 7.88
79 votes
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Divorce Counseling

#17 - Divorce Counseling

Marlon Season 2 - Episode 4

Marlon and Ashley go to see strong-willed relationship therapist Kamala to help stabilize their rocky divorce. When Marlon exposes Kamala as a fraud, he ends up experiencing a breakthrough and realizes he should try and change his ways. Stevie gives Yvette an intense massage.

star 7.87
124 votes
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Wedding Planning

#18 - Wedding Planning

Last Man Standing (2011) Season 4 - Episode 11

When Mike and Vanessa offer the cash-strapped Kristin and Ryan a very generous Christmas present to put toward their wedding, the couple must decide if they will accept -- but there's a catch that goes along with it. Meanwhile, Kyle has his reasons for asking Ed to teach him how to play poker.

star 7.85
970 votes
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Spy of the Year Awards

#19 - Spy of the Year Awards

K.C. Undercover Season 2 - Episode 16

Kira's big moment at the Spy of the Year Awards is interrupted when the son of Tony "The Big Toe" Tolentino crashes the secret ceremony to avenge his father.

star 7.83
98 votes
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Gift of the Wise Man

#20 - Gift of the Wise Man

Last Man Standing (2011) Season 5 - Episode 11

When Mike realizes all the things a stressed-out Vanessa does to get ready for Christmas, he delegates the family to take on decorating the tree, writing the family newsletter and putting up the church Nativity scene.

star 7.82
801 votes
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#21 - Homecoming

Marlon Season 2 - Episode 7

Marlon, Stevie, Yvette and Ashley all attend homecoming weekend at Howell University. Stevie is determined to join the independent fraternity that Marlon created because Stevie was always blocked from membership as an undergrad. Ashley and Yvette get caught up with a couple of young co-eds.

star 7.81
129 votes
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Out of the Water and Into the Fire

#22 - Out of the Water and Into the Fire

K.C. Undercover Season 3 - Episode 4

When Zane sabotages the Coopers' plane ride, it is up to K.C. to save herself and her family.

star 7.81
91 votes
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Keepin' It 100

#23 - Keepin' It 100

Marlon Season 2 - Episode 5

Marlon decides to buy the house he has been renting since the separation. While prepping for the sale Marlon and Ashley decide that they no longer have to follow the politics of marriage and tell white lies to keep each other happy. They can be totally honest with each other.. "Keep It 100." Yvette and Stevie get involved and the plan eventually backfires when they realize you can be too honest. They all agree to keep it a balmy "77" with a slight breeze.

star 7.80
142 votes
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Feel the Burn

#24 - Feel the Burn

Melissa & Joey Season 3 - Episode 20

After winning an 8-course dining experience in a raffle, Mel decides to preemptively join an exercise boot camp to lose weight before she gorges on the gourmet meal. She talks Joe into teaching the class, but his harsh tactics get her booted out. Still fighting, they head to the restaurant to meet celebrity chef Malcolm Sunderland, who immediately butts heads with Joe over cooking styles. Meanwhile, Lennox and Zander attempt to sell their "Cassandra" web series.

star 7.78
268 votes
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Mike and the Mechanics

#25 - Mike and the Mechanics

Last Man Standing (2011) Season 5 - Episode 13

To snap Eve out of her funk of not getting into West Point Academy, Mike hopes that taking her to Outdoor Man will show her different career options. But both Mike and Vanessa are taken aback by the unexpected influence that car mechanic Joe has on her. Meanwhile, Mandy makes Kristin feel like they no longer have anything in common.

star 7.78
788 votes
Quadentity Crisis

#26 - Quadentity Crisis

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Season 4 - Episode 8

When the quads try to be someone they are not, they all learn a valuable lesson about being true to themselves.

star 7.76
16 votes
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Daddy Dearest

#27 - Daddy Dearest

Last Man Standing (2011) Season 4 - Episode 22

When Mike and Ed take Ryan and his supposedly-ailing dad, Victor, on their hunting trip, Victor admits he wasn't truthful about his reasons for finally coming to see Ryan. Meanwhile, Vanessa scrambles to get more family members to attend Ryan and Kristin's wedding.

star 7.75
742 votes
Web of Lies

#28 - Web of Lies

K.C. Undercover Season 3 - Episode 5

K.C. is surprised by the results of her SAT score and believes someone tampered with her test. Meanwhile, Marisa expresses interest in becoming a spy.

star 7.73
78 votes
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Bedtime Story

#29 - Bedtime Story

Last Man Standing (2011) Season 8 - Episode 7

Mike tries to avoid hurting Vanessa's feelings due to her snoring. Meanwhile, Mandy goes overboard preparing for the arrival of Kristin and Ryan's new baby.

star 7.73
302 votes
The Unkindest Cut

#30 - The Unkindest Cut

Melissa & Joey Season 3 - Episode 7

Mel is taken aback when she finds out that Austin may not share her vision of their future and is resolute in his belief he never wants children. Meanwhile, Joe's new girlfriend is only interested in a physical connection, which leaves him confused and wanting more in the relationship. And, Lennox can't motivate herself to write her college entrance paper, so she hires Ryder to be her full time babysitter until she does.

star 7.71
283 votes
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Grill in the Mist

#31 - Grill in the Mist

Last Man Standing (2011) Season 9 - Episode 9

In the wake of the pandemic, Mike and Kristin are forced to make some tough business decisions involving Outdoor Man. Meanwhile, Jen helps Mandy get organized.

star 7.71
181 votes
Cape Fear

#32 - Cape Fear

The Thundermans Season 2 - Episode 20

When Phoebe sneaks out to a party and saves someone's life, she asks Max to take credit for the save so she can remain on the superhero training path.

star 7.70
129 votes
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Ridin' Dirty

#33 - Ridin' Dirty

The Upshaws Season 1 - Episode 5

Regina juggles family duties with work and studying for the GMAT, but Bennie doesn't help lighten the load— and she reaches a boiling point.

star 7.68
31 votes
Error of Admission

#34 - Error of Admission

Superior Donuts Season 2 - Episode 6

Franco considers giving up admission to his dream school after he learns Arthur included his ethnicity on the application, despite Franco’s desire to be accepted solely on the merits of his art.

star 7.67
291 votes
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You Vicious, Miserable Liar

#35 - You Vicious, Miserable Liar

Dynasty (2017) Season 4 - Episode 20

Fallon, Sam and Kirby take a trip to Los Angeles in the hopes of settling the unsettling, resulting in some very bad ideas. Jeff remains annoyed that Dominique is nowhere to be found and exhibits disturbing behavior. Culhane tries to fix Blake's mess.

star 7.67
41 votes
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The Gift of the Mike Guy

#36 - The Gift of the Mike Guy

Last Man Standing (2011) Season 7 - Episode 9

Mike finds getting Ed a special Christmas present is easier said than done...for the man who has everything. Meanwhile, Eve returns to visit and Vanessa helps the family realize the importance of their long-standing holiday family traditions.

star 7.65
481 votes
Pheebs Will Rock You

#37 - Pheebs Will Rock You

The Thundermans Season 2 - Episode 4

Phoebe tries to turn herself into a bad girl to impress Max's new best friend, a rocker who is in Max's new band.

star 7.65
141 votes
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Would You Wrather Build a Sled?

#38 - Would You Wrather Build a Sled?

Coop and Cami Ask the World Season 1 - Episode 7

When Charlotte backs out of their annual "Snowling" tradition for a sleepover with her friends, Cami sets out to sabotage her sister's sleepover.

star 7.64
14 votes
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Young & Pregnant

#39 - Young & Pregnant

Young & Hungry Season 1 - Episode 4

While cooking an elaborate engagement celebration for Caroline and Josh, Gabi is horrified to realize she may have a bun in the oven. And things go from bad to worse when Yolanda and Elliot mistakenly believe Caroline is the pregnant one – and immediately tell Josh.

star 7.62
378 votes
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Romancing the Stone

#40 - Romancing the Stone

Last Man Standing (2011) Season 8 - Episode 8

Vanessa learns a secret that she thinks will ruin Ed and Bonnie's wedding day.

star 7.62
314 votes
And God Created Van

#41 - And God Created Van

Reba Season 5 - Episode 4

The Hart family becomes concerned when Van continuosly sits at home watching football instead of attending church. After many failed attempts in talking him into going, Reba and Barbra Jean confront him on his refusal. Van confesses that he no longer believes in God, greatly disappointing Reba and Barbra Jean. To try and bring Van to God, they drag him to Reverend Parks who tells Reba and Barbra Jean that he can't help the people who don't want help. Reba in a heated discussion finally admits to the Reverend that she too has had her doubts.

star 7.62
76 votes
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Cleaning Out the Closet

#42 - Cleaning Out the Closet

Marlon Season 1 - Episode 2

Ashley is shocked to learn that Marlon has a storage unit crammed full of things from when they were married and challenges him to have a yard sale to part with it all.

star 7.61
483 votes
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#43 - Invasion

Reba Season 5 - Episode 9

After a miscommunication sends Barbra Jean (who does not appear in the episode) to her brother Buzzard's house in Lubbock for Thanksgiving, Buzzard mistakenly ends up on Reba's doorstep for the holiday. The family soon realizes they may have traded crazy Barbra Jean for her even crazier brother, who believes that Reba has been sending him love letters signed "Peaches" and that Brock is "the dirtbag who's trying to take my sister to hell with him."

star 7.60
73 votes
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Sweet Child O' Mine

#44 - Sweet Child O' Mine

Reba Season 6 - Episode 6

In order to keep her unborn baby from ending up like Kyra, Cheyenne tries to redeem good karma by giving back Kyra's 5th birthday party that Cheyenne destroyed years ago. Meanwhile, Cheyenne is driving Van crazy with a 20 page list of things to do before the baby arrives. Reba, as always, is caught in the middle with the challenge of fixing all the family problems.

star 7.59
71 votes
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Mall Time Crooks

#45 - Mall Time Crooks

The Thundermans Season 2 - Episode 18

Phoebe and Max head out on a trip to the mall to buy Hank's birthday gift and end up having a run-in with security.

star 7.59
126 votes
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Coopers on the Run (2)

#46 - Coopers on the Run (2)

K.C. Undercover Season 3 - Episode 2

In this one-hour special, K.C. and her family of spies, along with her BFF Marisa, are on the run from archenemy Zane in Rio de Janeiro when they must take on another spy – the fierce and slightly bizarre enemy agent Sheena.

star 7.58
65 votes
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Driving Miss Marley

#47 - Driving Miss Marley

Marlon Season 2 - Episode 8

Marlon wants Marley to get her driver's license, but when he finds out that she's scared of driving, Marlon shows her how to face her fears by facing one of his own; meanwhile, Stevie helps Yvette boost her low passenger rating on a ride-hailing app.

star 7.57
121 votes
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Unhappy Campers

#48 - Unhappy Campers

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Season 2 - Episode 5

When the quads go to summer camp, they realize they can establish new identities. This puts Dawn in an uncomfortable position when she refers to Dicky as her "boyfriend" in order to try and impress her new friends.

star 7.56
72 votes
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21 Dump Street

#49 - 21 Dump Street

The Thundermans Season 4 - Episode 12

After Max is dumped, Phoebe tries to cheer him up by introducing him to another girl, but Max's date turns out to be an intense animal activist who thinks he treats Dr. Colosso cruelly.

star 7.56
130 votes
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Granny Nanny

#50 - Granny Nanny

Last Man Standing (2011) Season 9 - Episode 11

On the eve of her birthday, Vanessa refuses to believe that she needs to slow down, going above and beyond on her grandma responsibilities. Meanwhile, Joe puts Mike's friendship to the test.

star 7.56
187 votes

#51 - Issues

Reba Season 5 - Episode 10

After observing their constant bickering in the real estate office, Reba and Van's boss insists they see the company's occupational therapist to work things out. Meanwhile, Brock and Barbra Jean consult a sleep doctor who suggests they videotape themselves in bed to find out why Brock is waking up exhausted and achy every morning.

star 7.56
72 votes
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Teen Drama

#52 - Teen Drama

K.C. Undercover Season 3 - Episode 6

K.C. struggles to make amends with Marisa after their fight, while Marisa wants a recommendation for The Organization from K.C.

star 7.53
64 votes
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The Early Shift

#53 - The Early Shift

Melissa & Joey Season 4 - Episode 16

After taking a new job with crazy hours, Joe has to down a bunch of energy drinks to stay awake for a meeting Mel has with Hank, a rich backer who might finance her Congressional run. But with Joe wired and acting weird, Hank fears he's is on drugs. Meanwhile, Lennox decides to kill off Cassandra to break up Zander and McKenna.

star 7.52
155 votes
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Here We Go Again

#54 - Here We Go Again

Reba Season 5 - Episode 19

Reba is worried when she and Brock must attend an anger management therapy session that was mandated by the court during their divorce. Cheyenne and Van are required to be present as well, and Reba fears things have gone from bad to worse when everyone starts arguing in front of the therapist. Later, Barbra Jean crashes the session and the five adults end up telling the therapist about the crazy things they have done to each other over the years.

star 7.50
66 votes
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A Date with Destiny

#55 - A Date with Destiny

The Cool Kids Season 1 - Episode 3

Charlie and Hank create online dating profiles, and to boost their egos, Sid pretends to be an interested woman. Of course, the plan goes awry.

star 7.50
228 votes
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Harpers for President

#56 - Harpers for President

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Season 2 - Episode 15

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn are each trying to run for class president. However, its hard for each of them to get votes.

star 7.49
60 votes
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The Parent Trap

#57 - The Parent Trap

Melissa & Joey Season 4 - Episode 17

Mel tries to convince Joe to talk Gloria into drawing up a will, but Joe chickens out. So Mel invites Russell to come talk to her. Gloria is offended, but Russell soon charms her - a little too well for Mel's liking. Meanwhile, Lennox and Zander try to just be "friends with benefits."

star 7.47
165 votes
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Hospital Party

#58 - Hospital Party

Marlon Season 1 - Episode 7

Marlon and Ashley have very different ways of coping when Zack needs surgery.

star 7.45
310 votes
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A Brief Case of Popularity

#59 - A Brief Case of Popularity

Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn Season 2 - Episode 23

While trying to fit in with the coolest people in school, Nicky, Dicky and Dawn must keep Ricky from making them look uncool.

star 7.45
50 votes
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As We Forgive Those...

#60 - As We Forgive Those...

Reba Season 6 - Episode 8

Barbra Jean who is training an up and coming weather woman from Oklahoma (Kelly) fears she will soon take her job. At first Reba adores Kelly but when she realizes Kelly is just like Barbra Jean in every way, Reba comes to see that perhaps she hasn't forgiven Barbara Jean like she thought. Meanwhile, finding out they're having a boy, Van and Cheyenne have to find a way to break the promise Cheyenne made when she was younger to name her first son - Brock. In the episode's final scene, Brock, Cheyenne and Van perform a spoof of the three "American Idol" judges.

star 7.42
74 votes
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The Book Club

#61 - The Book Club

Melissa & Joey Season 4 - Episode 15

Mel is thrilled when Noelle Devereaux, bestselling author of the steamy novel "Love and Bondage," pays a visit to her book club. When Nicole overhears Joe criticize her work, it turns her on, and she ends up trying to seduce him. Meanwhile, Lennox discovers Zander and McKenna are secretly dating.

star 7.41
158 votes
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Do the Knight Thing

#62 - Do the Knight Thing

Knight Squad Season 1 - Episode 9

Sorcery School students temporarily move onto the Knight School grounds, and quickly engage in a competition for control of the Phoenix squad room; Arc and Ciara must decide how far they will go to win and save their school.

star 7.39
18 votes
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Bullets Over Brock

#63 - Bullets Over Brock

Reba Season 6 - Episode 9

Reba is ordered to relax in order to bring her blood pressure back down, but that is impossible with Brock living in the garage to avoid fighting with Barbara Jean. His constant lies lead Barbara Jean to believe he's out of town and Reba argues for him to just be honest with his wife; the tension between them reaches an all time high leading them to file for divorce. Meanwhile, Van sees his father in himself as he gets fired for his temperament while coaching Jake's lousy soccer team with Jake being the worse player.

star 7.39
70 votes
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The Pageant of Grandmas

#64 - The Pageant of Grandmas

Reba Season 4 - Episode 17

Jake enters Reba in a school fundraiser - ""Pageant of the Grandmas"" knowing that she is hot and will win. When Barbara Jean hears about it, she wants to enter too. Reba lets her and drops out, only to find that Jake really wanted her to be in it. She decides that she will compete -- against Barbara Jean. With some coaching and glamour prepping from Cheyenne and Van, Reba is ready. As the pageant is about to begin the teacher tells the two grandmothers that only one grandma Hart can enter...leaving the two to decide who will compete.

star 7.31
93 votes
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Reba and the One

#65 - Reba and the One

Reba Season 5 - Episode 2

Barbra Jean takes it upon herself to find the perfect man for Reba by signing her up at an online dating service, but she later regrets her decision when Reba begins dating a mystery man and doesn't have as much time for the her or the family. As a result, Cheyenne and Van realize how much work it takes to care for their daughter without Reba's help, and Barbra Jean and Brock, who wants to make sure he's better looking than Reba's new boyfriend, decide to check out their competition.

star 7.31
77 votes
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Locked and Loaded

#66 - Locked and Loaded

Reba Season 6 - Episode 7

Brock wants to bring the spark back to his marriage, but he doesn't know what to do so he goes to Reba for advice. Meanwhile, Cheyenne's pregnancy sends her hormones crazy and Kyra films Van's goofiness for You Tube.

star 7.26
73 votes
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Reba the Landlord

#67 - Reba the Landlord

Reba Season 5 - Episode 17

In an effort to save Brock and Barbra Jean from losing their home, Reba and Van buy their house and rent it out to them. Barbra Jean doesn't like the idea of Reba being her landlady, so when she sprains her ankle in the house, she decides to file a lawsuit against Reba.

star 7.20
59 votes
Spring Break Video Spectacular

#68 - Spring Break Video Spectacular

Bizaardvark Season 2 - Episode 21

Paige and Frankie kick off spring break creating a variety of fun videos with their buddies and other fan-favorite video bloggers.

star 7.13
16 votes
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Wicked Wedding

#69 - Wicked Wedding

Ground Floor Season 2 - Episode 7

When Brody discovers Jenny never wants to get married it's a blow. When she says she doesn't like musicals, it's just salt in the wound. But if Brody can change Jenny's mind about musicals, maybe one day she can change her mind about marriage. Mansfield gets out of planning his daughter's wedding by pawning his wife (Emily Rutherfurd) off on Threepeat (in full wedding planner mode), only to feel he's missing out. Derrick convinces Harvard he's taking things too fast with Lindsay - too bad it wasn't before Harvard visited the tattoo parlor.

star 7.11
91 votes
Remember Mazzi's First Love?

#70 - Remember Mazzi's First Love?

Family Reunion Season 2 - Episode 1

Mazzi and Uncle Daniel set their sights on the same woman. M'Dear becomes obsessed with bingo. An injured Moz considers a return to football.

star 6.81
16 votes
Would You Wrather Lose Your Presents?

#71 - Would You Wrather Lose Your Presents?

Coop and Cami Ask the World Season 2 - Episode 9

In order to teach the kids that Christmas isn’t all about receiving presents, Jenna hides their gifts. But when the presents inadvertently disappear, the Wrathers go on an adventure to find their gifts and discover the true meaning of the Holiday.

star 6.00
3 votes
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