The BEST episodes directed by Paul Murphy

The One-Millionth Customer
67 votes

#1 - The One-Millionth Customer

Trollied - Season 2 - Episode 13

It's the one-millionth customer promotion, complete with balloon archway and Leighton in the guise of the Valco tick.

Lorraine's Replacement
74 votes

#2 - Lorraine's Replacement

Trollied - Season 2 - Episode 12

Gavin assures Julie that he won't make another Lorraine-shaped mistake as the search for her replacement gets under way.

Julie Returns to Work
74 votes

#3 - Julie Returns to Work

Trollied - Season 2 - Episode 10

Julie is welcomed back to a Lorraine-free Valco and, therapy having done the trick, she's noticeably more relaxed; unnervingly so.

About Last Knight
393 votes

#4 - About Last Knight

Galavant - Season 2 - Episode 6

Just as their travels hit a new low, Galavant, along with Richard and Roberta, stumbles upon his father, Sir Arnold Galavant. While Richard prepares for battle by training at Arnold's knight school, Galavant learns a few things about the man who abandoned him as a child. Madalena tries to make Gareth's birthday the best day ever, but his idea of a fun time is getting into a bar fight. Isabella returns to Hortensia and banishes Woodworm. Sid, now a wanted man in Valencia, flees to the Forest of Coincidence where he meets Woodworm. Their chance encounter sparks an evil plan. Sid stabs someone with his sword.

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Love and Death
373 votes

#5 - Love and Death

Galavant - Season 2 - Episode 7

Richard, Roberta and Sid rush the fatally wounded Galavant to a healer named Neo of Sporin, who has a magic potion that could save Galavant's life. While waiting for Galavant to recover, Roberta admits she likes Richard and they almost share a tender moment. Later, Neo produces an army for Galavant... but the soldiers turn out to be zombies. Meanwhile, Madalena finally shares her true feelings with Gareth, who is shocked. As they march on Hortensia, the unlikely duo make a decision about their relationship.

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The Staff Wages
99 votes

#6 - The Staff Wages

Trollied - Season 2 - Episode 11

Gavin is hit hard by the death of his dog Chester and, understandably distracted, accidentally leaves out a document detailing staff wages, which Leighton promptly pins up on the noticeboard.

The Caretaker
2381 votes

#7 - The Caretaker

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 8 - Episode 6

Clara has it all under control: her life at school, her life in space; her new boyfriend and her mad old Time Lord. Everything is humming along just fine, so long as everybody never actually meets. And then, one morning, just before assembly, Coal Hill welcomes a new relief caretaker with a Scottish accent.

Robot of Sherwood
2816 votes

#8 - Robot of Sherwood

Doctor Who (2005) - Season 8 - Episode 3

In a sun-dappled Sherwood Forest, The Doctor discovers an evil plan from beyond the stars. But with the fate of Nottingham at stake (and possibly Derby), there's no time for the two adventurers to get into a fight about who is real and who isn't - which is probably why they do very little else!

Troubled Waters
11 votes

#9 - Troubled Waters

Waterloo Road - Season 8 - Episode 3

Tariq is struggling to accept his disability, which gives cause for concern. When encouraged to join in a fight against pupils of rival school, Havelock High, Tariq rejects the offer, claiming that life is too short. He is further unsettled when he finds out that his friends will attend his kayaking trials, so tries to get Phoenix and Gus to arrange a fight against the rival pupils. It is then a race against time for Tom and Michael when Tariq's true intentions are revealed. Also, rival headmaster, Gerard Findlay is determined to discredit Michael by posting an old article about Michael's past all over the school, but is caught by Grantly.

Spirit Child
11 votes

#10 - Spirit Child

Waterloo Road - Season 8 - Episode 2

Troublemaker Lula’s home life spills into school as Tom attempts to uncover the root of her disruptive behaviour; a desperate Connor tries to out Christine’s drinking; Josh helps Tariq face up to his disabilities; and Grantly deals with a spate of graffiti at the school house.Lula Tsibi’s homelife is far from happy. Distressed following another heated argument with her over-bearing Uncle Lionel, Lulu runs to the sanctuary of her school but her behaviour irks the other pupils and gives the teachers cause for concern. Matters come to a head at Denzil’s commemorative ceremony when Lula lashes out at Imogen and Sian. Far from being apologetic, Lula makes some unsettling comments about death. And later, she has a run in with Tariq, hurtfully suggesting his disability is a punishment from God. Tom speaks to Lula’s uncle Lionel. But when Lula hears this she tells Tom her uncle plans to perform an exorcism on her believing she’s possessed. Terrified, she begs Tom to help her. Elsewhere Connor bugs his mother to lay off the alcohol but is met with Christine’s usual hostility. Playing up in class, Connor attempts to shame Christine but it backfires and he’s humiliated in front of his classmates. Concerned, Imogen tells Connor he can’t look after his mother forever – advice which spurs Connor to take drastic action. Grantly is furious when his car is vandalised by Havelock kids but Michael wants to keep the peace and not involve the police. But while Michael attempts to build bridges with rival headteacher Gerard Findlay, Grantly can’t help but rock the boat. Also this week, Josh tries to convince Tariq life is worth living, but Tariq isn’t interested and Sian receives an unexpected visitor at the gates of Waterloo Road.

Duty of Care
1 votes

#11 - Duty of Care

Casualty - Season 25 - Episode 24

Jordan finds his authority being threatened when the hospital's Director of Surgery, Henrik Hanssen, shows up to check out work efficiencies. Mads finds herself being forced to make an official complaint about Lenny. A Royal princess ends up being brought in for treatment.

When the Bough Breaks
1 votes

#12 - When the Bough Breaks

Casualty - Season 25 - Episode 37

Tess treats a teenage paitent who used to be friends with her son and when it is revealed that he cannot have a new liver due to his drinking Tess takes drastic action but when Henry finds out and forces her to take the blame for a another paitent death, she refuses and makes a stand against bureaucracy but will the rest of the department support her?

Dawn of the ED (1)
0 votes

#13 - Dawn of the ED (1)

Casualty - Season 24 - Episode 1

It's Adam's first day as clinical lead. His first job is to show eight new F2s around the ED, which backfires when they are not all what they seem to be. When Adam is called to an emergency at a shopping centre, he chooses new F2 Heather to accompany him. The owner of the centre has set a bomb inside, which explodes, trapping Adam, Heather, Jeff, Polly and a group of homeless people inside. Meanwhile Yuki, May and Lenny are ordered out of resus by now-Trust Doctor Ruth Winters and Curtis' memorial tree is planted.

Dawn of the ED (2)
0 votes

#14 - Dawn of the ED (2)

Casualty - Season 24 - Episode 2

In the conclusion to the first episode, Adam and the gang get out of the shopping center however he goes back for Heather. He finds her and they set out to get out. Jeff and Lee (the security guard) go in and find them but the roof collapses on Adam, Heather, Lee and the patient. They manage to find the lifts and escape but the lift starts to fall. Adam, the patient and Lee manage to climb up to the exit but Heather, being very slow, is petrified and she screams for Adam to save her. As they both try desperately to reach out for each other, the flaming lift collapses and hits Heather, crushing her and sending her falling to her death as the lift explodes in a fireball that ricochets up the passage, nearly burning Adam. Meanwhile Jessica is frantic and worried about Adam and chaos reigns in the department when the casualties flood in. Adam feels that he has let himself down.

A Quiet Life
0 votes

#15 - A Quiet Life

Casualty - Season 25 - Episode 36

An administration error sees the life of a young boy hanging in the balance and leads to Adam and Tess clashing but should they be pulling together in a time of crisis? Lenny is shocked when Mads reveals that she's engaged but when she and Lenny come close to kissing and she then hails a taxi, has she made a decision that she will regret? Ruth (with Charlie's support) makes a surprise return to the department but during all the chaos, will she fail at the first hurdle?

And Bully's Special Prize
0 votes

#16 - And Bully's Special Prize

Hollyoaks - Season 12 - Episode 178

John Paul and Craig’s 1st meeting in the 6th form Common Room. John Paul observes Sonny bullying Craig, and later sets off the fire alarm when he sees Sonny and Justin follow Craig again as he didn’t think it was a fair fight.