The Best Episodes Directed by Paul Hoen

Operation: Breakout

#1 - Operation: Breakout

The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 3 - Episode 4

Alex has to use her powers to escape from a trap set by the plant after Vince spreads the rumor that they have the GC-161 kid in custody.

star 9.72
29 votes
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#2 - Working

The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 3 - Episode 3

Alex and Robyn get jobs at the new video store in Paradise Valley, where Vince and Dave have installed the plant's latest GC-161 detector.

star 9.61
31 votes
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There Is No I in Monster Hunter

#3 - There Is No I in Monster Hunter

The Troop Season 1 - Episode 3

Jake learns the value of teamwork. Meanwhile, Hayley finds out that it's not possible to be liked by everyone.

star 9.00
2 votes
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 We Were Here

#4 - We Were Here

Andi Mack Season 3 - Episode 20

When Celia leaves town, Andi and Bex throw another party; Buffy and Cyrus share relationship woes; Andi shares a secret.

star 8.88
17 votes
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Karaoke Surprise

#5 - Karaoke Surprise

Jonas Season 1 - Episode 14

For their 15th Friendship Anniversary, Joe suggests throwing a party for Stella and enlists the help of Macy. The time Joe and Macy spend together makes Stella suspicious and jealous, and she believes that the two are dating. Meanwhile Nick and Kevin bet who's better at Hackeysack and Kevin takes a kung-fu twist to the competition.

star 8.44
32 votes
Sing It Live!!!-A-Rooney (1)

#6 - Sing It Live!!!-A-Rooney (1)

Liv and Maddie: Cali Style Season 4 - Episode 13

A vocal injury threatens to ruin Liv's performance.

star 8.15
137 votes

#7 - 13

Andi Mack Season 1 - Episode 1

Andi's world turns upside down when her older sister, Bex, returns home on her 13th birthday and reveals a family secret. Digitally released on March 10th 2017 ahead of the network premiere.

star 7.81
63 votes
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Direct to Video

#8 - Direct to Video

Jonas Season 2 - Episode 9

The boys hatch a plan to prove to their Father that Kevin has what it takes to direct the band's latest music video.

star 7.80
5 votes
Rumor Mill

#9 - Rumor Mill

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch Season 2 - Episode 25

Tricked in the Other Realm into thinking that spreading false rumors is a community service, Sabrina and new friend Dashiell start telling absurd tales out of school, unaware that their fibs will come literally true in the moral realm: that Mr. Kraft and Mrs. Quick are lovers, for instance, or that Harvey is pregnant! Meanwhile, the two storytellers start falling for each other, causing Sabrina to question the depth of her true feelings for Harvey.

star 7.75
171 votes
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Spencer's 18th Birthday

#10 - Spencer's 18th Birthday

South of Nowhere Season 3 - Episode 10

Spencer's grandmother comes to visit for her special day. Spencer has a hard time telling her grandmother about her newfound sexuality. Meanwhile, Spencer gets to know Lily's girlfriend, Jonica. Kyla and Ashley are asked to sing on national televison, they embarrass themseleves live, all thanks to Kyla and her fake voice. Meanwhile, Glen becomes hurt when he witness Aiden spending quality time with his father.

star 7.55
11 votes
Paradise Lost (1)

#11 - Paradise Lost (1)

The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 4 - Episode 19

After four years of keeping her powers hidden, Alex's secret world is falling apart. As the Plant prepares for the release of GC-161 to the public, her dad loses his job, and Louis discovers her secret powers, and is captured by the Plant.

star 7.50
4 votes

#12 -

Even Stevens Season 1 - Episode 1

Louis finds a valuable “Roaring Drycon” card for sale online, but the seller will only trade for a date with Ren. Meanwhile, Ren needs volunteer time to be the #1 volunteer in school, which Louis decides to use to his advantage.

star 7.47
47 votes
Guide to: Notes & Best Friends

#13 - Guide to: Notes & Best Friends

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Season 1 - Episode 10

Notes: Bitsy has Ned pass a note and Sweeney catches him, now he must pay. He has to write an essay along with everyone else so they plot revenge. Cookie finds joy in forging notes, but danger comes when he leads the teachers to the forgers "domain". Best Friends: Moze continues her search for a new best friend with a quiz and whoever matches up closely is meant for her. But Moze ends up joining the Huge Crew. The Killer Bees recruit Cookie which puts Ned and Cookie's friendship to the test. Ned tries to find a new best friend in place of Cookie.

star 7.40
10 votes
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Take My Sister... Please

#14 - Take My Sister... Please

Even Stevens Season 1 - Episode 3

Desperate to be a part of the school talent show, Louis teams with Ren to come up with a brother-sister act. But while he's thinking slapstick comedy, she's got her heart on a musical duet.

star 7.36
22 votes
Guide to: New Semester & Electives

#15 - Guide to: New Semester & Electives

Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Season 2 - Episode 1

New Semester: Ned seeks his first kiss from Suzie Crabgrass which is on his "new semester list", but first he enlists Moze's help to break up Suzie and Loomer. By breaking them up Ned would have Suzie. Meanwhile, Cookie starts the new semester with a new super cool look and becomes a bully. Electives: Ned, Moze and Cookie try out different electives so they can finally get a class together and score an easy "A."

star 7.29
7 votes
Career Day

#16 - Career Day

South of Nowhere Season 3 - Episode 9

"Spashley" is back, and this time Ashley's the one looking for commitment. Glen gets fired by Jake because he wasn't there for Kyla when the photographer cornered her from the night before. Glen comes home to find Arthur "son-ing" Aiden, who is also dating the new girl, Sasha Miller. Meanwhile, Jake decides to scam Ashley and make Kyla's voice on the cd fake, seeing as how she can't sing. 

star 7.10
9 votes
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Perfect Day 2.0

#17 - Perfect Day 2.0

Andi Mack Season 2 - Episode 15

Andi, Buffy and Cyrus try to make the most of their time together by attempting to recreate their “perfect day.” Bowie teaches Jonah how to play the guitar.

star 7.05
21 votes

#18 - Nerve

The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 2 - Episode 20

Alex inspires Robyn to face the dreaded ""Rooney Runabout"" and pass P.E.

star 7.00
4 votes
A Room of Her Own

#19 - A Room of Her Own

The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 3 - Episode 15

Annie becomes obsessed by her work at the plant. An experiment she is conducting with her good-looking lab partner drives Alex out of their room and into the wood shed. Annie's partner betrays her, and she realizes that she's been a selfish sister to Alex.

star 7.00
4 votes
Surf's Up

#20 - Surf's Up

Even Stevens Season 3 - Episode 20

star 7.00
3 votes

#21 - Pressure

The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 2 - Episode 6

Alex steals a test to help Nicole, who is cracking under the pressure of the exam. At the plant, George discovers that GC-161 has the capability to alter human genetic structure.

star 6.80
5 votes
Wild Child

#22 - Wild Child

Even Stevens Season 2 - Episode 11

Eileen declares her secretary-of-state candidacy during a TV interview, but her chances are jeopardized by Louis throwing a tantrum. Donnie teaches Nelson a “lethal” martial-arts move to use against bullies.

star 6.40
10 votes
House Party

#23 - House Party

Jonas Season 2 - Episode 1

When the guys arrive in LA for a summer of relaxing and, for the first time, independence, they get talked into throwing a big house party.

star 6.13
8 votes
Mack TV

#24 - Mack TV

The Secret World of Alex Mack Season 2 - Episode 15

Ray captures Alex's powers on video and wants to enter the tape in the Atron JH Video Award contest--but Danielle and Vince are the judges!

star 6.00
2 votes
The Flirt Locker

#25 - The Flirt Locker

Jonas Season 2 - Episode 10

Joe tries to show what a Casanova he is by charming a blogger during an interview. Nick attempts to impress a music industry big wig with his new songs.

star 5.67
3 votes
And... Action!

#26 - And... Action!

Jonas Season 2 - Episode 4

Joe arrives late to the set, which does not make the director happy. Macy gives DZ a makeover to prepare him for his first date.

star 5.67
6 votes
The Secret

#27 - The Secret

Jonas Season 2 - Episode 6

Kiara blackmails Nick after discovering the truth about him and Macy. Joe refuses to feel guilty when he accidentally injures Kevin.

star 5.20
5 votes
Date Expectations

#28 - Date Expectations

Jonas Season 2 - Episode 3

Stella decides to keep mum about her date with Ben, but that choice backfires on her and the boy when Joe finds out. Kevin and Nick vie for the last spot in a charity ping pong match.

star 5.17
6 votes
Do the Worm

#29 - Do the Worm

The Troop Season 1 - Episode 2

While saving a Senior Dance from a Mongolian death worm, Jake learns not to judge a book by its cover, and Felix becomes an unlikely hero.

star 0.00
0 votes
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