The BEST episodes directed by Neill Fearnley

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#1 - Dreamcatcher

R L Stine's The Haunting Hour - Season 2 - Episode 12

The camp legend of a mysterious creature who feeds on nightmares appears to be true after a cabin full of girls have a recurring nightmare that terrorizes them so badly, it leaves them unable to sleep.

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To Tell The Truth
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#2 - To Tell The Truth

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 4 - Episode 14

Dr. Larry Chambers (Gregory Harrison) helped build the colony on the Janus Five. He and fellow scientist Amanda Harper (Kimberly Huffman) run computer simulations that show the planet's star will flash over in a matter of days, emitting waves of deadly radiation, so Dr. Chambers urges evacuation. This is not a popular recommendation, especially among the colony's leaders who include council chairman Franklin Murdock (William Atherton), security head Montgomery Bennett (Alan Scarfe) and Amanda's father, Ian Harper (Ken Pogue). They point out that Chambers has been wrong before - the colony had to be moved at great cost after he warned of deadly volcanic activity - and suggest that his judgment has been clouded by the death of his wife Elise. When that doesn't stop Chambers, Murdock and Bennett discredit him by falsely accusing him of being one of the aliens who originally inhabited the planet.

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#3 - Expose

Flash Forward - Season 1 - Episode 22

Parkview suddenly becomes newsworthy when a hot shot reporter named Kilroy decides to write an article on ""today's student"". This is too good to resist for Tucker and Miles and they concoct an elaborate set of ficticious behaviors to feed to the gullible reporter. Meanwhile, Becca is hoping to use this opportunity to get something of her own published and she's mortified when she sees Kilroy swallowing the bait: hook, line and sinker. After a front page ""expose"" is printed in the papers Lifestyles section, Tucker becomes the ""voice of a new generation"". While revelling in the spotlight, Tucker realizes that Becca's column was turned down, even though she was the really the one with something legitimate to say.

Heart of a Fighter
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#4 - Heart of a Fighter

When Calls the Heart - Season 4 - Episode 10

The town gathers around Abigail as Cody fights for his life. Carson comes to terms with his past and gets a chance at redemption.

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On Your Toes
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#5 - On Your Toes

Flash Forward - Season 1 - Episode 5

Becca is torn when she realizes she'll have to choose between two very important activites when she learns that rehearsal for her annual ballet recital conflict with the tryouts for the pep squad. Should she follow her heart or pursue a surefire ticket to what Kerry assures her is guaranteed popularity? Meanwhile Tucker and Miles try to win the yearbook's annual candid photo contest. Their subject: the pep squad.

A Stitch in Time
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#6 - A Stitch in Time

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 2 - Episode 3

At an exhibit of Taelon items from Strandhill, Liam jumps through a Taelon portal which takes him two days into the future, where he finds everyone in the Resistance headquarters murdered. On returning to the present, he races to stop the massacre and begins to suspect that he is the assassin. Zu'or attempting to destroy Liam, beams dangerous brain wave emissions to him from the Taelon mothership. Doors, highly suspicious of Liam, becomes agitated and demands that Liam be shot.

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The Heart of the Community
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#7 - The Heart of the Community

When Calls the Heart - Season 4 - Episode 3

To raise money for new school supplies, Elizabeth and the kids throw a carnival. The carnival sheds new light and possibly even hope, on Phillip’s relationship with his distant father.

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Heart of a Secret
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#8 - Heart of a Secret

When Calls the Heart - Season 4 - Episode 9

Elizabeth takes Opal in while her parents are away. A newcomer to Hope Valley has some insight into Carson Shepherd’s mysterious past. An unlikely turn of events puts Cody in harm’s way.

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Change of Heart
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#9 - Change of Heart

When Calls the Heart - Season 4 - Episode 4

Elizabeth struggles with growing pains at the school. An old friend comes to visit Jack. Abigail’s tenure as mayor is threatened. Rosemary plays matchmaker.

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Promised Land
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#10 - Promised Land

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 4 - Episode 21

Dlavan (Rene Auberjonois) and his family are Tsal-Khan, offspring of the handful of aliens who remained on Earth after a bitter war of conquest with the human race. Today they live on a tightly guarded farm where they must grow all their own food, since their forebears poisoned all the plants during the war with mankind. Most of the aliens believe that the human race was wiped out in the war, but there is a group of humans in the woods near the farm. This group, is led by Rebecca (Caroline Goodall), escaped from the alien's robot run camps and includes David (Joseph Kell), Ruth (Jane Sowerby) and the mute, orphaned child Tali (Jessica Harmon). They are desperately hungry and have seen their children die from eating poisoned fruit. So, when they spot Dlavan's grandson Ma'al, wandering in the woods, they follow him home to the farm. After they see the well-fed aliens, Rebecca leads the group to raid the farm for food.

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#11 - Believing

When Calls the Heart - Season 5 - Episode 1

Elizabeth’s sister Julie visits Hope Valley in her quest to become a teacher. Lee is made acting Sheriff when Abigail and Bill leave town to testify in Gowen’s trial. Carson has problems with a traveling tonic salesmen.

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#12 - Switches

M.A.N.T.I.S. - Season 1 - Episode 17

A condemned man is executed, but using a device, his consciousness somehow escapes and exists in the electric current. The MANTIS must stop him when he starts hunting down those that put him in prison.

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#13 - Exposure

Missing - Season 3 - Episode 18

Nicole gets to know her mom and tries to get to know her better. They also try to find a missing Department of Justice agent and try to find out why and who blew the cover of the DOJ agent.

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Faces in the Mask
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#14 - Faces in the Mask

M.A.N.T.I.S. - Season 1 - Episode 14

A genius, who was disfigured by his four business partners (and now has to wear a mask) seeks revenge.

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#15 - Atavus

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 2 - Episode 2

Augur taps into the Taelon Commonality, breaking Da'an's contact with the Commonality. Da'an regresses into the "Atavus", a pre-historic version of the Taelons. Zo'or tells Sandoval to kill Da'an. Da'an is a threat for the Atavus only has a hunger for life spirit. The Resistance lures the Atavus to try to save Da'an.

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Mother of Invention
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#16 - Mother of Invention

Jeremiah - Season 1 - Episode 13

Jeremiah and Kurdy are sent to contact an elusive group led by a mysterious "Steve" but get captured. One of his captors is Michelle, a woman he met (in flashback) back at his empty home five years ago after his brother died. They were intimately involved back then, and we find out she's the one who gave Jeremiah the idea for writing notes to his dead father. In the present it turns out "Steve" is Michelle. Her operation is working heavily to get knowledge out, and she also has a 5-year old son. One guy accuses Michelle of skimming and the guys follow her and find out she's collecting art, and agrees to work with Thunder Mountain. Then Michelle comes back to lay down the law on the guy who accused her of skimming and the guys head out with as Jeremiah and Michelle think about getting together in the future.

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The Vaccine
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#17 - The Vaccine

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 4 - Episode 11

It has been three months since the doomsday cult unleashed the genetically engineered Berlin C virus, and today most of the world is dead or dying. Among the living are a group of hospital patients and their nurse, Marie Alexander (Maria Conchita Alonso), who have survived because they were already under quarantine when the virus struck. They are running out of food and fuel when a soldier arrives with a new vaccine from the Center for Disease Control. But, there's only enough for three doses and it will take three days for the vaccine culture to develop enough to be effective. It falls to Marie to maintain order until the vaccine is ready, and to decide who will get injected.

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#18 - Sisterhood

Missing - Season 3 - Episode 12

Antonio, Jess and Colin give up their vacation time to help Nicole investigate the disappearance of her nephew.

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108 votes

#19 - Assassin

Flash Gordon - Season 1 - Episode 4

Flash is shocked after witnessing a familiar face, his father, exit a rift.

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The Queen of Hearts
115 votes

#20 - The Queen of Hearts

When Calls the Heart - Season 6 - Episode 2

After a foolish comment, Carson must admit that he cares more about Faith. The charming new saloon owner, Lucas Bouchard, causes a stir. Elizabeth teaches self-confidence, and Abigail takes a risk on the stock market with Gowen.

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Phone Rings and Heart Strings
129 votes

#21 - Phone Rings and Heart Strings

When Calls the Heart - Season 6 - Episode 1

Elizabeth balances new motherhood with teaching, Bill & Gowen battle to buy the saloon, Rosemary plays matchmaker for a potential romance, and Abigail brings technology to town.

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I'm OK- You Need Work
14 votes

#22 - I'm OK- You Need Work

21 Jump Street - Season 2 - Episode 15

Hanson becomes trapped in a private drug clinic where he had himself placed in order to investigate claims of patient abuse made by a kid he once busted on drug charges.

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The Joining
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#23 - The Joining

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 1 - Episode 22

Divers stumble across a strange radiant canister while searching for sunken treasure. Upon opening the canister an alien being known as Ha'gel is released from its prison and assumes the identity of one of the crew and destroys the others. Boone is called to the crime scene and his suspicions are raised when he finds Taelon writing on the empty canister. Upon questioning, the Taelons tell Boone that Ha'gel is the last of an alien criminal caste. Afraid that Earth will learn the truth, the Companion's recruit the help of Beckett to deal with Ha'gel. Ha'gel assumes Sandoval's form, and confronts Beckett.

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Smokey Mountain Requiem
12 votes

#24 - Smokey Mountain Requiem

Wiseguy - Season 1 - Episode 14

Vinnie has second thoughts about the case and tells Frank he wants out. When he goes to Mel to resign, Mel offers him a chance to take over his worldwide drug operation. The catch: Vinnie must go to Tennessee and take it back from the middle men who have seized control. (source:

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#25 - Epiphany

Stargate Atlantis - Season 2 - Episode 12

Sheppard finds himself on a planet where time passes more rapidly, with no way to contact his team or return to Atlantis.

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For the Sake of the Children
160 votes

#26 - For the Sake of the Children

Cedar Cove - Season 1 - Episode 5

Olivia presides over a messy divorce, while town librarian, Grace, must scramble to raise funds for the library when the town council decides to shut it down to save money. Meanwhile, Jack continues to struggle with his relationship with his son Eric. Things finally come to a head when Eric refuses to work and Jack must decide whether or not he is strong enough to give his son an ultimatum.

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163 votes

#27 - Periculum

Witchblade - Season 1 - Episode 7

Sara is put to the ultimate Witchblade trial. Meanwhile, Captain Dante introduces Jake to a secret brotherhood of vigilante officers who use their own methods to exact justice - will he join with them?

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56 votes

#28 - Tripwire

Jeremiah - Season 1 - Episode 14

Realizing that Valhalla Sector is systematically taking control of the Nuclear Missile Silos starting from the east coast and moving east to-wards Thunder Mountain (Cheyenne Mountain) Marcus decided to make their Presence Known at a nearby town that has a missile silo, they offer men machines electricity and medicine, in hopes of winning over the people of the town and make an ally of the people so they can stop the advance of the people of Valhalla sector, but Ezekiel appears and is seen by Jeremiah talking to Chen, suspecting something wrong he chases after Ezekiel but is knocked out by Chen from behind, when Jeremiah wakes up he runs to warn Marcus that something bad is going to happen when he is struck down by a snipers bullet fired by Ezekiel in a nearby building.

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Small Friends
65 votes

#29 - Small Friends

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 5 - Episode 3

When he was young, Gene Morton killed a man who tried to steal the credit for his brilliant research. Now working on a prison assembly line fixing the busted tape decks of fellow inmates, his chances at parole have been sabotaged by his own honesty and sense of guilt. Although it's a lonely life, late at night, after lights-out, Gene brings out his small friends, a swarm of microscopic machines that he made from prison scrap and keeps in a matchbox. The MEMS short for microelectromechanical machines are controlled by a small keypad and can work together to perform an amazing variety of tasks, from sculpting steel to picking locks. The MEMS are Gene's little secret until one night when he takes pity on Lawrence, a fellow inmate who has broken a CD player belonging to Marlon, the prison tough guy. Knowing Marlon might kill Lawrence, Gene sends the MEMS to fix the player. Lawrence is dazzled, but repays the favor by teaming up with Marlon to blackmail Gene. The t

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#30 - Conundrum

Witchblade - Season 1 - Episode 2

Sara and Jake are caught up in the world of high fashion when a stunning young model is murdered. Sara's connection to the legacy of the witchblade becomes more mysterious when she uncovers a link between her past and the dead model's roommate.

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The Raising of Lazarus
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#31 - The Raising of Lazarus

War of the Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 23

A strange alien pod is found and taken to a nuclear research facility. The Blackwood Project is summoned to investigate, but their authority is soon overridden by a mysterious Project 9.

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A Big Disease with a Little Name
16 votes

#32 - A Big Disease with a Little Name

21 Jump Street - Season 2 - Episode 13

Dorothy an old girlfriend of Penhall's, who walked out on him two years ago, returns and decides to move in with him. Hanson gets assigned to protect a student with AIDS who is being made to feel unwelcome in class.

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13 votes

#33 - Spaceman

R L Stine's The Haunting Hour - Season 3 - Episode 6

Aaron (Will Shadley) is a lonely boy who is given a toy space helmet by a neighborhood woman. The helmet begins receiving calls, however there are no batteries in it.

Prisoner's Base (2)
43 votes

#34 - Prisoner's Base (2)

Nero Wolfe (2001) - Season 1 - Episode 6

Archie is arrested for impersonating a police officer while investigating the death of a woman who had stayed briefly at Wolfe's brownstone. Wolfe comes to the aid of his headstrong assistant, and they eventually expose a scheme to steal a fortune that someone feels is worth killing for.

Prisoner's Base (1)
45 votes

#35 - Prisoner's Base (1)

Nero Wolfe (2001) - Season 1 - Episode 5

Archie is arrested for impersonating a police officer while investigating the death of a woman who had stayed briefly at Wolfe's brownstone. Wolfe comes to the aid of his headstrong assistant, and they eventually expose a scheme to steal a fortune that someone feels is worth killing for.

Alien Radio (a.k.a. Dead Air)
92 votes

#36 - Alien Radio (a.k.a. Dead Air)

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 5 - Episode 1

Stan Harbinger (Joe Pantoliano) is a top-rated talk show host with a flare for the outrageous and a reputation as a skeptic's skeptic. Assisted by his producer Trudy (Cynthia Nixon), Stan takes special delight in shooting down callers who claim to have alien encounters, especially people like Eldon DeVries (Alan Zinyk), who believes his body has been taken over by aliens. However, when Eldon commits suicide by setting himself on fire in front of Stan, things begin to go wrong for Stan. A plan to syndicate the show is threatened by protests from UFO believers, angry at Stan's role in Eldon's death. Stan's skepticism is challenged when he notices that other people have the same distinctive triple heartbeat he heard coming from Eldon just before he died. Close to the edge, Stan finally looses it after Darcy Kipling (Leslie Hope), a woman he picked up in a bar, turns out to be a Believer and sets him up with a phony tape. He assaults Darcy's fellow Believer, Moses

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A Multitude of Idols
22 votes

#37 - A Multitude of Idols

War of the Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 5

The aliens move toward an operation that will begin integrating themselves into human society, thus developing agents to be active anywhere in the world.

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How Much is That Body in the Window?
19 votes

#38 - How Much is That Body in the Window?

21 Jump Street - Season 2 - Episode 10

Penhall gets close to a football player suspected of using steroids at a school where an olympic hopeful gymnast died after a performance due to steroid abuse. Hanson considers becoming a big brother.

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150 votes

#39 - Consectatio

Witchblade - Season 2 - Episode 4

Obsessed with his feelings for Sara Pezzini and driven by the spirt of Kenneth Irons, Ian Nottingham contracts with a group of deadly assassins, The Black Dragons, to murder Sara.

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155 votes

#40 - Redemption

Earth: Final Conflict - Season 2 - Episode 8

Beckett's CVI begins to break down, causing her to slip and fall while climbing in a cave. Unconscious, she hallucinates a trial for her crimes against humanity and for collaborating with the Taelons. Liam and Augur try to find Becket before Sandoval finds and kills her.

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The Currency We Trade In
19 votes

#41 - The Currency We Trade In

21 Jump Street - Season 3 - Episode 3

A popular sports writer finds his whole life ruined when Penhall believes his ex-wife's allegations of his being a child molester.

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144 votes

#42 - Legion

Witchblade - Season 1 - Episode 5

A priest is brutally killed, and a young member of his congregation is the prime suspect. Despite the boy's affirmations of guilt, Sara suspects something else is at work. Investigating, she comes to believe that the boy was possessed by demons, and yet she still believes he was not the one responsible. She also fences with Father Del Toro, who has been assigned by the Vatican to investigate. Del Toro seems to know a great deal about the Witchblade as well, from its time when it was kept at the Vatican. Eventually Del Toro is revealed as the true murderer.

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The Second Seal
17 votes

#43 - The Second Seal

War of the Worlds - Season 1 - Episode 7

The aliens begin infiltrating a military base in hopes of possessing a list containing the location of 10,000 of their stored-away comrades.

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From Within
162 votes

#44 - From Within

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 2 - Episode 13

A mentally challenged boy named Howie is the last unaffected person in a small town overrun by a strange madness. Miners unearth ancient parasites, in the shape of worms, that attack the brains of their hosts. While the infected townsfolk lose all their inhibitions, Howie must save his sister Sheila, the only person who truly cares for him. Deprived of Sheila's guidance for the first time in his life, Howie struggles to evade his maddened neighbors and destroy the parasites. In the process, he becomes a hero to the whole town.

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150 votes

#45 - Static

Witchblade - Season 2 - Episode 5

When a rock star meets his untimely demise, Sara and Danny are called in on a series of strange homicides. But when Sara discovers that the killer is using a trail of mayhem to lure her into a trap, her investigation turns into a fight for the Witchblade.

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Bits of Love
197 votes

#46 - Bits of Love

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 3 - Episode 1

Aidan Hunter may be the last man on earth after a nuclear holocaust, but he's not lonely. In his subterranean bomb shelter, hes surrounded by his family, friends, lovers, anyone he wants ... Unfortunately, they're holograms -- computer generated people controlled by a beautiful holographic interface named Emma. But when curiosity turns to touch and Aidan makes love to Emma in a virtual reality pod, he quickly learns that trifling with a computers feelings can be dangerous ... and the morning after can be all too real.

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Ghost in the Road
104 votes

#47 - Ghost in the Road

Poltergeist: The Legacy - Season 1 - Episode 8

The episode begins with Nick in a bar. There is a couple sitting next to him. They begin to have an argument. Nick begins to talk to the woman, and her boyfriend gets jealous. Nick and the boyfriend get into a fight, Nick punches him to the ground. The couple then leave. On their way home in a car, Jerry starts slapping Wendy, she gets out of the car and walks away, he reverses into her and places her in the car boot. He then pushes the car over a cliff. Several months later, Nick is driving up that same road. He sees a woman standing in the middle of the road. He gives her a ride. He recognises her from the bar. The next morning (they were driving all night), Nick drops her off at a Caravan site, however, she dissapears. Nick asks this elderly couple if they have seen her. The couple tell Nick that Wendy has been dead for five months. Nick looks shocked ! At the Legacy House, Derek and Rachel discover a secret room behind a cupboard. They find a statue of Jesus Christ. He is holding

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The Voice of Reason
178 votes

#48 - The Voice of Reason

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 1 - Episode 22

A civilian with strong ties to the military tries desperately to use concrete evidence to convince a high level committee that alien forces are trying to overcome the human race.

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Breaking Point
65 votes

#49 - Breaking Point

The Outer Limits (1995) - Season 6 - Episode 5

When Andrew McLaren is fired from his job at Anderson Technology, he suspects that he's being let go because the company president doesn't want to give him credit for his work on the CPS-1200, an as-yet untested time machine. Defiant, Andrew decides to take a trip in the machine. When he reaches his destination, two days in the future, his head is throbbing with a migraine and he is shocked to find that the police are looking for him. Fleeing the lab, he returns home to discover his wife lying in a pool of blood and a man fleeing the scene in a car. Shocked at his discovery, Andrew is determined to use his time machine to change what happened.

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What a Mother Wouldn't Do
14 votes

#50 - What a Mother Wouldn't Do

Friday the 13th: The Series - Season 1 - Episode 25

Two desperate parents were given an antique cradle by a symathetic Lewis Vendredi. The cradle belonged to a female passenger aboard the Titanic. Trying to rescue her child, she accidentally capsized a lifeboat that killed seven passengers, but her child floated to safety. Now, the curse of the cradle lets the parents cure their ailing baby if they kill seven people by water while the baby is in the cradle. However, they must do so before the anniversary of the Titanic's sinking. Ultimiately, trying to kill the child's babysitter, the parents themselves both manage to die by water, inadvertently giving their lives to save their child. The babysitter ends up with the cured baby, and the trio recover the cradle.

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