The BEST episodes directed by Kenneth Johnson

The Price of Liberty
16 votes

#1 - The Price of Liberty

The Six Million Dollar Man - Season 3 - Episode 3

An ex-government employee feels the government owes him something since he was laid off due to cutbacks and has been unemployed since. He rigs the liberty bell, which is on tour around the country due to the bicentennial celebration, to explode unless he gets $5 million dollars and safe passage out of the country. Steve and Oscar must rely on an explosive expert who is in prison to defuse the bomb.

Doomsday is Tomorrow (2)
20 votes

#2 - Doomsday is Tomorrow (2)

The Bionic Woman - Season 2 - Episode 15

Jaime battles for her life as she tries to stop the launch of the doomsday device, which is now controlled by the ALEX 7000 super-computer.

Doomsday is Tomorrow (1)
23 votes

#3 - Doomsday is Tomorrow (1)

The Bionic Woman - Season 2 - Episode 14

Dr. Elijah Cooper, an aging scientist, threatens the release of a doomsday device unless world peace is maintained.

Empty Quiver
206 votes

#4 - Empty Quiver

JAG - Season 8 - Episode 17

Cdr. Turner gets to hitch a ride on a submarine that is bound for the mideast when it has been discovered that a 10-kiloton nuclear warhead has turned up missing.

Time Gremlin
50 votes

#5 - Time Gremlin

7 Days - Season 2 - Episode 11

A doctor in California destroys the entire state by experimenting with explosive fault line devices, and Parker must prevent a tidal wave from killing over ten million people. Complications arise when he Backsteps and ends up with a strange creature capable of generating temporal disruptions that is intent on destroying Backstep.

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Back in the Saddle
298 votes

#6 - Back in the Saddle

JAG - Season 9 - Episode 6

Harm is shocked to find that his life is making another unplanned turn, when he is notified that he is fired from the CIA for being inadvertantly shown on the cable news network ZNN carrying a young girl after landing on the USS Seahawk. Unemployed once again, Harm takes up crop-dusting to pay the bills. At JAG, Commander Carolyn Imes who once worked at HQ-JAG (when she was a Lt. Cmdr), is brought back to HQ from overseas duty to fill the vacancy created by the departure of Cmdr. Rabb. But its Bud & Mac who are shocked when they learn that their old colleague falsified documents and has been practicing law without passing the Bar Exam. And Catherine Gale ""shocks"" Harm with the news that she is pregnant.

Second Acts
288 votes

#7 - Second Acts

JAG - Season 8 - Episode 19

Having felt betrayed in the past by the present members of JAG, Commander Lindsey delivers his report to the SecNav critical of the Admiral & the rest of the staff at JAG.

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All Ye Faithful
266 votes

#8 - All Ye Faithful

JAG - Season 8 - Episode 11

On board the aircraft carrier USS Coral Sea, Harm & Admiral Boone await the arrival of the transport plane to take them back to DC. Harm was onboard the carrier to review the new Atlantic Fleet JAG command structure, while Admiral Boone was onboard making a business representation to the CAG of the Coral Sea. Admiral Boone, reassigned when SecNav Nelson was replaced, tells Harm that he's retired for good. Just before they board their aircraft, the CAG tells Adm. Boone he was impressed with his presentation, but when Harm goes to shake the CAG's hand goodbye, the CAG refuses to take his hand, brushing him aside. Harm is left wondering why the CAG, who he had never met, appears not to like him. They then exit to the flight deck in time to see their plane about to land. The landing however, doesn't occur, since their tailhook broke away & landed on the deck. The COD initiates an emergency take-off, leaving the two friends with the realization that they will spending this Christmas E

Theseus' Ship
1412 votes

#9 - Theseus' Ship

Chicago Med - Season 2 - Episode 13

Dr. Rhodes convinces Dr. Latham to join him for a medical trip out of town. Dr. Manning treats an 8 year-old cancer patient who wants to give up on his battle. Elsewhere, an unhealthy woman with heart problems is brought in and doesn’t want to listen to doctors. Meanwhile, Dr. Choi, Dr. Charles and Dr. Reese work on a complicated case involving a woman with a personality disorder.

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Friendly Fire
269 votes

#10 - Friendly Fire

JAG - Season 8 - Episode 15

In yet another ""ripped from the headlines"" episode, Harm takes his turn on the bench in a 'friendly fire' incident, whereby British troops were killed after an American pilot accidently dropped his bomb ordnance on their location. Mac is assigned to prosecute the pilot, but has to deal with Harm's repeated impartial rulings. Harm though has his own problems as the SecNav makes it crystal clear to him that a conviction is required to satisfy the British. News reporter Bill O'Reilly is featured.

Persian Gulf
267 votes

#11 - Persian Gulf

JAG - Season 9 - Episode 16

Sadik Fahd who held Mac & Webb captive in Paraguay at the end of last season, shows up in Washington, DC and Mac has to wonder what he's up to when he begins to contact her. Harm temporarily loses his hearing when the car battery on his Corvette explodes while he was working on it.

Automatic for the People
327 votes

#12 - Automatic for the People

JAG - Season 10 - Episode 11

An F-14 crashes while kids watch from the playground at their school; Harm investigates, and he gets answers. Bud's anger-management course degenerates into a fight. Mac beats the general during an annual requal on a pistol range.

Prometheus (1)
71 votes

#13 - Prometheus (1)

The Incredible Hulk - Season 4 - Episode 1

Prometheus Part 1 of 2. After being exposed to the radiation of a meteor that had just crashed to the Earth, David's transformation back from the Hulk stops midway, leaving him half-Hulk/half human.

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What If
236 votes

#14 - What If

JAG - Season 9 - Episode 18

Members of the JAG staff are "helped" along to discover their true inner feelings while celebrating Jennifer Coates promotion to Petty Officer 1st Class.

Vegas Heist
169 votes

#15 - Vegas Heist

7 Days - Season 1 - Episode 18

As the team vacations in Las Vegas, a group tries to rob a casino to save their African village.

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One Big Boat
316 votes

#16 - One Big Boat

JAG - Season 10 - Episode 6

A Naval Academy sailing team (that includes Bud's younger brother Mikey) is fighting a squall during practice when a female sailor is swept overboard and drowned. The JAG staff investigate whether the Commander was negligent when he ordered his team to sail through the squall.

Married (2)
16 votes

#17 - Married (2)

The Incredible Hulk - Season 2 - Episode 2

David 'Benton' travels to Hawaii to meet Dr. Carolyn Fields (Mariette Hartley), a psychologist whose technique might help control the Hulk. However, Dr. Fields is in the terminal stages of a disease that the Hulk could help cure. With the pair working in close proximity, love begins to bloom with tragic results.

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100 votes

#18 - Raven

7 Days - Season 3 - Episode 12

A missile test disaster sends Parker back in time to find a beautiful revenge-minded thief who has stolen the device that will cause the disaster.

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The One That Got Away
225 votes

#19 - The One That Got Away

JAG - Season 9 - Episode 4

While conducting a flight test, Harm ends up involved in a serious CIA mission, over North Korea. In Iraq, a Marine recon platoon is surprised by a 10 year-old Iraqi unarmed civilian tending to his goats. Surprised at seeing the armed Marine, the boy runs off. Later the platoon is involved in a skirmish, resulting in two deaths and the Sergeant losing their radio. Unable to call in for transportation out of the desert, the platoon must end up walking many miles in the desert to safety. Once safe, it is learned that the firefight was the result of the boy returning to his village & notifying some of the local Iraqi resistance members, who immediately went out to engage the platoon.

Prometheus (2)
70 votes

#20 - Prometheus (2)

The Incredible Hulk - Season 4 - Episode 2

Prometheus Part 2 of 2. David's half-Hulk/half-human condition leads a military group called Prometheus to believe that he is an alien, so they capture him, and then send him to a lab for study.

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Training Division
32 votes

#21 - Training Division

Adam-12 - Season 6 - Episode 8

A rookie cop with a "know-it-all" attitude, Officer Barrett, presents problems for the officers on the force, including Officer Wells, Malloy and Reed. At the start of the episode -- after an academy demonstration of an arrest gone tragically wrong -- Barrett bungles the arrest of an elderly man suspected of holding up a bank. Officers Malloy and Wells verbally reprimand Barrett (who has apparently made similar mistakes before) about his latest mistakes, even though the old gent did not display a weapon (he simply presented a note to a teller requesting $1 million) and had a few screws loose. Near the end of the show, the officers must deal with a bomber who has planted an explosive device inside a cereal box at a local grocery store, with the bomb set to go off within the hour. After the officers corner the suspect (who holds another man at gunpoint) Barrett chokes when Reed orders the hot-dog rookie to arrest the suspect; Malloy eventually takes the man into custody. In the wrap-up,

Two Towns
262 votes

#22 - Two Towns

JAG - Season 10 - Episode 19

Mac goes to Iraq to investigate a bombing that killed a group of Marine reservists, while Harm and Bud go to Oklahoma to assist their families, but end up prosecuting the sole survivor, who is accused of starting a fire that destroyed the Marine Reserve Center.

Sister's Keeper
75 votes

#23 - Sister's Keeper

7 Days - Season 2 - Episode 7

Parker backsteps to save Olga's sister, Svetlana, from the Russian mafia.

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Top Dog
70 votes

#24 - Top Dog

7 Days - Season 3 - Episode 9

When Talmadge becomes incapacitated because of an apparent brain aneurysm, Nathan Ramsey is appointed as his successor, and Ramsey immediately begins to implement Parker's removal.

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The Dunwych Madness
99 votes

#25 - The Dunwych Madness

7 Days - Season 3 - Episode 4

Mentnor's post-World War II experiments return to haunt him, as a virus that causes homicidal madness gets loose in an isolated New England village.

Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood
71 votes

#26 - Mr. Donovan's Neighborhood

7 Days - Season 2 - Episode 21

When a reverend fighting against drug deals in Donovan's old neighborhood gets killed, Donovan's sister is killed as well. Donovan investigates and is arrested for killing one of the men responsible, and Frank engineers a Backstep to go back and save his friend.

100 votes

#27 - Rhino

7 Days - Season 3 - Episode 3

Parker teams with an old friend, a Navy SEAL, to prevent the assassination of the new president of Columbia at a White House state dinner.

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The Fire Last Time
97 votes

#28 - The Fire Last Time

7 Days - Season 3 - Episode 7

While on a mission to prevent the murder of the U.S. Attorney General by a religious zealot, Parker is plagued by flashbacks to a disastrous mission in Somalia where the rest of his team were killed.

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Born in the USSR
99 votes

#29 - Born in the USSR

7 Days - Season 3 - Episode 21

In Russia over 38,000 people are wiped out by Sarin gas, but it is a ploy by a Russian military officer to gain access to Olga and create their own Backstep Sphere.

Alien Nation: The TV Movie
201 votes

#30 - Alien Nation: The TV Movie

Alien Nation - Season 1 - Episode 1

When the Francisco family move into a rich suburban part of L.A., they get to experice hate and racism spread by the radical Purists.

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Married (1)
76 votes

#31 - Married (1)

The Incredible Hulk - Season 2 - Episode 1

David 'Benton' travels to Hawaii to meet Dr. Carolyn Fields (Mariette Hartley), a psychologist whose technique might help control the Hulk. However, Dr. Fields is in the terminal stages of a disease that the Hulk could help cure. With the pair working in close proximity, love begins to bloom with tragic results

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The Ghosthunter
18 votes

#32 - The Ghosthunter

The Bionic Woman - Season 1 - Episode 14

Jaime becomes the governess for a girl in a small New England town when the top-secret project the girl's father is working on is disrupted by super-natural forces.

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