The Best Episodes Directed by John Whitesell

Pride and Prejudice

#1 - Pride and Prejudice

A Different World Season 3 - Episode 14

Whitley goes to a jewelry store to buy a birthday present for her father. Freddie tags along because she enjoys watching Whitley "power shop." The clerk ignores them and is reluctant to open the display case. She also suggests a cheap watch, as she doesn't think that Whitley can afford any of the high-end merchandise. Freddie believes that the clerk is a racist and decides to leave. Whitley argues that the clerk probably thought they were poor because of their manner of dress. (Whitley had not changed after her tennis game.) Whitley spends a fortune to prove herself, but her friends argue that this only gives the clerk a fat commission. Whitley returns everything and tells off the clerk, getting the woman in hot water with her manager. The ROTC holds a retreat to teach civilians about life in the Army. Walter makes a fool of himself and loses a bet to Col. Taylor. Dwayne ignores Ron's instructions during a flag capture game. He gets lost in the mountains and comes in contact with poiso

star 9.63
7 votes
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Rob Learns Spanish

#2 - Rob Learns Spanish

¡Rob! Season 1 - Episode 5

Rob asks Hector to teach him Spanish - in secret - so he can understand what Maggie's family is saying about him. Meanwhile, Fernando pretends to be on a diet for Rosa.

star 8.19
168 votes
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#3 - Home-Ec

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 16

Darlene is embarassed when Roseanne gives Darlene's home economics class a supermarket lesson in real-life family budgeting; D.J. has to deal with a bully.

star 8.18
149 votes
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God Only Knows

#4 - God Only Knows

Valentine Season 1 - Episode 8

Grace finds an unconventional way to get a couple together. Ray wants to return the Adamantine Blade to Hades, but then a strange woman shows up.

star 8.02
58 votes
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Dudes & Chicks

#5 - Dudes & Chicks

Bella and the Bulldogs Season 2 - Episode 7

Bella takes an interest in Sawyer's cousin but an incident from her past threatens the budding friendship; Sophie, Troy and Newt try to save baby chicks from an awful fate.

star 7.96
26 votes
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The Pied Piper of Lanford

#6 - The Pied Piper of Lanford

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 25

Dan and Roseanne commit to opening a motorcycle shop with a free-spirited old friend who gets cold feet at the last minute.

star 7.96
229 votes
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Scenes from a Barbecue

#7 - Scenes from a Barbecue

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 24

The Connors celebrate Mother's Day with a barbecue with Roseanne's feisty grandmother.

star 7.90
210 votes
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Like, a Virgin

#8 - Like, a Virgin

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 3

Roseanne decides it's time to give Becky "the talk" unaware that it's Darlene who needs it more.

star 7.89
256 votes
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Army of One

#9 - Army of One

Chicago P.D. Season 4 - Episode 22

A live video is streamed online showcasing a tortured man being beaten and burned alive. Upon further investigation, the victim's identity is traced back to that of a man who had been previously locked up for statutory rape. When another attack of a similar nature occurs, Intelligence finds a connection between the crimes, suspected pedophiles, and group named the Perv Hunters. Meanwhile, Lindsay runs into a few bumps in the road - both personally and professionally.

star 7.89
1938 votes
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Blossom in Paris (2)

#10 - Blossom in Paris (2)

Blossom Season 4 - Episode 2

Joey and Anthony take jobs as air couriers to Paris.

star 7.83
6 votes
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Blossom in Paris (4)

#11 - Blossom in Paris (4)

Blossom Season 4 - Episode 4

Blossom must decide whether or not to stay in Paris with her mother.

star 7.83
6 votes
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Bird is the Word

#12 - Bird is the Word

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 9

Becky is suspended for allegedly making an obscene gesture in her class photo – which makes her suddenly popular at school – but Roseanne is the one called into the principal's office.

star 7.83
215 votes
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What Part of No?

#13 - What Part of No?

The Client List Season 2 - Episode 10

When Lacey gets attacked by a man breaking into Riley’s home, both Riley and Kyle feel responsible. Riley goes on a mission to find out the identity of the man who broke into her home. When Evan’s investigation with the police is moving too slow, Riley turns to Georgia for help. Meanwhile, Selena discovers a secret about Nikki and Derek. Riley helps her client, Ben Miller, calm his nerves before he goes out on a date with the girl of his dreams.

star 7.79
422 votes
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The Courtship of Eddie, Dan's Father

#14 - The Courtship of Eddie, Dan's Father

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 13

Dan's visiting father astonishes everyone by announcing his plans to marry Crystal.

star 7.77
181 votes
Blossom in Paris (3)

#15 - Blossom in Paris (3)

Blossom Season 4 - Episode 3

Vinnie shows up in Paris; Anthony and Joey are followed; Nick and Six's mother spend the night together.

star 7.71
7 votes
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Valentine's Day

#16 - Valentine's Day

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 17

Roseanne is mad at Dan for forgetting Valentine's Day, so he winds up full-figure lingerie shopping; and Darlene's upset when a boy she likes asks out Becky instead.

star 7.70
266 votes
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#17 - Promise

Chicago P.D. Season 5 - Episode 3

When a young Latina woman is brutally murdered, Intelligence suspects she may have been working as a drug mule. With Antonio leading the case, the team's investigation takes them into the grim world of meat processing, and the discovery that there may be a different motive behind her death.

star 7.70
1686 votes
The Wedding

#18 - The Wedding

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 14

Against Dan's wishes, Roseanne forges ahead with wedding preparations, with Crystal revealing she's pregnant with Ed's child.

star 7.68
141 votes
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Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?

#19 - Do You Know Where Your Parents Are?

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 11

Since the girls continually break curfew, Dan and Roseanne celebrate the anniversary of their first lovemaking by revisiting the restaurant/hotel – and staying out very, very late, hoping to teach the girls a lesson, with the help of Officer Jackie.

star 7.67
217 votes
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Like, a New Job

#20 - Like, a New Job

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 4

Despite her misgivings, Roseanne, working late as a coffee-shop waitress, leaves Dan in charge of the kids.

star 7.65
262 votes
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Girl Meets World

#21 - Girl Meets World

Girl Meets World Season 1 - Episode 1

When Maya leads a rebellion in class, Riley joins in to try to be like her - much to her father, Cory's, dismay.

star 7.63
490 votes
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Action Mountain High

#22 - Action Mountain High

Grounded for Life Season 1 - Episode 5

Lily's trip to an amusement park with a group of her friends backfires when she calls Sean to pick her up. He doesn't like what he sees, and when he realizes HE was the one called because everyone thought he would go easy on them, he proceeds to get them all in trouble by telling their parents.

star 7.62
77 votes
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PMS, I Love You

#23 - PMS, I Love You

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 8

Roseanne's PMS day and Dan's birthday are on a collision course.

star 7.61
188 votes
Friends and Relatives

#24 - Friends and Relatives

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 2

Lending money to pal Arnie comes easily for Dan, but he believes that borrowing from family only adds up to disaster.

star 7.61
254 votes
Re-Enter the Dragon

#25 - Re-Enter the Dragon

Action Season 1 - Episode 2

Peter hires Wendy as the vice president of production. When her pimp gets word of this he goes to see Peter to talk things over, so Peter hires him as the co-executive producer of ""Beverly Hills Gun Club"".

star 7.60
5 votes
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Dream Lover

#26 - Dream Lover

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 10

Dan ill-advisedly tells Roseanne he's having dreams of a mysterious, and oddly homely, other woman.

star 7.59
236 votes
Goodbye, Mr. Right

#27 - Goodbye, Mr. Right

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 5

After Police Officer Jackie gets slightly injured, Gary says he's tired of always worrying about her and wants her to quit her job as a Police Woman. Meanwhile, Becky and Darlene find something disturbing under DJ's bed that makes them believe he's a complete psycho.

star 7.57
245 votes
Becky, Beds and Boys

#28 - Becky, Beds and Boys

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 6

Becky's folks pressure her to stop dating a boy.

star 7.55
257 votes
Troubles with the Rubbles

#29 - Troubles with the Rubbles

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 21

The new wife next door, Kathy Bowman, looks down on Roseanne and complains that D.J. is a bad influence on her son Todd.

star 7.44
140 votes
Vegas Interruptus

#30 - Vegas Interruptus

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 19

Roseanne may lose her job if she and Dan go on their long-awaited trip to see Wayne Newton perform in Las Vegas.

star 7.42
155 votes
Second Time Around

#31 - Second Time Around

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 22

Roseanne helps Crystal with her Lamaze classes; Dan's near-fatal accident at work makes D.J. follow him obsessively; Dan and Roseanne sit up all night doing their wills, and Jackie is offended that she doesn't get custody of the kids.

star 7.41
224 votes
Trick or Treat

#32 - Trick or Treat

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 7

Roseanne, mistaken for a guy in her lumberjack Halloween costume, plays along with some braggarts and learns about machismo.

star 7.36
211 votes
Communicable Theater

#33 - Communicable Theater

Roseanne Season 3 - Episode 18

Roseanne is torn between taking care of her flu-stricken husband and helping Jackie learn lines for her play.

star 7.33
156 votes
Out of Control

#34 - Out of Control

Law & Order Season 2 - Episode 8

The detectives investigate the gang rape of a college student during a fraternity Holloween party.

star 7.32
324 votes
She Ain't Heavy

#35 - She Ain't Heavy

Jack & Jill Season 1 - Episode 6

Jill's younger sister Abby comes to visit. Elisa goes to dinner and to a play solo. Audrey and Barto sleep together. Mikey takes Abby to a night club and Jill goes to find her. Jill and Abby have a fight but later part on good terms. Barto sees Audrey hanging out with Travis, the director again and he is crushed.

star 7.25
4 votes
Prescription for Death

#36 - Prescription for Death

Law & Order Season 1 - Episode 1

When a young woman dies during a hectic emergency room night shift, her father claims the hospital was negligent, and an investigation leads the detectives to believe that the doctor treating her may have been drunk on duty.

star 7.22
728 votes
The Troubles

#37 - The Troubles

Law & Order Season 1 - Episode 20

Logan is forced to face his cultural biases when both a Lebanese gunrunner and an Irish terrorist are suspected of killing a drug dealer.

star 7.21
318 votes
Blossom in Paris (1)

#38 - Blossom in Paris (1)

Blossom Season 4 - Episode 1

After moving to Paris to live with her mother, Blossom finds a new boyfriend, friendly waiter Laurent, who gives her a tour of the romantic city par excellence.

star 7.00
7 votes
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#39 - Blowhard

Action Season 1 - Episode 4

Peter hires Cole Ricardi for the lead role in ""Beverly Hills Gun Club"" but then Cole confides in Peter by telling him he's gay. He wants to everyone but Peter tells him not to because it will ruin the film's intake. To try to stop him from telling his secret to anyone else Peter tells him he's also gay, which he isn't but he has sex with him to prove to him he is gay. then Bobby G. and Momo Shabong tell Peter to fire Cole because they want a younger actor. He fires him but then Cole goes on TV and tells everyone he's gay and Peter's his lover.

star 7.00
3 votes
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