The Best Episodes Directed by James Quinn

Saint Nick

#1 - Saint Nick

Early Edition Season 3 - Episode 5

Erica reunites with a childhood friend, Nick Sterling, who seems to be the perfect guy. Gary is jealous of their relationship and reads in the paper that Nick is going to propose to Erica. Gary also reads that the hospital that Nick just got done building is going to catch on fire at the opening party so he goes to the party but the building still catches on fire and he has to save Nick and Erica.

star 8.29
130 votes
Red Tape

#2 - Red Tape

Miami Vice Season 3 - Episode 19

Tubbs searches desperately for the source of information leaks about future busts.

star 8.13
30 votes
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The Wedding

#3 - The Wedding

Early Edition Season 2 - Episode 3

McGinty's is asked to cater the wedding of Gary's ex-girlfriend, his high school sweetheart. Her romantic feelings are still somewhat directed at Gary, and what's worse, her father has been under police's witness protection for three weeks and the paper warns of criminal and violent actions at the wedding.

star 7.96
110 votes
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Old Friends

#4 - Old Friends

Law & Order Season 4 - Episode 22

A truck hits a pedestrian and the investigation reveals the victim's link to a baby-food company in which a new partner has connections to the Russian mob.

star 7.79
191 votes
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The Wall (2)

#5 - The Wall (2)

Early Edition Season 1 - Episode 15

While on the run from the police, Gary attempts to find out more about the origin of the paper. Gary attempts to stay away from the President to prevent the murder, but is curious what will happen instead.

star 7.71
144 votes
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#6 - Stolen

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 3 - Episode 3

The kidnapping of an infant at a grocery store leads to a scheme of snatching and selling babies for adoption which brings back a case from twelve years ago that involved Captain Cragen and his partner, the late Max Greevey.

star 7.68
362 votes

#7 - Consent

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 2 - Episode 10

A college girl is raped during a frat party, but can't remember anything that happened. The detectives then find that she had a date rape drug in her system, leaving the detectives with many suspects and accomplicases.

star 7.67
363 votes

#8 - Ego

Law & Order Season 11 - Episode 17

When the dead body of Karen Hall, an investigator with the State Attorney General's Office Criminal Division, is found in a Manhattan river, Detectives Briscoe and Green find that her boss, Frank Conroy, had written off her disappearance as a random kidnapping from an Albany train station. But as more is learned about Conroy's controlling relationships -- with the dead woman, with his wife and with a long-term girlfriend -- he quickly becomes a suspect.

star 7.64
122 votes
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House Counsel

#9 - House Counsel

Law & Order Season 5 - Episode 10

The killing of a man who had served as a juror in a mob trial leads to a battle of wills between McCoy and his long-time friend, the suspect's attorney.

star 7.60
217 votes

#10 - Indifference

Law & Order Season 1 - Episode 9

During the investigation into the death of a little girl in a respectable, middle-class family, Greevey and Logan uncover a myriad of family secrets involving abuse, molestation, and murder.

star 7.60
381 votes
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Swept Away

#11 - Swept Away

Law & Order Season 11 - Episode 15

When a participant in a TV reality show is murdered, McCoy goes after the producers and network executives for deliberately fomenting hostility among the participants to boost the ratings. All too appropriately, the outcome of the case hinges on a videotape made by a hidden-camera.

star 7.53
142 votes
Blind Faith

#12 - Blind Faith

Early Edition Season 4 - Episode 17

Gary loses his sight while he is trying to prevent three teens from being blown up by an old cannon ball. While at the hospital, Gary meets a yong kid named Nate Calvin, whose mother is ill. The next day, without being able to see, Gary must save Nate Calvin, who is trapped in an abandoned building.

star 7.50
70 votes
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Amen...Send Money

#13 - Amen...Send Money

Miami Vice Season 4 - Episode 2

The fury of feuding TV evangelists hits Tubbs when he is accused raping a parishoner.

star 7.50
65 votes
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Teen Angels

#14 - Teen Angels

Early Edition Season 3 - Episode 11

Gary is mistaken for a substitute teacher while attempting to stop a high school shooting.

star 7.47
99 votes

#15 - Mayhem

Law & Order Season 4 - Episode 17

During a 24-hour period, Briscoe and Logan have a heavy caseload that includes 5 unrelated murders and a domestic quarrel, which results in the maiming of the husband.

star 7.46
224 votes
Two to Tangle

#16 - Two to Tangle

Early Edition Season 3 - Episode 17

A couple is fighting with each other over their lingerie company, and Henry befriends their daughter.

star 7.45
98 votes

#17 - Seer

Law & Order Season 13 - Episode 19

The prime suspect in the murder of a woman outside a sex club claims to have merely witnessed the crime via a psychic vision.

star 7.45
137 votes

#18 - Possession

Law & Order Season 12 - Episode 5

Investigating the murder of a woman in a rent-controlled apartment, the detectives discover that she was engaged in a long-running battle with her landlord and had been blocking the potentially lucrative sale of the building.

star 7.42
142 votes
Sunday in the Park with Jorge

#19 - Sunday in the Park with Jorge

Law & Order Season 11 - Episode 11

Following "wilding incidents" in Central Park, a woman's body is found in the lake and the suspects include the deceased's wealthy husband.

star 7.40
144 votes
Equal Rights

#20 - Equal Rights

Law & Order Season 12 - Episode 18

A stock analyst's murder leads the detectives to a corporation whose stock had fallen ... and plenty of suspects in the investors.

star 7.40
133 votes

#21 - Volunteers

Law & Order Season 4 - Episode 2

A disruptive, unbalanced homeless man is found severely beaten in an alley of the middle class neighborhood he calls home, leading Stone to try and prosecute one of the residents for premeditated murder.

star 7.15
236 votes
Crown of Thorns

#22 - Crown of Thorns

Viper Season 1 - Episode 12

A foreign dignitary visiting the U.S. becomes the new target of the assassin who previously killed her father.

star 7.03
33 votes
Everybody's in Show Biz

#23 - Everybody's in Show Biz

Miami Vice Season 3 - Episode 23

An actor/writer is in danger when he steals a drug dealer's briefcase and the vital information it contains.

star 5.96
65 votes
18 Pregnant Mothers

#24 - 18 Pregnant Mothers

BBC Documentaries Season 2009 - Episode 72

Documentary looking at events in Gloucester, Massachusetts, when an unusually large number of teenage girls turned up for pregnancy tests at the clinic of a school. Within hours the news of an alleged 'pregnancy pact' had travelled round the world, appearing in newspapers, TV bulletins and chat shows. Town officials denied the rumours, but was there any truth in them? Featuring interviews with the girls, their families and friends, the film tells the human story behind the headlines.

star 0.00
0 votes
Nazi Pop Twins

#25 - Nazi Pop Twins

Channel 4 (UK) Documentaries Season 2007 - Episode 47

Filmmaker James Quinn investigates the controversial American pop band Prussian Blue, who are fronted by teenage twin girls. They have made headlines around the world with their white nationalist lyrics and have been associated with neo-Nazism.

star 0.00
0 votes