The Best Episodes Directed by James Komack

The Prince and the Pauper

#1 - The Prince and the Pauper

The Monkees Season 1 - Episode 21

A spoof of the Mark Twain novel: "The Prince and the Pauper". When The Monkees audition for an Embassy Ball, Count Myron and his aide Max realize that Davy is a double for Prince Ludlow, 17 year-old heir apparent to the throne. The prince tells Davy that, according to the terms of his nation's constitution, if he is not wed before his 18th birthday, the throne will pass to Count Myron. As they fence, Count Myron and Max are impressed by their scheme to keep Ludlow single by keeping him away from all women and the ones who pay no mind to them will be driven off by the prince's shyness. Myron tells Max he has told Wendy Forsythe, who met Ludlow on the Riviera and took a liking to him, that the prince was a sly, malicious, sadistic pathological liar, in hopes of discouraging her from marrying him. Fortunately, this scheme proves to be a fatal flop, for Wendy comes to see the prince, and is announced by the Courtier, who has a habit of breaking his cane. Too shy to meet her, Ludlow asks Da

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36 votes
There Goes Number 5 (2)

#2 - There Goes Number 5 (2)

Welcome Back, Kotter Season 2 - Episode 19

When Arnold finally shows back up at school, it's discovered that his absence was due to the recent death of his fifth father. A feeling of responsibility within him, Arnold sets out to find a job to help support his siblings and his mother, who's only priority lies in finding a replacement father for her kids.

star 9.00
3 votes
Hill 256

#3 - Hill 256

Combat! Season 1 - Episode 27

Kirby is on trial and is accused of running from the enemy by Sgt. Midcaff. Kirby said there was a machine gun nest. After Kirby convinces Saunders he is telling the truth, Saunders and Caje must prove that Kirby is telling the truth about the machine gun nest.

star 8.33
9 votes
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Rx for Martian

#4 - Rx for Martian

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 16

Martin can make it back to Mars since Mars has deviated from its regular orbit temporarily and is thus closer to Earth than usual. Martin has a 10 hour window of opportunity. Just as he is about ready to leave, he slips down the stairs and sprains his ankle, which also sprains his disappearing antenna. Mrs. Brown immediately calls an ambulance to the scene. When the ambulance physician takes Martin's vital signs, they rush him to the hospital since his vital signs aren't "human". The intern at the hospital has the same reaction. Martin knows that to get them to discharge him from the hospital, he needs to appear humanly normal and thus does everything he can to have normal human vital signs. He passes that test, but when the doctor requires a fluoroscope, Martin is worried since the gamma rays from which will make him explode. Tim manages to take the fluoroscope for Martin, but the doctors keep Martin in the hospital to figure out why the fluoroscope shows that he has the body of a 20-year old. With one hour to spare, Martin regains the use of his disappearing antenna and manages to escape from the hospital. Just as he is ready to leave Earth for the second time, Martin slips down the stairs once again and sprains his other ankle. Nothing can help him this time and he misses his opportunity to get home to Mars. But Martin surmises that home is where you hang your hat, and that just happens to be Earth for the time being.

star 8.14
7 votes
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Viva Smart

#5 - Viva Smart

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 2

Max and 99 travel to San Saludas after being contacted by the daughter of the President of San Saludas who is being held prisoner by General Pajarito. Max and 99 meet their contact who tells them that the President is in the dungeon.

star 7.98
41 votes
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Spy, Spy, Birdie

#6 - Spy, Spy, Birdie

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 22

Albert Pfister starts to blow up the world using his new silent explosive.

star 7.93
27 votes
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The Little Black Book (2)

#7 - The Little Black Book (2)

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 17

Having found out that Max is a Spy,Sid who unwittingly gave what he thought was an ordinary Black Book to Kaos Agents.He accompanies Max on their search for the Book,and the infamous Maestro,a Top Kaos Assassin.

star 7.91
31 votes
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Witness for the Persecution

#8 - Witness for the Persecution

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 3

Max is set to testify against Kaos Agent Elwood Tudbury. However Kaos is determined to stop him at all costs.

star 7.88
31 votes
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The Little Black Book (1)

#9 - The Little Black Book (1)

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 16

Max receives a visit from his Army buddy Sid Krimm.Before he arrives however,a woman defecter from Kaos shows up to give Max a little Black Book that contains the names of various Kaos Agents.

star 7.85
32 votes
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The Reluctant Redhead

#10 - The Reluctant Redhead

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 26

CONTROL tries to get files that contain a list of KAOS informers and agents.

star 7.72
28 votes
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Temporarily Out of CONTROL

#11 - Temporarily Out of CONTROL

Get Smart Season 4 - Episode 12

Max as an ensign and the Chief as a yeoman suddenly realize they'd better get off the ship if they are to thwart a KAOS plot.

star 7.71
30 votes
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Supersonic Boom

#12 - Supersonic Boom

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 6

KAOS attacks the CONTROL headquarters with a sonic boom and threatens to use it on New York City.

star 7.66
37 votes
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That Old Gang of Mine

#13 - That Old Gang of Mine

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 10

The British CONTROL needs Max to go undercover.

star 7.64
36 votes
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Poor Little Rich Cat

#14 - Poor Little Rich Cat

My Favorite Martian Season 1 - Episode 15

The stupidest idea Martin has heard of since he's been on Earth: Rosemary Willis leaving her cat, Max, $650,000 in her will. Morton Beanbecker, the lawyer for the estate, is threatening Tim with a lawsuit if he continues to editorialize about the stupidity of the will and deceased Rosemary Willis. However, Beanbecker also mentions that Mrs. Willis wrote a subsequent will leaving her estate to a children's orphanage, that will which was either never signed or hidden. Martin reads his mind that he really wants the second will to be found despite his threatening words to Tim. Tim and Martin find out that Max's trustees are Rosemary's sister, Aggie, and Aggie's husband, Charles. As Aggie and Charles are lavishing money on Max and themselves in the process, Martin and Tim think Aggie and Charles hid the second will. However Max tells Martin himself that he is miserable with all the money, and it was he himself who hid the second will only because Rosemary did forget to sign it. Max leads Martin to the will. Beanbecker and Martin pour through legal books to find precedent to overturn the first will, without success. As Aggie says she hears from Rosemary in her sleep, they decide to hold a séance, where Rosemary - really Martin - will tell Aggie that she wants the money turned over to the orphanage. The ever obliging younger sister Aggie does as she's told.

star 7.55
11 votes
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Dr. Yes

#15 - Dr. Yes

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 9

Max and 99 go to Lost Lake to track down the person who is sabotaging missile launches.

star 7.54
36 votes
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Operation Ridiculous

#16 - Operation Ridiculous

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 21

'Weeknews' magazine is doing a story on Control and Mr. Fitzmaurice wants to accompany two Control agents on a case for his story. The Chief selects Max and 99.

star 7.54
27 votes
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Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?

#17 - Buddy, Can You Spare a Job?

The Dick Van Dyke Show Season 1 - Episode 14

Buddy wants to leave the show to become Head Writer of another show. Mel can't release Buddy from his contract, so he helps Rob and Sally write a memo to Alan to encourage him to fire Buddy.

star 7.50
52 votes
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Corpse of the Year (1)

#18 - Corpse of the Year (1)

The Green Hornet Season 1 - Episode 18

As a carbon copy of the Green Hornet's Black Beauty attacks a Daily Sentinel delivery truck and terminates it's driver right in front of Britt Reid -- and Reporter Mike has an explosive visit from a Green Hornet impostor, leads the real Hornet on a cat and mouse chase of his shadow car disrupting Sentinel deliveries.

star 7.50
4 votes
Corpse of the Year (2)

#19 - Corpse of the Year (2)

The Green Hornet Season 1 - Episode 19

After another death, Simon Neal, publisher/owner of the Daily Express, by the phony Green Hornet, part 2 begins with Britt Reid bringing on-board Daily Express's previous employee, Dan Scully, to help investigate Simon's termination. After finding out from Sabrina Bradley, Managing Editor of the Daily Express, that a copy Black Beauty was produced for the Press Club's Masquerade Ball, the real Green Hornet sets a trap with her help.

star 7.50
4 votes
The Groovy Guru

#20 - The Groovy Guru

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 15

Many of the country's teenagers are dancing constantly, under the spell of the Groovy Guru, who is helping KAOS take over the country via its teenagers. The Guru plans to incite the nation's youth to riot and destroy all government institutions.

star 7.45
32 votes
The Wounded Don't Cry

#21 - The Wounded Don't Cry

Combat! Season 2 - Episode 6

The squad finds a German field hospital in a French village. Sgt. Saunders and a German soldier must travel together to get a truckload of plasma, but they have an uneasy alliance with each other.

star 7.44
9 votes
The Wax Max

#22 - The Wax Max

Get Smart Season 3 - Episode 20

Max,and 99 enjoy their day off at an amusement park.Little do they realize that the Amusement Park is actually a Kaos drop-off place for secret messages.

star 7.27
32 votes
A Piece of the Action

#23 - A Piece of the Action

Star Trek Season 2 - Episode 17

The Enterprise travels to a planet suffering from cultural contamination from an earlier expedition - the inhabitants mimic the culture of 1930's gangland Chicago.

star 7.19
791 votes
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A Love Story

#24 - A Love Story

Welcome Back, Kotter Season 2 - Episode 13

When Juan's sister Carmen joines the Sweathogs, she catches the eye of Arnold, but Carmen is only interested in Vinnie. Juan, meanwhile, is displeased with the entire situation, and is ready to kill anybody who dares to lay a hand on his baby sister.

star 7.00
3 votes
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Empress Carlotta's Necklace

#25 - Empress Carlotta's Necklace

The Dick Van Dyke Show Season 1 - Episode 12

Rob buys an ugly necklace that he thinks Laura will love.

star 6.50
52 votes
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