The Best Episodes Directed by Gabrielle Beaumont

A Christmas Hart

#1 - A Christmas Hart

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 10

Jonathan and Jennifer are robbed during a birthday party for Max and go undercover for Jingle-Grams.

star 9.33
2 votes
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Premium Steele

#2 - Premium Steele

Remington Steele Season 4 - Episode 7

Laura and Steele try to discover why phony obituaries are being printed about people like poor garlic farmer Lester Shane.

star 8.90
40 votes
Illustrated Steele

#3 - Illustrated Steele

Remington Steele Season 3 - Episode 19

A young cartoonist finds his life threatened as the events of his strip start happening to him.

star 8.80
38 votes
The Mid-East Meeting

#4 - The Mid-East Meeting

Dynasty Season 2 - Episode 8

Blake and Jeff attempt to arrange a meeting with Rashid Ahmed to obtain assistance in releasing their overseas oil tankers. Alexis leaves for Rome to meet Ahmed, a former lover, under the guise of helping Blake. A despondent Krystle refuses Nick's psychiatric treatment. Claudia has recovered sufficiently to maintain her own apartment and take a job with Denver-Carrington. Cecil Colby invites her to dinner to pry company information from her. Fallon, learning she is pregnant, makes plans for an abortion and asks Jeff for a divorce. He agrees, but only after she has their baby. Fallon tells Nick she is in love with him. Alexis calls Blake to Rome, explaining she has arranged a meeting with Ahmed. Her true motive is simply to be alone with her former husband.

star 8.34
65 votes
I Want My Hill Street Blues

#5 - I Want My Hill Street Blues

Hill Street Blues Season 6 - Episode 15

Belker goes undercover to expose a corrupt parole officer; Goldblume clashes with Furillo over the demolition of some low-rent housing in his new neighborhood; Bates makes a deal with Vivian DeWitt; Jablonski tries to cope with a crew making a music video in the station house.

star 8.33
15 votes
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The Verdict

#6 - The Verdict

Dynasty Season 2 - Episode 2

Blake is convicted to two years unconditional prison. Blake first wants to appeal, but changes his mind. We can now see the first sign of Alexis being the ""big bitch"" in the series. Both she and Blake hate each other, and she decides to move into an old house which once belonged to her in Blake's garden. Blake fires Michael. Claudia tries to track down Lindsay and Matthew, but with no luck. Blake tries to talk to Steven, but it ends with a fight. Krystle discovers she's pregnant.

star 8.31
13 votes
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Steele in the Running

#7 - Steele in the Running

Remington Steele Season 4 - Episode 19

Laura is assaulted while running in a triathlon after a desperate woman switches numbers with her.

star 8.18
39 votes

#8 - Secrets

Knots Landing Season 3 - Episode 7

Richard and Laura plan a romantic getaway, but Richard has to cancel when his boss asks him to throw a client party with prostitutes. Richard's boss ignores all of his business ideas, and only wants him to throw parties. Laura thinks he is having an affair, so goes to Santa Barbara with Scooter out of spite. Laura and Scooter kiss. At the party, one of the prostitutes passes out so Richard brings her home and puts her in the shower to wake her. He is all wet, and tells Laura that he fell into a pool. He later tells her the truth, but she doesn't believe him. KLMotors is being audited, but no one can decipher the books, so Karen rehires Abby. After the audit, the auditor suggests Karen send Abby to an accounting class. Although she had only hired her temporarily, Karen asks Abby to stay on.

star 8.00
7 votes
My Dinner With Andrew

#9 - My Dinner With Andrew

Touched by an Angel Season 4 - Episode 8

Andrew is an eligible bachelor placed on auction to raise money for medical research. A female doctor wins the bid for Andrew, but then refuses to go on a date since she is too busy. Andrew tries to teach her to enjoy the life God gave her.

star 8.00
7 votes
Blink of an Eye

#10 - Blink of an Eye

Star Trek: Voyager Season 6 - Episode 12

Voyager becomes the target of a society it inadvertently helped to create within a short period of time.

star 7.95
2069 votes
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In Purgatory's Shadow

#11 - In Purgatory's Shadow

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Season 5 - Episode 14

Stardate: Unknown After a coded Cardassian message from the Gamma Quadrant is detected, Garak and Worf attempt a rescue. However, they are captured by the Jem'Hadar and imprisoned in the same cell as Enabran Tain, General Martok, and the real Julian Bashir, who had been secretly replaced several weeks prior without any notice. The Jem'hadar fleet invades the Alpha Quadrant when an attempt to seal the wormhole is sabotaged by the changeling-Bashir.

star 7.94
1450 votes
Eye for an Eye

#12 - Eye for an Eye

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 4 - Episode 20

When a stranger is convicted of raping a young girl and murdering an old man, he is sentenced to death. Some people are conflicted about whether or not it is right to take "an eye for an eye".

star 7.93
14 votes
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Jagga the Hunk

#13 - Jagga the Hunk

Hill Street Blues Season 6 - Episode 19

Jesus, scared of being pinned with Attorney Brown's murder, agrees to go undercover against a crooked judge; Hunter loses Prunella to a large Samoan; Belker poses as a loan shark in a roach coach; and Buntz' former partner asks another favor.

star 7.87
15 votes
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The Paper Clock

#14 - The Paper Clock

The Pretender Season 1 - Episode 5

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA - Aiming to help a man wrongly sentenced for murder, Jarod becomes a lawyer and goes after the arrogant attorney protecting the real killer. Meanwhile, Sydney is trying to reach an agreement with The Centre to make a trade with Jarod: A piece of Jarod's past for some of the simulations.

star 7.81
318 votes
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Davenport in a Storm

#15 - Davenport in a Storm

Hill Street Blues Season 5 - Episode 15

New ADA Davenport faces opposition when she decides to prosecute three white teens for the death of a young black athlete; Furillo's car accident starts an investigation into illegal gun sales by Al DiPiano; and Mayo has a date with Chief Daniels.

star 7.75
16 votes
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Heroes of the Revolution

#16 - Heroes of the Revolution

Miami Vice Season 3 - Episode 24

An East German spy seeks to avenge the murder of Gina's mother in Cuba 26 years earlier, and uses her to lure the killer out.

star 7.72
58 votes
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A Children's Story

#17 - A Children's Story

Beauty and the Beast Season 1 - Episode 10

Vincent alerts Catherine to possible wrong-doing at a well-known, renowned orphanage. Her investigation leads to the discovery of a child-selling scheme operated by the orphanage's owner and a thief who uses the children to steal for him. Catherine rescues a brother and sister (Eric and Ellie) and takes them to live in the tunnel world.

star 7.71
14 votes
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Woman of the Year

#18 - Woman of the Year

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Season 4 - Episode 23

Dr. Mike is nominated for Colorado's Woman of the Year and the town regales the judge with her accomplishments. Hank's Nana comes to visit and he "borrows" Myra and Samantha to pose as his family.

star 7.71
14 votes
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#19 - G.Q.

Hill Street Blues Season 5 - Episode 20

The arson squad questions Jablonski about the fire at BowlMor Lanes; Hill remains angry at Renko over his hesitation under pressure; Bates and Coffey are assigned to make a wino presentable for his appearance in court; Furillo gets a copy of LaRue's slightly altered home security video; and Davenport puts her job on the line when she refuses to accept the security cops' version of an alleged window smashing at the volatile O'Neil Projects.

star 7.69
13 votes
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Who's Zoomin' Who?

#20 - Who's Zoomin' Who?

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 5 - Episode 7

The fire marshal shuts down the Peach Pit After Dark for violating capacity. Steve tries to talk Dylan and Nat into buying out the carpet store next door and converting it into a club. Valerie tells the Walshes about Dylan's financial problems, but he angrily refuses Jim's assistance. Steve and David go to Dylan's house in the morning to discuss business, and find a half-naked Valerie. Steve punches Dylan in the face. Kelly objects when Jackie signs up Erin and herself for a mother-daughter photo shoot. Cindy reminds Kelly that her mother is much more responsible than she was during her modeling days. Kelly admits that she is hurt that she wasn't asked to join them, and Jackie confesses that she feared being mistaken for a grandmother. David handcuffs himself to Clare's bed, unaware that she does not have the key. They must think fast when Clare's father pays a surprise visit. Griffin surprises Donna by whisking her away to Catalina, but she is offended when he assumes she will stay the night. Donna tries to make amends with Ray, who was hurt when she broke their date. Music: 'Movin' on Up' by M People, 'And the Beat Goes On' by Sonny and Cher, 'Hold On' by Jamie Walters, 'Rainy Night in Georgia' by Ray Charles.

star 7.67
98 votes
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Lie Down and Deliver

#21 - Lie Down and Deliver

L.A. Law Season 4 - Episode 6

Kelsey defends a malpractice suit filed by a patient whose baby died during delivery; a divorcée sues Becker over his video; Brackman puts the crunch on a cereal company over a botched contest; Sifuentes is miffed about the firm's new partner Rosalind Shays.

star 7.67
3 votes
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Who Knew?

#22 - Who Knew?

7th Heaven Season 2 - Episode 4

Eric accuses Matt of doing drugs after finding marijuana in the house and after Matt's friend Mitch askes him to hold his marijuana. Meanwhile, at the same time Eric finds the marijuana in the house, it leads Annie to a confession of own her about her experimentation. Also, Simon teaches Ruthie about the fine art of doing laundry, eventhough Ruthie is little too young. Lastly, Lucy introduces her new clothing of all black and her new boyfriend Rod to the family.

star 7.61
93 votes
Say Uncle

#23 - Say Uncle

Hill Street Blues Season 7 - Episode 6

Buntz is in charge of efforts to protect a convicted mobster on his way to jail from a killer hired by his nephew; Russo's undercover places her in another sexually fraught position; LaRue and Washington bust a guy who confesses to several unsolved murders; Jablonski helps Belker bust a bus bandit; and Calletano resigns from the force.

star 7.60
15 votes
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I Love You

#24 - I Love You

7th Heaven Season 2 - Episode 3

Mary tries to make Wilson say that he "loves" her, but Wilson thinks it's a big commitment and that they haven't known each other long enough to say those words to each other. Meanwhile, Simon and Ruthie are reading Matt's love letters to Heather and get caught. Matt tricks them by addressing one of the letters to "Mrs. Matt Camden." By this, Eric accidently finds the letter leading to think Matt and Heather got married over the summer, which worries himself, Annie and Heather's mom, Mrs. Cain. Lastly, Eric helps Lucy's friend, Laurie get closer to her mother.

star 7.56
122 votes
Two Easy Pieces

#25 - Two Easy Pieces

Hill Street Blues Season 6 - Episode 11

Hill, Renko and Buntz look like heroes when they retrieve a stolen heart needed for a transplant; rookie officer Ron Garfield finds himself in trouble again when a second gun shows up at an officer involved shooting; and Belker misses his wedding ceremony when his undercover as a cocaine cooker heats up.

star 7.53
17 votes
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#26 - Apocrypha

Law & Order Season 4 - Episode 7

Stone and Kincaid try to prove that the young woman believed to have planted a bomb in a parking garage had been brainwashed and was acting under the direct orders of a charismatic cult leader.

star 7.53
250 votes
An Angel by Any Other Name

#27 - An Angel by Any Other Name

Touched by an Angel Season 3 - Episode 26

The angels are in a small town, where a group home opens their doors to children with Down’s Syndrome. The neighbor across the street finds these children disturbing.

star 7.51
37 votes
Lower Decks

#28 - Lower Decks

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 7 - Episode 15

Stardate: 47566.7 - Four young ensigns compete for a promotion that only one of them will receive. However, they are soon placed on a top secret mission that places some of their lives in danger.

star 7.51
1699 votes
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Say Goodbye

#29 - Say Goodbye

7th Heaven Season 1 - Episode 20

Matt is uneasy when Annie's oldest friend Rachel, a boy-crazy divorcee makes a pass at him during a night out in the twon with Mary. Meanwhile, Mary makes a public singing debut at a coffee house. Also, Ruthie decides to say goodbye to her imaginary friend Hoowie. Lastly, Lucy is inconsolable when her best friend, Suzanne moves away from her.

star 7.46
125 votes

#30 - Disaster

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 - Episode 5

Stardate: 45156.1 - A natural disaster leaves Troi in command of the Enterprise, Picard stuck in a turbo lift with three small children and Keiko O'Brien stuck in Ten-Forward giving birth with an anxious Worf.

star 7.42
2011 votes
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#31 - Scapegoats

Knots Landing Season 2 - Episode 8

The Fairgates find out that Michael suffers from ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder). Sid hires Abby as the bookkeeper for Knots Landing Motors. Frank Kolbert and Roy Lance from "Orchid Cab Co" offer Gary a deal on cheap parts, but Sid declines, thinking it sounds illegal. Frank and Roy tell Gary they had a verbal agreement and threaten him, telling him he'd better have $50,000.00 for them by the end of the week. Abby overhears and suggests Gary ask J.R. for the money, as she read in the paper that J.R. will be in town soon.

star 7.33
7 votes
Achilles Heel, Part 1: A Room at the Inn

#32 - Achilles Heel, Part 1: A Room at the Inn

The Tomorrow People Season 7 - Episode 3

A pair of odd aliens arrive on Earth with the purpose of mining a rare mineral, which can suppress telepathic powers.

star 7.33
3 votes
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Face of the Enemy

#33 - Face of the Enemy

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6 - Episode 14

Stardate: 46519.1 - Troi is abducted and surgically altered by the Romulans as part of a ploy to smuggle intelligence operatives into the Federation.

star 7.32
1648 votes
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Praise Dilaudid

#34 - Praise Dilaudid

Hill Street Blues Season 4 - Episode 6

A pair of sweet junkie lovers create a hostage situation; the Robson arrest blows up in Daniels' face; and Wachtel shows up at the Wonderland as Murray's lawyer.

star 7.30
23 votes
Booby Trap

#35 - Booby Trap

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 - Episode 6

Stardate: 43205.6 While investigating an ancient ship left adrift in space, the Enterprise accidentally trips the ancient booby trap that disabled the old vessel over 1000 years ago.

star 7.29
2166 votes
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#36 - Venice

Touched by an Angel Season 4 - Episode 11

Annie is a bitter widow who is losing her eyesight. She is angry with her friends ever since her husband died years previous. The angels must help the friends talk to each other and find the truth about the husband’s death.

star 7.29
7 votes
Fire Man

#37 - Fire Man

The Greatest American Hero Season 1 - Episode 8

Ralph lends Tony a hand by finding him a job as a car repossesser. When Tony is arrested for arson, Ralph and Bill team up to find the real criminal.

star 7.23
22 votes
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The Following Options

#38 - The Following Options

Beverly Hills, 90210 Season 9 - Episode 9

After Kelly's grandfather nearly dies of pneumonia, she reluctantly gives the doctors permission to hook him up to a ventilator. Jackie and Kelly realize that the machines are taking away Ed's dignity without improving his condition. They decide to bring him home to spend his remaining time with his family. Kelly grows angry with Matt when he takes a case defending a tobacco company. He drops the case and quits smoking to impress Kelly, but she kisses Dylan. Donna agrees to let a troubled fifteen-year-old girl buy a dress on layaway. The girl's fellow gang members convince her to slice up the dress and return it as damaged goods. Sonia later apologizes and offers to work off her debt at the store. Dylan takes his bullet-riddled Porsche out of storage. He impresses Gina by coming to her defense when a drunk harasses her at the club. Dylan catches the guy and his friends vandalizing the Porsche; he gets a knife away from one of them and threatens to kill him. Dylan suffers nightmares abo

star 7.21
54 votes
Enter Alexis

#39 - Enter Alexis

Dynasty Season 2 - Episode 1

Alexis testifies against Blake, and tells about an incident several years ago, when Blake discovered her in bed with her lover, Roger Grimes. Her testimony proves that Blake is a violent man, and things doesn't look too good. Fallon and Blake welcome Alexis with hate and rudeness, but Steven is friendly to her. Claudia wakes up in the hospital and discovers that Matthew has run off with Lindsay.

star 7.20
66 votes
Knock, Knock...Who's There?

#40 - Knock, Knock...Who's There?

Miami Vice Season 3 - Episode 21

Crockett & Tubbs probe drug busts ruined by phony federal agents who disappear with the evidence.

star 7.13
62 votes
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The Separation

#41 - The Separation

Dynasty Season 1 - Episode 13

The butler, Joseph Aynders, shows Krystle that he doesn't like her, and he means she doesn't belong in the Carrington family. Krystle understands that Blake is the one who bought the necklace, to show her that he had found out. They have a little argument about this, and Krystle decides that life with Blake is impossible and leaves him. Steven tells Claudia he spent the night with Ted, but now he wants to quit his relationship with both of them. Steven and Ted are just saying good-bye and hugging each other when Blake discovers it. He gets furious, because ""the gay"" is now standing there in his house with his arms on his son. He attacks Ted and there's a fight. Ted trips, hits his head, and dies.

star 7.09
64 votes
Bad Day in Hazzard

#42 - Bad Day in Hazzard

The Dukes of Hazzard Season 4 - Episode 23

A group of armed robbers take over the Boar's Nest with the Dukes, police and Boss Hogg hostage, so that they can evacuate the town by pulling off a false evacuation notice, and rob an armored truck when it arrives. So the Dukes try and think of a plan to stop them before it's too late.

star 7.05
20 votes

#43 - seaWest

seaQuest DSV Season 1 - Episode 12

Hitchcock goes into an underwater gold mining colony in order to investigate a distress signal and discovers that the original and rightful owner of the mine and his family are being held hostage by an outlaw and his thugs.

star 7.02
166 votes
In the Hart of the Night

#44 - In the Hart of the Night

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 8

Jonathan and Jennifer try to help a king save his culture's golden statue after it is stolen by the king's assistants.

star 7.00
1 votes
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The Beverly Hills Hangers

#45 - The Beverly Hills Hangers

L.A. Law Season 5 - Episode 15

Lawyers stand ready to assist Mullaney and Kuzak, who are defending Rikki Davis on murder charges; McKenzie gets a surprise proposal as he faces his birthday.

star 7.00
3 votes
The High Ground

#46 - The High Ground

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 3 - Episode 12

Stardate: 43510.7 Dr. Crusher is abducted by a group of terrorists while delivering crucial medical supplies to a planet ravaged by civil war.

star 6.92
1805 votes
Suddenly Human

#47 - Suddenly Human

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 4 - Episode 4

A custody battle between Picard and a child's adoptive father arises when a boy showing evidence of abuse is discovered.

star 6.74
1556 votes
Reseda Rose

#48 - Reseda Rose

The Greatest American Hero Season 1 - Episode 6

Ralph uses his suit to help Rhonda, one of his students, after her mother is kidnapped by the Russians.

star 6.69
54 votes
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Harts and Fraud

#49 - Harts and Fraud

Hart to Hart Season 3 - Episode 24

The Harts face a $2 million wrongful death suit when a fender bender results in a driver's death. The Harts suspect insurance fraud.

star 6.67
2 votes
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Hunted Harts

#50 - Hunted Harts

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 11

While visiting a wildlife reserve, Jonathan and Jennifer are hunted as prey by a competitor of Hart Industries.

star 6.50
3 votes
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Gorilla My Dreams

#51 - Gorilla My Dreams

L.A. Law Season 2 - Episode 11

Sifuentes's plan to use the zoo as a teaching tool for giving Stulwicz some sex education has unexpected benefits for two of its residents; Melman's new boyfriend gets arrested for insider trading, placing her, Kelsey and Perkins in jeopardy for acting on his tips; Becker's scorched earth policy on divorce settlements leads to near tragedy for a client's family, which prompts him to reassess his strategy for handling Brackman's divorce.

star 6.50
2 votes
Imaginary Friend

#52 - Imaginary Friend

Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 5 - Episode 22

Stardate: 45832.1 - While exploring a strange form of energy in a region of space, a little girl's imaginary friend becomes real and places the Enterprise in great danger.

star 6.30
1514 votes
Suddenly Sperm

#53 - Suddenly Sperm

Melrose Place Season 7 - Episode 18

Michael must sell the beach house to pay off his debts. The voyeuristic real estate agent closes a deal within two days, then sleeps with Michael. Jane and Michael reminisce about their first date, but she tries to move on by going out with a dork from the office. Amanda plans to turn over day-to-day control of her agency to Ryan. A lazy lab technician's error convinces Kyle that he is sterile. Ryan and Megan's first date is a disaster, but they later admit their attraction and kiss. Lexi, Amanda and Eve organize a charity Christmas function. They visit a Christmas tree lot, where a former prison guard recognizes Eve. Lexi witnesses an argument between the two and suspects that Eve is hiding something about her past.

star 6.00
4 votes
Harts at High Noon

#54 - Harts at High Noon

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 5

Jonathan and Jennifer are asked to buy a bankrupt ghost town.

star 5.67
2 votes