The BEST episodes directed by Farhad Mann

What It Feels Like
217 votes

#1 - What It Feels Like

ReGenesis - Season 4 - Episode 10

David ignores protocol and hires his new lover, Enuka; Mayko is contacted by the parents of a sick child who believe she's the only one that can help.

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19 votes

#2 - Endgame

Painkiller Jane - Season 1 - Episode 22

Several dangerous Neuros launch a prison break after an emergency at NICO.

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The Manual for Murder
184 votes

#3 - The Manual for Murder

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 12 - Episode 16

After the release of Murdoch and Ogden's book, a series of copycat murders begin to take place.

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The Beast of Bolnar
16 votes

#4 - The Beast of Bolnar

Painkiller Jane - Season 1 - Episode 20

The residents of a small village are plagued by an invisible presence which is attacking and murdering the villagers.

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Belly Speaker
339 votes

#5 - Belly Speaker

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 9

Roddy Grimesby is found dead from a lethal ingestion of varnish. When the police show up at the crime scene, the victim’s son Harcourt – a ventriloquist – is found hiding in the closet with his look-alike dummy Mycroft. Even more disturbing than the similarity, is the roiling bond between the two – much like hostile brothers. Although Harcourt confesses to the murder, Murdoch spots inconsistencies in the story that make no sense – unless there was a third party involved. Harcourt had been in the room when Roddy was killed. He would have seen the killer, but why is he protecting his identity? In a shocking turn, Murdoch learns that Harcourt has a twin brother named Mycroft. Maybe Mycroft killed Roddy; and Harcourt is protecting him. But just when it looks like the case is solved, Murdoch sees something in a Grimesby family photo that puts a whole new twist on things.

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Snakes and Ladders
274 votes

#6 - Snakes and Ladders

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 2 - Episode 2

An investigator arrives from Scotland Yard who is after the infamous Jack the Ripper. Meanwhile, Murdoch takes dancing lessons so that he can escort Dr. Ogden to a ball.

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Houdini Whodunit
346 votes

#7 - Houdini Whodunit

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 2 - Episode 4

The young Harry Houdini becomes Murdoch's prime suspect when he investigates a daring robbery-homicide. Meanwhile, Dr. Ogden's sister comes to visit and soon becomes attracted to Murdoch.

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Love Is a Battlefield
405 votes

#8 - Love Is a Battlefield

Beauty and the Beast (2012) - Season 4 - Episode 8

Vincent goes undercover with a sexy operative, who Cat discovers is an assassin. Vincent has to play both sides, while Cat has to convince DHS she can still be trusted.

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614 votes

#9 - Power

Murdoch Mysteries - Season 1 - Episode 1

Daniel Pratt, owner of Toronto Electric & Light, has made his fortune by lighting the city streets with direct current (DC). But now council is considering a new form of electricity called alternating current (AC). So Pratt – and a team of high-powered supporters –decides to mount ‘dog and pony’ shows across the city to prove that AC is a killer. But when Miss Toronto Electric & Light, Alice Howard, is electrocuted in a demonstration gone wrong, it’s determined that the switch handle she pulled had been purposely booby-trapped. In a case that’s further complicated by bribery, scandal and dirty backroom dealings, Murdoch must find out who killed Alice – and why.

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The Bank Job
613 votes

#10 - The Bank Job

The Listener - Season 3 - Episode 1

Despite his decision to stop using his telepathic abilities, Toby is forced to use them when he finds himself hostage in the middle of a bank heist. It will take all of Toby's skills, both as a paramedic and a mind reader, to keep him and his fellow hostages alive.

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Cop Out
6 votes

#11 - Cop Out

Missing (2003) - Season 2 - Episode 8

An empty police car is found with blood on the dashboard and two police officers have gone missing. Jess and Nicole quickly discover a police department full of corruption. After Jess witnesses a shocking murder, she must find out which of the many suspect or suspects is a cop killer. The police chief suspects an old enemy of his who shows up in Jess' dream about the police officers having a party. Also, Nicole must negotiate with a crazed man holding three people hostage.

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Catch Me if You Can
46 votes

#12 - Catch Me if You Can

Painkiller Jane - Season 1 - Episode 4

A Neuro who can see the future warns Jane and the team of their impending death on the day they arrest him. Meanwhile, the team is disturbed by the psychic's purchases

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169 votes

#13 - Blipverts

Max Headroom - Season 1 - Episode 1

In the near future, when TVs can't be shut off and ratings are all that matter, investigative reporter Edison Carter and his computer-generated alter ego Max Headroom battle to keep the "blank" generation informed. In the opener, Carter stumbles across his own network's cover-up of a sometimes deadly new form of TV advertising called "blipverts".

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Curtain Call
545 votes

#14 - Curtain Call

The Listener - Season 3 - Episode 3

After a member of a superstar performer’s crew is electrocuted by a microphone, Toby finds himself amidst the entourage of Jade, one of pop music’s most popular and innovative performers.

Witness for the Prosecution
346 votes

#15 - Witness for the Prosecution

The Listener - Season 4 - Episode 6

When the key witness in a mob murder trial is shot, Toby and Michelle must contend with a suspicious FBI agent as they unravel a potential conspiracy linked to the original killing and retaliation.

Neighbourhood Watch
209 votes

#16 - Neighbourhood Watch

Coroner - Season 4 - Episode 3

The death of an elderly Chinese restaurant owner sparks outrage in a rapidly gentrifying Chinatown.

190 votes

#17 - Degargoony

Coroner - Season 4 - Episode 5

A death in a tight-knit community reveals the holes in a flawed refugee system. Gordon and Peggy's plans for a romantic weekend go awry when Jenny falls ill and must oversee a remote autopsy.

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Cold Storage
339 votes

#18 - Cold Storage

The Listener - Season 4 - Episode 4

After a body is found in a storage locker filled with stolen goods, Toby and Michelle must find the killer who may have taken national defense secrets.

Diamonds Are a Val's Best Friend
61 votes

#19 - Diamonds Are a Val's Best Friend

V.I.P. - Season 1 - Episode 6

Val is hired to guard the star of Neptune, a 50-carat diamond. But it gets stolen while under her watch. The thief turns out to be Nikki's cousin Gino. When Mr. Parcigian, the guy who paid them to protect the diamond finds out it was stolen he gives them 24 hours to retrieve it or he'll sue them. When Nikki's grandfather, a big wig in the mob, thinks he's getting the real thing from Gino finds but finds out he's got a fake he gives V.I.P. 24 hours to get him the real diamond or he'll kill Val. Tasha finds out that Gino is hiding the real diamond inside Protocon. Now V.I.P. and the mob team up to get it back. After they get it back and are about to escape Gino arrives with some old army buddies and demands they give it back. The diamond was in the limo and Nikki just rigged an explosive device on the passenger side door, so as Gino goes to get it they start to run and Gino sees them trying to escape and goes after them. Just then the limo explodes with the diamond inside. But Nikki had

733 votes

#20 - Jericho

The Listener - Season 2 - Episode 9

Toby goes undercover to help expose the identity of a hacker known as “Jericho-11” in a cyber crime investigation involving large-scale identity theft.

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Val on the Run
3 votes

#21 - Val on the Run

V.I.P. - Season 1 - Episode 15

A key witness in a video piracy case is being followed so he calls Val. She sends V.I.P. and they arrive just in time but the assailants manage to escape from V.I.P. Steve Wizner, the key witness, was suppose to have round the clock protection by the FBI but they were nowhere to be found. When they arrive at Steve's house the two agents are there. He decides to have V.I.P. as his bodyguards, with Val at his side at all times. While the agents and the rest of V.I.P. are waiting outside Val and Steve are in the hot tub. Then one of his housekeepers comes in and shoots Steve in the head. Agent Lampert informs Val that she's the target now because she now knows what Steve was killed for knowing. Then we see agent Lampert paying Helga, the housekeeper who killed Steve. Agents Lampert and McCoy then inform V.I.P. that Val ran away from them. Val and Maxine are at Maxine's mother's, then all of a sudden the bad guys show up and Val manages to keep them at bay until V.I.P. shows up. The bad gu

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A Resting Place
37 votes

#22 - A Resting Place

Diagnosis Murder - Season 7 - Episode 19

Doc Sloan goes undercover as a patient in a retirement home to solve the murder of an ex-cop.

Dr. StrangeVal
1 votes

#23 - Dr. StrangeVal

V.I.P. - Season 2 - Episode 4

Maxine's new invention is mistakenly believed to be a nuclear weapon by Ukrainian spies.

Mao Better Blues
0 votes

#24 - Mao Better Blues

V.I.P. - Season 2 - Episode 9

V.I.P. must protect a Chinese artifact from the Cho Dynasty while at the same time try and save a Chinese freedom fighter.