The BEST episodes directed by Dominic Leclerc

Episode 5
83 votes

#1 - Episode 5

The Village - Season 2 - Episode 5

The future of the farm hangs in the balance. John is in a coma following the blow to his head at the 'mass trespass'. Grace is in the grip of conflicting emotions - she needs John to live, but she is very afraid that he will recover and remember what he saw at the trespass.

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Episode 6
88 votes

#2 - Episode 6

The Village - Season 2 - Episode 6

John Middleton is recovering but Grace is anxious about what he will say when he recovers his powers of speech. Bert is confused by conflicting feelings towards both his parents and Phoebe. Clem is exhausted by the amount of scandal surrounding her three children. She urges Edmund to father an heir and tries to block George's divorce, but Eyre and Martha elope anyway. Caro meantime decides that she wants her own child, fathered by Joe Middleton, back. Told that the child is dead, she tries to drown herself but is saved by George and Bairstow. Martha's elopement makes Bert realise how foolish he has been towards Phoebe and he chases after her. Grace too realises that her feelings for Gibby and for politics have distanced herself from her own family, but when John starts to recover she realises where her true feelings lie.

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Episode 5
290 votes

#3 - Episode 5

Call the Midwife - Season 4 - Episode 5

Sister Julienne's faith is challenged when a mother refuses medicine for her newborn baby. Dr Turner's involvement in the case forces him to face his own demons. Meanwhile, Barbara must work out a way to communicate with a pregnant Sylheti woman.

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Episode 6
298 votes

#4 - Episode 6

Call the Midwife - Season 4 - Episode 6

Phyllis deals with a young diabetic woman who has fallen pregnant, Sister Mary Cynthia comes into contact with a group of gypsies, and Patsy organises a square dance to raise money for the Cubs' trip to Norfolk.

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158 votes

#5 - Missing

Shameless - Season 8 - Episode 2

Frank is still missing and imagines that he is in a parallel universe featuring Doctor Who characters. His ex-wife Monica, having heard that Frank has gone, wants custody of Stella and Liam.

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Episode 2
185 votes

#6 - Episode 2

From Darkness - Season 1 - Episode 2

Another body is discovered, which seems to have been left as a message for Claire when her old shoulder number is found. She decides to return to Manchester and work on the case, to John's delight but leaving Norrie devastated as he feels she is being dragged away from him - especially as more secrets come to light and professional and personal issues collide. Claire takes responsibility for determining the identities of the corpses, and tries to persuade the Fenton family to determine if their daughter is among the victims.

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24 votes

#7 - Attitude

Step Up: High Water - Season 2 - Episode 7

Odalie, with the help of Davis, attempts to work through a debilitating injury and preserve her spot on tour as Tal tries to assuage himself of his guilt and earn Odalie's forgiveness. As Rigo's star rises, he struggles to keep the peace amongst his friends and decipher who to trust. Meanwhile, Dondre finally meets the real Sage Odom.

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The Night Before
199 votes

#8 - The Night Before

Shameless - Season 8 - Episode 1

Libby and Frank are supposed to be getting married, but this is put on hold when Frank disappears on his stag night. Mimi tries to find out the identity of the father of her new baby Cilla.

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Episode 1
211 votes

#9 - Episode 1

From Darkness - Season 1 - Episode 1

Former Greater Manchester Police officer Claire Church's peaceful existence in the Western Isles is shattered when four bodies linked to her previous investigations are unearthed. DCI John Hind suspects the bodies are connected to a case that dates back to 1998 and the subsequent inquiry forces Claire to revisit her troubled past in law enforcement, and drags her back into a world she thought she had left behind for good.

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28 votes

#10 - Sean

The Syndicate - Season 3 - Episode 3

When a journalist uncovers new information about Amy's disappearance, a furious Andy takes the investigation into his own hands. Sean's past catches up with him and the syndicate is shocked to discover he is not what he seems. Meanwhile the staff's bid for Hazelwood Manor comes under threat.

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30 votes

#11 - Rose

The Syndicate - Season 2 - Episode 3

Now she's won the lottery Rose can take herself off the waiting list and buy some new knees! Her fantasy of fox-trotting around a ballroom again is fast becoming a reality. The publicity from the win has brought unwelcome attention and when Rose turns to fellow winner Mandy for help, it soon becomes clear that she is not the only one with problems.

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107 votes

#12 - Goodbye

The A Word - Season 1 - Episode 5

Alison is hit hard when Joe's helper Maya looks set to be deported. As Paul and Eddie discover their wives both want different things, Maurice is left kicking himself for letting Louise go.

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647 votes

#13 - Everyone

Skins - Season 5 - Episode 8

The gang are pulling together for the happy couple and putting their various differences and total messed-up situations aside for the day. But with lovely-but-shambolic Alo as best man, it's hardly a surprise that they run into trouble and become separated in the wilds of Somerset.

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Lord and Lady Hazelwood
29 votes

#14 - Lord and Lady Hazelwood

The Syndicate - Season 3 - Episode 4

As the race to find Amy alive gathers momentum, celebrations bring revelations about Lady Hazelwood's loyalty, and the Americans make Lord Hazelwood an offer he can't refuse. But who can he trust? The discovery of hidden belongings brings more questions - it's not only Sean who has secrets

28 votes

#15 - Luke

The Syndicate - Season 2 - Episode 4

Having nearly given the whole £72 million away to a stranger in a bar, Becky is delighted to be reunited with her ticket and Luke. But now she is a millionaire and suddenly there are bigger fish to fry, like professional rugby player Matt Greco. As Becky goes from rags to riches can poor, sweet Luke really compete? And what will Becky do when she discovers that her father hasn't been working away after all?

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An Inspector Calls
86 votes

#16 - An Inspector Calls

Shameless - Season 11 - Episode 2

As a member of the PTA, Mimi demands respect. But when the teachers threaten to quit over the return of a notorious troublemaker and Mimi's quick to dole out advice, Headmaster Banbury couldn't care less. When Mimi hears that the school will be failed by School Inspector Edward Clayhill, she decides to save the day. But not without the help of the Chatsworth residents. Meanwhile, Jamie tries to contact his half-brother Kassi, but after the punch-up in the Jockey, Kassi won't pick up the phone. When Kassi fails to show for a drink, Jamie's forced to recognise that maybe having a new brother isn't going to work. Elsewhere, Frank discovers an unexpected perk of being janitor at the school: 24-hour access. Quick to take advantage, Frank invites the Gastric Bandits for an after-hours drug-fuelled romp, whilst Gloria and Dom continue to hide their sordid affair. But how long can they keep their disgraced secret?

556 votes

#17 - Grace

Skins - Season 5 - Episode 7

Grace believes in fairytales but she finds herself forced to face reality when Rich meets her father and he threatens to send her back to Mayberry's College for Young Ladies if her grades suffer. Grace's father ends up going back on his word, sending her to Mayberry's anyway even though her grades haven't dropped. Rich ends up asking her to marry her.

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1 votes

#18 - Hexed

Switch (2012) - Season 1 - Episode 2

The Witches of Camden have been hexed. Confronting their arch nemeses, the posh Witches of Kensington, isn’t easy but a few champagne cocktails later the two covens seem the best of friends. However, when Hannah (Hannah Tointon) tries to get a job at Stella’s (Lacey Turner) workplace it seems that bygones are far from bygones. Grace (Phoebe Fox) needs some help getting ready for her date with Joel (James Rastall) – but will he give her that magic feeling? Jude’s (Nina Toussaint-White) wishes for a new boss are answered when Gerry (Jamie Davis) turns up – but is he too hedonistic even for Jude? And when the girls try to get retribution on the Witches of Kensington there are disastrous consequences to their actions.

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Love is in the Air
2 votes

#19 - Love is in the Air

Switch (2012) - Season 1 - Episode 3

Stella (Lacey Turner) hasn’t had a date in years. In fact, she’s not fancied anyone in years. The girls are forced to confess that they cast a spell years ago to help her forget an ex-girlfriend. But not getting over Lucy (Rosamund Hanson) has stopped Stella from moving on. Stella must be re-introduced to nightmarish Lucy and find peace with their past relationship. Unfortunately, Stella falls in love with Lucy again. The girls must watch as the destructive relationship threatens to destroy not only everything Stella has worked so hard for, but also their precious coven. Meanwhile, Hannah (Hannah Tointon) gets into a spot of bother with a new career choice, Jude (Nina Toussaint-White) encounters problems when she takes a short cut to the top of her career ladder, and is Grace (Phoebe Fox) in love with Jude’s (Nina Toussaint-White) boyfriend?

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Witches of Camden
33 votes

#20 - Witches of Camden

Switch (2012) - Season 1 - Episode 1

Stella (Lacey Turner) is in deep trouble. Summoning the girls home with a "Switch” text, she’s desperate to cast a spell to save her skin. Hannah (Hannah Tointon) flies home from India, Jude (Nina Toussaint-White) abandons customers in work while Grace’s (Phoebe Fox) romantic encounter is interrupted. With chaos under control and buoyed by initial success, Stella’s confident enough to stand up to her boss, Janet (Amanda Drew). She gets sacked. The Witches of Camden cast another spell, but rusty after months of being apart, it results in a magical race against time to undo their own mistakes. When Grace’s mum, Gloria (Caroline Quentin), turns up out of the blue Grace is forced to cut the apron strings or be a mummy’s girl forever. Meanwhile commitment-phobe Hannah must choose between life on the road or life with her coven.

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