The Best Episodes Directed by Daniel Grou

Play It Again, Samurai

#1 - Play It Again, Samurai

Big Wolf on Campus Season 3 - Episode 11

Merton notices an attractive Japanese girl at the factory and falls for her. She actually is attracted to him but tells him that they are too different so they can never be together. Merton misinterprets this and learns all about Japanese culture in an attempt to whoo her. This also fails to win her over even though she obviously likes him. Merton steals a kiss from her and then his trouble begins. Lori reveals that the girl is actually a cursed girl from a fairy tale and that anyone who kisses her will be killed by an evil 900 year old samurai. In an amusing sub-plot Tommy has to do community service at the Hungry bucket.

star 10.00
1 votes
Dances Without Wolves

#2 - Dances Without Wolves

Big Wolf on Campus Season 3 - Episode 12

One day, Tommy wishes that he is no longer the Pleasentville WereWolf. And it comes true. Tommy starts to like, how he can act like a normal teenager. But then he runs into the new evil Pleasentville werewolf and the new captain of the football team, who turns out to be his old friend Chuck. Even worse, Merton and Lori do not know who he was, and they weren't able to help him stop Chuck before he causes more damage, mayhem and chaos in Pleasantville. Tommy had to explain to Merton everything, and Merton believed him partially until they encountered Chuck who has about to attack Lori. During a battle between Tommy and Chuck, Tommy was bitten and he became a werewolf again. Using his new powers, he defeated Chuck, and he was transported back to his normal life, where he was the Pleasantville werewolf, the football captain, and where he had good friends.

star 10.00
1 votes
King of Kings

#3 - King of Kings

Vikings Season 6 - Episode 11

In Iceland, Ubbe learns the truth about Kjetill and has a difficult decision to make. Back in Norway, the battle against the Rus has had grave consequences. But re-enforcements have arrived, and Bjorn has an idea that may yet save the day.

star 8.14
1403 votes
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#4 - School

19-2 (2014) Season 2 - Episode 1

The entire squad is embroiled in an intensely tragic school shooting with consequences that will profoundly impact all of their lives.

star 8.06
177 votes
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#5 - Catherine

Cardinal Season 1 - Episode 6

Cardinal realizes he wasn't working alone and may be too late to save his daughter; Delorme has a decision to make when she finds answers.

star 8.01
1120 votes
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Moments of Vision

#6 - Moments of Vision

Vikings Season 5 - Episode 10

A sense of doom looms over Kattegat as bloodshed ensues. The defeated army flees in the face of the victors, and a legendary warrior makes his way home.

star 7.81
4371 votes
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#7 - Keith

Cardinal Season 1 - Episode 5

Cardinal and Delorme know who killed Woody Baldwin, but now they must find him; Cardinal's daughter visits her mom.

star 7.76
1033 votes
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A Simple Story

#8 - A Simple Story

Vikings Season 5 - Episode 9

The army leaders consider their options in the aftermath of the battle. In Floki's camp, all hopes of binding the community together are dashed as tragedy unfolds.

star 7.74
4321 votes
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#9 - Woody

Cardinal Season 1 - Episode 4

A criminal breaks into Eric and Edie's basement and finds Keith; issues between Cardinal and Delorme threaten their partnership; Cardinal takes risks in the investigation.

star 7.73
967 votes
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The Outsider

#10 - The Outsider

Vikings Season 4 - Episode 11

Ragnar's reappearance in Kattegat triggers a chain of events no one - except the Seer - could have ever imagined. He unexpectedly arrives home to see what has become of his sons and to handle unfinished business in Wessex with King Ecbert. Meanwhile, Lagertha plans a power play in Kattegat and Bjorn prepares to fulfill his long-held dream to explore the Mediterranean in a sleek new boat built for him by Floki.

star 7.73
8361 votes
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The Vision

#11 - The Vision

Vikings Season 4 - Episode 12

The Kattegat locals chide Ragnar that the gods have deserted him as he struggles to crew his voyage to Wessex. It's Bjorn who has charisma now as he prepares to fulfill his long-held dream to explore the Mediterranean in a sleek new boat built for him by Floki. By contrast, Ragnar must accept weathered boats and a crew he has bribed but when Aslaug foresees that the fleet will be lost in a vicious storm her warnings go un-heeded by Ragnar and her precious son, Ivar.

star 7.72
8262 votes
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The Best Laid Plans

#12 - The Best Laid Plans

Vikings Season 6 - Episode 10

Ivar and Igor may be plotting against Oleg, but they’re still part of the force that will depart Kiev to invade Scandinavia. King Harald and King Bjorn begin preparations for the invasion.

star 7.71
2108 votes
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The Revelation

#13 - The Revelation

Vikings Season 5 - Episode 11

Ivar is crowned the new king of Kattegat just in time to welcome Rollo home. Bjorn, Lagertha, and Ubbe must rely on unsteady alliances to survive.

star 7.69
3054 votes
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#14 - Resurrection

Vikings Season 6 - Episode 9

Ubbe and Torvi meet a mysterious wanderer in Iceland. Bjorn is forced to reconsider who his enemies are when Erik returns from a scouting mission with some worrying information. Ivar is reunited with someone close to him.

star 7.65
2000 votes
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#15 - Sam

Cardinal Season 3 - Episode 1

As Cardinal struggles in the wake of his wife’s suicide, Delorme becomes lead detective on both a double-murder and a string of muggings.

star 7.63
440 votes
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#16 - Delorme

Cardinal Season 1 - Episode 2

Cardinal and Delorme attend Todd Curry’s autopsy in Toronto. It’s a stressful balancing act for Delorme, trying to help Cardinal catch a murderer while feeling the pressure from her Special Investigations Sergeant Malcolm Musgrave to ramp up her investigation into her partner. The autopsy confirms Cardinal’s hunch about the connection between the murders of Todd Curry and Katie Pine, and the pair return to Algonquin Bay as Dyson tries to make amends with the community for the botched investigation into Katie Pine’s disappearance. Investigating the case together, Delorme tries to gain Cardinal’s trust to help her investigation. She lucks into an opportunity to tail Cardinal and takes it, against Musgrave’s orders. She discovers that he’s laundering money through a nearby casino – but has Cardinal discovered her as well?

star 7.57
1047 votes
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Edie and Eric

#17 - Edie and Eric

Cardinal Season 1 - Episode 3

Concerned that Cardinal is onto her, Delorme digs into the reasons behind her secret investigation.

star 7.48
1008 votes
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#18 - Cardinal

Cardinal Season 1 - Episode 1

A frozen corpse has just been discovered at the bottom of a cabin. This is the body of Katie Pine, a teenager who has been missing for several months. Because he had been instructed to investigate the disappearance of this girl, it is John Cardinal, who will conduct the investigations. Against the will of the inspector who prefers to work alone, Lisa Delorme, a detective specialized in financial crimes but a novice in homicide, is appointed to assist him. Cardinal investigates several unresolved cases of missing children, and quickly becomes convinced that murder of Katie Pine was perpetrated by a serial killer...

star 7.41
1225 votes
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Week Woman

#19 - Week Woman

The Hunger Season 2 - Episode 6

A man marries an unattractive lesbian in order to avoid deportation. Later he discovers that his new wife can transform into a new woman each week.

star 6.30
33 votes
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Sin Seer

#20 - Sin Seer

The Hunger Season 2 - Episode 9

A man can see someone's innermost desires by looking into their eyes. When he looks in the eyes of his psychiatrist, he sees murder.

star 6.23
31 votes
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Falling Man

#21 - Falling Man

The Hunger Season 2 - Episode 21

A man sees a woman making love to a grotesque Golem. It inspires him to create a widely successful artistic masterpiece.

star 6.16
32 votes
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Stone Free

#22 - Stone Free

Big Wolf on Campus Season 3 - Episode 1

Tommy and Lori finds a way to get Merton out of his stone state, by purchasing potion from an underground group of people. Maxwell Fong wants $1000 for the potion, but Tommy and Lori does not have that much money, so Tommy traded in his Elway Rookie Card for the money. When they used the potion on Merton, it worked but Merton's senses were lost, so Tommy and Lori visit Fong again to get the antidote to the poison in his body. Fong offered it for $5000 but when he found out that Tommy was a Werewolf, he decided to have Tommy battle his champion in a no rules match, and if he wins, he receives the potion. Tommy did not know that he was up against a Cyclopes.

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Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

#23 - Everybody Fang Chung Tonight

Big Wolf on Campus Season 3 - Episode 2

While doing his late night radio show, Merton finally meets the woman of his dreams. There's just one problem - she turns out to be a vampire. This is no ordinary vampire, she drinks the blood of werewolves, and because these creatures are very rare, she was dying out along with her fellow vampire friend. So when they found out that Tommy Dawkins was a werewolf, they tricked Merton into becoming a vampire and now he must destroy Tommy to survive...

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