The Best Episodes Directed by Bruce Kessler

The Last Kill

#1 - The Last Kill

Hunter Season 1 - Episode 17

Hunter and McCall trail a hit man who leaves a napkin with a purple circle on it at the scene of each crime. Hunter believes that the killer is the husband of his former girlfriend, a former magazine model. McCall believes Hunter is focusing on the husband of his ex out of jelousy. And Hunter's ex believes her husband is cheating on her, never suspecting the true nature of her spouse's activities.

star 8.80
5 votes
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#2 - Charlie

Renegade Season 2 - Episode 13

Harris and his seven-year-old daughter Charlie make the city uncertain: The gangster and his daughter live on small crimes. But then the two land unintentionally make a large coup: In a video shop they let go along a few videos, in which one a quarterly million dollar mafia money are hidden. The mafia rushes the two a professional killer on the neck. But Harris and his daughter have luck - also head money hunter Renegade is behind them ago.

star 8.68
31 votes
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Do Not Go Gentle

#3 - Do Not Go Gentle

Hardcastle and McCormick Season 3 - Episode 6

Entering the hospital for a routine checkup, Hardcastle discovers that he is dying from an incurable disease. Not wanting to let his friend just fade away, Mark convinces Hardcastle to live his remaining days to the fullest, Taking Mark's advice to heart, the judge, using the money he inherited from his wife, buys a one million dollar boat. Hardcastle's boating career is short lived, however, for armed men steal the boat. Although Hardcastle is initially willing to let the police handle the crime, he changes his mind after discovering that the hospital made a mistake and he is not really dying. Searching the docks, Hardcastle and McCormick locate the boat. Instead of reclaiming his property, Hardcastle discovers that the boat really belongs to an influential Senator. Realizing that Barry Jackson, the man who illegally "sold" him the boat, is a con artist, Hardcastle contacts his bank to find out where his money is being transferred. With Lieutenant Harper's help, Hardcastle and McCormick stake out the bank and capture Jackson. In the process, Hardcastle recovers his money.

star 8.20
5 votes

#4 - Dreams

The Greatest American Hero Season 2 - Episode 17

An act of kindness backfires when Ralph uses the suit to help a coworker with a personal project. This leads his other co-workers to take daring chances for their own shots at success. Soon, he must don the super suit not only to prevent them from ruining their lives, but also to save Bill from a vengeful, recently paroled killer.

star 8.18
11 votes
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Angie's Choice

#5 - Angie's Choice

Hardcastle and McCormick Season 2 - Episode 22

After seeing reputed mobster Stevie Ray kill a man named Tommy Chen, former prostitute Angie Bloom goes into hiding. Before disappearing, she decides to leave Nicky and Lindsey, her young children, with Hardcastle for safekeeping. While the kids initially refuse to tell the judge their name, the judge eventually realizes that they are Angie's children. Meanwhile, Hardcastle and McCormick discover something is amiss when some men unsuccessfully try to kidnap the kids. Following a hunch, Hardcastle pays a visit on a former madam named Dolores. The hunch pays off and the judge locates Angie. Convinced that Hardcastle has her best interests in mind, Angie tells the judge the whole story. Recognizing that the best way to protect Angie is to put Stevie in prison, Hardcastle arranges for her to testify. To his regret, the officers that pick up Angie are actually Stevie's men. Upon learning the truth, Hardcastle and McCormick "convince" one of Stevie's men to tell them where to find Angie. Following up on their lead, the two men capture Stevie and rescue Angie.

star 8.17
6 votes
The Garbage Man

#6 - The Garbage Man

Hunter Season 1 - Episode 11

Hunter and a friend of the victim, a parole officer, are both on the trail of the killer, only to cause a lot of problems for Hunter along the way.

star 8.00
8 votes
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One of the Girls from Accounting

#7 - One of the Girls from Accounting

Hardcastle and McCormick Season 2 - Episode 8

While attending business downtown, Mark rushes to the aid of a woman being attacked by men in a mail truck. While he thinks he can find safety from the police officer reponding to their call, the woman informs him the officer is actually a member of an unofficial "underground" police and they are far from being safe.

star 8.00
7 votes
The Hand-Painted Thai

#8 - The Hand-Painted Thai

The Greatest American Hero Season 2 - Episode 11

Years ago, prisoners of war were brainwashed to respond to a code phrase. Now, someone is using them to commit acts of sabotage. Bill and Ralph investigate, but Bill inadvertently falls under a hypnotic trance, leaving the heroics up to Ralph.

star 7.93
14 votes
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#9 - Jailbirds

CHiPs Season 3 - Episode 16

First Jon then Ponch get put in jail for contempt of court when they refuse to name their informant. Getraer gets the rest of the team searching through parking violations to prove the defendant was no stranger to the raided warehouse.

star 7.88
26 votes
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#10 - Vagabonds

CHiPs Season 5 - Episode 2

A family in a camper van cause an accident to claim the insurance money. Ponch and Jon give chase.

star 7.88
16 votes
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The Homecoming (2)

#11 - The Homecoming (2)

Hardcastle and McCormick Season 1 - Episode 20

Hardcastle hides out with another old friend, recovering from his injuries, while he tries to figure out how to retrieve the evidence against the town officials. Meanwhile, Mark and Christy take refuge in an abandoned cabin.

star 7.86
7 votes
Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue

#12 - Horse Stealing on Fifth Avenue

McCloud Season 1 - Episode 3

(NOTE: For repeats, this episode was known as "Manhattan Manhunt, Part 1"). McCloud is becoming famous thanks to press coverage. It doesn't endear him to the boys in blue, who have to deal with a string of drugstore holdups.

star 7.86
7 votes
Return to Devil's Hole

#13 - Return to Devil's Hole

Alias Smith and Jones Season 1 - Episode 7

An outlaw leader faces a dilemma; he must decide who is telling the truth, Heyes' lady friend or the man she's trying to kill.

star 7.77
35 votes

#14 - Pirates

MacGyver Season 2 - Episode 15

While on an expedition to find a Spanish treasure fleet, Dr. Barbara Ortega's boat is hi-jacked by modern-day pirates. They steal the small amount of treasure that she has already found - including the ship's log, which is the key to finding the whole fleet - and take off. When she makes it public that she was hi-jacked, the Phoenix Foundation sends MacGyver to help. Now, MacGyver and Barbara must recover the ship's log, so she can find the treasure before the pirates do.

star 7.77
206 votes
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One Hundred Miles a Gallon

#15 - One Hundred Miles a Gallon

The Fall Guy Season 2 - Episode 19

The son of one of Colt's friends skips, and Colt goes to South Carolina after him. However, they aren't running moonshine like he thought, and the regular drivers quit.

star 7.72
39 votes
Good Samaritan

#16 - Good Samaritan

The Greatest American Hero Season 2 - Episode 19

Tired of using the suit to fight crime, Ralph decides to branch out. He tries to intervene in a battle between an old man fighting for his home and the city taking it away, but Bill has him on the hunt for bank robbers.

star 7.71
7 votes
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Wizards and Warlocks

#17 - Wizards and Warlocks

The Greatest American Hero Season 3 - Episode 10

King Abu Al-Fahad asks Ralph and Bill to help find his son, Prince Aha, who was kidnapped by Middle Eastern terrorists while playing a Dungeons and Dragonsesque game, Wizards and Warlocks. Their search leads them from Aha's college campus -- where they meet Aha's Keeper of the Clock, Joey Margolis -- to the game's author himself, Norman Fackler.

star 7.67
6 votes
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The Homecoming (1)

#18 - The Homecoming (1)

Hardcastle and McCormick Season 1 - Episode 19

Hardcastle returns to his hometown in Arkansas for a high school reunion, only to learn from an old friend that people are being swindled out of their farms. After the friend is murdered, and his daughter asks the judge for help, Hardcastle enlists McCormick to burglarize the local land office.

star 7.67
6 votes
Dynamite Alley

#19 - Dynamite Alley

CHiPs Season 3 - Episode 24

Bonnie flips her cruiser on the way back from Bakersfield, and the only witness is a boy she talks to on the CB. Grossman is writing an article for Highway Patrol magazine about hallucinations experienced while driving.

star 7.64
22 votes
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The Monkees at the Circus

#20 - The Monkees at the Circus

The Monkees Season 1 - Episode 22

The Monkees invade Pop Arcade's small circus and fool around with its equipment, until Victor, a maniacal knife thrower, sadistically uses Davy as a target and orders the boys to leave. The boys soon learn that Pop's circus is about to fold because he can't pay the performers. Davy falls in love with Susan, Pop's young daughter. He persuades all of the acts to stay, except Victor, who broods that the rock-and-roll discotheques are the major contribution to the circus' downfall, and the boys don't disclose their identity to Susan, presenting themselves as brain surgeons. In a dream sequence, Peter, Micky, Mike and Davy don the guise of, respectively, a ringleader, a lion tamer and his lion, and an acrobat as they take part in a wacky circus scene; after which they overhear Victor declaring that he has persuaded the troupe to sign an ultimatum threatening to quit unless they receive their back pay. The Monkees break in, clad as aerialists. Posing as Amazing, Incredible, Colossal, and Stu

star 7.60
10 votes
I've Got a Little Song Here

#21 - I've Got a Little Song Here

The Monkees Season 1 - Episode 12

Mike writes a new song, but when he is going to be ripped by the publishing company, he's trying to sell the song to, his friends have to help him.

star 7.56
9 votes
Return of the Supercycle

#22 - Return of the Supercycle

CHiPs Season 3 - Episode 7

Ponch ends up in hospital when he crashes while pursuing a jewelry thief on a motorbike. Jon and Ponch think it could be Roy Yarnell, who's back in town with his own stunt show. Meanwhile, a new female officer is interested in Jon, but his colleagues think she's there to spy on them.

star 7.51
59 votes
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Nashville Pirates

#23 - Nashville Pirates

The Fall Guy Season 3 - Episode 9

Colt encounters a case of piracy when he goes after a bounty in Nashville. He performs "The Unknown Stuntman."

star 7.50
6 votes
Slay Ride

#24 - Slay Ride

T.J. Hooker Season 3 - Episode 12

Despite being undercover dressed as Santa Claus, Hooker is finding it hard to get into the Yuletide cheer faced with his first Christmas away from Fran and the children; Stacy too, is low on Christmas spirit, after splitting up with her boyfriend. The Christmas blues set in even deeper when a drug stakeout doesn't go to plan, allowing the main target to get away. Later, after Stacy witnesses an armed hold-up by a man and woman connected with the wanted dealer, the woman is forced to abandon her young baby at a local church. As they try and get a lead on the offenders, Stacy looks after the young baby, but Hooker, Corrigan and Romano become concerned that she may be coming to attached to it too want to give it back...

star 7.50
6 votes
That Sister Ain't No Cousin

#25 - That Sister Ain't No Cousin

Baretta Season 3 - Episode 15

star 7.50
2 votes
Hard Contract

#26 - Hard Contract

Hunter Season 1 - Episode 2

Dee Dee McCall's former partner, Gus Trancus, becomes a hit man for the mob. His victim is a police informant.

star 7.39
18 votes
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Return to the 38th Parallel

#27 - Return to the 38th Parallel

The Rockford Files Season 3 - Episode 9

Friends prove to be more trouble than they're worth when Rockford's buddy gets him involved in a missing-person case that leads to a dangerous and wealthy smuggling ring.

star 7.37
78 votes
An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing

#28 - An Astronaut in Sheep's Clothing

I Dream of Jeannie Season 5 - Episode 23

On Jeannie and Tony's 6 month wedding anniversary, Jeannie wants desperately to please Tony by knitting him a cashmir sweater while Tony wants to get her a string of pearls. None of which ends up being accomplished.

star 7.37
45 votes
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#29 - Reunion

The Fall Guy Season 5 - Episode 11

One of Colt's old classmates steals his own jewels for the insurance money.

star 7.33
3 votes
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The Chaperone

#30 - The Chaperone

The Monkees Season 1 - Episode 9

The only way for Davy to date General Vandenburg's daughter is to hold a chaperoned party. When everything else fails, Micky dresses up in drag as 'Mrs Arcadian', arousing the attention of both the General and Mr. Babbit, the landlord.

star 7.33
12 votes
Strange Bedfellows

#31 - Strange Bedfellows

The Fall Guy Season 2 - Episode 17

A wild tale in which a man who fails to convince Colt to bail out a woman takes Jody hostage to further his cause. The woman has an urgent need to pick up a million dollars.

star 7.22
9 votes
Alias Micky Dolenz

#32 - Alias Micky Dolenz

The Monkees Season 1 - Episode 25

When Micky is beaten up by a hood named Tony Ferano, Mike persuades him to report it to the police. The Captain is stunned by Mick's resemblance to Baby Face Morales, the most vicious killer in America, who's in jail. Because they neither captured Baby Face's mob nor did they recover the loot, The Captain asks Micky to help capture both by impersonating Baby Face. Micky refuses at first, but changes his mind when he narrowly escapes a drive-by shooting triggered by Tony and his gangster mob. After Micky goes to Baby Face's cell to learn all of his "mannerisms" (and, in the process, nearly gets strangled by B.F. for accidentally hitting him!), The Captain orders Micky to contact Baby Face's friends at The Purple Pelican, a local dive, and learn where they hide. There at The Pelican, Ruby, an aging showgirl who doubles as Baby Face's moll, thinks Micky is Baby Face and promises to help him, but Tony, the new boss, along with his torpedoes Muggsy Ruckyzer and Vince, insists that Baby Face

star 7.22
9 votes
The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas

#33 - The Rabbit Who Ate Las Vegas

The A-Team Season 1 - Episode 7

The A-Team gets involved in a mob power play when two girls ask them to find their college professor who went to Las Vegas with a perfect gambling system and never came back.

star 7.20
292 votes
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Bad Time on the Border

#34 - Bad Time on the Border

The A-Team Season 2 - Episode 4

Hannibal goes undercover as an illegal alien when the A-Team is asked to find a sick woman who was apparently left behind by alien smugglers.

star 7.20
204 votes
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The Crystal Duck

#35 - The Crystal Duck

Hardcastle and McCormick Season 1 - Episode 4

Teddy, McCormick's cellmate in prison, is out on parole. He has been staying with Mark in the guesthouse, without Hardcastle's knowledge or permission. Now, his parole officer, Quinlan, informs him that due to a minor infraction, he has the power to send him back to prison, unless he pays him a thousand dollars a week. While at the guest house, he overheard Hardcastle telling McCormick that they are going to play cards with some other judges. While they are playing, someone breaks in a robs them, and he is wearing the watch that McCormick lent to Teddy. When Hardcastle and McCormick go home McCormick tells Hardcastle that Teddy's the robber and he has been staying with McCormick in the guest house, they also discover that the guest house has been robbed also. One of the judges discovers that the robber is Teddy and learning that he McCormick were cellmates, suspects that McCormick was in on the robbery, and has him arrested. Teddy returns and is caught by Hardcastle, who in turn gets M

star 7.09
74 votes

#36 - Chopper

Kolchak: The Night Stalker Season 1 - Episode 15

The strange disappearance of an antique motorcycle is the first indication of trouble. What follows are a rash of murders where each victim is decapitated with superhuman force by what witnesses report is a headless motorcyclist. As Kolchak investigates, he discovers that the victims were all members of a cycle gang back in the 50's. A prank they played on a rival gang member, Harold "Swordsman" Baker, resulted in his unintentional decapitation. Baker's ghost killed several of their gang back in the 50's until his head was reunited with the rest of his corpse. However, the cemetary where Baker was interred was dug up and his head and body separated once more. Now, Kolchak must reunite the head and body once more before the headless cyclist finishes off the gang.

star 7.08
77 votes
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Classical Gas

#37 - Classical Gas

The Greatest American Hero Season 2 - Episode 5

Ralph's students start a band, and a promoter lands them a spot on a big ticket concert while trying to get Pam to go out with him.

star 7.04
45 votes
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Murder in the Courthouse

#38 - Murder in the Courthouse

Diagnosis Murder Season 3 - Episode 4

Dr. Sloan suspects a cunning D.A. in the murder of an acquited defendant.

star 7.03
75 votes
Seavers, Dead or Alive

#39 - Seavers, Dead or Alive

The Fall Guy Season 5 - Episode 7

The tables are turned when Colt is framed and becomes a fugitive.

star 7.00
3 votes
Never My Love

#40 - Never My Love

Hardcastle and McCormick Season 2 - Episode 5

Mark attends the funeral of an old friend, only to be surprised later to receive a message from her on his answering machine. After searching for evidence to her supposed "death," Mark and the judge find political reasons may be to blame for her disappearance.

star 6.80
5 votes
Silent Knight

#41 - Silent Knight

Knight Rider Season 2 - Episode 12

Michael is preparing to attend the Christmas banquet when he encounters a gypsy boy who has witnessed a bank robbery and is sought by the robbers from whom he stole a gold watch.

star 6.79
122 votes
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#42 - D-Day

Hardcastle and McCormick Season 2 - Episode 4

After finding his sister-in-law missing and her apartment ransacked, Hardcastle discovers that she had been secretly following her professor in hopes of earning extra credit in a police procedures course.

star 6.60
5 votes

#43 - Nitro

Mission: Impossible Season 3 - Episode 21

General Zek of Karak is opposed to a peace treaty between his country and Agir, and is working with a munitions maker named Ismir Najiid to start a war by destroying King Said during his announcement of the treaty. The IMF must stop Zek and Najiid for good. The two conspirators hire Aristo Skora, a terrorist, to plant the explosives and incriminate Agir. Barney as a systems analyst sets up Najiid's factory's alarm system so Rollin can sneak in and steal the nitro from Najiid with Willy's help while letting himself be seen. Meanwhile, Jim has identified Cinnamon to Zek as an ally of "Hakim", the Agirian terrorist Rollin is pretending to be. Rollin and Willy grab the real Skora and then Rollin-as-Skora tells Zek their plan won't work. The IMF let Zek follow Cinnamon to an unconscious "Hakim" (actually a drugged and masked Skora) who has the nitro and a radio-controlled truck so Zek takes over his plan which he believes is the Agirians. Meanwhile Najiid has been drugged during Said's spee

star 6.45
58 votes
Somebody's Killing the Great Geeks of America

#44 - Somebody's Killing the Great Geeks of America

Riptide (1984) Season 1 - Episode 4

A woman in Boz's high-IQ club needs help after a member of her "brain trust" has a fatal accident and an attempt is made on her own life.

star 6.24
33 votes

#45 - Four-Eyes

Riptide (1984) Season 1 - Episode 9

rc: Jack Ging (Lt. Quinlan) At great reluctance, Cody, Nick and Murray accept a job from shady attorney Myron Bell that turns out to be working for an arrogant, rude character named Roger Ramsdale, who wants them to get evidence that his wife Joan is supposedly cheating on him, to help him win a divorce law suit. But as the trio begrudgingly take on their assignment, they find that far from being the harlot Roger claims, the woman is in fact an upstanding, thoroughly nice lady, and what's more, she herself has hired two female private investigators to prove that Roger is actually the one cheating on her. But when Roger is murdered, Joan is arrested as the prime suspect, and the male and female private investigators are forced to not only join forces to try and find the real killer, but more demandingly to simply manage to get along together...

star 6.24
33 votes
Long Distance Daddy

#46 - Long Distance Daddy

Riptide (1984) Season 1 - Episode 11

rc: Marsha Warfield (Max), Jack Ging (Lt. Quinlan) A member of a gun smuggling racket takes the opportunity to use a flight to bump off the irritating son of the head of the operation. Nick has a surprise when Chin Lee and Mia, two Cambodian children that he sponsors, unexpectedly arrive in American and at the Riptide when Chin must get urgent heart surgery for his young sister. But unbeknown to them, the pair came into the country by stowing away on the smuggler's aeroplane. The killer plans to get rid of the children along with their friends at the Riptide to stop them from sharing what they saw, but when the bemused detectives investigate who's responsible for trying to kill them, the mobster head of the smuggling operation believes them to be his son's murderers! The fact that a mean character who Cody and Nick sent to prison while serving as M.P.s in Vietnam has just been released does not help matters...

star 6.24
33 votes
The Faded Image

#47 - The Faded Image

Ironside Season 8 - Episode 16

Ed befriends the daughter of the judge presiding over his latest case, only for the girl to come to him in fear for her father's life. It seems she is overreacting to a series of accidents, but events soon suggest her suspicions may be correct; especially after it turns out that her father's new wife has old Underworld connections she thought she had left behind.

star 6.00
2 votes

#48 - Mirage

Riptide (1984) Season 2 - Episode 4

rc: Jack Ging (Lt. Quinlan) Teaching a science class at a local collage, Murray falls for an attractive student who appears to be interested in him too. But when two thugs steal the girl's paper that Murray is marking, the detectives are shocked to learn that the girl is actually married, to a millionaire Arabian, who ordered the papers taken after becoming worried that Murray is having an affair with his wife. He warns him that in his culture, the punishment for committing adultery is death. But afterwards, the girl claims that her husband is abusing her and begs for Murray's help; unfortunately, everything is not as it seems about the girl, and Murray is unwittingly being set-up...

star 5.97
30 votes
Fuzzy Vision

#49 - Fuzzy Vision

Riptide (1984) Season 2 - Episode 20

Out at sea on a fishing trip, a blown armature on the Riptide brings the P.I.s vacation to a halt. They manage to make it to shore to a nearby small village, which is seems to be stuck in the 1950s, for help, where they meet an eccentric elderly lady who seems to be a clairvoyant and is expecting them! What's more, she warns them that her nephew will soon be murdered and that she will be arrested. The trio take her with a pinch of salt, but the more they are stuck in the village, the more the predictions come true. Helping to clear her of the murder which indeed does take place, the trio find themselves digging up an unsolved seven-year-old killing of a local beauty queen... The fact that locals mistake Cody for an infamous local trouble-maker whom he seems to resemble, does not exactly help matters...

star 5.97
30 votes
Circle of Fear

#50 - Circle of Fear

Baywatch Nights Season 2 - Episode 5

After a report of a possible black arts event in the woods, Mitch and Ryan search. Ryan finds a burned book and a duplicate in a specialty book shop. She attempts one of the ceremonies with spectacular results. The shop owner helps them understand and counteract the evil invoked.

star 4.67
2 votes
A Lighter Hart

#51 - A Lighter Hart

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 22

Jennifer's cousin slips into a coma after being continually drugged by the owners of a health club.

star 4.50
1 votes
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Emily By Hart

#52 - Emily By Hart

Hart to Hart Season 4 - Episode 12

A young reporter influenced by Jennifer is murdered by her fiance's employer.

star 0.00
0 votes
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This Must Be the Alamo

#53 - This Must Be the Alamo

McCloud Season 4 - Episode 5

During a heat wave, Chief Clifford is called away and leaves Sgt. Broadhurst in charge. A football gambling ring that scores with ""inside dope on injuries"" loses a little black book and begins eliminating witnesses in a search for it, leading to an assault on precinct headquarters.

star 0.00
0 votes
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The Gang That Stole Manhattan

#54 - The Gang That Stole Manhattan

McCloud Season 5 - Episode 2

McCloud is assigned to a film shoot, and suspects the production is a front.

star 0.00
0 votes
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Shivaree on Delancy Street

#55 - Shivaree on Delancy Street

McCloud Season 5 - Episode 3

A tailor wins big on the numbers, but gang wars interfere with the payout. Sgt. Broadhurst is badly wounded and numbers money is planted on him, causing him to be investigated by Internal Affairs. The tailor becomes a witness in the wars, but heads off to Miami Beach with his winnings and his shiksa fiancée, followed by two hit men and McCloud.

star 0.00
0 votes
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Three Guns for New York

#56 - Three Guns for New York

McCloud Season 6 - Episode 4

Paroled bank robbers from New Mexico think McCloud took off with their $400,000 twelve years before. They kidnap Chris Coughlin, shoot two FBI agents with McCloud's .45 Colt Frontier Six Shooter, and force him back to Taos after the money.

star 0.00
0 votes
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The Moscow Connection

#57 - The Moscow Connection

McCloud Season 7 - Episode 4

The State Department sends Chief Clifford and McCloud to Moscow with a touring country & western singer, undercover.

star 0.00
0 votes
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McCloud Meets Dracula

#58 - McCloud Meets Dracula

McCloud Season 7 - Episode 6

Murder victims are found to be drained of blood, and an elderly star of vampire films is suspected; Chief Clifford is on the hunt for a random sniper.

star 0.00
0 votes
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