The Best Episodes Directed by Amanda Bearse

Just Don't Do It

#1 - Just Don't Do It

The Jamie Foxx Show Season 3 - Episode 7

Jamie's mother (JoMarie Payton) is engaged to a younger man (Gerald Levert).

star 8.60
10 votes
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Convent-ional Gifts

#2 - Convent-ional Gifts

The Jamie Foxx Show Season 2 - Episode 15

Jamie's bawdy present for Braxton winds up in the hands of Helen (Ellia English), who mistakes it for a gift she's giving a nun. Mother Superior: Helen Martin. Fancy: Garcelle Beauvais. Junior: Garrett Morris. Annabeth: Ella Joyce.

star 8.43
7 votes
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Super Bowl

#3 - Super Bowl

George Lopez Season 2 - Episode 13

The Lopez family finds out that Benny's estranged brother, Uncle Joe is dying. George and Angie convince Benny to reconcile with Uncle Joe-but Benny's more interested in getting Joe's Super Bowl tickets. Meanwhile, since Benny never taught George how to cope with death when he was younger, he has difficulty attending the funeral.

star 8.43
44 votes
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The Man and the Moon

#4 - The Man and the Moon

Reba Season 1 - Episode 6

Her kitchen garbage disposal is on the blink again and Reba refuses to call Brock to fix it like he used to do when he still lived at home. She tries to fix the disposal herself but only makes it worse. Giving in, she calls a handyman. Bill (guest star Greg Evigan — ""B.J. and the Bear"") takes a look under her sink and finds all the of the ""patches"" that Brock has made over the years. Reba and Bill flirt and Brock gets jealous. When Bill offers to take Reba to a hardware store to pick out a new kitchen faucet, Reba can't believe that Bill would be hitting on her. Cheyenne is excited to be going out with the girls. While driving to a Wildcats football game they moon the players on the bus. Cheyenne has a great time but Van is upset that everyone is seeing his wife's butt. She argues that it's her butt and she can do whatever she pleases with it, besides she had so much fun... that is until Kyra points out that someone took pictures and they're on the internet. Kyra tries to tell Reba tha

star 8.20
157 votes
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The Stepford Peg

#5 - The Stepford Peg

Married... with Children Season 11 - Episode 10

When Peggy gets amnesia, Al turns her into the perfect wife, which makes everyone happy, except Marcy.

star 8.12
291 votes
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Full Metal Jack

#6 - Full Metal Jack

Kickin' It Season 4 - Episode 12

Jack, Jerry, and Milton form a team to compete in a Commando Paintball Challenge.

star 8.08
26 votes
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All The Knight Moves

#7 - All The Knight Moves

Jessie (2011) Season 2 - Episode 17

Jessie learns that Zuri is a chess prodigy and encourages her to compete in a renowned chess competition. Meanwhile, Luke and Emma suspect that Bertram is a former jewel thief.

star 7.94
62 votes
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Lonesome Cow-Bro

#8 - Lonesome Cow-Bro

The Jamie Foxx Show Season 3 - Episode 9

Junior and Helen tell Jamie the story of their ancestors' first hotel.

star 7.89
9 votes
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Psychic Avengers

#9 - Psychic Avengers

Married... with Children Season 6 - Episode 19

Jefferson lets Al in on his psychic phone scam but the Bundys soon take over the business.

star 7.86
279 votes
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Crimes Against Obesity

#10 - Crimes Against Obesity

Married... with Children Season 11 - Episode 9

Al is sued by all of the overweight women he has insulted in the past, and they hold a trial in the shoe store. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud tint the windows on Al's car for his birthday gift.

star 7.85
260 votes
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Christmas Day-Ja Vu

#11 - Christmas Day-Ja Vu

The Jamie Foxx Show Season 3 - Episode 10

Jamie has his own version of Ground Hog Day by reliving Christmas Eve as a mall Santa puts a curse on him to teach him the meanig of Christmas.

star 7.85
13 votes
Live Nude Peg

#12 - Live Nude Peg

Married... with Children Season 11 - Episode 17

A disguised Peggy starts dancing at the nudie bar, and Al loves her character, not knowing that it is Peggy.

star 7.83
257 votes
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A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

#13 - A Girl Can Dream, Can't She?

Dharma & Greg Season 2 - Episode 23

Greg discovers he should pay more attention to his wife's intuition when Dharma has a nightmare and begs him not to go away on a business trip.

star 7.79
116 votes
Requiem for a Chevyweight (2)

#14 - Requiem for a Chevyweight (2)

Married... with Children Season 11 - Episode 5

Al buries the Dodge and leases a new sports car. Meanwhile, Peggy digs up the Dodge so she can sell the engine.

star 7.78
247 votes
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The Story of a Divorce

#15 - The Story of a Divorce

Reba Season 1 - Episode 14

When Reba receives her final divorce papers, Lori Ann persuades her to get back into action and start dating. Lori Ann runs through her list of eligible men on her palm pilot and digs up Reba's former boyfriend from college, Parker Reynolds. Reba can't remember why she ever broke up with him and agrees to see him. On the first date she is reminded of why. He is a lousy kisser and there are no sparks between them. Kyra convinces Jake that Parker is gong to be the ""new Daddy"" and that Reba will be changing his name or even worse, give him away! Reba lets Parker down easy for the second time and out of respect lets him know that he is a lousy kisser and she feels nothing for him.

star 7.77
148 votes
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Kelly's Gotta Habit

#16 - Kelly's Gotta Habit

Married... with Children Season 11 - Episode 3

Kelly must sign a morals clause when she gets a commercial part playing a nun. Meanwhile, Al gets to be on Cops as Officer Dan's partner.

star 7.75
262 votes
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Kelly Takes a Shot

#17 - Kelly Takes a Shot

Married... with Children Season 9 - Episode 15

Kelly must learn how to fire a bow in order to get a part in a commercial.

star 7.75
294 votes
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Shoeless Al

#18 - Shoeless Al

Married... with Children Season 9 - Episode 25

Al can't wear shoes because of his phony lawsuit against the mall.

star 7.71
199 votes
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Un-Alful Entry

#19 - Un-Alful Entry

Married... with Children Season 7 - Episode 20

Al ends up being sued by a burglar after Al punches him while he breaks into the Bundy house.

star 7.70
289 votes
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The Worst Noel

#20 - The Worst Noel

Married... with Children Season 8 - Episode 13

Kelly and Bud try to sneak a jukebox, their Christmas present for Al and Peggy, into the house on Christmas Eve while Al and Peggy argue over channel surfing.

star 7.69
235 votes
Al Goes Deep

#21 - Al Goes Deep

Married... with Children Season 8 - Episode 25

Al convinces Jefferson to bet on a football game, but the star of the football team starts dating Kelly, and it interrupts his training.

star 7.68
211 votes
Two Guys, a Girl and Graduation

#22 - Two Guys, a Girl and Graduation

Two Guys and a Girl Season 2 - Episode 15

When Sharon is up for a new job she learns she never graduated college. When she goes to verify she learns that she hadn't paid her $210 of parking tickets. She had given the money to Pete and Berg so they could go and pay them for her but they had to bail her father out of jail. So she pays the tickets but finds out that the requirements have changed and she needs to retake freshman English. When she puts two and two together she thinks that instead of paying her tickets they had bought a $200 bottle of champagne but later learns the truth, which is that the money she had given them to pay the fines was actually used to bail her father out of jail, after he caused a drunken ruckus due to his recent bankrupcy and the fact that he had just lost his job. The champagne that Pete and berg had was actually a gift from a girl they had never met before

star 7.67
92 votes
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The Undergraduate

#23 - The Undergraduate

Married... with Children Season 9 - Episode 26

A twelve year old boy with a crush on Kelly gets her to go to his junior prom with him.

star 7.67
222 votes
The Very Grateful Dead

#24 - The Very Grateful Dead

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 6

Dharma becomes convinced that the ghost of a recently deceased neighbor wants to conduct some unfinished business -- and the spirit soon moves Greg in a rather carnal way.

star 7.66
115 votes
Kelly Knows Something

#25 - Kelly Knows Something

Married... with Children Season 8 - Episode 26

Al teaches Kelly about sports, so she can be on a sports trivia game show.

star 7.66
267 votes
God Help Ye Merry Bundymen

#26 - God Help Ye Merry Bundymen

Married... with Children Season 11 - Episode 8

Al and Griff are fired during the holidays and have to take small jobs in the mall. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud swipe biblical figures from the D'Arcys' nativity scene and Peggy enters the neighborhood Christmas decoration contest.

star 7.65
292 votes
Change for a Buck

#27 - Change for a Buck

Married... with Children Season 8 - Episode 11

Buck runs away from home and ends up at a dog pound.

star 7.65
268 votes
Dial B for Virgin

#28 - Dial B for Virgin

Married... with Children Season 9 - Episode 7

Bud gets assigned to the Virgin hotline, but has problems doing his duties. Al and Peggy have problems deciding what movie to rent at the video store.

star 7.64
355 votes
Taps for Royal

#29 - Taps for Royal

The Jamie Foxx Show Season 3 - Episode 11

Jamie tries to reunite Uncle Junior with his long-lost best friend.

star 7.64
11 votes
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#30 - T*R*A*S*H

Married... with Children Season 11 - Episode 13

Seeking regular meals, Al and Griff join the army, but end up having to help with a garbage strike.

star 7.63
289 votes
It Ain't Over till the Red-Head Sings

#31 - It Ain't Over till the Red-Head Sings

Reba Season 1 - Episode 22

Van and Cheyenne, who is nearing her due date and having trouble moving around, are excited about their upcoming graduation day. They tell Brock, BJ and Reba they want to be in the delivery room by themselves because it's about time they take reponsibility for things. Reba's hurt but takes the news in stride. Principal Hodges stops by and hands Cheyenne her diploma, assuming Cheyenne is too pregnant to attend the ceremony. It's obvious Principal Hodges just wants to avoid the embarrassment of a pregnant teen at graduation. Cheyenne stands up for herself and says she'll be at the ceremony and hands back the diploma. On the morning of graduation day Kyra notices Cheyenne is acting a little funny. She figures out Cheyenne's in labor but promises not to say anything because Cheyenne is intent on getting her diploma in person. At the ceremony, just as Reba figures out what's going on, Cheyenne is about to walk across the stage. Suddenly the contractions get to be too much so Van carries her

star 7.62
167 votes
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Children of the Corns

#32 - Children of the Corns

Married... with Children Season 11 - Episode 2

Al and Griff blackmail Gary, because of a bad promotion contest, when they find the shoes from the shoe store are made by children in sweatshops. Meanwhile, Peggy wins a microwave and Kelly and her try to hide it from Al.

star 7.62
269 votes
The Paper Hat Anniversary

#33 - The Paper Hat Anniversary

Dharma & Greg Season 2 - Episode 4

It's traditional to fight on your first anniversary (even if Hallmark doesn't have a card for it): Dharma and Greg stage an argument to escape their parents' planned celebration, but in concocting the excuse Greg says Dharma was being ""flighty,"" and the gloves come off. While they drive out of the city, Dharma retaliates by calling Greg a ""stick in the mud,"" and soon their car is stuck in the mud when he tries to demonstrate how impetuous he can be. (Not very.) They hike to a diner, but find it closed because of a death in the owner's family; just as Greg breaks a pane in the door in order to use the phone, a highway patrolman happens by and the young couple get caught in a charade of being the replacement cook and waitress. There's a nice unspoken continuity with the first season episode in which Greg really did become a short order cook, and it's nice to see him sharing Dharma's role-playing game, even if unwillingly. But Dharma looks tense and unhappy even before Greg accidentally i

star 7.62
180 votes
A Man for No Seasons

#34 - A Man for No Seasons

Married... with Children Season 9 - Episode 11

When the national baseball league go on a strike, NO MA'AM organizes their own league sponsored by nudie bars.

star 7.61
354 votes
Swing Out Sister

#35 - Swing Out Sister

The Jamie Foxx Show Season 3 - Episode 4

Jamie's little sister, Kim, visits from Texas with big plans that her meddlesome brother objects to. Meanwhile, things begin to heat up between Braxton and his new friend Cameron.

star 7.60
15 votes
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Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock

#36 - Tick-Tock Hilda's Clock

Sabrina, The Teenage Witch Season 5 - Episode 12

A visit from old friends who are now parents sets Hilda's very literal biological clock running at an alarming speed.

star 7.57
171 votes
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A Bundy Thanksgiving

#37 - A Bundy Thanksgiving

Married... with Children Season 11 - Episode 6

Al goes to look for his aunt's pie, but finds she is dead.

star 7.54
351 votes
The Spy Who Said He Loved Me

#38 - The Spy Who Said He Loved Me

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 17

Dharma runs into an old boyfriend (Jason Beghe) whose endless, high-flown tales of jet setting sound more and more like flights of fancy. Meanwhile, Greg's hernia becomes a popular topic for discussion and forces several trips to the doctor

star 7.50
108 votes
Law and Disorder

#39 - Law and Disorder

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 9

Constant interference makes Greg wish that his new law practice were a little more private, especially when Dharma keeps solving his client's problems without recourse to the law; Dharma reaches out to her landlady on behalf of the other tenants; Larry pursues an increasingly vindictive feud against his neighbor—who turns out to be his uncle.

star 7.50
141 votes
If I Could See Me Now

#40 - If I Could See Me Now

Married... with Children Season 6 - Episode 7

Bud and Kelly convince Al to get glasses after a few minor accidents.

star 7.49
346 votes
Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore

#41 - Kelly Doesn't Live Here Anymore

Married... with Children Season 7 - Episode 8

Al makes Kelly get a job, so she becomes a waitress.

star 7.48
281 votes
Calendar Girl

#42 - Calendar Girl

Married... with Children Season 10 - Episode 16

Al convinces Bud to make a calendar with beautiful women in order to win a rivalry.

star 7.48
318 votes
Something Larry This Way Comes

#43 - Something Larry This Way Comes

Married... with Children Season 9 - Episode 20

Al is all excited when Kelly's acting instructor Larry Storch is coming to the house.

star 7.47
298 votes
Welcome to Hotel Calamari

#44 - Welcome to Hotel Calamari

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 2

Dharma tracks the missing Greg down at a seedy motel. (I missed this episode and it has not yet been rerun.)

star 7.46
198 votes
Thanksgiving Until It Hurts

#45 - Thanksgiving Until It Hurts

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 10

In an attempt to make Thanksgiving more enjoyable than last year's debacle (which we see in flashbacks), Dharma and Greg devise a plan to entirely avoid their families. When it becomes clear how much this has hurt everyone, the pair wind up more stuffed than any turkey after eating four Thanksgiving dinners: their own, one cooked (barely) by Kitty, another with Abby and Larry, and a fourth with Celia's family -- who have a fight that top last year's.

star 7.46
116 votes
How Bleen was My Kelly

#46 - How Bleen was My Kelly

Married... with Children Season 10 - Episode 5

While researching for her new part of playing a scientist, Kelly discovers the new color bleen. Al finds that bleen grows hair.

star 7.45
354 votes
Drop Dead Gorgeous

#47 - Drop Dead Gorgeous

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 13

Finding that Greg is overwhelmed with paper work (and that her own efforts to help only lead to desktop carnal encounters), Dharma determines to hire him a first-rate legal secretary. She tries to get pointers from Greg's former secretary Marlene, but discovers that Marlene's only real skill is in dodging work. After submitting applicants to a battery of tests, both skill-related and New Age, Dharma finds the perfect secretary: the intelligent, caring, spiritually centered Kim -- who also happens to be a former fashion model. Despite Jane's skepticism, Dharma insists she trusts Greg completely and goes out of her way to throw Kim & Greg together, going so far as to have her accompany Greg to a dance with Kitty and Edward while she goes to a Smothers Brothers vineyard jamboree with Abby and Larry. When the car brakes Kim supposedly had serviced fail, Dharma's trust looks like a fatal mistake...

star 7.43
113 votes
You Can't Miss

#48 - You Can't Miss

Married... with Children Season 7 - Episode 17

Bud appears on a game show for single men. Meanwhile, Al and Peg doesn't sleep for days and Kelly fears that there is a conspiracy against her.

star 7.43
326 votes
The Two That Got Away

#49 - The Two That Got Away

Married... with Children Season 10 - Episode 9

Al and Jefferson's fishing lodge is taken away by a famous actress, but Jefferson plots revenge, and a small fortune, when they find out that they unknowingly took a nude picture of the actress. Kelly and Bud try to get Lucky a part in a dog food commercial.

star 7.40
326 votes
One Flew Over the Lawyer's Desk

#50 - One Flew Over the Lawyer's Desk

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 1

Questioning his place in the universe, Greg begins a journey of self-discovery by exploring his reasons for becoming a lawyer.

star 7.39
140 votes
Love Conquers Al

#51 - Love Conquers Al

Married... with Children Season 10 - Episode 12

Al, Peggy, and her parents go to a marriage retreat and water park to get her parents back together. Meanwhile, Kelly has a guy she likes, Carlos, who agrees to date her if Bud can amuse his sister.

star 7.37
339 votes
Somebunny's In Trouble

#52 - Somebunny's In Trouble

Jessie (2011) Season 2 - Episode 19

Jessie loses a pet bunny. Emma gets Luke to help her learn more about sports to impress a guy at school.

star 7.36
57 votes
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Sofa So Good

#53 - Sofa So Good

Married... with Children Season 8 - Episode 14

While Al and Peggy are away at a family reunion, Kelly's boyfriend ruins Peggy's couch. Bud and Kelly have to find a new couch similar to the one they had.

star 7.31
330 votes
The Weaker Sex

#54 - The Weaker Sex

Married... with Children Season 10 - Episode 6

Al says he thinks women are weak when Peggy and Marcy begin taking a self defense class. But a newscrew labels Al as weak when Peggy punches a man trying to steal Al's wallet.

star 7.30
366 votes
The King and I

#55 - The King and I

Reba Season 1 - Episode 20

Cheyenne and Van are nominated for Prom Queen and King. Everyone's surprised by the students overlooking Cheyenne's pregnancy and nominating her anyway. Cheyenne's so excited because she feels like did before she was pregnant. Van finds out that the mean but beautiful cheerleader will most likely win Queen and, worried about how much it'll hurt Cheyenne, he tries to fix it. He convinces all the dorky kids in school to actually vote in the first place and vote for Cheyenne. In return, he'll invite them to a pre-prom party at Reba's house. Van and Cheyenne win and, after the party, head to the prom. The nasty cheerleader walks by and comments on why Cheyenne really won - Van's popularity. Upset, Cheyenne refuses to enter the dance. Back at home, Cheyenne and Van make up and dance together in Reba's living room.

star 7.19
112 votes
Veronica's Breast Effort

#56 - Veronica's Breast Effort

Veronica's Closet Season 2 - Episode 7

A complaint is filed against Veronica's Closet after a woman swears one of their sports bras made her boobies numb. Ronnie and Alec disagree over how to resolve the problem. Olive finds out an employee of the company has a secret crush on her. Ronnie thinks Olive should not go out with the guy in light of the fact that he's practically half Olive's age ... and still lives with his daddy.

star 7.00
1 votes
Dharma's Inferno

#57 - Dharma's Inferno

Dharma & Greg Season 3 - Episode 3

When the financial realities of Greg's unemployment sink in, Dharma takes on a slew of new jobs and makes a deal with the devil to make ends meet: she accepts covert checks from Kitty in exchange for expanded mother/daughter-in-law time spent together. Only when Edward takes Greg to a high-power suits party while Kitty takes her to the opera to see ""Faust"" does Dharma come to her senses and rush back just in time to prevent Greg from accepting a corporate job.

star 6.90
197 votes
Episode #511

#58 - Episode #511

MADtv Season 5 - Episode 11

Show Open-X-mas Swandie I Saw Santa Claus Mariah Misadventure Rooftop Memories Darlene McBride's X-mas Album Martin Lawrence's Brushes with Death 4 Stuart X-mas with Deborah Harry Blondie Performance Alison, the Musical Show Close- X-mas Swan & Blondie

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode #610

#59 - Episode #610

MADtv Season 6 - Episode 10

This We Promise You Ed More Oscar Gold for Randy Alex's Wish How The Grinch Stole Christ Night Before Dolemite #1 Night Before Dolemite #2 Billboard Awards - Las Vegas Funky Xmas Story Everclear When All Goes Wrong MAD Encore- Raging Rudolph (109) Everclear AM Radio

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode #707

#60 - Episode #707

MADtv Season 7 - Episode 7

Bingo John (parody of *NSync's Gone) Lorraine Oprah Ms. Swan: Bunny the Vampire Slayer Fox News Weakest Link Leave It To Blink 182 Harry Potter Premiere

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode #710

#61 - Episode #710

MADtv Season 7 - Episode 10

World, World, World (Parody of Jay-Z's Girls Girls Girls) Santa's Elves Holiday Greetings from Kenny Rogers Trina Message to the Troops: Destiny's Child One Christmas Morning VH1 My Music Awards Message to the Troops: MC Hammer Not Me Lord Kingsford Family Christmas Lord of a Rings Review

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode #719

#62 - Episode #719

MADtv Season 7 - Episode 19

Sorority Row Nicky Noodles, the Clown of God Mad Saturday Morning Behind the Music 1 Greg the Bunny Behind the Music 2 Who Knows the Band? Behind the Music 3 Jenny Jones Stuart: Grandma (Mad TV Encore) Angry Boss

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode #905

#63 - Episode #905

MADtv Season 9 - Episode 5

Average Asian Deux John Madden for Vagisil Angela's Funniest Home Video MTV's Direct Effect: 50 Cent Feline Feline & Hairball The Newlyweds Coldplay The Narcissist Music Video A Football Thing 7am Condo Report 2 The Powerslut Girls Matrix Revolutions Premiere Close: Bobby Outside of Studio

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode #913

#64 - Episode #913

MADtv Season 9 - Episode 13

John Madden's Movie Minute Scare Tactics Dr. Kylie: Fertility Oscar and Sugar Shane Celebrity Survivor Celebrity Survivor: Tribal Council Football Coach Court TV's A Simple Life Encore: Angela: Racism Closing: Celebrity Survivor: Meg Ryan and Dr. Phil

star 0.00
0 votes
Episode #915

#65 - Episode #915

MADtv Season 9 - Episode 15

Abercrombie And Fitch 2 Crazy As Hell News The Lillian Verner Game Show: Valentines The Disneyland Scandal Two And A Half Men The Bureau Of Porno Actors Registration Real M************ Talk: Black History Month Action News Phillip Morris Awareness Campaign One For The Road Close: The Lillian Verner Game Show Outtakes

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0 votes