Lost in Space

#1 - The Derelict 7.21

Season 1 - Episode 2

The jupiter 2 is pulled into a giant alien spaceship where there are advanced bubble like creatures.While John and Don look for maps and equipment Dr Smith and Will look for trouble.

#2 - The Great Vegetable Rebellion

Season 3 - Episode 23

Doctor Smith uses the Space Pod to land on a planet that the Jupiter II is passing by. It turns out that the planet has evolved in such a way that plants are the highest form of life, and some of them are quite intelligent. One of these plants, a large carrot, captures Smith and tries to change him into a plant. The Jupiter II lands and the Robinsons and West come to Smith's rescue, only to be captured themselves. Eventually they thwart the plant creature and make their escape.

#3 - Wild Adventure

Season 2 - Episode 2

Shortly after leaving their original crash-site planet, Smith spots a familiar star and, in an amazing show of stellar navigational skill, calculates the course to get back to Earth. He extracts a promise from Don and John that they'll return to Earth, or else he'll destroy his navigation data. They agree, but inform the family at dinnertime that they are headed for Alpha Centauri after all, mainly because the Earth is on the other side of the Sun (how do they know that? - do they know the date? And besides, from Alpha Centauri, Earth revolves clockwise, visible all the time). Smith changes course 180 degrees, then clumsily jettisons most of the fuel. They reach a refueling barge, one of several that Alpha Control put out in 1996, top up the tanks, and resume course for Alpha Centauri, not knowing that they've picked up a tailgater who follows them after Smith reverses course to Earth again. The alarm goes off in the night, and they expend a lot of fuel pulling away from the Earth's

#4 - The Space Primevals

Season 3 - Episode 5

The primitive beings are actually wards of a computer, Protinius, which can confer temporary advanced sentience on the leading man in order to communicate Protinius' will. The episode also features a temporary camaraderie between Don and Smith, a burying of the hatchet, when Don is rescued by Smith from a pit, and then says ""Doctor Smith"" - using the word Doctor for the first time unknown ages. However, their camaraderie dissolves and the characters are back to ""normal"". Not the first time Smith has become selfless and a man of some integrity, but as usual, Smith returns to normal.

#5 - Visit to a Hostile Planet

Season 3 - Episode 2

The Jupiter 2 and all aboard are caught in a space 'time-warp'! After everything seems to return to normal, they're shocked to find Earth within their reach and decide to return home. Though they're perplexed that they are unable to contact 'Alpha-Control', they decide to land in the 'good ole USA' ....only to find it's 1947! As usual, Dr. Smith causes issues & even considers staying behind when the Robinsons and West announce plans to leave.

#6 - Space Circus

Season 2 - Episode 5

The Space Family Robinson go through a food crisis when their plant purifier breaks down. Will and Dr Smith discover a travelling show of circus people, and Will is later tricked in to agreeing to join. It's a race against time for the Robinsons to save will, and keep themselves alive.

#7 - The Prisoners of Space 5.67

Season 2 - Episode 6

The Robinsons and Major West are imprisoned in their camp, after being indicted to appear before the a trial in court space crimes. As the trial begins, Dr Smith's name begin's to appear and it is not long before it is realised that all of the Robinson's crimes are due to Dr Smith, and he is indicted to appear before the court. Will he be found guilty?

#8 - Welcome Stranger

Season 1 - Episode 6

Jimmy Hapgood lands on the planet and the Robinsons befriend him.After helping him fix his spaceship the Robinsons try and convince him to take Will and Penny back to Earth with him.But Dr Smith trys to get aboard the ship back to Earth.

#9 - The Haunted Lighthouse

Season 3 - Episode 7

Before leaving their planet, the Robinsons meet a boy alien called J-5. They take him with them to return him to his home planet. They meet a strange ship, which turns out to be an earth ""lighthouse"" for lost ships. Thinking this ship will help them with extra fuel and star charts they celebrate, however when J-5 learns that they don't have enough fuel to take him home, he angrily sets about to destroy them all with a creation of his imagination. J-5 begins a new life at the lighthouse, and the Robinson's leave in the knowledge he will be looked after by the kindly, old lighthousekeeper.

#10 - Flight into the Future

Season 3 - Episode 8

Dr. Smith, Will, and the Robot are accidentally launched in the Space Pod. They land on a planet that is controlled by an alien machine that creates illusions to confuse visitors and drive them away. The Jupiter II lands and rescues them, and the robot destroys the alien machine.

#11 - The Deadly Games of Gamma 6 6.43

Season 2 - Episode 8

When a troope of Galactic Gladiators arrive on the planet, they challenge Professor Robinson to a duel, which will be aired all of the galaxy. John declines saying he isn't interested in physical combat. Dr Smith takes up the offer when he makes a deal that if he wins, he will be returned to Earth. Unbeknownst to him, if he loses, which is a near-certanty, Earth will be destroyed.

#12 - Blast Off into Space 6.75

Season 2 - Episode 1

Dr Smith and Will befriend an old miner named Nerim. After a series of earthquakes indicates that the planet is breaking up, Dr Smith tries to convince them that it is merely the effects of mining, and no harm will come to the planet. John informs him that he is wrong and that the Robinson family will be departing within the day. It is a race against time to escape the crumbling planet.

#13 - Forbidden World

Season 2 - Episode 4

When an alien believes that the Jupiter 2 has fired a missile at them that alien puts the crew in grave danger for their lives.

#14 - Curse of Cousin Smith

Season 2 - Episode 10

When Dr Smith's cousin Jeremiah Smith arrives on the planet, everyone welcomes him, except Dr Smith. Dr Smith alienates himself from the family, and refuses to return until his cousin leaves. It is later discovered that Jeremiah's reaosns for being on the planet are far deadlier than anyone imagined.

#15 - The Sky Is Falling

Season 1 - Episode 10

The Robinsons can not understand the language of a visitig family also on the planet. The aliens are called Taurons, and come to use the planet as a new colony. However Dr Smith causes problems between the two camps when he panics and draws a gun on the new family. The Tauron's end up not liking the planet and want to be alone, so they leave.

#16 - There Were Giants in the Earth

Season 1 - Episode 4

John discovers that the planet they are on will travel further from the sun.In an attempt to survive the Robinsons pack up and head south. Dr Smith stays at the Jupiter 2 site while the Robinson family encounter a terrifying cyclops and an ancient deserted city.

#17 - A Visit to Hades 7.17

Season 2 - Episode 12

Dr Smith, Will and the Robot discover an old harp under a carved out rock. They discover that in playing the right tune, it unlocks a passage to another world. In travelling here, Dr Smith meets an alien who believes to be the devil, and believes the place to be Hell. When he leaves, and the Alien shows up on the planet, Dr Smith is frightened. Judy befriends the alien, and is accidently taken to the other world. It is up to Don and John to save her, and finally Dr Smith realises it is not hell, and merely a prison world for a criminal.

#18 - Kidnapped in Space

Season 3 - Episode 3

Dr. Smith answers a distress call from an alien space ship. He arrives there using the Space Pod, and discovers that the aliens want him to operate on (actually, repair), their leader. It turns out that the aliens are a race of some sort of robot that survive as long as their leader, who functions as their central control timepiece, is in working order. The Robinsons come to Smith's rescue in the Jupiter II. The leader is repaired by the robot, and the extended space family Robinson leave the alien space ship safely.

#19 - The Android Machine

Season 2 - Episode 7

Will and Dr Smith discover an old, abandoned Android Machine. When Dr Smith plays with the buttons on the machine, he accidently orders an Android. He thinks he has it for free, and uses her as his personal slave, assuming she has no human emotions. What will he do when the owner, Zumdish, and his guard turn up...demanding payment?

#20 - One of Our Dogs Is Missing

Season 1 - Episode 13

The women of Lost in Space are featured in their very own episode while the boys are out installing communications equipment. Smith is left in charge (boy is that a mistake) and he "cleans" their weapons, but cannot remember how to rebuild the weapons. This leaves the J2 crew defenseless. A creepy creature stalks the Robinson women however they think a small dog is to blame for raids on food and other mischief.

#21 - Attack of the Monster Plants

Season 1 - Episode 14

Plants grow to huge proportions and can duplicate any item placed in them - but those items are made of plant material and are useless. John Robinson must use the biggest batch of plant killer he's ever mixed up to stop these things from engulfing the spaceship.

#22 - The Dream Monster 7.00

Season 2 - Episode 14

During a heat wave, Penny comes across a giant, golden man, and his owner. She is told that the creature is called Raddion, a creation which only needs human emotions to be complete. When Dr Smith is removed from the camp, he is taken by two midgets who work with Raddion, and in another atempt to be returned to Earth, agrees to get the emotions from the Robinsons. He does so by taking their pictures, and all that is needed is for the Robinsons to shake hands with him. Don protests and heads back for camp, as do the Robinsons minus their emotions. Eventually they are returned to normal and it is learnt that human emotions cannot be bought or stolen.

#23 - Return from Outer Space 7.25

Season 1 - Episode 15

Lost in Space's only Christmas program. Will uses an alien transporter to send himself back to earth. However, many people believe the Robinson family to be dead after hearing the ship went off course. Nobody on Earth believes him, and they lock him up with the intention of sending him to a boys' home. Will escapes the family home he's in, and wanders around these clueless bunch of townspeople, but finds carbon tetrachoride - needed for the food processors on the Jupiter. Eventually he convinces another boy Davey to let him out, and let him return to the planet he came from. He returns to Priplanis with this bottle. Of course no one believes his adventures until he produces the bottle, plainly labeled as coming from earth.

#24 - The Reluctant Stowaway 7.48

Season 1 - Episode 1

In the year 1997 the Robinson family take off to colonize Alpha Centuri. A spy from a foreign country AKA Dr. Smith becomes trapped aboard trying to sabotage the project. The ship is whisked off course and into a meteor storm due to Dr Smith's extra weight upsetting navigational computers. Smith, despartely tries to save himself by reviving the crew. The result: the Robinson family becomes lost in space.

#25 - The Girl From the Green Dimension

Season 2 - Episode 16

Athena the girl from the green dimension who hypnotised Dr Smith during thier space flight arrives on the planet. She still is in love with Dr Smith, which he uses to bribe her to help him see the future. However, he promises to go back to the green dimension with him, and when Athena's previous suitor arrives and turns Will green, Dr Smith must find a way to save himself and Will. Urso, Athena's suitor challenges Dr Smith for the lady, customary in the Green Dimension, and after seeing the future, Dr Smith fears the worst. Athena realises he cannot be with her, and leaves with Urso, but not before Urso restores Will's colour.