The BEST episodes written by Shirl Hendryx

The Good Samaritan
1 votes

#1 - The Good Samaritan

Combat! - Season 4 - Episode 18

Marsini, the sole survivor of a squad, blames Saunders for the fate of his fellows after Saunders could not help because he had orders to keep his position. Marsini volunteers to lead the sergeant on reconnaisance of the same deadly area.

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The Little Jewel
6 votes

#2 - The Little Jewel

Combat! - Season 2 - Episode 9

Saunders' squad encounters orphan boy Bijou (Michel Petit) gobbling rotted food in a bombed-out village. The squad gives him K-rations and chocolate, but Kirby distrusts him and suspects he is feeding information to the Germans. The squad races to bomb an oil depot. When Caje is captured, they begin to think Kirby may be right.

43 votes

#3 - Deathwatch

Hawaii Five-O - Season 1 - Episode 13

McGarrett must protect a protect a mob underboss so he is able to testify against his superior, Joe Matsukino. However, Matsukino has many tricks up his sleeve to silence his former colleague permanently.

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The Bankroll
4 votes

#4 - The Bankroll

Combat! - Season 5 - Episode 13

After an exhausting 24 hour pass that left him broke, hungover, and happy, Kirby gets a new guy to back him in a poker game.

The Outsider
4 votes

#5 - The Outsider

Combat! - Season 5 - Episode 10

The squad didn't take to Culley, a poor farmer from Virginia with a chip on his shoulder. Culley bitterly recalls the events that put him in the hospital.

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The Letter
6 votes

#6 - The Letter

Combat! - Season 5 - Episode 7

Saunders rankles his squad members by showing too much concern for a replacement. The young G.I. bears a disquieting resemblance to the Sergeant's kid brother, who just dropped out of high school and enlisted.

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Elegy for a Hangman
13 votes

#7 - Elegy for a Hangman

Bonanza - Season 4 - Episode 17

A stranger, Bob Jolly, arrives in Virginia City to accuse a drunken Judge Harry Whitaker of sending his innocent father, Carl, to the gallows. Adam defends the judge's honor because of his long friendship with the Cartwrights. After Adam talks with Jolly, he begins to believe his story. Upon further investigation, Adam discovers that Senator Cal Prince and Hobie Klinderman as well as the judge might have had a lot to gain from Carl Jolly's murder. In an attempt to learn what really happened, Adam organizes an informal meeting in the saloon.

A Little Glory, a Little Death
7 votes

#8 - A Little Glory, a Little Death

Barnaby Jones - Season 1 - Episode 12

Gloria overhears aging movie star Jason Craig's involvement in drug smuggling. Her blackmail threat leads to her death and Jason pushes her car over a cliff. Her daughter Doris hires Barnaby, who is put out of action. Jones tells Doris to disguise as Gloria.

Losers Cry Deal
4 votes

#9 - Losers Cry Deal

Combat! - Season 3 - Episode 18

Saunders assigns Caje as acting squad leader for 3rd squad until the replacement Sergeant arrives. Jackson (Mike Kellin) believes the job should have been his.

The Limping Man
5 votes

#10 - The Limping Man

Cannon - Season 3 - Episode 11

A cop feels guilty over a man he injured.

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Men Will Die
11 votes

#11 - Men Will Die

The Streets of San Francisco - Season 4 - Episode 4

After Jeannie's friend Nancy kills one of her rapists, Jeannie is furious at the way the justice system works. She becomes involved with an aggressive rape crisis group headed by crusading attorney Catherine Wyatt. Rapist Jack Marlin becomes a target of their efforts.

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To Catch a Rabbit
9 votes

#12 - To Catch a Rabbit

Mannix - Season 2 - Episode 25

Mannix cooperates in a police investigation.

A Stitch in Crime
378 votes

#13 - A Stitch in Crime

Columbo - Season 2 - Episode 6

Leonard Nimoy plays a heart surgeon whose talents turn to murder. Stung by jealousy, he's planning a surgical death for his brilliant but ailing associate. Will Geer plays the intended victim.

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The Night of the Sabatini Death
32 votes

#14 - The Night of the Sabatini Death

The Wild Wild West - Season 4 - Episode 17

Jim meets with crime czar Sabatini, who asks him to protect a lady and give a man called Swanson a key. Accompanied by government chemist Ned Brown, Jim travels to Calliope, MO, which turns out to be a ghost town.

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More Than a Soldier
2 votes

#15 - More Than a Soldier

Combat! - Season 3 - Episode 19

The Americans are in full retreat, and many are killed on both sides. Saunders and a young soldier, Private Carey (Tommy Sands), are in a fight for their lives. Carey has never killed anyone or anything, and will not defend himself. Still, in the end, Saunders can teach Carey a lesson in humanity.

6 votes

#16 - S.I.W.

Combat! - Season 4 - Episode 3

Kirby rejoins the squad in the field, bringing with him a new replacement, Kalb (John Cassavetes). Fleming believes Kalb is a coward who ran at Omaha Beach and has been running ever since. The controversy deepens when Kalb turns up with an apparent self-inflicted wound (SIW).

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The Claim
6 votes

#17 - The Claim

The Virginian - Season 4 - Episode 4

Trampas becomes discouraged with being a ranch hand and sets off with an old friend, Luke Milford (William Shatner), to Deadwood City in the Dakotas where gold strikes are reported. They learn that most of the gold is off limits in Sioux territory but they meet and help a man named Finley (Strother Martin) who claims to have a gold strike outside of Indian land and who agrees to cut them in if they will stake him for equipment. They do strike gold but it turns out it is on Indian land. Trampas runs into trouble not only with the Sioux but inevitably ends up in a showdown with Luke who has become fixated on finding and retaining the gold.

The Angry Village
0 votes

#18 - The Angry Village

The Adventures of Robin Hood - Season 3 - Episode 9

Robin and Little John, while hunting in the forest, come across villagers hiding grain to avoid it being confiscated. But the grain is discovered, and treachery is suspected.

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