The BEST episodes written by George F. Slavin

The Deal
95 votes

#1 - The Deal

Mission: Impossible - Season 7 - Episode 3

The Syndicate plans to finance the head of the army's takeover of his country in return for the right to operate the country's vices. The IMF team must intercept the safe deposit key before it reaches the general. Willy replaces a crewman aboard the yacht, but can't find the key and is discovered. He is forced overboard, almost drowns, but escapes and helps warn the team. Jim, Barney and Mimi craft an elaborate plot to convince the bad guys' courier to reveal the location of the key.

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Soldier of Fortune
3 votes

#2 - Soldier of Fortune

Combat! - Season 4 - Episode 11

An explosion destroys the cellar of a German communication center where Saunders, Marsh, and Wallace were tapping lines. Trapped beneath a beam and fearing he will be left behind, Private Marsh claims he has valuable intelligence — that will go back with him or not at all.

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See Some Evil...Do Some Evil
8 votes

#3 - See Some Evil...Do Some Evil

Barnaby Jones - Season 1 - Episode 9

Harry Warren is shot by Stanley Lambert, the seemingly blind pianist at ""The Offside"" club. Barnaby finds out that larger amounts from Warren's account did not go to his mistress Jenny. He tries to expose Stanley as a person with eyesight and a blackmailer.

Epitaph for a Gambler
3 votes

#4 - Epitaph for a Gambler

Maverick - Season 5 - Episode 8

Bart, waiting to collect on a $10,000 IOU, makes an uncomfortable observation: murder may be the pay-off in a gambler's life.

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Beneath the Ashes
3 votes

#5 - Beneath the Ashes

Combat! - Season 3 - Episode 32

Lt. Hanley gets word that the wife of one of his men, Steve Kovac (Chad Everett), is dying. Hanley decides not to bring him in from patrol until they get confirmation from Red Cross, but the patrol soon becomes trapped in the basement of a German command post.

Dead End
47 votes

#6 - Dead End

Wanted: Dead or Alive - Season 1 - Episode 4

After being hired to apprehend a ranch worker who stole money and disappeared, Josh undercovers more than he bargained for.

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Stage West
24 votes

#7 - Stage West

Maverick - Season 1 - Episode 6

Fleeing a band of angry Native Americans, Bret takes shelter in a way station where a family of nasty outlaws are planning their bloodiest deal.

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Home from the Sea
4 votes

#8 - Home from the Sea

Bonanza - Season 7 - Episode 31

A sailor, claiming to be one of Adam's closest friends, is given a warm welcome by the Cartwrights, who have no way of knowing the man and his accomplice plan on robbing them.

Flood's Folly
1 votes

#9 - Flood's Folly

Maverick - Season 4 - Episode 23

Outside Denver, Colorado, Beau and his friend, Judge Scott, find shelter during a blizzard at the home of Martha Flood and her niece Sally. Martha and the judge are plotting to institutionalize Sally in order to take over her inheritance. However, Martha's lover, a professional killer named Chet Whitehead plans to kill Sally, the judge, and Maverick.

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The Third Rider
15 votes

#10 - The Third Rider

Maverick - Season 1 - Episode 15

Bart gets involved with two devious couples in this episode which sees him trying to clear himself of a bank robbery and a murder.

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The Chinese Connection
6 votes

#11 - The Chinese Connection

S.W.A.T. - Season 2 - Episode 20

Lt. Eddie Chew is assigned to aid Lt. Hondo Harrelson when an elderly shop owner is fatally beaten by an illegal Chinese alien working as a shakedown man for Albert Parker, the Caucasian leader of what appears to be an all-Oriental crime syndicate, a deadly drug and protection ring. Hondo begins to doubt Chew's integrity when it becomes obvious that Chinatown criminals are being given secrets of his investigation.

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The Golden Noose
3 votes

#12 - The Golden Noose

Hawaii Five-O - Season 12 - Episode 15

McGarrett is suspicious of an aide who arrives in Hawaii to retrieve millions of dollars held in trust for a Southern Asian state and he must prevent a daring gold robbery.

The Mark of Gideon
629 votes

#13 - The Mark of Gideon

Star Trek - Season 3 - Episode 16

Kirk beams down on a diplomatic mission... and finds himself in an Enterprise where all the crew have vanished and only a mysterious woman resides.

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Dade City Dodge
8 votes

#14 - Dade City Dodge

Maverick - Season 5 - Episode 1

Bart tries to track down Pearly Gates, a smooth con man who cheated him out of $5000.

The Troubled Heir
2 votes

#15 - The Troubled Heir

Maverick - Season 5 - Episode 11

Life is anything but heaven when Bart meets Pearly Gates and his girl, who steal Maverick's poker winnings so they can be married.

Grandpa's Visit
42 votes

#16 - Grandpa's Visit

Happy Days - Season 5 - Episode 14

Howard's father comes for a visit after being forceably retired as a captain of detectives due to his age. Not wanting to sit around, he gets a job at Fonzie's garage. After one day, Fonzie, not having the heart to do it himself, asks Howard to fire his father.

Eyes of the Lion
30 votes

#17 - Eyes of the Lion

Tarzan (1966) - Season 1 - Episode 1

A man-eating lion is mistaken for the 'seeing-eye' lion of a young blind girl, who has trained the lion from infancy to be her eyes and protector in the jungle. Tarzan must prevent the hostile villagers from killing the wrong lion.

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Syndicate Sanctuary
36 votes

#18 - Syndicate Sanctuary

The Untouchables - Season 1 - Episode 13

(No date given, but probably 1932 which was a presidential election year.) 30 miles from Chicago, the (fictitious) Calum City; population: 10,000.  Judge Leon Zabo is running for mayor, to clean up the town.  Working hard in his campaign headquarters is his lovely daughter, Rosetta Zabo.  Judge Zabo tried to put an end to vice, graft and corruption; in the last 6 months, he had closed down 110 bars, clubs and gambling casinos in the notorious Barbary Coast district.  Late at night, Judge Zabo takes a taxi home; driver Joe Donato makes it a point to tell him the right door is stuck, and he has to use the left door.  In front of Zabo's house, Donato again tells him to use the left door, which opens to the street side.  A car driven by gangster Harry Mauldin runs the judge over. Ness and his men are on the case.  With Capone in prison, and a crime crackdown in Chicago, the Syndicate is looking for another city to make its headquarters for the nationwide narcotics racket: Ness knows they

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Clash Of Shadows
1 votes

#19 - Clash Of Shadows

Hawaii Five-O - Season 12 - Episode 17

The murder of a Nazi-hunter and discovery of a World War II medal set McGarrett and the team on the trail of a Nazi war criminal living in Honolulu...