The BEST episodes written by Eric Gilliland

Double Dump
14 votes

#1 - Double Dump

Who's the Boss? - Season 5 - Episode 6

Samantha and Mona both break up with their boyfriends on the same night, so they go out to eat at a restaurant to clear their minds, which troubles Tony.

The Mommy's Curse
130 votes

#2 - The Mommy's Curse

Roseanne - Season 6 - Episode 2

Brutally honest Roseanne suffers the consequences after telling Bev that she's had her fill of her at the Lunch Box. Meanwhile, Jackie jumps back into the dating arena.

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Altar Egos
199 votes

#3 - Altar Egos

Roseanne - Season 6 - Episode 25

Egos clash when Jackie and Fred can't make a decision about their marriage. Fred is having what Dan calls"the moment of clarity" – a case of the jitters that affects some men just before the big day. But what's really bothering Fred is his belief that Jackie has feelings for someone she sees almost every day and whom she is always "asking to come over and fix stuff" – none other than Dan.

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Daughters and Other Strangers
135 votes

#4 - Daughters and Other Strangers

Roseanne - Season 5 - Episode 25

Roseanne worries that Darlene may be planning to run away from home; new neighbor George befriends D.J.

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The Dark Ages
204 votes

#5 - The Dark Ages

Roseanne - Season 5 - Episode 3

The power company cuts off the Conners' power. Dan and Roseanne must look at Darlene in a new light after David spends the night in her room.

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The Last Date
139 votes

#6 - The Last Date

Roseanne - Season 8 - Episode 4

The temptation to crash a stranger's bar mitzvah at a local hotel is too much for Roseanne as she drags Dan out on the town for a "last hurrah" before the baby is born.

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No Place Like Home for the Holidays
190 votes

#7 - No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Roseanne - Season 5 - Episode 12

A Christmas Eve snowstorm scatters the Connors, with Roseanne and Jackie trapped at the Lunch Box with Bev and Nana Mary, while Darlene takes shelter at David's and learns the truth about his home life.

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1738 votes

#8 - Streaking

That '70s Show - Season 1 - Episode 3

President Ford comes to Point Place; Red is chosen to ask him a question, but struggles as he tries to speak. Eric and the guys welcome the President by streaking. Donna has to wear an American flag jumpsuit Bob gave her.

The Slump
121 votes

#9 - The Slump

My Boys - Season 1 - Episode 4

Brendan, Kenny and Mike try to break out of their collective romantic slump by going to a pickup joint---but PJ insists on tagging along, complicating matters. Meanwhile, Stephanie presses PJ to be more feminine.

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Couch Potatoes
146 votes

#10 - Couch Potatoes

Roseanne - Season 7 - Episode 25

Because the Conners have been selected as a Neilsen family, Roseanne decrees that their household viewing habits must change.

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The Candidate
105 votes

#11 - The Candidate

The Wonder Years - Season 4 - Episode 10

Kevin enters the race for student-council president, head-to-head with nemesis Becky Slater.

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It's a Mad, Mad, Madeline World
142 votes

#12 - It's a Mad, Mad, Madeline World

The Wonder Years - Season 4 - Episode 5

Kevin has to cancel a date with Winnie to finish a homework assignment with Madeline, who has already kissed him once. To make matters worse, when he flees Madeline's, he drops a bracelet that Winnie had engraved for him.

Bed and Bored
219 votes

#13 - Bed and Bored

Roseanne - Season 7 - Episode 15

Roseanne feigns illness to get some rest, but grows bored instead; Jackie confronts Bev about having been a rotten mother to her.

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When Worlds Collide
95 votes

#14 - When Worlds Collide

The Wonder Years - Season 4 - Episode 17

Kevin's quest to remain cool is shattered when Norma takes a job at his school. He tries to rebel by stealing a hallpass for Tony Barbella, but Norma catches him in the act. When Norma acknowledges him during a fire drill and the other kids laugh, Kevin decides it is time to ask his mother to stop noticing him at school.

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Lies My Father Told Me
172 votes

#15 - Lies My Father Told Me

Roseanne - Season 6 - Episode 21

Roseanne helps Dan understand his dad's lying about his mom's mental state.

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Men Are People, Too
12 votes

#16 - Men Are People, Too

Who's the Boss? - Season 5 - Episode 20

Angela hires a shy contractor to put a skylight in the kitchen. He takes an immediate liking to Mona, who agrees to go out with him. When he learns that he is not the only man in Mona's life, he abandons the skylight job. Tony accuses Mona of having no respect for men's feelings.

Supermom Burnout
45 votes

#17 - Supermom Burnout

Who's the Boss? - Season 6 - Episode 8

Angela brings the family to a psychiatrist for counseling when she thinks Sam and Jonathan's fighting is getting to be too much. The psychiatrist reassures the family that their family is emotionally healthy. But his evaluation of Tony's busy life prompts him to ask Tony to continue counseling with a group of parents who risk burning out.