The BEST episodes written by Bob Fisher

Dear Robbie
4 votes

#1 - Dear Robbie

My Three Sons - Season 4 - Episode 4

Robbie is chosen to write an 'advice to the lovelorn' column for the school newspaper, but Steve gets caught in the middle when a baffling love letter arrives. Robbie suggests that the writer should elope with her boyfriend and Steve tries to talk her out of it.

Grime and Punishment
284 votes

#2 - Grime and Punishment

Married... with Children - Season 11 - Episode 12

Bud asks Al to repair the basement after Al starts charging him rent. When Al refuses, Bud calls a health inspector who makes Al live in the basement after it is deemed uninhabitable.

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Requiem for a Chevyweight (1)
301 votes

#3 - Requiem for a Chevyweight (1)

Married... with Children - Season 11 - Episode 4

Al's Dodge starts sputtering so he sends the rest of the family to find a fuel pump for it while he recalls the good old days in his Dodge.

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All That Glitters is Gold
203 votes

#4 - All That Glitters is Gold

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - Season 2 - Episode 1

The sudden death of an old friend forces the band to question where they’re at and where they’re going.

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God Help Ye Merry Bundymen
284 votes

#5 - God Help Ye Merry Bundymen

Married... with Children - Season 11 - Episode 8

Al and Griff are fired during the holidays and have to take small jobs in the mall. Meanwhile, Kelly and Bud swipe biblical figures from the D'Arcys' nativity scene and Peggy enters the neighborhood Christmas decoration contest.

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Alcohol Related Injury
294 votes

#6 - Alcohol Related Injury

Sirens (2014) - Season 1 - Episode 5

After a drunken hook up, Johnny and Theresa decide they can have "just sex" so long as they establish clear ground rules. Meanwhile, the guys treat injuries resulting from a drunken backyard game of illegal "Jarts", one of which allows Brian to start checking items off his EMT “bucket list.”

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Russian Roulette
170 votes

#7 - Russian Roulette

I Dream of Jeannie - Season 1 - Episode 13

Roger Healey is in love and is still searching for his missing Dream Girl, Jeannie, complete with an engagement ring in tow. Meanwhile, he and Tony are ordered by their superiors to escort and entertain two Russian cosmonauts who are visiting the Base, one of them being a good-looking female cosmonaut who has an immediate attraction to Tony. In a jealous huff, Jeannie sneaks along on the men's assignment by hiding herself (in her bottle) inside of Roger's overcoat pocket. The female Russian cosmonaut expresses a real interest in the antique bottle and Roger gives it to her as a gift of friendship. Once Tony realizes what has happened, he makes every effort to get Jeannie back, but not before the Russian cosmonaut discovers that she now possesses a genuine genie in a bottle.

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Famous Last Words
321 votes

#8 - Famous Last Words

Sirens (2014) - Season 1 - Episode 4

A dying man’s last words inspire Johnny to have the first conversation he’s had with his dad in seven years. Elsewhere, a determined Brian takes Hank on a quest to communicate the dead man’s final message to a long lost love.

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474 votes

#9 - Pilot

Sirens (2014) - Season 1 - Episode 1

Chicago EMT’s and longtime best friends Johnny and Hank are breaking in Brian, an eager new recruit. Johnny’s on again-off again relationship with Theresa, a cop with Chicago PD, is the main topic of the day. Hank implores him to move on, especially when he sees Theresa flirt with her new partner Danny, who Hank calls a dead ringer for Denzel Washington. But Johnny’s not ready to let go, even though it was his inability to commit that drove Theresa away. And when he finds out that she has a date that very night, he enlists Hank and a reluctant Brian to help him with a stakeout.

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Episode 102
72 votes

#10 - Episode 102

The Moodys (US) - Season 1 - Episode 2

In an unexpected turn of events, all the Moodys find themselves living under the same roof again when Bridget, who lives in the Chicago area, returns to her childhood home with a suitcase in hand after a fight with her husband.

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What House Across the Street?
167 votes

#11 - What House Across the Street?

I Dream of Jeannie - Season 1 - Episode 14

Jeannie continues to bring up the idea of marriage to Tony, who still refuses to marry her. She asks her mother for advice and together they come up with a plan to make Tony jealous: accept Roger Healey's marriage proposal. To make her background look legitimate, Jeannie blinks a fine house onto a vacant lot across the street from Tony's house, along with a set of phony, rich parents.

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A Bitch Named Karma
385 votes

#12 - A Bitch Named Karma

Sirens (2014) - Season 1 - Episode 2

A lightning strike at a church picnic gets the guys to start thinking about how there’s no justice in sickness and injury, because like it or not, the “rain falls equally on the just and the unjust.” After a discussion of karma, the guys volunteer to teach CPR to disadvantaged kids only to later be given killer Bears tickets for the same day they’re supposed to teach.

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Where'd You Go-Go?
142 votes

#13 - Where'd You Go-Go?

I Dream of Jeannie - Season 1 - Episode 12

Diane, an old girlfriend of Tony's, comes into town and invites him to pick up where they left off, making Jeannie jealous. Meanwhile, Tony's best friend, Roger Healey, who still doesn't know about Jeannie, "bumps" into her on the street and becomes immediately attracted to her, aggressively pursuing her for a date. Jeannie accepts, causing Tony to become worried and a little bit jealous about her very first mystery date. He decides to drag Diane all over town in search of Jeannie and her unidentified escort.

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Six Feet Over/Under
180 votes

#14 - Six Feet Over/Under

Sirens (2014) - Season 2 - Episode 11

When Johnny's dad goes into a coma, Johnny's mom deals with her grief by placing bets on the time of her ex-husband's death. Meanwhile the guys can’t get a certain song out of their heads.

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Bad Blood
126 votes

#15 - Bad Blood

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - Season 2 - Episode 4

Flash gets mixed signals from Gigi; Ava plans her solo debut; and Bam and Rehab meet with Campbell Scott.

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Cool For the Summer
144 votes

#16 - Cool For the Summer

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - Season 2 - Episode 3

Gigi’s recent experience forces Flash to step up his game. Noah and Bam try to convince Rehab to get on board with “Feast”.

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Rock This Bitch Till the Wheels Fall Off
111 votes

#17 - Rock This Bitch Till the Wheels Fall Off

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - Season 2 - Episode 6

The band meet an inspiring young fan, which leads Johnny to discover a new talent of his own. Also: Ava gets rave reviews and Bam and Rehab see a new side of Campbell

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Ghosts of Skibbereen
108 votes

#18 - Ghosts of Skibbereen

Sex&Drugs&Rock&Roll - Season 2 - Episode 8

Opening night begins at "Feast" and Bam and Rehab struggle with Campbell's dedicated manner.

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Episode 101
117 votes

#19 - Episode 101

The Moodys (US) - Season 1 - Episode 1

As the extended family gathers for a welcome meal, Dan meets Cora, with whom he instantly clicks. There's only one problem: she's already dating his cousin.

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Weasels and Ostriches
198 votes

#20 - Weasels and Ostriches

Animal Control - Season 1 - Episode 1

Shred encounters a wild weasel in an attic. Frank slips his Slim Jim in Shred’s back pocket as they approach a dozen ostriches.

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Love and the Cheaters
0 votes

#21 - Love and the Cheaters

Love, American Style - Season 4 - Episode 5

A cheating husband won't cheat until his wife finds a suitable cheater.