The BEST episodes written by Adam Targum

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#1 - Tribal

Banshee - Season 3 - Episode 5

All hell breaks loose as Chayton and an army of Redbones invade Banshee, looking to avenge Tommy’s death. Holed up in the Cadi with Lucas and his deputies, Proctor is frustrated by his inability to attend to his ailing mother at home. As the assault reaches a fever pitch, Bunker tries to prove to Medding that he’s not the man he used to be.

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Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself
3195 votes

#2 - Truths Other Than the Ones You Tell Yourself

Banshee - Season 4 - Episode 7

Fearing for Dawson’s safety, Lucas and Brock ramp up their efforts to hunt down Bode. With the Brotherhood poised to go to war with Proctor, Kurt looks to keep Maggie safe while Calvin takes out his frustrations at the office. Job settles a score with Leo Fitzpatrick, a Camp Genoa adversary.

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Road Trip
35 votes

#3 - Road Trip

Standoff - Season 1 - Episode 14

As Darah, daughter of polygamous cult leader Warren Keegan, attempts to escape from her father and reunite with her sister, she is abducted by Warren and his three wives.

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The Common Good
1014 votes

#4 - The Common Good

Outcast - Season 2 - Episode 5

Kyle gets closer to finding Sidney, while Anderson discovers an unexpected potential ally. A prominent member of the Rome community is revealed to be an agent of the possessed, and few characters will escape his plan unscathed.

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#5 - Minamata

Eleventh Hour (US) - Season 1 - Episode 14

Hood investigates after a healthy helicopter pilot who flies for a local TV station goes blind during a live traffic report, which results in a deadly crash.

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Close to Home
1851 votes

#6 - Close to Home

Outcast - Season 1 - Episode 9

Kyle searches for Allison. Megan is rocked by surprising news. Anderson makes a bad situation worse.

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The Burden of Beauty
3140 votes

#7 - The Burden of Beauty

Banshee - Season 4 - Episode 2

Carrie embarks on a vigilante crusade; Brock eyes Lucas in the serial-murder case.

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Man of Steele
97 votes

#8 - Man of Steele

Standoff - Season 1 - Episode 7

A man becomes enraged when he learns a surrogate mother for his child in an illegal adoption was a fraud. After he shoots the social worker who arranged the adoption, he takes the baby and the babysitter hostage at the surrogate mother's home. Matt and Emily are called to negotiate when the man calls radio personality, Avery Steele, to defend himself, and the standoff goes live on the air in Los Angeles.

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We Were All Someone Else Yesterday
2314 votes

#9 - We Were All Someone Else Yesterday

Banshee - Season 3 - Episode 6

Reduced to the status of observer as the FBI plans a raid on the Redbone wilderness compound, Lucas decides to take matters into his own hands in his pursuit of Chayton. Still stung by Proctor’s rebuke over her initiative in dealing with the Black Beards, Rebecca is further chagrined to learn of her uncle’s burgeoning romance with Emily. Deva is drawn to a handsome stranger.

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John Chinaman
1269 votes

#10 - John Chinaman

Warrior - Season 1 - Episode 3

Leary pressures gentleman industrialist Byron Mercer, who is Penny’s father, to hire his men for a cable-car track job?—?despite the fact that Mayor Blake hasn’t yet awarded Mercer the contract. Accused of assault and perhaps worse, Ah Sahm gets a cold shoulder from the Hop Wei, with his fate in the hands of an unexpected ally. Buckley urges Mai Ling to eschew restraint and start a war with the Hop Wei.

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This Is How It Starts
916 votes

#11 - This Is How It Starts

Outcast - Season 2 - Episode 9

Kyle and Anderson face down Sidney – until an unexpected threat intervenes. Megan leaves the relative safety of the backwoods church, and danger quickly finds her. Tragedy strikes the Giles family. An unexpected stranger rivets Kyle's attention.

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Cavallino Rampante
882 votes

#12 - Cavallino Rampante

CSI: NY - Season 8 - Episode 3

When the body of a beautiful young woman is found in a stolen Ferrari, the investigation leads to a family of car thieves, but the CSIs must find the murderer before the rest of the family meets the same fate.

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Life Sentence
1292 votes

#13 - Life Sentence

CSI: NY - Season 7 - Episode 21

After a hail of gunfire tears through the crime lab, Mac and his ex-partner become part of a vendetta 17 years in the making.

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The Day After That
1285 votes

#14 - The Day After That

Outcast - Season 2 - Episode 2

With the help of Chief Giles, Kyle pursues a more aggressive strategy to deal with the possession problem in Rome – and discovers a new foe. Reverend Anderson faces the consequences of his rash choices. Megan resorts to desperate measures to deal with her grief over her husband.

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Blood Actually
378 votes

#15 - Blood Actually

CSI: NY - Season 9 - Episode 16

On Valentine's Day, Mac and the team tackle three twisted tales of love gone wrong.

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Party Down
1179 votes

#16 - Party Down

CSI: NY - Season 7 - Episode 13

A father seeks justice for his daughter's death but getting the answers could get him in trouble.

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Blood Out
475 votes

#17 - Blood Out

CSI: NY - Season 9 - Episode 9

Detective Lovato's past as an undercover officer tangles up with her present duty when one of the gang members she ingratiated herself in and developed feelings for turns up tortured and killed.

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Do Not Pass Go
1263 votes

#18 - Do Not Pass Go

CSI: NY - Season 7 - Episode 6

The path of team's most recent investigation crosses that of some desperate parents in search for their missing son.

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250 votes

#19 - Panic

The Dead Zone - Season 5 - Episode 3

Johnny is trapped in his house with J.J. and another neighborhood teen by vicious killers, and discovers a family secret while trying to keep one step ahead of the intruders.

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Independence Day
218 votes

#20 - Independence Day

The Dead Zone - Season 5 - Episode 2

Johnny has a vision of a dead Bruce in a multi-car accident on the highway, but finds that his every effort to stop it only makes things worse.

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The Hunting Party
223 votes

#21 - The Hunting Party

The Dead Zone - Season 5 - Episode 11

Johnny tries to thwart the assassination of the Vice President and protect the man that Janus' secret conspiracy has set up to take the blame, but it soon becomes clear that Janus has his own plans to assure Stillson's ascension to the White House.

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Angels and Demons
127 votes

#22 - Angels and Demons

Blade - Season 1 - Episode 9

After her mother's death, Krista becomes increasingly disconnected from both Marcus and Blade. Blade finds out about the liquid that was taken from Vanessa, while Damek makes his move on Marcus.

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Babble On
165 votes

#23 - Babble On

The Dead Zone - Season 4 - Episode 9

Johnny has been getting visions of his dead father, who is apparently trying to warn him of some coming disaster.

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404 votes

#24 - Containment

Eleventh Hour (US) - Season 1 - Episode 5

When an aggressive and deadly virus infects a demolition site in Pittsburgh, Dr. Hood is called in to contain a potentially lethal outbreak.

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Where There's Smoke
500 votes

#25 - Where There's Smoke

CSI: NY - Season 9 - Episode 2

The CSIs rush to stop serial arsonist Leonard Brooks after he begins using fire against people from his dark past.

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204 votes

#26 - Descent

Blade - Season 1 - Episode 3

Blade and Shen track down a vampire name Sands, who was used in Marcus's experiments. Krista visits her mom for the first time being turned, she also tries to get a sample of the vaccine and accompanies Chase to a AA meeting.

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