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Johnny Smith has been leading an idyllic small-town life. Employed as a science teacher, Johnny takes great pleasure in showing his young students the wonders of the natural world. He is also newly engaged to Sarah, a fellow teacher he's known since childhood, and is a good son to his widowed mother, who lives nearby. Johnny's life is nearly perfect... until a near-fatal car crash that leaves him in a deep coma. Six years later, Johnny finally regains consciousness and discovers that the life he once knew is gone. His mother has passed away, and Sarah has gone on to marry someone else - and the child she and her husband, the local sheriff, are now raising is Johnny's son. But Johnny himself is also not the same person he once was: he now finds himself in possession of amazing psychic powers which allow him to see into the lives of anyone he touches.

Wheel of Fortune (1)

#1 - Wheel of Fortune (1)

Season 1 - Episode 1

Johnny Smith was leading an idyllic small-town life: working as a high school science teacher, engaged to the love of his life, Sarah, and being a devoted son to his widowed mother, Vera, who lives nearby. But after a near-fatal car accident puts him in a deep coma, Johnny awakens six years later to find everything has changed: Sarah is now is married to someone else, local sheriff Walt Bannerman; the child they are raising is actually Johnny's son and knows nothing about his real father; and Johnny's mother Vera has passed away, leaving Johnny's finances under the thumb of Reverend Purdy, an influential religious leader who is also his mother's former lover. But, most importantly, Johnny himself has changed: he now finds himself with the gift (or curse) of second sight. Through visions he sees with a simple touch, he becomes responsible for saving a nurse's little girl from a fire, helping his Vietnamese doctor reunite with the mother he thought was killed during the fall of Saigon, and now must prevent a local serial killer from striking again. Now Johnny is faced with the daunting task of coming to grips with his new powers - and navigating his way through his new life.

star 8.09
94 votes
Writers: Michael Piller
Here There Be Monsters

#2 - Here There Be Monsters

Season 1 - Episode 10

Johnny and Bruce drive into the small town of Hobb's Landing where Johnny gets a vision of himself being burned at the stake. He goes to the police and has a vision of the murder of a local girl. The police hold him on charges of witchcraft and he is sent to trial.

star 8.07
39 votes
Directors: Michael Robison
Writers: David Benullo, Craig Silverstein

#3 - Precipitate

Season 2 - Episode 5

Johnny must stop a series of bad future visions based on the blood donations he receives from six different donors.

star 8.05
39 votes
Directors: Jefery Levy
Writers: Teddy Tenenbaum

#4 - Destiny

Season 1 - Episode 13

In the past Johnny Smith as a child and Greg Stilson, the son of a Bible salesman, briefly meet and Johnny has a future vision of danger. In the present Johnny has a vision of a restaurant graduation party tragedy and warns his employer, the father of a student. Stilson, now a Senatorial candidate being backed by Rev. Purdy, comes to town after the tragedy and Johnny gets visions of catastrophe in Stilson's wake. Johnny and Sara get together while in flashback we see how Stilson has been a total bastard all of his life, and that Johnny came out of his coma just as Stilson was sworn in as state representative. When they meet at a rally Johnny shakes Stilson's hand and sees him as the source of catastrophe - Washington D.C. devastated by a nuclear holocaust.

star 8.04
50 votes
Writers: Craig Silverstein

#5 - Scars

Season 2 - Episode 6

After learning Stillson's congressional rival, a long-time incumbent is a war veteran with a dark secret. Johnny ponders whether the truth is more important than Stillson's defeat.

star 8.00
33 votes
Writers: Craig Silverstein

#6 - Visions

Season 2 - Episode 19

Johnny tries to determine who the mysterious hooded man in his visions are and aid him in the present, while determining more about what the future holds for him personally.

star 8.00
26 votes
Directors: Michael Robison
Writers: Craig Silverstein
The House

#7 - The House

Season 1 - Episode 6

Johnny moves into his new house and starts having visions of a tub filled with blood. He also sees visions of his dead mother, and comes to believe that Rev. Purdy killed his mother. The facts seem to suggest that Purdy did indeed engage in a cover-up concerning the death of Johnny's mother. In a final confrontation Johnny touches Purdy and gains a vision of Purdy finding Johnny's mother dead by suicide. Realizing what the death of a child can drive a parent to do, he goes to the aid of a local neighbor girl whose brother died on a military mission and whose mother is preparing to kill herself.

star 7.96
52 votes
Writers: Michael Piller
Heroes & Demons

#8 - Heroes & Demons

Season 4 - Episode 5

An autistic boy makes his way to Johnny to "ask" him to help clear his father - a cop on death row for the murder of an undercover cop.

star 7.93
29 votes
Directors: James Head
Writers: Michael Taylor
Descent (1)

#9 - Descent (1)

Season 2 - Episode 2

As Walt begins to wonder what's between Johnny and his wife Sara, a group of teenagers disappear into an abandoned copper mine that was owned by Johnny's grandfather. Walt brings Johnny in to help with the rescue and Smith soon begins to get visions not only of the teens but of the miners who died in an incident in 1949 brought on by his grandfather's actions. The ghost miners seem to be striking back at Johnny and Walt is seriously injured. The teens are rescued but Johnny gets a vision of Walt's funeral as he is taken away in the ambulance. (To be continued)

star 7.92
50 votes
Directors: James Head
Writers: Robert Hewitt Wolfe

#10 - Collision

Season 3 - Episode 3

While following a missing person's case of an eleven year old named Katie Mercer, Johnny's visions of the girl intercede with visions of the night of his crash 9 years ago. He struggles with the help of Rebecca to relive and endure the night of his accident so that he could figure out where Katie is located as the intensity of the physical and emotional pain of his visions start to wear him down. As Johnny sorts out this strange intertwining of the past and present, he is led to the mysterious person that saved his life.

star 7.89
27 votes
Directors: Michael Robison
Writers: Michael R. Perry
Tipping Point (1)

#11 - Tipping Point (1)

Season 3 - Episode 12

The continuing strain of visions takes its toll on Johnny while he and Rebecca try to bring Stillson to justice for Rachel's murder, and Reverend Purdy confesses his sins.

star 7.89
27 votes
Directors: Michael Robison
Writers: Karl Schaefer
The Collector

#12 - The Collector

Season 4 - Episode 2

When a friend of Sara's goes missing, Johnny becomes involved trying to find her twisted abductor...before he kills the missing woman.

star 7.88
26 votes
Directors: Michael Robison
Writers: Shintaro Shimosawa, James Morris
What It Seems (2)

#13 - What It Seems (2)

Season 1 - Episode 2

With the help of his new friend Bruce, Johhny attempts to stop the Bangor Strangler from claiming another victim.

star 7.88
83 votes
Writers: Michael Piller
Quality of Life

#14 - Quality of Life

Season 1 - Episode 3

Johnny returns to his old school as a substitute teacher and as a hockey coach. During practice, Johnny has a vision inside a player's heart that indicates he may have a serious heart condition. However, there is no medical evidence to support him. Johnny's vision of Todd, and his previous publicity, cause an outcry by the parents who demand that Johnny be fired.

star 7.87
73 votes
Directors: John Lafia
Writers: Michael Piller
Enemy Mind

#15 - Enemy Mind

Season 1 - Episode 7

While helping to track down a runaway, Jill, who is involved with drugs, Johnny is exposed to a drug that causes him to start getting weird (weirder than usual) visions. He insists on trying to find Jill, despite the concerns of Bruce and Sarah. Confusing matters further is that Jill's boyfriend is in trouble with his supplier. The boyfriend gets killed and Jill and Johnny go on the run. In the final showdown, Johnny manages to fight past his hallucinations and knock the drug dealer off a high ledge, while Jill is reunited with her mother.

star 7.86
57 votes
Directors: Jon Cassar
Writers: David Benz

#16 - Misbegotten

Season 2 - Episode 7

Johnny is kidnapped by three women who take him to a haunted house - each has their own reasons. Penny is romantically obsessed with Johnny and wants to have his baby, Maddy plans on making a "Blair Witch" style Internet event and sell it to Rev. Purdy, and Anita is seemingly obsessed with the mystery of the family who was killed there. While Dana and Sara reluctantly go through the piles of "fan mail" that Johnny receives, Johnny himself unravels the mystery through his visions, and discovers that the young son Nicholas who survived is responsible...and that Anita is that boy, dressed as a woman. With the women's help the police arrive just in time as Anita/Nicholas goes berserk. Johnny manages to restrain her long enough to save his life and Anita is taken away.

star 7.82
34 votes
Directors: Nick Marck
Writers: Andy Dettman
Double Vision

#17 - Double Vision

Season 4 - Episode 3

Johnny runs into an attractive psychic as they both try to find and stop a sniper.

star 7.82
32 votes
Directors: Mike Rohl
Writers: Karl Schaefer
Independence Day

#18 - Independence Day

Season 5 - Episode 2

Johnny has a vision of a dead Bruce in a multi-car accident on the highway, but finds that his every effort to stop it only makes things worse.

star 7.82
29 votes
Directors: Chris Bruno
Writers: Adam Targum

#19 - Zion

Season 2 - Episode 12

Johnny goes the funeral of Bruce's father and somehow gives Bruce visions of what Bruce's life would have been like if he had never met Johnny.

star 7.80
30 votes
Directors: Michael Robison
Writers: Joe Menosky, Michael Piller
Dinner with Dana

#20 - Dinner with Dana

Season 1 - Episode 11

A jealous ex-lover stalks Dana as her affair with Johnny heats up.

star 7.79
53 votes
Directors: Jon Cassar
Writers: Michael Taylor

#21 - Netherworld

Season 1 - Episode 8

Johnny ends up in a fantasy world (or vision?) when he wakes up one day to find himself married to Sarah and the father of her two children.

star 7.78
51 votes
Writers: Michael Piller
Unreasonable Doubt

#22 - Unreasonable Doubt

Season 1 - Episode 5

Johnny is summoned to jury duty on a murder trial. Johnny starts to get visions which lead him to believe the accused is innocent. He is the only not-guilty vote

star 7.77
62 votes
Writers: Michael Taylor
Deja Voodoo

#23 - Deja Voodoo

Season 2 - Episode 15

Johnny is forced into a series of changing visions to help a young woman he's romantically attracted to.

star 7.75
28 votes
Directors: James Head
Writers: Karl Schaefer
Cold Hard Truth

#24 - Cold Hard Truth

Season 3 - Episode 4

When shock jock Jack Jericho who spews venomous attacks on the airwaves gets a concussion from being beaten by a group of bikers he offended, the most unlikely person comes to his aid. Johnny who is the target of Jack's many radio bashings becomes concerned that the radio host's self-destructive behavior is leading him down a path that would end in his death. In the midst of all this, Johnny attempts to help Walt and Sarah with J.J. who is having problems at school and at home.

star 7.73
33 votes
Writers: Michael Taylor
The Siege

#25 - The Siege

Season 1 - Episode 9

Conrad Hurley, a disgruntled electrician fired by the town council, goes into the bank with a shotgun and a revolver, tries to rob it, and takes everyone present (including Sara) hostage. Waiting outside for Sara, Johnny gets a vision of a future massacre and goes in to try to alter the future he perceives. Guided by his visions and scrambling wildly to adapt to the altering futures he keeps seeing in which he dies, Sara dies, Conrad dies, and/or everyone dies each time he changes something, Johnny soon becomes Conrad's unlikely ally. Finally Johnny manages to earn Conrad's trust and manage to talk him into releasing the hostages and giving himself up.

star 7.72
47 votes
Directors: Michael Shapiro
Writers: Philip DeGuere