The Best Episodes of The Secret Life of the American Teenager

Last Updated: Jan 18, 2019

After an unplanned teenage pregnancy, Amy Juergens must adjust to her new set of circumstances, as she deals with parents, siblings, peers and others.

The Big One

#1 - The Big One

Season 2 - Episode 1

Amy copes with the rigors of motherhood while Anne adjusts to the news that she is pregnant. Elsewhere, a tragedy takes place just as Jack and Grace's relationship intensifies.

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47 votes
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Ben There, Done That

#2 - Ben There, Done That

Season 2 - Episode 24

Mimsy returns, and a wedding is held.

star 8.52
36 votes
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#3 - Cramped

Season 2 - Episode 11

Amy is jealous when Ashley gets her own room in the garage, while Ricky pursues Adrian but she claims to have moved on.

star 8.42
33 votes
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It's Not Over Till It's Over

#4 - It's Not Over Till It's Over

Season 3 - Episode 24

Adrian makes plans to come back to school a week after the birth of the baby in order to stay on track for graduation. Adrian and Ben both have misgivings before the wedding, and Ricky realizes that romancing Amy may be more effective than pressuring her for sex.

star 8.38
29 votes
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Just Say Me

#5 - Just Say Me

Season 2 - Episode 16

Grace's love of self-love comes out at school in the form of a campaign called "Just Say Me". Which has girls all across school abandoning sex with guys in favor of a more personal activity that has the same end result. Meanwhile, Adrian's own campaign of trying to be Amy's friend bears fruit when Amy invites her over for a visit.

star 8.34
35 votes
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Whoomp! (There It Is)

#6 - Whoomp! (There It Is)

Season 1 - Episode 21

As Amy's due date inches nearer, Grace and Adrian decide to throw a baby shower for her. While preparing for the party, Jack and Grace have a moment where they reconnect.

star 8.29
38 votes
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#7 - Summertime

Season 2 - Episode 7

Everyone has returned from summer vacation, and George tells Anne a big revelation.

star 8.28
39 votes
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What's Done Is Done

#8 - What's Done Is Done

Season 2 - Episode 2

Grace is struggling with what has happened, whilst Ben wonders what part he plays in Amy's new life.

star 8.25
40 votes
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Be My, Be My Baby

#9 - Be My, Be My Baby

Season 2 - Episode 12

George gives Ricky and Ben some much needed advice. Ricky and Adrienne go to couples therapy and Adrienne shares a very personal story explaining why she wants commitment so badly. Grace continues to argue with her mom over dating so soon and decides she isn't ready for a serious relationship herself. When Anne goes into labor they come to the conclusion that they won't make it to the hospital in time so George, Amy, and Ashley are forced to deliver the baby at home. Adrienne and Ricky spend the night together and Ricky finally says the words Adrienne has been waiting to hear. Meanwhile, back at the Jeurgens household George comes to a shocking discovery about the baby.

star 8.25
32 votes
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The Rhythm of Life

#10 - The Rhythm of Life

Season 2 - Episode 19

George and Ruben finds out that Ricky and Amy kissed. While at the mother daughter dance, rumors fly around fast, as Anne, Ashley, Grace, Amy, and Adrian discuss each other's personal relationships with each other. Ben tells Henry and Alice that the reason why he broke up with Amy is because if he did hve sex with her, he was afraid that he would get her pregnant. He also tells Leo that he wants to get back with Amy. Meanwhile, at the mother daughter dance, rumors fly around that George and Anne will get married again. Elsewhere, Adrian asks Ben if he needs company and Ricky sends Adrian a text message saying that he loves her.

star 8.23
35 votes
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Mistakes Were Made

#11 - Mistakes Were Made

Season 2 - Episode 20

Amy visits Jimmy to learn why he never called her; Adrian makes a confession to Ricky.

star 8.23
35 votes
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Par for the Course

#12 - Par for the Course

Season 2 - Episode 3

When Grace begins to pull away from everyone, Ricky takes it upon himself to try to help her out.

star 8.22
37 votes
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Round II

#13 - Round II

Season 3 - Episode 23

Adrian hosts a baby shower. Lauren, Madison, Amy, and Grace all attend. Ricky finds out that Leo is having problems with stress.

star 8.20
29 votes
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I Got You, Babe

#14 - I Got You, Babe

Season 2 - Episode 23

A messy custody battle ensues as Amy and Ricky continue to disagree over their rights as John's parents. Still angry with Ricky for breaking up with her, Adrian sides with Amy and encourages several of their friends to do the same. Elsewhere, George grows more frustrated with Anne's refusal to get re-married right away. Ben and Grace get closer, and Ashley feels ready to make some changes in her life.

star 8.19
37 votes
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…or Not To Be

#15 - …or Not To Be

Season 3 - Episode 26

Adrian and Ben prepare for the imminent arrival of their daughter. When Adrian experiences discomfort, the couple - believing she is about to go into labor - are instructed by their doctor to leave for the hospital. Ben and Adrian agree not to call anyone until they know more, but as word spreads she is in the hospital, family and friends gather there to share the joyous occasion. But the couple learn some devastating news that will change their lives forever and will need those closest to them for support.

star 8.17
29 votes
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Loose Lips

#16 - Loose Lips

Season 3 - Episode 22

The entire town is in an uproar over Adrian's impending baby shower.

star 8.16
30 votes
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Let's Try That Again

#17 - Let's Try That Again

Season 2 - Episode 18

Amy fears that Jimmy's standoffish behavior is a result of her bad kissing, so Ricky offers to help her practice, which ends up being a bad idea. Elsewhere, Adrian's parents are planning a quiet, low-key wedding at home, and Ricky is hesitant to introduce everyone to his foster parents. A mother-daughter dance is being planned at school, but most of the students have strained relationships with their moms at the moment. Lastly, Ben must decide whether to continue pursuing Grace, and Anne suggests therapy as a final attempt for her and George to keep their family together.

star 8.14
37 votes
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A New Kind of Green

#18 - A New Kind of Green

Season 2 - Episode 8

Adrian makes an attempt to get George and Anne reconciled, but only for her own selfish reasons.

star 8.14
35 votes
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The Summer of Our Discontent

#19 - The Summer of Our Discontent

Season 2 - Episode 6

Amy refuses to let Ben come over to say goodbye to her and John for the summer, but instead allows Ricky to take John to his new appartment. Marc Molina, the school guidance counselor, resigns at the end of the school year, while Anne starts pushing the divorce after she decides to accept David's marriage proposal. At the same time, Ashley reaches a breaking point urging George to tell Anne that the baby is his and Grace gets accepted into a medical school for the summer. Upon packing, Ben confronts Leo about Betty, but Leo reassures Ben that he trusts her. Meanwhile, Ricky is at Amy's house picking up John for the night, and Ben comes over to say goodbye to Amy. Ricky walks in on Ben and Amy kissing, but Ben gets angry and leaves.

star 8.13
39 votes
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Get Out of Town

#20 - Get Out of Town

Season 3 - Episode 3

Ben decides to try his hardest to keep his secret from Amy and cut himself off from Adrian, but things become complicated when his father tells Adrian's father about the pregnancy. Meanwhile, Amy is pleasantly surprised to find that her family and friends are pushing for her to attend the music program in New York. Also, George and Anne continue to argue, specifically about some of Ashley's most recent decisions.

star 8.12
43 votes
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And Unto Us, A Child Is Born

#21 - And Unto Us, A Child Is Born

Season 1 - Episode 23

Amy has trouble adjusting to life as a mom as she gives birth to her baby. Meanwhile, Ricky likes fatherhood and becomes friends with Ben; and Anne is surprised when George and Ashley decide to move out.

star 8.12
43 votes
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You Don't Know What You've Got

#22 - You Don't Know What You've Got

Season 2 - Episode 13

Most of the gang ditch classes and are pursued by the new school counselor; Amy and Anne take a mother/daughter vacation.

star 8.11
27 votes
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Who Do You Trust

#23 - Who Do You Trust

Season 3 - Episode 15

Amy wants Ricky to get tested for various STDs, after she sees him talking to someone he used to date. Ben and Adrian's baby's gender is revealed. Amy considers having sex with Ricky.

star 8.11
45 votes
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Hot Nuts

#24 - Hot Nuts

Season 2 - Episode 9

Adrian and Amy's fighting escalates and Ricky intervenes.

star 8.08
38 votes
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Good Girls and Boys

#25 - Good Girls and Boys

Season 2 - Episode 22

Ricky, Ben, Amy and Adrian attempt to work out differences.

star 8.07
28 votes
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