The Best Episodes of Terror in Resonance

Call & Response

#1 - Call & Response 8.03

Season 1 - Episode 2

It is revealed that the bombing and subsequent building collapse, despite the large scale of destruction involved, left several with minor injuries, and no fatalities. Lisa returns home from the incident shaken, but her mother (unaware of Lisa's location during the bombings) breaks down and berates her for ignoring her text messages. During her tirade, she reveals that Lisa's father has left the family. Nine and Twelve return without Lisa to their residence, to start work on a cell phone bomb. The police force gathers for a comprehensive briefing of the day's events, where they become aware of the video on social media. Nine and Twelve, aware of this, release a second video with a riddle from Oedipus Rex referring to the location of their next bombsite. After finding what appears to be the answer to the riddle, police move on the suspected location, a DNA laboratory. Shibasaki phones the chief of police with alternate interpretation to the riddle, and suggests that the bomb will be in a police district office. After the bomb discharges in the district office instead of the lab, the chief asks for Shibasaki to involve himself in the case. In privacy, the chief reveals the theft of plutonium to Shibasaki, and his suspicion of the connection to the bombers. Lisa follows Twelve on the street, where he reminds her that if she reveals their secret, he will kill her.


#2 - Falling 7.87

Season 1 - Episode 1

In Aomori, Japan, plutonium was stolen from a nuclear fuel reprocessing facility during a snow storm. A perpetrator left the message "VON" at the scene of the crime in red paint. Six months after the event, a mysterious video was posted on social media. Referring to themselves as Sphinx 1 and 2, they claimed "Tokyo will be enveloped by darkness after 3:00 PM and large sparks will fly, scattered around the Shinjuku area." Despite the video coming to the attention of former detective Shibasaki, he does not initially report it. Nine and Twelve interrupt Lisa Mishima's classmates as they bully her, then take their place undercover in her school. Lisa withdraws further and begins showing signs of an eating disorder. In her frustration, she wishes everyone would disappear. At that moment, the greater Tokyo prefecture loses power and citizens in the building are evacuated without Lisa. Assuming the government office building free of surveillance, Nine and Twelve place stuffed animals containing thermite-based explosives beneath the sprinkler systems of the main building. When Twelve is interrupted by Lisa, he gives her one of their stuffed animal bombs and flees the building. He asks Nine to decide whether they should kill her or keep her alive. Nine's terse answer is that he will ask her directly. Lisa responds that she does not want to die, sending Twelve to extract her as the building crumbles down. Nine takes a photo of the destruction with his phone. Twelve and Lisa return unharmed, but Nine informs her as a result of her decision to live she has decided become their accomplice. Lisa is left speechless by this.