The Best Episodes of Slayers

The Forbidden Dance? Where is the Strongest Spell?

#1 - The Forbidden Dance? Where is the Strongest Spell? 9.67

Season 2 - Episode 14

Lina pays for a map, saying that their is treasure in an anceint ruin that may or may not contain the real Claire Bible. They reached the ruin only to find two other groups are also looking for this ""treasure"", and a silly looking monster, guarding the ruins. Lina manages to slow the two groups down as the monster goes for both parties. Leaving Lina and company alone as they enter the ruin. It has several stupid obstacles at first (When Lina tells them if you see a button... Gourry pushes it, only to find out you're not suppose to push it, etc.) but they reach a room containing a treaure like chest. They look at the contents of the chest, only to find out that it contains a book and two dresses that are needed to perform the spells in the book. The silly monster attack them, while the other groups show up. The all of them (except Lina, Amelia and Zelgadis) fight each other. Lina and Amelia stop the fight as they put on the dresses, and proceeds to do sing the 'spells' in the book (a

Directors: Shigeharu Takahashi
Impending Fall! The Moment of Ambition's Defeat!

#2 - Impending Fall! The Moment of Ambition's Defeat! 9.50

Season 2 - Episode 13

Lina was only bluffing that her powers were gone, so when thinking that Kanzel managed to kill Lina by pushing her at the edge of the cliff (and straight down to Seyruun), she manages to get a sneak attack with a Dragon Slave which does little damage. She then amplify her power and uses the Laguna Blade to kill Kanzel. The problem is Kanzel's power was holding up the little island, and it's heading towards Seyruun. Lina and company manages to get down before the island, and Xellos sugests to do a magical amplified version of a Dragon Slave. She does it, and it not only blows up the island but a small piece of Seyruun as well. At the end, they are worried about Lina, saying that Gaav, the Demon Dragon King is after her and why is she linked to it...

Directors: Kazu Yokota
A Wonderful Business! Being a Bodyguard isn't Easy!

#3 - A Wonderful Business! Being a Bodyguard isn't Easy! 9.33

Season 2 - Episode 3

Lina and Amelia fight over which restaurant is better, Roast Beef or Hot Pot. Lina/Gourry goes to the Roast Beef restaurant, while Amelia and Zelgadis goes to the Hot Pot restaurant. Both parties are approached by two different men, and are asked to take a position as body guards for two candiates that are running against each other. What they both don't know is when playing dirty, Lina/Gourry attack Amelia/Zelgadis, and vice versa. Both candiates, Tarimu (for Lina/Gourry), and Demia (for Amelia/Zelgadis), decide for them to have a showdown at the ruins of the city, which is just north of there. When parties meet, they are not surprised who are they challenging, but they head back to town, where magical slime beasts are attacking everyone. Lina/Amelia goes to find the roots of the beasts, and it is revealed that it's coming for both of their candiates home. They throw Taimu and Demia in jail, but both Lina and Amelia forgot that they didn't get paid (after being promised to get high

Directors: Hidekazu Sato
You Can't Escape! The Return of the Obsessive Martina!

#4 - You Can't Escape! The Return of the Obsessive Martina! 9.33

Season 2 - Episode 6

Martina swears to take something from Lina and tries to do so in a disguise but fails when stealing her jewel that explodes on her. The gang decide to rest at a spa (hot spring looking but isn't) sorta of place, where Martina manages to steal Lina's bandana while sleeping. Martina then proceeds to curse Lina (thanks to Lord Zoamelgustar.) The next morning, when Gourry stole Lina's food, she attacks him, and gets hit herself. Xellos, then gives a demonstration saying that someone cursed Lina, and if she hurt (or touch you) she get the touch back. By proving this, Xellos forces Gourry to grab Lina's boobs. She then kicks him in the groin, only to have the pain return to herself. Martina shows up and explains she did this. They run away as Monsters suddenly shows up and attacks them. Martina while running accidentally drops a knife, breaking the spell. Lina does a fireball, sending Martina away. After a hard days work, Amelia suggests to Lina they'd go to a hot spring next time so th

Directors: Kazu Yokota
Zap! Victory Is Always Mine!

#5 - Zap! Victory Is Always Mine! 9.20

Season 1 - Episode 26

Rezo starts to destroy the Flagoon tree, while Gourry and company tries to think of another way to kill Rezo. They get an idea after Gourry saying, why can't Lina be here to power up his sword. Meanwhile, Lina and Sylphiel run as they try to get to Rezo, with the Blessed Blade. Gourry uses his powered up Sword of Light, thanks to Amelia and Zelgadis, and manages to hurt Rezo. Rezo is still to strong from them, but Lina shows up! She gives them a plan to kill Rezo by using the tree, Flagoon. Rezo strikes back, but they are save when Sylphiel uses her defense. They proceed to attack Rezo with Gourry's powered up Sword of Light, as well as attacking themselves (Amelia and Zelgadis), while Lina puts the final thrust into Rezo's body and pins him against the tree. Sylphiel then uses a recover spell against the tree, and it proceeds to suck out the evil of Rezo. After killing Rezo, they return back to Sairaag as they villagers proceed to build back their city. The gang (except Sylphie

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
The Stolen Sword of Light! The End of the Demon Dragon King!

#6 - The Stolen Sword of Light! The End of the Demon Dragon King! 9.00

Season 2 - Episode 22

Towards at the end of the last episode, Amelia is badly and is being healed by Milgasia, while the others fight Gaav off. Xellos escapes Gaav's grip, while Martina and the little boy are watching from afar. Gourry and Zelgadis tries to fight him off, but when think they are about to get killed, Amelia wakes up and stops Gaav. Gaav starts to head for Amelia, but Zelgadis jumps, taking the blow which saves her. Lina is very weak, and is now being healed by Milgasia. She is fully recovered, and fights Gaav. She uses the Laguna Blade to kill him. When they are about to celebrate, Martina notices the boy missing. All off a sudden, Gaav shows up, and they try to make a run for it. But then, the Hellmaster, shows up... who was actually the little boy in disguise. With a snap of his fingers, Gaav is instantly killed. The Hellmaster, named Phibrizzo, somewhat retreats and takes Gourry as a hostage, so that Lina follows his unknown plan to them. He tells them go to Sairaag, to save Gou

Directors: Takeshi Yamaguchi
They're Talking About a Girl Named Zelgadis?

#7 - They're Talking About a Girl Named Zelgadis? 9.00

Season 2 - Episode 17

The gang decide to head to the town called Femille, who they think the Claire Bible may be there. The thing is, Femille is inhabited by females... ONLY. So yes, this would mean, Gourry, Zelgadis, Xellos would have to dress up. While heading to Femille, Zelgadis manages to save the princess of Femille, Miwan, after being attacked by monsters. They bring her back to (of course) the queen, and she warns them, ""It's a good thing she was saved by all females. If any men would of be present, they would be sentenced to die-- no questions asked."" sort of warning. Zelgadis starts to have a crush on Miwan, but she had problems on her own. Miwan is pressured to become a shrine maiden, but she doesn't want to. She decides she wants to break the fountain that would make them a shrine maiden, by just placing the water(fall) on the person's head. Of course, they are attacked by monsters, and with Lina and company help (Zelgadis, and Gourry break out of their disguises in the process) they defea

Directors: Seiji Mizushima
An Ancient Pledge! One Who Seeks Immortality!

#8 - An Ancient Pledge! One Who Seeks Immortality! 9.00

Season 2 - Episode 4

They visit both Tarimu and Demia and they think Halcyform, the former guild director, did it to them. Lina and the gang go to Halcyform's home, which is the only place isn't damage, and they find out Halcyform pledge to the monsters (or to Saygram) to become immortal. Halcyform seem to powerful for them, but Lina trapes him in ice. Saygram wants to attack, but Xellos shows up, and Xellos tells him not to. Saygram retreats, and Xellos talks to them. He was about to explain how to kill Halcyform, but Lina beat him to it, explaining that inorder to kill the pledge, you must destory the stone that he pledge.

Directors: Yoshiaki Iwasaki
Staying Behind For the Sake of Love!

#9 - Staying Behind For the Sake of Love! 9.00

Season 2 - Episode 5

The group manages to search around the home, and find a hidden room in the attic. By this time, Halcyform has already been defrosted. They escape his wrath when Lina makes a whole in the ground around them. They land in a sewer like place in the home, where slugs are present. Lina gets scared and hang on to Gourry. They proceded to get transported to another place by Saygram, while Zelgadis and Amelia fight of the slugs. Then Amelia and Zelgadis manages to get kidnapped. Shortly after, Lina and Gourry runs away after being transported and end up in a lab. They see a woman laying there, and Halcyform shows up. We learn his back story, why he is doing this. He is trying to bring back the love of his life, Rubia (the woman in the box) after monsters attacked them, and he wasn't unable to save her. Amelia and Zelgadis shortly appears, wrapped up in a cococun, they fall into the pool, where they lose their energy, giving it to Rubia. Lina figures out where the pledge stone is, and

Directors: Seiji Mizushima
Sudden Cooking! Follow the Phantom Dragon!

#10 - Sudden Cooking! Follow the Phantom Dragon! 9.00

Season 2 - Episode 7

Lina and the gang stop by in a town offering a Dragon Course feast. The workers try to fool Lina and co., with imitations, or whale food. They notice it, and they go to the back and demand their food. The head chef tells them personally he'd get the dragon and make it himself, making Lina all excited. He offers them to go hunting for the dragon, and they accept. Basically they have trouble capturing the dragon, but they manage to. In the end, as Lina awaits her food, it is revealed that due to the dragon's poision, it will take long to cook (at least 2 months - 6 months a dish.) Rather waiting for their cuisine, Gourry, Amelia, and Zelgadis drag Lina out of the restaurant as she screams for the dragon cuisine.

Directors: Takashi Kobayashi
No Other Choice! Set Course for Dragon Valley!

#11 - No Other Choice! Set Course for Dragon Valley! 9.00

Season 2 - Episode 20

A boy tries to steal Lina's wallet, but they catch on. As punishment, Lina makes him massage her neck/back, etc. They ask him about Kahato Mountains, and he gives them a map.

Directors: Shigeto Makino
The Temple of the Sand! The Secret of the Giga Slave!

#12 - The Temple of the Sand! The Secret of the Giga Slave! 9.00

Season 2 - Episode 18

Lina is fed up for looking and getting unexpected results for the Claire Bible, but Xellos reveals ontop of that mountain, in the temple holds the Claire Bible Manuscript. After a hike up to the mountain, they enter the temple, and find out they entered another dimension-- a desert like place. Xellos manages to reveal a tablet that is an actual manuscript of the Claire Bible. The only problem is, it's written in code, which is very confusing... and that 1,000 more tablets have been brought up by Xellos. They don't know where to start, but they get help when a mysterious old lady, Auntie Aqua, tells them she is the keeper of the tablets. They ask for her help, and she reveals the tablet they seek is a three-day journey to the other side. They decide to camp out the first night, and while Lina can't sleep, she sees Auntie Aqua by herself. Auntie Aqua reveals the tablet that Lina was looking for, and tells her to touch it. Lina does and gets a glimpse, if she used a Giga Slave spell th

Directors: Shunji Yoshida
The Unexpected End? The Shocking Truth!

#13 - The Unexpected End? The Shocking Truth! 9.00

Season 2 - Episode 12

It was Alfred (Amelia's cousin) who was all along behind the whole kidnapping/kill Phil situation, only to have Kanzel and Mazenda turn and kill him-- the actual bad guys. Phil manages to get himself knocked out, while Lina and the rest are being taken by Kanzel up high in the sky (thanks to one land piece of Seyruun.) They manages to kill Mazenda, but are they strong enough to kill Kanzel?

Directors: Takeshi Yamaguti
On a Journey With a Pack of Scoundrels?! Take Back That Magic Power!

#14 - On a Journey With a Pack of Scoundrels?! Take Back That Magic Power! 9.00

Season 2 - Episode 10

After the battle (Kanzel and Mazenda got away), Lina can't use her powers, so she (by herself) decides to see the doctor (at mount Rune) who is famous for curing problems. Lina manages to get Xellos (and Martina as a stowaway) up there as well. When they get there, they find out that is doctor is a 10 year old kid, who is actually a relative's real doctor who died long ago. When mixing up a sensitive potion together, Martina manages to slip something in, in hopes of killing Lina only to have the potion blow up and house and everyone in it. In the midst of the debris, they are attacked by monsters. Lina notices that Xellos is using some magical orbs/amplifers to give a power up on his magic. Lina manages to convince Xellos to give her the ampliers, and she puts it one. After killing the monsters, Martina stumbles out of some debris, only to have something ontop her head... The Claire Bible Manuscript!

Directors: Shunji Yoshida
Yes! A Final Hope: The Blessed Blade!

#15 - Yes! A Final Hope: The Blessed Blade! 8.75

Season 1 - Episode 25

Sylphiel along with Amelia manages to stop Lina's bleeding. Sylphiel reveals she'll need a full body healing. Rezo (or Zanaffar) tries to stop them, and with Zelgadis help, he sends Sylphiel and Lina off somewhere safe. Gourry is about to do an attack on Zanaffar, but Prince Phil comes riding in with his horse. He tries to attack Zanaffar with a mace, but Zanaffar attacks back easily. Amelia then casts a dark mist spell, and all of them retreats. Amelia heals her father, while they think what to spell or attack to use against Zanaffar. Back with Sylphiel, she goes to a safe place, and is ready to heal Lina... but that's when she notice when Lina looks a different color. Lina's dead! She hits her roughly his her chest, with her fists, and starts to do CPR. Lina's heart starts to beat again, so Sylphiel proceeds to do the full body healing spell which uses all of her strength. Sylphiel faints, as a big blast came out of her. Sylphiel a then wakes up and notices that she used to

Directors: Kazu Yokota
Be Eternal! The Day Prince Phil Died?

#16 - Be Eternal! The Day Prince Phil Died? 8.67

Season 2 - Episode 8

They return to Seyruun only to find the flags are at at half-mast. They think Phil (Amelia's father) is dead, but no body was recovered. They soon learn that there was (and still is) some kind of plot against Phil, which could of been why he died. While talking one late night, they are interrupted by a intruder at the castle, making the guards go into a frenzy. The next morning, Lina and the rest are attacked by the same intruder, but only to find out that it's Phil is disguise. He then reveals that the only way he could of find out who was really against him was to fake his own death. He is worried because the battle has just begun.

Directors: Shigeharu Takahashi
Go to NEXT! And Then Again...

#17 - Go to NEXT! And Then Again... 8.67

Season 2 - Episode 26

Phibrizzo didn't know when someone casts the Giga Slave spell, he/she calls on the Lord of Nightmares himself. He wouldn't of not proceeded with this plan of more power, if he had known about this. Lina (Who is actually possessed by the Lord of Nightmares-- note: I'm still refering to him as Lina) gives Phibrizzo what he wants, and kills him. Everyone (including Gourry, but minus the already dead people) awakes from their humble sleep, and sees Lina. They are shocked to know that Lina is no more, since she is possessed by the Lord of Nightmares. They place starts to crumble and Lina proceeds to go back to the dark where she came from. Gourry doesn't want to lose Lina, and goes after her. Amelia, Zelgadis, and Sylphiel tries to stop him but it's no use, when more of the debris stop them. Meanwhile with Martina and Zangulus, he suggest to pray to Zoamelgustar for there safety. As Lina starts to head to the dark ball where she came from, Gourry still goes after her. He goes through

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
Jackpot! The Great Life or Death Gamble!

#18 - Jackpot! The Great Life or Death Gamble! 8.67

Season 1 - Episode 10

In the battle for their lives (and everyone elses), Gourry tries to use the sword of light but it doesn't work against Shabranigdo. Shabranigdo then attacks Gourry and Zelgadis, leaving Lina all to Shabranigdo by herself. Shabranigdo is about to attack Lina, but Zelgadis stops him by calling Rezo who is still apart of Shabranigdo. Gourry then throws his Sword of Light, and Lina decides to use ""Giga Slave."" This spell (combined with the sword) with help from the ""Lord of Nightmare"" which is more powerful than ""Dragon Slave. She takes a swipe, but Shabranigdo blocks it. Shabranigdo thinks he can't lose, but with Rezo's help, Lina breaks the barrier and kills Shabranigdo. Lina's hair turns to white as a part of the outcome. Zelgadis decides to part ways with Lina and Gourry. Lina reminds Gourry that he was suppose to join her until they reached Atlas City, but he asks where is she headed next? Lina tells him, she'll be with him until he gives her the Sword of Light. What is in store

Directors: Makoto Noriza
Hidden Ambitions! The Shocking Confession?

#19 - Hidden Ambitions! The Shocking Confession? 8.67

Season 2 - Episode 9

Lina and company find out that Kanzel and Mazenda, who are loyal subjects of Christopher (Phil's brother and who is next in line for King if Phil died) and Alfred (Christopher's son) are behind it. They (Lina and Mazenda) get into a fight making Lina loses her magic at the end of the episode.

Directors: Shunji Yoshida
The Souls of the Dead! Lina's Final Decision!

#20 - The Souls of the Dead! Lina's Final Decision! 8.60

Season 2 - Episode 25

The three of them (Lina, Sylphiel, and Zangulus) reach Phibrizzo who reveals he is holding the dead (who ever was killed in the city) as his puppets. Sylphiel then tells Lina to do a Dragon Slave, and she does. It is no match against Phibrizzo but Sylphiel does a Dragon Slave herself surprising him (and Lina.) When they think they killed him, he shows up for what seems to be their final battle. Phibrizzo manages to bring Amelia, Zelgadis and Martina to him, and proceeds to slowly kill them off (he is the death master) until she decides to do the Giga Slave spell. He starts to ""kill"" them one by one which forces her to do it. As Martina has her last breath, she tells Lina to do what she believes in (love with Gourry.) Lina does the spell and indeed lose control, and when it looks like his plan has suceeded, something happens. Lina starts to talk to Phibrizzo. The person who is actually possessing Lina reveals he is actually the Lord of Nightmares himself. He reveals when someone d

Directors: Seiji Mizushima
Passion! Shall We Give Our Lives for the Stage?

#21 - Passion! Shall We Give Our Lives for the Stage? 8.50

Season 1 - Episode 16

Lina, Gourry and Amelia are hungry and can't go into the nearest town without the fact that they might get arrested. They smell something cooking close by, which turns out to be stew. They eat it, unaware whose it belong too. It turns out that the stew's owner is a director of a theater on the road show. Lina, Gourry and Amelia eat their food (that they presumably paid for or was offered) and are forced to join the play when some actors quit. They find out that the play is about the ""vicious killer Lina Inverse."" Lina is upset, but both Gourry and Amelia calm her down, saying that she might blow their cover. Amelia lands the lead, while Lina and Gourry are stuck with being a dragon. Zangulus and Vrumugun argue a bit, and Zangulus takes off. He ties up an actor (who was fired from his role) and the actor tells him the answers (that Lina is aboard.) It's time for the play to go on and Zangulus and Vrumugun crashes it. Lina and Gourry fall through a trap door, and sees that the dir

Directors: Makoto Sokuza
Upset! Gourry vs. Zangulus!

#22 - Upset! Gourry vs. Zangulus! 8.50

Season 1 - Episode 21

They reach Rezo's sealed door (that is in the floor), and Lina tries to break it with a spell, which doesn't work. They figure out that it can't be open by any spell, which explains why Eris wanted Gourry's sword of light. Gourry uses the sword, and they enter. They enter a room filled with crystals, where Rezo, Eris and Zangulus are waiting for them. With a touch, Rezo seperates them. Zangulus is upset, and goes off wanting to kill them, as Rezo promised with a reward. Lina and Sylphiel are trapped in a room filled with statues of golems. Amelia and Zelgadis are trapped in a library (as Zelgadis tries to find a cure to become human), and Gourry is trapped in an arena like place, where Zangulus is waiting. Each room (except the arena) has a statue-like potrait of Rezo in it, where both Lina and Sylphiel finds creepy. Lina and Sylphiel has a little girl chat while trying to find a way out. Sylphiel thought Lina was in love Gourry (like she is), but Lina reveals, she is just with

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
X-DAY The Demon Beast Is Reborn!

#23 - X-DAY The Demon Beast Is Reborn! 8.50

Season 1 - Episode 24

We find out Eris created the copy of Rezo, and is still alive. The others want to try help her, but Rezo (will be still calling him Rezo although he is a copy) stops them, and kills Eris. The connection is complete, and Rezo connects with the demon beast, Zanaffar, and has a lot of power. He picks a fight with the helpless group, who tries to stratch him but nothing works. Rocks start to fall on all of them, and Rezo saves them, saying that he want to kill them himself. Lina then comments who it's small, and Amelia backs her up. Rezo then transports them above ground, and destroys the lab. Rezo then flies up and wants to kill them. He wants to surpass the original Rezo by killing them, on what the original Rezo could not do. Rezo wants Lina to use the Giga Slave that killed the original Rezo, and she refuses. She tries to use the Dragon Slave, but it doesn't work. He then forces Lina to use the Giga Slave when he starts to beat up everyone. She proceeds to take Gourry's Light o

Directors: Takashi Watanabe
A Big Crash? The Battle at Artemay Tower!

#24 - A Big Crash? The Battle at Artemay Tower! 8.50

Season 2 - Episode 15

The gang visit a place called Artemay Tower, after Xellos tells them a story spooking them of their wits. He tells how a guy lived in the tower, with all dolls and fell inlove with a villager. When the girl went missing, angry villagers went to the tower, only to find all the dolls has the girl (who he fell in love with) had all her face on the dolls. Thanks to the chef at the inn they were in, they get some cute costumes and head for the tower. They disreguard the dolls, only to have the dolls scare them (in broad day light.) They figure out about the costumes, and uses it, as they enter the tower. The dolls aren't arrive of them, and they get a visit from the guy from the story named Joe. After a few twists and turns, they manages to kill the real monster, who was acting as Joe's doll. Back at the end, Lina is upset at Xellos saying that they did that for nothing, thinking that the Claire Bible could be actually up there. But the others are happy with their cute costumes.

Directors: Makoto Sokuza
Impact! The Eve of the Great Life or Death Struggle!

#25 - Impact! The Eve of the Great Life or Death Struggle! 8.50

Season 1 - Episode 9

Rezo finally opens his eyes, but his blindness has turned him into the Dark Lord, Shabranigdo. Shabranigdo offers them to join him, but they refuse it. After a few words, Zolf tries to stop him using ""Dragon Slave"" but it has no affect on Shabranigdo. Shabranigdo then fires back, and Rodimus runs to save Zolf. They are caught in Shabranigdo's attack, and die. Leaving Lina, Zelgadis and Gourry all alone. They decide to run for it, and decide to sleep on it for one night. While at dinner, Zelgadis explains he did a spell against Shabranigdo, that is almost as powerful as Dragon Slave that uses the astral plane. Gourry doesn't get most of it, and Lina tries to explain that using Dragon Slave, or any other black magic is not an option, due to the fact that Shabranigdo is the ""Dark"" lord. They only way for them in hopes to atleast hurt him in some way is by using the sword of light. They all embark in this adventure tale, whether they die or not. They are interrupted by trolls runni

Directors: Eiichi Sato