The Best Episodes Directed by Shigeharu Takahashi

Strong, Violent, and Beautiful

#1 - Strong, Violent, and Beautiful

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 8 - Episode 23

Near the end of the first stage's third day, Tokoha fights and defeats her rival Rin, who has always been like a wall for her. With this victory, Tokoha's team advances to the second stage, which leaves only two spots remaining.

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 Decisive Battle!!! Striders VS Trinity Dragon!!!

#2 - Decisive Battle!!! Striders VS Trinity Dragon!!!

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 8 - Episode 13

Kazuma defeats Kei, which means that the final conclusive game will be between Chrono and Tsuneto. Chrono struggles against Tsuneto, since Team Trinity Dragon has significantly improved their skills through training at Card Capital #1. Nonetheless, Chrono defeats Tsuneto, thus winning the tournament and qualifying his team to the U20.

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31 votes
Disclosure at Last? Xellos's True Form!

#3 - Disclosure at Last? Xellos's True Form!

Slayers Season 2 - Episode 19

We find out that Xellos is actually part monster, and is extremely powerful. They (Xellos, Lina) manages to get away, only to have Saygram (the hencemen) follow them. The others tries attacking but nothing works. Gaav shortly shows up, and when the gang think they are going to die... Martina shows up. Martina uses her brooch looking thing as a shield (Lord Zoamelgustar!), and to everyone's surprise, it works. They manage to run away, and Auntie Aqua pops out of Martina's brooch. Auntie Aqua then reveals the truth, saying she is what's left of the Water Dragon King from the many years ago. She tells them to head to Katahto Mountains where the original Claire Bible is being held. She breaks a doorway for them, and they all manage to escape. Eating at an inn, Martina finds out that Xellos is part monster, breaking her heart. What surprised them the most, Gourry knew this all along (before the rest of them.)

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The Forbidden Dance? Where is the Strongest Spell?

#4 - The Forbidden Dance? Where is the Strongest Spell?

Slayers Season 2 - Episode 14

Lina pays for a map, saying that their is treasure in an anceint ruin that may or may not contain the real Claire Bible. They reached the ruin only to find two other groups are also looking for this ""treasure"", and a silly looking monster, guarding the ruins. Lina manages to slow the two groups down as the monster goes for both parties. Leaving Lina and company alone as they enter the ruin. It has several stupid obstacles at first (When Lina tells them if you see a button... Gourry pushes it, only to find out you're not suppose to push it, etc.) but they reach a room containing a treaure like chest. They look at the contents of the chest, only to find out that it contains a book and two dresses that are needed to perform the spells in the book. The silly monster attack them, while the other groups show up. The all of them (except Lina, Amelia and Zelgadis) fight each other. Lina and Amelia stop the fight as they put on the dresses, and proceeds to do sing the 'spells' in the book (a

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The Menacing Swordsman! A Journey of Reunion!

#5 - The Menacing Swordsman! A Journey of Reunion!

Slayers Season 2 - Episode 23

While going to Sairaag, Lina takes her anger out of some bandits, and someone hiding in back of a bush, who turned out to be Sylphiel. Sylphiel has no doubts on going with them (including Martina-- but she has something else in mind, non-revenge on Lina) and questions Lina about her relationship with Gourry. Lina gives her answer like she did with the first season, is until Gourry decides to give her the sword of light, they will be off (despite Sylphiel liking Gourry.) They are then attacked by a guy, who has the Sword of Light. They fight him off, and joining the fight is Zangulus. Lina manages to use the Laguna Blade against this skilled swordsmen, only to find out it's Gourry behind it.

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Be Eternal! The Day Prince Phil Died?

#6 - Be Eternal! The Day Prince Phil Died?

Slayers Season 2 - Episode 8

They return to Seyruun only to find the flags are at at half-mast. They think Phil (Amelia's father) is dead, but no body was recovered. They soon learn that there was (and still is) some kind of plot against Phil, which could of been why he died. While talking one late night, they are interrupted by a intruder at the castle, making the guards go into a frenzy. The next morning, Lina and the rest are attacked by the same intruder, but only to find out that it's Phil is disguise. He then reveals that the only way he could of find out who was really against him was to fake his own death. He is worried because the battle has just begun.

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Fragile Living Things

#7 - Fragile Living Things

Cardfight!! Vanguard Season 8 - Episode 31

Tokoha faces Team Diffrider's Saori Fuchidaka, who is possessed by Flare Trooper, Dumjid and thinks poorly of humans. Before being defeated, Tokoha is drawn into an image of a battlefield on the Planet Cray, showing her the horror of death. This reminds her of a similar event when she met Miguel...

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