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Last Updated: Nov 30, 2020

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'Queer As Folk', a drama based on Britain’s controversial series, is about the lives of a group of gay men and women living in Pittsburgh. Focusing on their relationships, their careers, their loves and ambitions, the series is a brave, realistic, funny and sometimes graphic portrayal of society. Entering the world of Brian, Michael, Justin, Emmett, Ted and a lesbian couple, Lindsay and Melanie, we discover characters as real as the people next door doing everyday jobs, raising a child, looking forward to the weekend –all with a strong and healthy interest in romance and sex.

The Dangers of Sex and Drugs

#1 - The Dangers of Sex and Drugs

Season 2 - Episode 14 - Aired Apr 28, 2002

Justin is rolling in money, but his schoolwork suffers; Carl asks Debbie out; George asks Emmett to accompany him on a world tour.

star 9.09
101 votes
Mixed Blessings

#2 - Mixed Blessings

Season 2 - Episode 6 - Aired Feb 10, 2002

Ben Bruckner, a customer at Michael's comic book store, teaches a gay studies course at Pittsburgh's Carnegie Mellon University. Invited by Ben to give a lecture on homoeroticism in superhero comics, Michael doubts his own intellectual abilities and fails to appear. Later, Ben reassures Michael, who, speaking from his heart, charms the students. Attracted to each other, Ben and Michael kiss as a prelude to sex, but Ben stops to warn Michael that he is HIV positive. Meanwhile, Ted and Emmett enlist well-endowed porn star Zack O'Tool to appear live on Ted's failing, pornographic Web site, but he cancels at the last minute. Desperate, Ted persuades Emmett to perform in Zack's place, and, surprisingly, Emmett's appearance generates big revenue for Ted. Lindsay expresses disgust for pornography, but she becomes sexually aroused by Melanie's photos, taken during college, in an old men's magazine. Justin moves out of Brian's condo, but Brian asks him to return. The two negotiate certain ground rules.

star 9.07
133 votes
Liberty Ride

#3 - Liberty Ride

Season 4 - Episode 14 - Aired Jul 18, 2004

After getting married in Canada, newlyweds Michael and Ben are stopped at the U.S. border; Mel goes into labor; The Liberty Ride enters the final stretch.

star 9.02
94 votes
Back In Business

#4 - Back In Business

Season 5 - Episode 2 - Aired May 22, 2005

Times are changing on Liberty Avenue. Justin returns and Brian re-opens Babylon. Michael makes a major decision regarding his daughter while Emmett gets a new job. Ted becomes the center of attention and makes some changes to his appearance.

star 8.90
82 votes
Proposal of Two Kinds

#5 - Proposal of Two Kinds

Season 4 - Episode 13 - Aired Jul 11, 2004

Preparations for the Liberty Ride get underway; Mel is confined to bed rest for the rest of her pregnancy; Justin is invited to Hollywood to pitch 'Rage'.

star 8.87
88 votes

#6 - Premiere

Season 1 - Episode 1 - Aired Dec 3, 2000

After a night out at the club Babylon with Michael, Emmett and Ted; Brian picks up a cute guy named Justin for a night of fun, but afterwards coldly rebuffs Justin's attempts to see him again. Michael also gets lucky taking home a hunk only to be happily interrupted for a trip to the hospital after Brian learns that Lindsay and Melanie have had a baby boy, Gus.

star 8.84
213 votes
Bored Out of Ya Fucking Mind

#7 - Bored Out of Ya Fucking Mind

Season 5 - Episode 6 - Aired Jun 19, 2005

Brian has a rival. Emmett faces a career challenge while Ted has the oppotunity to exact some revenge. Ben and Michael try to help Hunter and Debbie's retirement appears to be shortlived.

star 8.78
87 votes
Fags Are No Different Than People

#8 - Fags Are No Different Than People

Season 5 - Episode 3 - Aired May 29, 2005

Brian and Michael's relationship is showing signs of strain as Michael embraces his new life with Ben and their family. Debbie decides to retire from the diner and a newcomer takes over.

star 8.78
90 votes
Sick, Sick, Sick

#9 - Sick, Sick, Sick

Season 2 - Episode 18 - Aired Jun 2, 2002

Michael faces a nightmare after Ben is taken to hospital; Justin thinks Brian isn't as romantic as Ethan; Emmett receives a tempting offer to not reveal his relationship with George.

star 8.74
98 votes
Move and Leave

#10 - Move and Leave

Season 5 - Episode 1 - Aired May 22, 2005

The Gang is back!! Michael plans a party that doesn't go quite as planned. Justin makes a decision that will effect his future with Brian and Brian makes a sound investment in a new business venture with Ted's encouragement.

star 8.73
89 votes
Full Circle

#11 - Full Circle

Season 1 - Episode 22 - Aired Jun 24, 2001

Brian turns 30; Michael and David prepare for their move to Portland; Ted faces the truth about Blake; Justin and Daphne attend their prom where a big surprise awaits; On his way to the airport, Michael receives a call from Brian.

star 8.65
161 votes
Hope Against Hope

#12 - Hope Against Hope

Season 5 - Episode 7 - Aired Jun 26, 2005

Justin decides to leave the loft which creates a rift between Michael and Brian. Ted struggles to exact his plan of revenge while Lindsey and Gus move back to her parents.

star 8.55
88 votes
Hypocrisy: Don't Do It

#13 - Hypocrisy: Don't Do It

Season 2 - Episode 3 - Aired Jan 20, 2002

Ted's favorite author is in town, while Michael tries to reconnect with Brian.

star 8.54
108 votes
Irritation and Separation

#14 - Irritation and Separation

Season 4 - Episode 12 - Aired Jul 4, 2004

Brian's oncologist gives him a clean bill of health but insists that he take it easy. However, in an attempt to repair the devastation of the fund-raiser Jeffrey Pendergrass left in his wake, Brian decides to obtain Remson Pharmaceuticals' sponsorship (in the amount of $100,000) to participate in the Liberty Ride. Against his concerned friends' wishes, Brian starts to train for the Ride but quickly becomes exhausted and has trouble keeping up with the others in his spin class. Emmett makes an attempt to forget Drew, which is no simple task now that images of him as the Brown Athletics underwear model are plastered all over town. It seems to be just as hard for Drew to forget Emmett, as his game has been off and he has trouble sleeping (among other things), and keeping Emmett off of his mind. He finds Emmett at Debbie's and tells him he misses him. Later at the motel, Emmett asks Drew when he plans on telling Sierra about them; Drew doesn't think anyone has to know.

star 8.52
89 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin
Love for Sale

#15 - Love for Sale

Season 2 - Episode 8 - Aired Mar 3, 2002

Justin's Mother tries to talk to Justin into going to a party, with people his own age. He brushes her off at first, but decides to go to the party. He gets bored, and cruises people. But when a girl cruises him, he hides. He finds a guy who he know is gay and they later go upstairs, and start to have sex. The guy then starts to develop a crush on Justin (sound familiar?) and with his evil Brian Kinney ways, Justin gives the guy an intimate kiss. Michael tries to find his perfect match, by trying those online match makers.

star 8.50
106 votes
All Better Now

#16 - All Better Now

Season 2 - Episode 2 - Aired Jan 13, 2002

The boys are stuck. Ted's stuck in a career he no longer wants. Michael's stuck with the prospect of returning to his dead-end career at the Big Q. Emmett's decided he's stuck with an ass that needs surgical enhancement. Justin's stuck in the worst situation of all. Since the attack, he has nightmares about Chris Hobbs, and he recoils from physical contact. Jennifer is having trouble not only reaching, but even touching her son. Deb hints that Brian may be best suited to the job, but Jennifer refuses. When Justin throws a violent tantrum at home after Brian won't see him, Jennifer asks Brian to do whatever it takes to reach him. Seeking advice from a former trick (also a psychiatrist), Brian is told that Justin must relive the experience in order to process it and move on. But, Brian's best efforts to recreate the fateful prom night for Justin are ineffectual. Another day at the office means another day for Ted to surf It's his last day, after Mr. Wertshafter catches him.

star 8.49
141 votes
It's Because I'm Gay, Right?

#17 - It's Because I'm Gay, Right?

Season 2 - Episode 13 - Aired Apr 14, 2002

Michael wonders what his connection is to a celebrated Drag Queen who shares a past with Debbie; Justin decides to become a go-go dancer to pay his tuition.

star 8.49
101 votes
Bowling for Equality

#18 - Bowling for Equality

Season 2 - Episode 19 - Aired Jun 9, 2002

Michael debates whether to tell Brian about Justin's unfaithfulness; Melanie and Lindsay decide that they've had enough of Leda.

star 8.47
121 votes
You Can Leda Girl to Pussy

#19 - You Can Leda Girl to Pussy

Season 2 - Episode 17 - Aired May 26, 2002

Brian tries to impress his new boss; Emmett inherits a large gift from George.

star 8.46
118 votes
How Far You Can Go

#20 - How Far You Can Go

Season 4 - Episode 5 - Aired May 16, 2004

Cody decides to take Justin to a firing range; while they are there, Justin tells Cody the story of Chris Hobbs and the incident surrounding Brian, himself and the assault. Cody shocks and surprises him by bringing him to the construction site where Chris Hobbs works so that Justin has the chance to confront him about what he did. Justin, however, feels unprepared, and backs down. Convinced that Justin has to confrot Chris Hobbs for what he put him through, they go to his house, where Justin demands an apology. Seeing no reason to apologize and holding no remorse, Chris refuses, until Cody hands Justin a gun, which he uses to force Chris Hobbs to his knees to make him apologize; he does, yet Cody tells Justin that it is not enough and urges him to do more than simply make him apologize. Justin says that an apology is all he needed and, realizing Cody has gone too far, hands him the gun, and leaves.

star 8.45
110 votes
Rage Against This Machine

#21 - Rage Against This Machine

Season 2 - Episode 15 - Aired May 5, 2002

Brian is jealous when Michael and Justin decide to start a comic book; Leda offers to renovate Mel and Lindsay's attic; Emmett is barred from George's funeral.

star 8.45
98 votes
Excluding and Abstemiousness

#22 - Excluding and Abstemiousness

Season 5 - Episode 5 - Aired Jun 12, 2005

Brian has some news for Justin and all of his previous partners. Carl has a rival for Debbie's affections and Hunter makes a decision that will not only change his life, but Ben and Michael's as well.

star 8.45
92 votes
Hard Decisions

#23 - Hard Decisions

Season 5 - Episode 4 - Aired Jun 5, 2005

Brian's beliefs regarding marriage haven't changed. Debbie has difficulty adjusting to retirement and Ted decides to make some drastic changes in his life.

star 8.44
93 votes
Now Approaching... the Line

#24 - Now Approaching... the Line

Season 1 - Episode 5 - Aired Jan 7, 2001

Michael fends off the romantic interest of a female coworker who doesn't know he's gay and instead dates a handsome chiropractor, while Brian is propositioned by a potentially lucrative client of his firm. Meanwhile, Justin struggles to repair his fractured relationship with his mother Jennifer.

star 8.44
135 votes
The Election

#25 - The Election

Season 3 - Episode 14 - Aired Jun 22, 2003

Queer as Folk's Third Season Finale starts with only a few more days until a new mayor is selected and Brian realizes that he must do something to stop Stockwell. A thing Justin also sets in motion by saying there should be a real rage, who could change everyone's mind about Stockwell. In the meantime Melanie almost passes her first trimester, which makes her nervous because her mother miscarried in her 11th week and Emmet gets a visit from Ted. Michael and Ben get a visit from Hunter's mother. When they tell Hunter he tries to run away again, but is stopped by Ben. He then tells them the truth and why his mother wants him back. When Hunter's mom comes to get her son and they refuse to give him up she goes to the authorities, which results in Michael and Hunter running away from the police. Also, Ted gets a serious wake-up call when he sees himself getting fucked by several men on TV, without recalling any of it, and submits himself into a drug clinic.

star 8.43
120 votes
Directors: Kelly Makin